Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 18

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Episode 18:  The heripai has the smell of an eel

“Milkpearl-san. How was it? Will you accept the gift?”  [Ayase]

“Fufufu, of course I will accept it……Thank you.”  [Milkpearl]

“Above all, I’m glad that you like it. It was worth all the preparations made.”  [Ayase]

“I am seriously happy. For that person to be thinking of it this way, I would have never expected it before. If you have not done this, I might not know it even for a lifetime….It’s really the best feeling now.”  [Milkpearl]

As she said so, she touched the shining necklace around her neck. I replied back “It’s my honour” and turned around to see Jephthah-shi standing there.

No matter how you see it, this match is my win. Get it. With this I will getting an elf.

“That was splendid, Jirou-san. I would have never expected you to some up with this. This is my complete defeat isn’t it?”  [Jephthah]

“To be honest, it was partly due to luck too. But the mayor seems really happy so I’m glad with it too.”  [Ayase]

“True. I don’t think there will be other gifts that will make her as delighted as this. I will use this as my reference too from now on.”  [Jephthah]

“Hahaha do your best in it. The most important thing is to understand feelings of the other side.”  [Ayase]

“I see. So it’s important to take the other party’s feelings into account.”  [Jephthah]

“Yes yes…..By the way, this match is my win…..That means, you’ll be giving me an e-elf right? I’m not being set up right?”  [Ayase]

“Of course since I’ve promised it. We’ve signed a contract too so I will definitely hand over the elf. But we need to make the preparations on the handing over. After about 2 yuruka, we will be ready so do enjoy yourself in the festival first. I will come pick you up again.”  [Jephthah]
(TL: yuruka is how they tell the time here. Similar to hours)

“I understand. I will be looking forward to it.”  [Ayase]

Then I parted from Jephthah-shi for the time being.

I wonder what I should prepare. In order to hand her over to me, they might be dressing her up in beautiful clothes. Maybe they might put makeup on her too.

Should I get her to call me, 「Goshujinsama」 or 「Danna-sama」? Possibly 「Aruji-sama」 or 「Jirou-sama」 is hard to pass by too. Aa, there’s also the option for 「Oniichan」. I’ve always wanted a younger sister since I’m the youngest in my family! Nn? Don’t get me wrong! It’s healthy thoughts! It’s totally healthy thoughts alright!

Iya~a, but, ueeeeeee, my dream is getting larger.
I ended up drinking too much unintentionally!!


There’s still quite some time before Jephthah-shi returns so I will need to give my gratitude to Rebecca-san and Shello-san too.

I wasn’t sure if Rebecca-san is familiar with most people in the city but she was already chatting happily with the invited guests who seemed like her acquaintances. Shello-san seemed to be making conversation with the invited guests too…….or should I say, making a foolish commotion there. Shello-san seems like the type who would easily end up making boring speeches when he gets drunk. Well the sake here certainly is delicious so I know how it is when you ended up drinking too much. On the other hand, I am getting slightly drunk here myself too.

The gratitude to Shello-san, I am determined to forget about it completely by tomorrow.
For now, I’ll just thank Rebecca-san today.
“Thank you for your hard work today. Rebecca-san had to work on so many different things today for my sake so thank you very much. Thanks to you I managed to present the gift successfully.”  [Ayase]

Probably due to the fruit wine, Rebecca-san’s cheek that was slightly flushed made her look rather seductive. Since her hairstyle is different than usual and she even puts on makeup today, it somehow makes my heart throbs even more. To the extent of even going to that place under the influence of alcohol.

“Thanks for your hard work, Jirou. I didn’t expect it to be this lively. In fact, I was initially sceptical of it when I heard it from you.”  [Rebecca]

“No, it was also a gamble so I wasn’t sure if it will go well. I only had a vague premonition that it might turn out to be alright.”  [Ayase]

“Is that so? Unexpectedly you seemed similar to a chairperson of a temple that we entered before though. I was really touched with the letter’s content too……Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten it for some time too, heripai.”  [Rebecca]

“What kind of thing is a heripai actually? To be honest I actually don’t know what that is.”  [Ayase]

“On the north side, there is a lake there at a place called Heripa lake. At that place…..there are cute looking wriggling fishes? Something like that. It’s really hard to handle it but once you apply oil on it, it’s delicious.”  [Rebecca]

“I see. I do want to try eating it even once. Is Heripa lake far from here?”  [Ayase]

“It’s roughly about 2 days journey if you take a horse-drawn carriage from Erishe I guess. There is a town nearby the lake too. There’s also a cute inn and it’s really a beautiful place.”  [Rebecca]

I wonder if it’s something like a tourist attraction in the other world. At a place where a young couple makes an order, after eating the heripa they gain some stamina for that, then during night time will be their heripativity?

It will be fine even if it is more indecent. 「Yes….Just swallow it as it is. My heripai…. 」 Was something that I had wanted to try saying.
I wonder if I can go there for a honeymoon with the elf girl. 「Goshujinsama’s heripai is raging, please put it in my trembling (The rest is omitted)

“…….Let’s go there the next time, Jirou.”  [Rebecca]

“………Eh? Ah yes. It will be fun if we go there with everyone else together.”  [Ayase]
(TL: We have a dense MC as usual)

“True” she answered lightly then laughed mysteriously.

After I accumulated some money, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to treat those two to a trip.

This time Rebecca-san in particular has really helped out a lot in various things so I have offered to pay her a fee as compensation for her time but as expected she refused to accept them.

But I couldn’t leave it as it is. When I had asked her on the reason she was taking such good care of me, she replied.

“We are both beings who have met due to the 『Guidance of Baraka』 so this is a fate blessed by the great spirit. It’s a possibility of a lifelong friend, don’t you know? So, we are already friends. I’m just doing whatever I can to help a friend.”  [Rebecca]

I see. When she said that we are friends I am honestly happy, but I still need to do something to convey my gratitude………I’ll try preparing it properly.

“Rebecca-san. You did say that you refuse to accept a gift even after helping me out so much……..however I’ll apologize in advance but please accept this.”  [Ayase]

The present I gave Rebecca-san is, a ring made from a large drop of garnet. A red gem will be really matching with Rebecca-san’s beautiful red hair too and it was something that was personally chosen from my handheld goods.
The base of this was also produced by Bill-shi. The peridot earlier was made for free but this was also made for free! Although I did forcibly plead him.

The ring portion is silver, the clasp is gold and the shell where the red gem is placed was intricately carved. Somehow it looks really cool as it was similar to Art Nouveau style. It might not look nice on a Japanese with plain looking face since it looks way too flashy but this will look really nice on Rebecca-san.

It was not enchanted of course. Or rather, the Peridot that Milkpearl-san received has become something similar to spirit stone now and I have given my spirit stone (Quartz) to Priestess-chan to enchant for the time being too. I had actually wanted to enchant this garnet too but as expected I could not offer a largess of spirit stones here. I could only have another 2.

There is of course a ring case available since it was also something that was brought over from Japan. With just 1000 yen, I can already purchase one with a superior quality. Nowadays, I could find them sold even in 100 yen shop but since this will be a gift, as expected I shouldn’t be getting those.

Will she firmly refuse to accept it again? That was what I thought but for some reason she accepted it obediently this time. As I continued describing the details of the ring without stopping, she was listening quietly without saying anything.

Nn? I wonder what is wrong. Does she not really like it?

“Etto……Is it not of your preference?”  [Ayase]

“Aa, uun. No-no it’s nothing like that. Ahaha, thank you.”  [Rebecca]

“No I’m glad if you like it. I am not sure if the size will fit but please try it. I think it should fit nicely on the middle finger.”  [Ayase]

I did not measure the size in advance so I had to depend on Bill-shi’s estimation and insight instead.

“Then, here”  [Rebecca]

As she said so she passed the ring back to me then held out her left hand.

Nn? What does that mean?

Eh, does she want me to wear it for her? Rebecca-san must be considerably drunk. Will there be any problem if I do this? In the presence of so many people in public?…..
Well it’s fine then. Shello-san seemed to have started dancing on the other side anyway. Let’s put this aside since it was due to the effect of the liquor!

“Then please pardon me.”  [Ayase]

Though if I put it on the ring finger instead of the middle finger….Stop, I shouldn’t let the alcohol get the better of me! It can’t enter! Since there are no other options, I put it on the ring finger.

I don’t think there should be a custom in wearing a ring on the left ring finger in this other world but, they might probably be unrelated.

“Thank you! I will treasure this!”  [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san said with a smile while holding the ring. Although she usually gives off a feeling akin to an older sister, she somehow looks younger now or rather, she suddenly became cute. I might still be slightly drunk from earlier…….


I-I might end up falling for her~~~.








Exactly after 2 hours, Jephthah-shi finally returns.

Alright, I can finally kick-off. My heart is throbbing excitedly. I think I might need to go pee first.

“Jirou-san, sorry to keep you waiting. Since the agreement to hand over the elf has been signed, we’ll be going to the trading house. Would you be able to come with us?”  [Jephthah]

“Ah yes. Thank you. I will be bringing a companion with me, will that be alright?”  [Ayase]

“Yes that’s not a problem.”  [Jephthah]

Thus, I headed towards the same slave trading house the other day that I was afraid of entering, together with Rebecca-san who insisted in accompanying me.

I wonder if this is something like a negotiation room. I was asked to wait for a moment so I ended up waiting inside with Rebecca-san.

……This is bad. It might be due to anticipating it too much or I’m feeling uneasy or that I just had too much drink just now, with all of those mixed in, it makes me feel like throwing up slightly……..

To be honest, I am still unable to grasp the concept of slave here yet or you could say that I still couldn’t get myself to face it. Could it be that, I was still unable to fully understand the reality of this world yet?

Now that I have come this far, I could only try understanding it as much as I can from now on. There are no other choices except to keep advancing. Go myself! Advance straight ahead!


“Go! Myself!”  [Ayase]

“W-…..What’s wrong all of the sudden, Jirou?”  [Rebecca]

“Ah, no, I’m just urging myself. Having a slave of my own actually still scares me.”  [Ayase]

“It’ll be all right. That’s because a slave is bound by a lifetime employment contract. Ah a sex slave is a different thing though.”  [Rebecca]

“………………….”  [Ayase]

“Eh, why are you suddenly so quiet?…… Could it be…’s for such a thing?”  [Rebecca]

“No, I did not actually affirm it, speaking of”  [Ayase]

The silent time slowly pass by somehow.
Isn’t it fine! It’s not like it really matters! Any guys will yearn for that! I didn’t particular say that I wanted a pretty one! I want a sex slave!

“It’s not a sex slave, Jirou-san.”

Said Jephthah-shi from the gap of the door. Please do not suddenly scare me with that double meaning! Nn? Not a sex slave?

Un……well that’s true.
I understand it! I understand it! I understand that it will not be something good like that!

“That was because there wasn’t that kind of promise this time. I do not intend to trick you but I have heard that Jirou-san is fine as long as it’s an elf girl. I don’t deny the fact that I was afraid to bring that up though.”  [Jepthah]

“No of course there isn’t any problem. There is definitely no problem-nyo.”  [Ayase]

This is bad. The end of my words sounded strange a bit. B-b-being upset is strange!

“Then…..we’re ready here as well. We’ll bring her in now.”  [Jephthah]

“Ah yes. Thank you.”  [Ayase]

The matter about sex slave aside, I can finally meet the elf girl.

I’m feeling so tense that I seriously felt like throwing up. My heart is beating so fast now, probably at the rate of 120 beats per minute currently. Fortunately, I have gradually sobered up.
But I was glad that I was able to have a drink! Although I might end up fainting if I was sober.

The first to enter was Jephthah-shi then the followed by the elf guy.

“Here it is. Please come in” Jephthah-shi called out.

An elf girl walks in the room with an air of composure.

Her long hair looks beautiful and smooth in a mixture of velvet and impressive platinum colour, the length is extended to the waist and the tip is tied up in a knot.

She is not really considered sensual looking but has a well-balanced style instead. Her height is lower than me. I wonder if it’s about the same as Priestess-chan.
Although her face is much smaller than the elf guy, it is longer than his. She also has slightly drooping ears.

She’s wearing a pendant which might possibly be a spirit stone, a pair of bracelets and anklets. Her clothing is a pure white dress made out of silk, decorated with embroideries and laces.

On top of that, red and pale green tattoos in geometrical shapes could be seen on most parts of her exposed skin. It was probably tattooed to the entire body……. Her face also looks perfect, more towards the cute look but all in all a transcendent beauty. Although the impact of the tattoo might be too strong causing my brain cells to stop working for a brief second.

While I was taken aback there, Rebecca-san whispered softly to me.

“Jirou…….it sounded like a suspicious story from the beginning but…. white haired elf……that child is…..a high elf……..An elf royalty.”  [Rebecca]


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