Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 19

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Episode 19:  The high elf has the smell of favouritism

Even if you were to say High Elf……

Does a high elf usually wear this type of tattoo or is it a race that usually wears a tattoo?….. Damn, she does give off a feeling similar to priestess-chan but isn’t the aspect considerably different now……..

But I wonder if tattooed woman also exists in this world. There are hardly any opportunities to see real tattoos in Japan so the impact is much too strong wa~. Will I be getting this person as my slave…….. I wonder what kind of feeling is this…….

Moreover, an elf royalty……..

The three damn people with serious faces are currently sitting in front of me. Jephthah-shi, Elf guy and High Elf Girl in tattoo.

….Oi, why isn’t anyone saying anything! The High Elf Girl in tattoo was staring at me since just now so it was seriously unbearable!

“*cough* Aren’t you going to say anything, Jirou-san?”  [Jephthah-shi]

That was my line! What should I do now.

“…..Then, shall I explain in order? This person here is Diana-san. In fact, Diana-san is not a normal elf, she’s actually from the high elf family…….. In a nutshell, it’s something like a royal elf. High elves usually don’t come down here much at all so they don’t have substantial authority. Not many people know about them too.”  [Jephthah]

I see……Though they are not known much by people, Rebecca-san seemed to know about them to a great extent. However, a royalty is it. How did a royalty end up becoming a slave?…….
If only it’s a normal slave instead………Or rather, I would have preferred it if it was a normal slave……

“Your face is full of doubts there, Jirou-san. I do understand your feeling but please lend us an ear……..Does Jirou-san believe in fate?”  [Jephthah]

What on earth is this guy saying all of the sudden.
I wasn’t sure if I should be giving a positive response or at a loss on what to answer but Jephthah-shi doesn’t seem to worry about it much and continued talking.

“High Elves race was said to be a race that is most loved by 『The Great Spirit Le Baraka that is in control of fate』. And, each of them from that race will receive a 『Special Guidance』 that happens only once in their lifetime. That guidance is a seriously special one if you can understand…….. Then by chance, a certain human that was related to it got involved so we were forced to make a move in order to achieve it before the person in question realizes it. If I were to say this in a better way, we were guided to that fated place.”  [Jephthah]

It’s the leadedbytheguidance thingy isn’t it? I understand.
Since I am a merchant so I’m like a Maneki-neko? You are way off there~

“……..By the way Jirou-san, I’m curious but why did you accept such a dubious match?”  [Jephthah]

“That’s because……I somehow didn’t feel that I would lose……wait in other words?”  [Ayase]

“I have actually not confirmed it myself yet and honestly I’m not certain of it either even now but there is a high possibility that Jirou-san was already involved in it at that point of time.”  [Jephthah]

“Etto, in other words, the special guidance? What is the content of that guidance? If I’m already involved in it then there should be a way to conclude this right?”  [Ayase]

“It was already determined that the content of the guidance must not be told to anyone.”  [Diana]

The High Elf girl suddenly spoke up. Oh such a cute voice.

“Yes. It’s just as what Diana-san has said. It has already been decided that the content of the special guidance must not be known by others. However, it’s possible for you to make a guess. Her previous course of action was probably, 『Become a slave』.”  [Jephthah]

“There should be a clearer content than this.”  [Ayase]

“It’s a secret.”  [Jephthah]

Is that so. If it’s a secret then it can’t be helped.

“From there, we didn’t actually know what was the next step to take but usually one would naturally think that 『Find a person to serve as a slave』 would be the closest idea that comes next. And, at that very moment I encountered Jirou……..That is what I call a fateful encounter. The reason I proposed that match was due to this.”  [Jephthah]

“So………I was approached with that bet because you believed that I was the candidate whom Diana-san was meant to serve? Then you didn’t necessarily need to challenge me to a match, am I right?”  [Ayase]

“As I have said so earlier, I wasn’t really certain of it since I’m just one of a minor merchant only……I will make a move while making sure that I will be getting as much profit as I can at the same time too.”  [Jephthah]

“…………?”  [Ayase]

“The matter relating to the match though……If Jirou-san is somehow involved in this, regardless of the actions that you might have taken, you will definitely end up sitting with us here today. All these course of actions have already been determined from that very moment we met. Fate will always lead us to where we are meant to be without fail. That is the compelling force of the High Elf’s guidance.”  [Jephthah]

“Nn? Could you possibly break that explanation up a bit and make it clearer? I didn’t really get the main points…..”  [Ayase]

“True….. In other words, by the end of the day, the mayor would somehow be happy anyway and accept your gift regardless of what you might have given her. This is what I meant when I have said that you were already entangled in this.”  [Jephthah]

All my 15 days of effort have been for nothing!
How much do you think I’ve spent already!

“What I meant was, regardless of being entangled or not being entangled in it, you were challenged with a match that does not seem to be of disadvantage to you…..Well, I was surprised though since I had not expected you to present such an elaborated gift there. And it turns up, even if you weren’t involved in that guidance from the start, there might be a possibility that you will win the match anyhow. This is the reason why I’m still unable to confirm if you really are the person whom we are looking for yet till now.”  [Jephthah]

“Regardless of winning or losing, this was still a profit gaining match for Jephthah-san, wasn’t it? I’m not sure what kind of deal you have been making with the mayor behind my back but just let me know by all means…….However, she…..I mean won’t you experience any loss for handing Diana-san over to me?”  [Ayase]

“…..No, that is actually the biggest profit.”  [Jephthah]

Aa, is that so? I felt like all my efforts have been wasted a little now.

“Actually rather than the Solo house supporting this 『Special Guidance』, it was actually the other way round. We have received an agreement from the High Elf race to cooperate with them. The journey has developed considerably well so the guidance should be achieved soon. When that happens, both the Solo house and I will also obtain the biggest benefit here.”  [Jephthah]

I see…….so there were interests involved in this already. I have previously labelled him a playboy of my own accord but he is unexpectedly a go-getter.

The final picture of this match that Jephthah-shi drew was…..even if I wasn’t the one guided by the spirit and ended up losing the match, he will still be able to obtain 10 spirit stones. And if I wasn’t the one guided by the spirit but ended up winning somehow too, he will still gain the interest from the dealings with the mayor. However if I am the one guided by the spirit, I will definitely be winning this match so not only will he receive the benefits from the mayor’s side but also yield the profit from the High Elf’s side since their guidance was able to advance.

I suddenly recalled that the elf guy did mention it before the spirit agreement was made. That regardless who ended up losing, they will not be in any disadvantage in any way.

……well, I did not encounter any loss for the time being so it’s good for now. I had a feeling that things are slightly rolling off for the better.

However….I wonder if it is possible for people to receive a guidance that leads them to becoming a slave. The Great Spirit is way too harsh.

“……But is Diana-san, a slave? If I had not turn up here would you be fine even if she was sold to someone else? If she were sold off then would you just consider it as a part of the fate too?”  [Ayase]

“I think I did mention it before when we first met. It was when I said I wasn’t able to come to a so-called compromise with the other party…….There were several circumstances, but the biggest one was still, 『If you had done anything strange to the High Elf, it might develop into critical racial problems』. That was the main point that I have included inside. Jirou-san, please be careful of this too.”  [Jephthah]

“Strange… in?”  [Ayase]

“Once she becomes his personal slave, it’s possible to make her into a sex slave too. That is what most thought. It is really common for something like this to happen. So if the slave ended up filing a complaint against their master or even if they kept quiet about it, it’s usually fine either way…….But, we couldn’t afford to let anything similar happen for our case this time. That is what I meant.”  [Jephthah]

“I-I see….”  [Ayase]

There is always something else hidden undersurface whenever you receive a good deal but, there are too much things undersurface now! Actually, almost all the details are hidden undersurface!

“…….Then what are the other circumstances?”  [Ayase]

“This might be hard to say it right in front of the person herself but….First with regards to her appearance, majority of people wouldn’t be able to accept someone with patterns all of their body. The spirit magic is also only limited to the extent of only usable for the 『Special Guidance』. In addition, she’s a royalty. In other words, the most important point is that she has never done any work that is usually done by common servants.”  [Jephthah]

(TL: The ‘Oh’ is in English in the raw)

Another world’s princess that will only be a hindrance becoming a slave….is this some kind of an eroge? Even through the atmosphere, I understood that she’s actually someone whom I shouldn’t put my hands on since it’ll cause a racial issue. In addition, she has an appearance of a tattoo girl, could only use spirit magic occasionally and she couldn’t even cook or clean!

Jephthah might be quite rude with his remarks since she is quite cute. But there do seem to be a huge gap with the impressions given due to the tattoo.

However…….., wasn’t I just looking for an escort from the other world who can help me read?

No……, it might have been my bad since I was the one who have greedily wished for an elf as slave. Something like as long as it’s an elf it’ll be fine! My state of mind was undeniable.

Or rather, it has somehow given me the feeling that I should accept her as an escort now regardless. Gununu.

I wasn’t sure what kind of expressions I had on my look at that time, but Diana who has been staring at me the whole time when I was having a conversation with Jephthah-shi finally voiced out.

“It’s all right, goshujinsama. Once the guidance is over, everyone will receive good things from it too. So, please treat me well from now on.”  [Diana]

~Ayase Jirou’s brain trial~
(TL: he is having a conflict in his brain)

“Ee~, although this is sudden, I would like to conduct the 754th brain trial now. The subject of the trial this time is 『What should be done now? Is it pardonable? Seriously what should be done now? Should we just escape?』 “

“Guilty. That bastard Jephthah. He’s seriously a fiend. If this is converted to Japanese yen it’ll be the same as using 700,000 yen!”

“Guilty. My dream of having a love-dovey H life with an elf girl is totally crushed now to the point of losing all hope and I don’t even know if I should continue living on from now on. I’m currently crying!”

“Guilty. I just wanted to own a slave with a lighter feeling but the once in a lifetime huge quest is too heavy for me to bear~”

“Guilty. I would prefer if the girl has bigger breasts.”

“No wait, hold on you guys. I understand all your feelings now but what did the girl say just now? Didn’t she just say goshujinsama? That is right, we have already become her goshujinsama! It’s already forgivable with just that word alone! Not guilty!”

“Judgement. Somewhere in the corner of this other world, I have a feeling that everything will be forgivable as long as she calls us goshujinsama .”

~Brain trial end~

“……….Jephthah-san. Hasn’t it come across your mind that I might refuse to take her as a slave when you are exposing so much negative information to me?”  [Ayase]

Although I have no intention of backing out actually.

Putting aside the issue of the tattoo, High Elf-chan has a great style and is cute too. The chest might be regrettable but her bottom is good! Her legs are long and her hair is also beautiful. Well, if she could put on a little more flesh, there’s no need for that too.

Eh? Or could the compelling force of the guidance be affecting my current feelings too?

“No, it doesn’t come across me. Although I’m forbidden to tell the reason, you will not be able to give up on this contract anymore. If not, you wouldn’t have performed the spirit contract. 『If you win, you’ll receive the elf girl from me』. Besides, haven’t you indicated this clearly this before? It’s your dream to obtain an elf.”  [Jephthah]

“Nn? It’ll be a breach of contract if I do not receive it then? It’s slightly ambiguous there.”  [Ayase]

“That’s right. It’s ambiguous……..It might unexpectedly not be a breach of contract though. Would you like to try it?”  [Jephthah]

“……Aa, I’ll refrain myself.”  [Ayase]

Bad. Jephthah seriously has a bad personality.


After that, I performed the spirit contract with Diana, the high elf, signed the receipt and completed the contract without any incident.

I tried checking out the content by calling out my vocation board.

【Spirits Contract】

The outline of the slave contract between Jirou Ayase and Diana Luna’Arbella

-Diana may work in moderation as a slave owned by Jirou.
-As someone who owns Diana, it is Jirou’s responsibility to endeavour to ensure that Diana can live without excess and deficiency.
-The annulment of this contract can be done only under the agreement of both and it is possible to be carried out anytime.
-If this contract is not fulfilled, Jirou who doesn’t carry out the agreement will lose his blessing.

Eh? Isn’t it kind of biased? Aren’t I the one who is at a disadvantage?
Isn’t it significantly different than the content of the contract that we were talking about a while ago!?

“…..Aa, Jirou-san. I have forgotten to mention it just now. When you make a contract with a High Elf, the spirit will certainly make a drastic dramatization arbitrarily so please be careful. Fufufu.”  [Jephthah]

Look! That joyful look on Jephthah’s face! This is not just at the level of dramatization!

“Aa~……..With this I’m already a slave….. I’ll be forced to walk around the city with a collar attached to my neck by goshujinsama, isn’t it……Then I’ll be placed in a show booth…… Aa,….goshujinsamaaa is being impolite…..”

A strange delusion is coming out from someone’s mouth here!! Just keep your mouth shut there!!

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