Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 17

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Episode 17:  The celebration party has the smell of drunkard

The four of us went to the venue.

Halfway through, the elf guy brought by Jephthah-shi suddenly said he has some business to attend and parted from us, leaving only the three of us; Jephthah-shi, Shello-san and I.
Rebecca-san is temporarily away as she has another task to take care of.

I had initially thought that the elf guy served as Jephthah-shi’s escort but it appears that he was only brought here for the sake of the spirit’s contract.

“Jephthah-san. It might be strange to hear this from me but will it be fine not to bring along your escort?”  [Ayase]

“No, in truth it would be better to bring him along, but he’s not really good at dealing with complicated match like this.”  [Jephthah]

For such a reason….

However even though Jephthah-shi is one of the man from the three great merchants, he’s always having his own way (self-assertion). Since he didn’t know if the elf works as an escort or a spy, it might be unpleasant for him to bring him around.

Or could it be like what I have thought previously? This world’s safety and security might be really good.

“That aside Jirou-san, what will you be giving as a gift?”  [Jephthah]

…..As I thought, I couldn’t really answer that.

My plan gradually grew, becoming a larger scale plan than I have initially expected. I was able to prepare it due to the cooperation given by Rebecca-san but it will be similar to the feeling of an adventure since I wasn’t sure how the other world people might feel about it.

“The gift is…….a secret. Well just look forward to it.”  [Ayase]

“Hou, you seem to be quite confident in it……..Otherwise you wouldn’t have accepted this match but you’ve investigated the mayor, haven’t you? Didn’t you feel that it will not likely be that easy?”  [Jephthah]

“Of course I had thought so but somehow I didn’t feel that I am going to lose for some reason. Of course I have confidence in the goods that I will be gifting.”  [Ayase]

“……You didn’t feel that you will lose? Then I am anticipating it even more now in what the gift will be. Whether that obstinate mayor will be interested in it or not….I’m looking forward to it.”  [Jephthah]

Was it a little provocative for saying that I didn’t feel that I was going to lose? That was what I thought but Jephthah-shi was smiling as if he was content with it.
However…..somehow I felt that this guy is showing no sign of losing this match either. Or are bonbons usually like this?
(TL: Bonbon is a slang usually used on a rich or well-bred bishounen. You can google it if you want to read the real definition x3)

Well, it’s too late to even do anything now. The die was cast!
(TL: The decision has been made and is irrevocable.)

The party’s venue is at the open space on the lawn in front of the mayor’s office. The tables placed here are somewhat even more luxurious than the ones at the food stalls but the party cuisines seemed to have already stir up little excitement causing a long line of people queuing up there. There are not only cuisines available but also drinks ranging from sake, juice, wine to a wide variety. Shello-san’s eyes brightened with interest instantly.

The orchestra band was playing an ethnic sounding music and the existing guest were already enjoying there in their own way.

“Jirou-san, that person is Erishe’s mayor, Milkpearl-san”  [Jephthah]

I looked towards the direction that Jephthah-shi was pointing at.

The figure of a high-strung lady in clean white suit could be seen exchanging greetings with the guests. I see. She’s certainly a conscientious person. I suddenly recalled the Secretary of State from a certain large country…………

“I see. So what should I do about the gift, Jephthah-shi? Is there a timing to hand the gift to her?”  [Ayase]

“Let’s see…. The party has just started so I’ll go greet her after a while. You can do it after that.”  [Jephthah]

“I understand. Then I will need to make my own preparations here too.”  [Ayase]

Well, there isn’t much to prepare already actually. As soon as Rebecca-san returns, I can begin anytime.

In the meantime, let’s indulge myself in the food with Shello-san!






“*Hic*. Iya~a it was a surprisingly strong sake isn’t it, Shello-shi”  [Ayase]

“Hahahaha. Those inland sakes are actually way better than this, Jirou-shi.”  [Shello]

Just when I was thinking of having just a single cup, I had not expected that even the light taste of it has caused me to be drunk noww~ Shello-san seemed to be pleasantly getting drunk there himself. We might have overdone it slightly.
Come to think of it, Rebecca-san did tell Shello-san not to drink any sake earlier……whatever. It’s a festival!

Even though there will be an upcoming match, this meeting party doesn’t seem like the type of party whereby they will serve sake so there shouldn’t be any problem in particular even if I got drunk.

And apparently Rebecca-san has returned. She gave a signal from the other side.

Alright! This is finally it.

We found Jephthah-shi who was talking to the invited guest so I called out to him.

“Jephthah-san. How about it? Will it be anytime soon?”  [Ayase]

“Aa, Jirou-san. True. It appeared that the mayor has been freed from the crowds too so let’s go.”  [Jephthah]

“Yes, I’ll be counting on you.”  [Ayase]

The both of us headed towards the mayor. Since I am slightly clear-headed now I became fairly tensed when I think about my next course of action. Sake has made me even more daring now. I can do it!

Jephthah-shi exchanged greetings with the mayor.

I waited beside him until I was introduced. In the meantime, I checked on my equipment.

“………, and here is the person whom I was talking about earlier, Jirou-san. Jirou-san, this is the mayor of Erishe, Milkpearl-san.”  [Jephthah]

“Nice to meet you. I am Jirou Ayase, a jeweller. It’s an honour to meet you.”  [Ayase]

The introduction was received and we shook hands as a form of greeting.

This is the other motive for the reason I accepted this match.
If I am introduced to this city’s top people, there will come a time where I will be able to obtain something of high value for my business one day. ……Well, it will also depend on my hard selling from here on.

“Nice to meet you Jirou-san. Ara, what a cute jeweller we have here. I think I did mention about it earlier but, you shouldn’t get yourself involved with the type of people like Solo at such a young age. They are all residents from the hell.”  [Milkpearl]

“Cute?………. No well, there are quite a lot of gachimuchi men here I guess. It couldn’t be helped if I am evaluated as so I guess………Although I normally only have a childlike face.
(TL: gachimuchi -> literally means “muscular chubby,” which refers to big, bulky body types that are very muscular)

However Jephthah-shi, won’t people usually think that you’re being disliked here? She has even likened you to the residents from hell…….

“So….I was told that you will be presenting a gift to me? I will say this beforehand but I refuse to accept such a thing. For argument’s sake, rather than an emperor, I’m being entrusted with sovereignty. If I received such a present, I might end up losing sight of the road pointed out by the spirits.”  [Milkpearl]

“I fully comprehend it…….But would it be find if you just take a look at the goods? If you really dislike it, I don’t mind it even if you refuse to accept it.”  [Ayase]

As I said so, I retrieve a necklace case from an olive green bag. This case is something brought over from the other side (Japan). This item in hand is probably cheaper on the other side and it’s of good quality too.

I have somehow entered myself into a business mode.

“The gift that I would like to present to you this time is, the Peridot necklace here. Although the size of the stone is roughly only 4 carats, the spirit stone (Peridot) that was moulded into oval-cut with the deep olive green colour that enhances it even more, in foundation, has a good compatibility with gold. This has even been beautifully engraved by a craftsman.”  [Ayase]

To catch hold of someone’s attention, we need to first describe the item. I don’t know how well these words will work in the other word but that part is not particularly important. It would be sufficient as long as the other party thinks, “That is quite impressive”.

“It’s lovely. I have seen many green gems before, but it’s my first time seeing one with such deep shade. It is certainly a wonderful item indeed…….but, I couldn’t afford to accept this all the more. Especially from merchants like you and Jephthah-kun.”  [Milkpearl]

Well, it’s true. Then I will proceed on.

“No, the item was indeed prepared by me but the real gifter is another person…….There might be possibility that you have someone in mind as well.” [Ayase]

“No? There is not a single person in this country who doesn’t know that I don’t accept gifts. The only person who was still insisting on it is only Jephthah-kun alone.”  [Milkpearl]

It really appears that she doesn’t remember it.
Well, that was the only reason this method will be effective.

“Since the ancient times, peridot was said to have good compatibility with gold. And, that compatibility’s merit was also combined with 『the light shone on one another』. In other words, it was also the symbol of love between a married couple. The jewel Peridot’s name also originated from the word 『Marital Love』 (『夫婦愛』)……. There was an engraving done on the necklace. Do you recognize it?”  [Ayase]

Milkpearl-san was suspiciously confirming the base of the engraving on the necklace. Even though this might be a gamble since I wasn’t sure if she might be able to remember it but that was a motif that she used to wear often when she was young so she should recognize it.

“………..! ……..Eh, this…….. But…..”  [Milkpearl]

She’s flustering. She’s flustering.
At the moment when she was getting slightly confused, I should go through with the story. After I sent a signal to Rebecca-san, a battery-powered microphone and small amplifier that I have brought from home yesterday were carried over to this place.
The volume was adjusted to max. With this, it will be possible to hear my voice from anywhere within this ground.

*testing microphone*

“A, aa-, everyone, I would like to thank you for coming to Erishe’s 50th anniversary party today. On behalf of the citizens here, I will be presenting a bouquet as the expression of our gratitude to our mayor Milkpearl-shi. I apologize for interrupting you while you’re in the middle of your chat but I would like to have your attention please just for a while.”  [Ayase]

Due to an event starting all of the sudden, all the invited guests were astir as they turned around.
Although I have done this numerous times when I was in the black company…… I wasn’t sure if this plan will be effective on people from the other world.

It might be somewhat pushy but the party in this world generally loves to push forward a conversation selfishly and moved on to another venue as they like in a crude manner so it shouldn’t be a problem for this now, probably.

Due to the amplifier, microphone and a mysterious person suddenly appearing, the guests were about to make a commotion but as soon as Shello-san announced it around, “Those are new magic items developed” the crowd immediately calmed down.

“Please take a look at the entrance of this meeting place. I have ordered this from another country for the sake of today. A bouquet of white rose. The white rose represents 「Respect」. With great respect, I will represent Erishe citizen to present this flower to our mayor. The mayor usually doesn’t accept gifts but please do make a concession only for today!”  [Ayase]

The bouquet of white rose was something that I have brought over from the other side (Japan). It was seriously difficult to get such a highly bred flower from this world the price is highly expensive too. Well, it was also pretty expensive on the other side.

The invited guests did not seem to question this event in particular too. When I was asking the mayor to make a concession only for today, I could hear soft laughter coming from the crowd so there didn’t seem to be any problem.

The one holding the flowers is a middle-aged man clad smartly in a black suit. Rebecca-san was waiting there up ahead.

The mayor was even more stunned at the sight of the man there than the flowers. “Dear…” I could hear the mayor muttering it in a low voice.

The middle-aged man who will be presenting the bouquet is naturally Bill Lindenlaub, her husband.

The suit was prepared just for today and his hair and beard were neatly trimmed too.
I would be troubled if he pulled back at the very last moment so I have asked Rebecca-san to go pick him up in advance.

No, but, until this guy agreed to participate in this, we have already been going back and forth between two places daily for the entire week. There is a probability that he was still feeling hesitant but since he has already come so far, he has no choice but to do his best from here.

Although, he might have not like standing out too much so his face was beet red. I felt slightly sorry for him.

Then the two of them faced each other.

The bouquet is presented to the mayor and all the guest burst into applause.

“……This necklace, was something made by you right? This heripai motif, is so nostalgic……At that time, after master rejected your work, it’s something that you have been doing as a pastime isn’t it?”  [Milkpearl]

“…..Aa. It’s nostalgic isn’t it. That guy was able to tell that the design I created was amateurish just by a glance. Thanks to that I was able to recall various things about work from the past.”  [Bill]

“Fufufu, for him to be able to coax you and get you to come to a place like this….I wonder if you might have been deceived into this.”  [Milkpearl]

There could still be some room to spare but since it’s Milkpearl-san, this event might have been the perfect surprise.

Even before or after marriage, Bill’s priority has been his work. He holds great pride as a craftsman but unfortunately he is a reticent husband and has never given any present to his wife. Milkpearl-san was often away too due to her political works. I have heard that there were a lot of days when they just passed by each other somehow.

And the distance between them that grew apart was somehow accepted naturally. From their current conversation, it appears that they really respected each other more than what people think so it never had anything to do with their diminishing love or anything else to begin with.

What I saw in the Mirror of Truth was Bill’s vocation; Craftsman.
During the first day of our visit, he came out in an apron. I have assumed that his workplace is in the house and most of the time he receives custom request and sell them so as basis he is working as a craftsman.

He has shown me several of his creations such as metal engraving, the creation of knife handle, implantation of letter decorations onto the blade, engraving designs on metal armours, creation of simple accessories, etc. All in all, the various things that he has shown me were made skilfully.
Among them, as expected the metal engraving skill is really amazing to the point that I feel like monopolizing this person so I could sell them in Japan. My detestable business intentions have somehow got the better of me again.

Of course the base of the necklace was made by Bill-shi himself. Despite being a master at metal engraving, he has not even given her a single thing that he has make himself after marriage. I’m seriously amazed with him. But well, if he did then the current plan might not have work.

Well then, there should still be more to this event. Let’s go rapidly. There is a saying that we should strike while the iron is hot.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, about the identity of this gentleman who will be presenting the bouquet, I think there is not one person who doesn’t know who this man is. Regardless I will still be introducing him. He is Milkpearl-san’s husband, Bill Lindenlaub. At this day, we have finally hit Erishe’s 50th anniversary. Towards the wife who has been working hard for the sake of public, I have given him the suggestion to present her a gift as gratitude but it will still be up to him to grasp the opportunity.”  [Ayase]

The introduction was done in one go in a somewhat dramatize way.
「Is that…..」 「It’s my first time seeing him but doesn’t he look like a kind looking husband」 「In the first place, was the mayor married already?…..」Those were reactions between the invited guests that could be heard after the introduction was made.

“Bill-san’s occupation is a craftsman. Right now he will be giving the mayor a spirit stone necklace that he has poured all his heart into making. The spirit stone is, the feelings of worry from the husband that he wants to convey to his wife so he has added in 『Illness dispersal』 as an addition for the protection of his wife. In addition, the spirit stone chosen called Peridot also carries the meaning 『Marital Love』 so isn’t this the most suitable gift for the two hottest couple in Erishe after their 30 years of marriage?”  [Ayase]

The voltage of the spectator gradually increases too. Basically since a majority of them were in quite drunken state, this event must be really interesting to them. Although I was quite concern about Shello-san who was clapping his hand excitedly there in the front row, I’ll just ignore it since it will make the event livelier!

“Actually I have been entrusted this letter to keep by Bill-san. The content consists of words of appreciation towards his wife but since he was embarrassed to read it out on his own, he has entrusted it to me.”  [Ayase]

Milkpearl-san was surprised.

Bill-san was even more surprised.

Of course they would be. That is because I have not been entrusted with any letter at all. It was something that I have jotted down in a memo based on components that I have heard of then constructed it beautifully into a letter without permission. I did have a hard time since I didn’t have enough information.

“So I will then read it with your permission…….To my dear wife. I am not much of a good talker so I could express out all my feelings of appreciation to you. In such a way, I ended up picking up my brush. 30 years ago, I remember the time when the both of us ate the heripai. At that time after forcing you to eat the heripai, you were feeling bad and refused to do so due to the cute appearance. I was recalling that incident while making this necklace. However, once you tried it, it was surprisingly tasty for you so you ended up eating them joyfully more than me. I could only say this now but, when I have thought of marrying you, to be honest it was because your appearance at that time was seriously cute. You might have not known it. After we got married, you’ve done so much for the sake of Erishe and you’ve always been doing your best. Being the one closest to you and the one watching you all the time, I was supposed to understand it the most. I couldn’t get my feelings of gratitude across really well but I was really proud for being your husband…….But 30 years have passed as well. Since then we have not gone to Heripa Village even once. Both of us have aged and our daughter will soon age by another year too. Let’s go to Heripa Village again one day. I’d like to eat as much heripai as I can and get bloated to the extent of not being able to move. I’ll be really glad if you are happy with the necklace. Bill Lindenlaub”  [Ayase]

The entire place was suddenly surrounded by thunderous applause.

A letter reading play was directed. On earth, this type of setting is quite stereotypical already but in the other world, it’s a state-of-the-art. Even the invited Madame guests were also in tears.
Although I was quite concern about Shello-san who was shedding manly tears there in the front row, I’ll just ignore it since it will make the event livelier!

The letter seems to be effective on Milkpearl-san as expected too. Her eyes were moist with tears and she was staring at Bill with feverish gaze.

However, Bill-san was bewildered. This is bad. It seemed to have exceeded the level of his tolerance!

“Then Bill Lindenlaub-san shall present his wife the necklace. Bill-san, please put on the necklace for your wife.”  [Ayase]

On hearing my words, he received the necklace from Milkpearl-san’s hand and awkwardly tries to put on the necklace around the other party’s neck. His face was pale possibly because he was too tensed but I’ll just pretend that I didn’t see that.

Once the invited guests noticed the necklace on Milkpearl-san, somehow they ended up wanting to haunt for the same treasure by all means.

A sparkling elegant looking olive green jewel and a pale shining gold necklace. Once worn paired with Milkpearl-san’s natural elegant look, the shine on the necklace looks more exquisite than ever.

Bill-shi still has final remaining job that he needs to do. I put away the microphone before speaking to Bill-shi.

“After putting on the necklace, say this final thing to your wife. This is the final closure. I’ll be counting on you.”  [Ayase]

As I have said so, Bill-shi who made his mind turned towards Milkpearl-san.
I secretly moved to Bill-shi’s place with a microphone.

“…….Thank you for what you’ve done all these 30 years. Please treat me well from now on.”  [Bill]

Then the both of them embraced each other.

Aa, I just remember this place is similar to western countries. If this were Japan, I don’t think they will be hugging. However, Bill-shi……it’s seriously just brief words?

Thus the voltage of the place was turned up to max. Iya~a, I’m glad that the guest enjoyed the event. This is how a WIN WIN relationship should be.
A smile somehow floated over my face too.

After that, as long as I got the final word from mayor, it’ll be completed.
Well, the both of them seemed to have entered a world of their own so I will take a break for the time being.

But when I went to a table to grab a juice to drink, I noticed the elf guy that was brought by Jephthah-shi standing at the corner of the party ground.

Ah I did think that he will be coming so I didn’t worry too much about it.

Next to the elf guy is someone dressed in a loose green robe. The hood was worn over the eyes and the entire body is covered up. I couldn’t see the face but it felt like our eyes have met.


At that very moment, my vocation board appeared, the light shined brighter than usual indicating my new guidance received.

No, the ??? line has changed.


【Guidance of Baraka】

・ Fulfil the promise with the Imperial Trader 2/3

・ The Fate of the Giant Swing  8/10
(TL: The Fate of the Giant Swing was previously the one with ???????)


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