Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 16

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Episode 16:  The other world’s formal dress has the smell of an aristocrat

The appointed day with Jephthah-shi seemed to be a fine cloudless day.

Iya~, such a splendid weather for a match. Just wash your neck (Elf) and wait for me!

The day after I visited the mayor’s house, Rebecca-san occasionally escorted me while I was making the preparations, but I planned to see it through till the end today.
After all, it’s my first other world party! I understood the rule so I shouldn’t be embarrassing myself (like drinking soup with the finger in the bowl).
In addition, if it was simply one-to-one with just Jephthah-shi and I, I will be anxious so if I had someone with me it will feel more reassuring.

Since this is a long awaited party, Shello-san will also be coming today. Since he said, “I need to dress up first.”, I wonder what kind of clothing will he be coming in.

Ah, they have arrived. Both of them are quite huge so they stand out even from a distance.

……Oi, both of their clothing are amazing.

“Sorry for the wait, Jirou. Oh, a clothing makes a man isn’t it? Was Rebecca the one who selected it?”  [Shello]

“It is~ It’s cool right? I’m used to it already though.”  [Rebecca]

“……Both of your clothing are far more amazing to me. What are those? A knight’s dress?”  [Ayase]


Both of them are dressed in the same matching frock coat with flowery vivid red coloured embroidery. On the inside is a frilly white dress shirt. There are only two buttons fastened on the coat and gilet can be seen worn in the inside. There is also a silvery white one-handed sword hanging down from the waist. The entire image is so picturesque that I was stumped by it.

Shello-san’s usual unshaven face and messy disheveled hair is neatly fixed, making him look like an attractive middle-aged man or should I say old fashionable man………If the look is combined with the height of 190cm, isn’t it like a Hollywood star-? It felt like it.

Rebecca-san’s usually tied up semi long red hair was let down, part of the hair is braided up and her makeup is looks perfect as well to me. The red lipstick applied on her makes her look sexy.
I have always thought that she was originally beautiful however I can’t help but to say she looks like a super beauty now. Iya~a, so lovely……That’s right! I should take pictures!

“This. This was given when I was a mercenary after achieving military gains. We were then given the authority to come up with a formal uniform design so everyone can have a matching set. At first we’re supposed to make something cheaper and simpler but as we discussed, the conversation gradually went overboard and it ended up becoming expensive.”  [Rebecca]

I see. So even the mercenaries in this world have their own formal uniform. Whenever someone gets too hyped up in something, they will always end up losing money instead. Somehow it has already given me that kind of image.

By the way, even though I was making all the comments on clothing earlier, I am not wearing my usual Shakespearean clothes as well today. I have changed into an aristocratic looking clothing. Although I bought it since Rebecca-san has chosen it, second-hand clothes are still quite expensive.

A dark blue jacket embroidered with threads and fabric of similar colours and a simple pants. Black shirt and leather belt. Since the shoes are slightly tall, I brought my black leather shoes from home.
At a glance, I looked like the people from the Visual Kei band in the olden days.
But, I think a chic look is somewhat cool……Well after all it cost 2250 El……

Then just like Shello-san and Rebecca-san, I am also wearing a sword. But I wonder if it will look strange for a merchant to carry a sword. Will my hand-made dagger be safer?

The three of us went to the central square. It’s almost the appointed time.

Erishe’s 50th anniversary festival was held since yesterday.
I am already well-prepared for the match this time but not for the festival’s sight-seeing yet. Once this is over I would like to go look around the festival slowly. There are a lot of stalls that I am quite interested in too. If possible I would like to browse around with an elf shoujo! Gehegehe.

We made our way through the crowd that was 3 times as large compared to usual and reached the designated meeting place at the central square. In the square there were a variety of stalls lined up, a turret built and a bonfire burning. Overall the festival was enveloped in a peculiar hustle and bustle.

The residents and streets are European but the atmosphere of the festival felt very much like Japanese instead. The line-up of the stalls somehow gave me a nostalgic feeling.
It’s been a long time since I have last seen a ring toss stall…….

Well then, I wonder if Jephthah-shi will be coming soon. I didn’t expect that the crowd will be so huge today so this might actually fail as a meeting place. We have only made a promise to meet up in the central square vaguely.

……Ah there he is.

He is being accompanied by a carefree looking elf guy. Both of them seemed to be eating something at a yaki udon stall. What on earth is that guy doing.

Jephthah-shi himself is already considered as good looking but that elf guy is totally in a class of his own. A super beautiful elf guy in purple robe with blonde hair eating at yaki udon stand?  Un, at one whole glance, it’s really cool.

“Good afternoon. I’m sorry for being late. I haven’t expected that it will be that crowded today.”  [Ayase]

Since the other party didn’t seem to notice me, I had to be the one to initiate the conversation.
Upon hearing me, Jephthah-shi glanced over. Once I returned the gaze, he looked away, then glanced at me again instantly.
Don’t do that twice!

“….Well well…… You really came. Iya~a, I knew I said that myself but I came up with quite unfavourable conditions so I had thought you will definitely not turn up.”  [Jephthah]

“Since I have made the promise….it’s what I wanted to say but I did wonder if I should just run away initially. But at that time, I received the guidance.”  [Ayase]

“…………..!! You received a guidance? What is the content?”  [Jephthah]

“No, it’s just a normal content asking me to keep my promise with you.”  [Ayase]

I wonder what came over this person all of the sudden. Is he a guidance freak?

“Is that so…..I see…..well there might be something like this too…..However….”  [Jephthah]

Somehow Jephthah-shi seemed to be muttering by himself. Is he seriously okay?

“So young. Is the aforementioned person him? Then let’s hurry up and make the contract. Regardless of who ended up losing, we will not be at any disadvantage either way.”  [Elf]

And, the elf man meddled in.
Don’t suddenly drop a bomb with that remark! Then regardless of who ended up losing, wouldn’t it look like I will be suffering a loss too.
Are? That means it’s that? It’s alright even if we were to make a contract?

On hearing the elf guy’s suggestion, Jephthah-shi who was muttering there a while ago cleared his throat and turned to me.

“Jirou-san. In that case you will be accepting the match by betting the elf with me right? Will it be alright if we sign the spirit contract now? The content of the match is, in the party tonight, you will be presenting a gift to Erishe’s mayor. If she is interested in it then it’s your win. Otherwise it’s my win.”  [Jephthah]

“That’s right. I’m generally fine with it but how are we going to judge if the mayor likes the gift? And, as long as I am the one who initiated it and present the gift, you’ll be fine with everything else right? Even if it’s not limited to objects?”  [Ayase]

“…….No, the gift is only limited to objects. As expected, things like [Interesting story] or [Street performance] will not be considered as a [gift] this time. As long as it’s an object, anything else is fine. Then next on how do we determine if the other party likes your gift. Let’s decide it based on this criteria. If she receives your gift and offers a word of gratitude then I will consider it as your win. Will that be fine?”  [Jephthah]

….Well, that’s fine.

When I nodded, the Elf guy used magic to draw up a spirit contract while I stood side by side with Jephthah-shi. It was the same as when I received the blessing at the temple from the Priestess-chan. The two of our hands were held and the elf guy started reciting something like a spell.

We both replied mutually when we were asked on our name, age and gender. I have heard of it during the blessing but it appears that this is definitely necessary for a spirit contract.
It was surprising when Jephthah-shi said that he is 22 years old. For us to be of similar age……I was expecting it to be higher actually.

Thereafter a mutterings of incantations were casted, a bright light burst out signifying the completion of the contract. It was roughly the same as the time when I received the blessing.

“With this the contract is now complete. Please confirm it.”

Even if you ask me to confirm…..Ah the vocation board.
Upon confirmation after realizing it, I noticed another new column of text appearing below 【Guidance of Baraka】.


【Spirit’s contract】

The outline of the match between Jirou Ayase and Jephthah Solo
-After the 15th day during the party, Jirou needs to present a gift to the mayor of Erishe, Milkpearl Lindenlaub.
-If the other party receives the gift and offers a word of gratitude then Jirou will win.
-In that case then Jirou will receive the elf girl from Jephthah.
-If by chance Jirou loses, he will need to pay Jephthah 10 spirit stones (Jephthah will have the right to usurp the future acquisitions obtained by force)
-If this agreement is not fulfilled, the person who does not fulfil it will lose the blessing.


I see. So this is a spirit’s contract. It was done neatly like a document? It was amazing that it appeared. If this elf has carelessly made a mistake somewhere in the content of the contract, wouldn’t it end up disastrous?

“I have confirmed the content. There are no mistakes in the content too. So what should we do now? Should we go ahead to the party just like this? Ah I will be taking this guy along too. Will it be alright?”  [Jephthah]

“Yes I don’t mind it. You will be going there to introduce me too. It’ll be fine even if we were to go ahead to the other side.”  [Ayase]

“Ah, and if I win you will be bringing that pretty elf girl here today, right?”  [Ayase]

I unintentionally blurted out “That pretty elf girl” making it sound impure now. I’m seriously tactless.

I should have clearly said slave instead!





“Of course I will bring her along. Please be assured. Once this match ends, I will hand her over to you.”  [Jephthah]

……..What was that short interchange for? Why did he exchange look with that elf guy?

I’m starting to get worried separately now……. As expected, am I being tricked here?

By the way under the guidance, “Fulfil the promise with the Imperial Trader 1/3” has changed to “Fulfil the promise with the Imperial Trader 2/3”.

I wonder if that means, my relationship with this guy will persist regardless if I win or lose.


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