Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 15

Episode 15:  The other world’s mayor has the smell of a heroic woman

Upon observation, Erishe city does certainly appear to be making various kinds of preparations for the festival.

The street trees were being decorated with cloths of various colours; red, blue, green and white. The other citizens could be seen setting up the stalls and assembling something that looks similar to a turret.
Since there are still more than 10 days, I could tell that they are doing it at a leisurely pace.

…….Is it another world’s festival? I wonder if I would make a profit if I set up a stall.

The horse was left at the entrance of the town and as we walked, I started discussing with Rebecca on the things that we should do.

For the time being we decided to go to the slave trading house to confirm if Jephthah-shi is genuinely from the Solo’s household. We went on full assault in the information gathering about the mayor and started discussing on what would be the best gift.

At the same time, I conveyed to Rebecca-san directly on my newly obtained “guidance”.

I have already achieved two guidance in just two days in a row so the fact that I have obtained new ones surprised her. However, in the end, “Since you have 8 vocations as well, you must be really loved by Le Baraka, Jirou.” said Rebecca, seemingly convinced by it.

I tried asking Rebecca-san about the “???” but somehow she doesn’t know anything about it either.

From the guidance list, both “Try going to the mayor’s house” and “Fulfil the promise with the Imperial Trader” are also unmistakably related to this match. I was really surprised by it but the thought, “If even the Great Spirit are blessing me with these guidance then it should be fine to ride along with the story” came across me and I suddenly started feeling optimistic.

I was initially wondering if the Great Spirit was overestimating my ability but this could be natural in this world. I’m not really sure about it………….

Incidentally, I was having a doubt if we could have a choice of “not going along with the guidance” so I tried asking.
According to Rebecca-san, a portion of eccentric people who did not follow the guidance (well doing something totally opposite) suddenly couldn’t see their vocation board anymore possibly since it is an act against the spirit’s principle…..well there seems to be various reasons.

In other foreign countries, rather than believing in the spirit, there are also those who believed that the Fire God or the Goddess of Faith will make the country stronger. Those countries apparently did not seem to receive the blessings of the Great Spirit (Le Baraka). How do I put it, there appears to be quite a number of deity beings in this other world.










The whole afternoon was spent investigating and information gathering and I was guided around the city while in the night, I was repeatedly asked to return to Shello-san’s place to stay. Without realizing it, three days has elapsed.

For now, what I understand was—-

Based on what the workers at the slave trading house said, Jephthah-shi is indeed a genuine person from the Solo household. He doesn’t seem to bring along his attendants most of the time.

Rebecca-san who boldly went in the slave trading house was really manly.
I waited outside for her.

The mayor, Milkpearl-san is a 50 year old woman. She has a daughter who is currently studying in the Imperial City. Her husband is supposed to be staying with her but they are not seen in a place together much.
The guidance “Try going to the mayor’s house” has yet to be achieved, although we have already investigated the location of her house.

Milkpearl-san is quite a workaholic but not much private information about her was obtained. It’ll be good if only we could find out her hobby or her favourite food.

She is able to handle her work considerably well and she is highly popular among the citizens. When Milkpearl-san first assumed the position as mayor, apparently Erishe city is not really a big city yet but now the scale is almost on par with the first free city, Marishera. Before she took over, rampant corruption and bribery run throughout the city. It was quite a corrupted place at that time but it appears that she managed to clean the place up.
I see. So that is the reason why gifting strategy will usually not work on her.

Apparently Solo household does the trading in the Imperial City on an extensive scale but since Erishe is still considered as an almost undeveloped area in the vicinity, they mainly just sell slaves as wholesale to Erishe.

Jephthah-shi is the third guy from the Solo household, currently supporting the first son of the Marishera’s branch as he works as a merchant apprentice. In other words, despite how that guy looks like, he is actually just a merchant novice as well.

He must have been just playing around when he was young, I concluded it arbitrarily in my head.

Rebecca-san’s information gathering ability is amazing. She seemed to be familiar with everyone and was able to strike up any conversation easily. I wonder if it is because she was a former mercenary. Come to think of it, I have not heard of her vocation but could it be in her lineage?

We heard of the jewels’ value in the shop after they were examined but it appears that this world is not able to produce the same degree of jewels like Earth.
It was not the problem on the quantity but there were only very few kinds around. As substitute, they have processed gems similar to spirit stones. Then if I were to bring all the jewels from Japan, they might sell really well, or so I thought but it wouldn’t be so simple.

First of all, they will usually create the spirit stone’s mould before processing the jewel here but there is a crucial difference with the jewel from earth. This stone consist of a mass spirit’s force. The spirit stone’s source is, a “magic item” that can be enchanted by the spirit’s magic. At the same time, it can also be processed into an accessory to be equipped too. Spirit stones are just too almighty.

For the sake of gathering information, we went to the bar, inn, guild, city hall and travelled around various other places so I am quite well-versed with the geography of the city now.

On the south side of Erishe is a harbour, the point of contact to trade goods with the other countries. I had thought the sea in this world is similar to the one on earth but somehow the waves here are not too strong, they were just moving back and forth and the surface was swaying unnaturally. It might be due to the two moons existing here.
I couldn’t smell any salt from the wind too. The sea water seemed to be fresh water.

Speaking of, I suddenly started wondering about the seafood here in this world. I had seen only meat and vegetables in all my meals yesterday and today but I haven’t even seen any fish yet. There could be a possibility that the ecosystem is different. It’s unfortunate since if there is such a fine harbour here then fishing equipment might sell well here.

Outside the city on the opposite direction of Shello-san’s house, if I go on further from there, I will reach the mining town, Rukuraera.

The domestically prominent mining area in country is Rukuraera mountain’s mine. From a refinement ground, it gradually developed into a place that is no longer an exaggeration to be called a small town now.
Moreover, there are two dungeons in the immediate vicinity. For the sake of exploration, the weapons and armours are in demand too so as a result, the place became a major industrial town due to the mining, refinement and production at the same time.
When I first came to Erishe, the group of dwarfs that I saw must be the people from there.

Anyway, they are running production, mining and refinement all at the same place so wouldn’t it possibly be causing environmental pollution? I assumed they would not be taking counter measures for that I guess……

However, a mining town or dungeon does tickle a man’s feeling so I wish to have the opportunity to go there once. I am interested to see what they have to sell there such as weapons or armours…….. After watching the gold from this world or the dagger from Shello-san’s house, I can conclude that the metal refinement technology seems considerably high. I’m highly expecting it.

I haven’t come across a luxurious weapon shop in Erishe yet so it’s really interesting……..or rather, I can’t find a shop that sells a good weapon yet. The place where I sold my knife to doesn’t seem to have a good one. Mass producing swords seems more like their main thing.

All right! It’s not a bad result if we can gather these much information in just 3 days.
Although, we have yet to obtain any information that is essential for the match. I haven’t even thought of the gift yet.

Well, anyway there is still the guidance for tomorrow, let’s try going to the mayor’s house.








The next day, Rebecca-san and I visited the mayor’s house.


It is a splendid looking two-storey building in its own way. I wonder how should I describe this house. It looks like those types in the old European town usually seen on the TV program.

A solid wooden door, built in windows and slate roof.

Truly this house is nice. I admire it. I might want one as a second house.
We rang the doorbell.

After a short while, a man roughly in his 50s with bald head and bushy beard came out. He’s wearing an apron so I wonder if he is some kind of craftsman.

Rebecca-san tried addressing him but as a proof of my upbringing I should be the one to answer.

Anyway since I have been spending time with Rebecca-san these for past few times, I have already understood it. She is something like an elder sister type or the type who really pampers people. It feels really comfortable to be with her but somehow she may be the type who spoil a man too much. Or rather it might turn someone into a useless guy. Especially to a youngest child like me, it’s much too poisonous for me! I suddenly started thinking that a married woman has unexpectedly high points too!


………… Joking aside, this is an important point now so I should answer carefully without making a mistake. I need to make sure this goes well.
“Nice meeting you. I’m Jirou Ayase. I’m something like a jeweller at the moment. May I know if you are Bill Lindenlaub-sama?”  [Ayase]

“Yes I am but what does a jeweller need from my house?”  [Bill]

“Of course since there are new jewels that just came in so I would like to introduce them to you…….is what I wanted to say but, about 10 days ago I have received a guidance telling me to “come here to show the jewels”. –Would it be alright for me to come in to talk about it?”  [Ayase]

“A guidance is it….. It’s troublesome but,………. It can’t be helped then. Come in.”  [Bill]

Could it be a strong character type? To be honest I was quite scared but since super bodyguard Rebecca-san is here, it will work out somehow.

This person is Bill Lindenlaub. It’s the aforementioned husband who is not around much. This person’s job seemed to be something that was done in the house but we weren’t able to investigate the content. Well, at this rate it’s good anyhow.

Apparently once I entered the mayor’s house, the guidance “Try going to the mayor’s house 0/2” was accomplished and the vocation board appeared again, changing it to, “Try using the Mirror of Truth on the mayor’s husband 1/2”.

Will that be effective even if the other party is a human?….. I am not sure how much will it uncover so I am kinda scared….

Rebecca-san and I were guided to a living room. Although Rebecca-san was asking me in a whisper, “Why did you lie about the content of the guidance?”, I had hope she will believe me in the meantime and leave everything to me.

Speaking of the content of the guidance, I have not said anything about the Mirror of Truth to Rebecca-san too. About this, I would have no choice but to make a declaration of lie to her…….Well, either way with this, the quest is going to be cleared here so it should be fine.

We sat down facing Bill-shi and started talking.

“Before showing the jewels, I would like to hear something from you first. Is there any event here that needed the jewels in such a short time? It’s my first time actually hearing someone receiving a guidance like “Show the jewels”. Is there a special anniversary or something?”  [Ayase]

“No….there isn’t such a thing in particular.”  [Bill]

“Is it a birthday, or a wedding anniversary?”  [Ayase]

“Both are still few months earlier.”  [Bill]

Afterwards, I asked several more questions but before long it felt like having an arm wrestling. I should try changing the strategy.

“Then please take a look at these jewels. Receiving this guidance could only mean that there should be something that definitely needs the jewels. I had thought that if that is the case then I want to do what I can to help. It’s also a destiny brought by the guidance of the spirits.”  [Ayase]

As I said so, I put out the jewellery case.
I casually brought the case and sat next to Bill. I opened the case.


“The Mirror of Truth”  [Ayase]


While pretending to show Bill the jewels, I lightly touch him as I prayed silently. In order to use this skill, I would need to touch the other party so it was a little awkward to me.

Once the Mirror of Truth is activated, the detailed information about Bill should be appearing on the vocation board.

……Uwa~a…..this Mirror of Truth is amazing.

Right now I am in the middle of reception so I can’t look at it carefully but I have obtained the information that I needed for now.
I even came up with a good strategy so let’s go with this route.

Bill who was curiously looking at the jewels said.

“…..Oi, what is this? Is this a spirit stone? It’s my first time seeing it so beautifully moulded…….You, judging from your clothes, are you a merchant from the Imperial City?”  [Bill]

“Yes. I came from the Imperial City. How is it? This is one of the item that I would recommend. On the other side, is a stone called Peridot. You could possibly process it into a necklace or ring to present it to your wife? Of course, I will help in the enchantment too, it will be a lifetime treasure. Please pardon me.”  [Ayase]

I was in the middle of my sales pitch but I need to finish receiving the spirit stone after achieving the guidance. Tsuka, the spirit-sama just came out without permission to give the stone to me.

The vocation board started glowing, then *PON*, it turned into a fairy (for the time being this guy seems to be the spirit-sama). Since this is the third time, I got used to it already. I’m not sure if it’s a male or female since I can’t make the distinction but it was dressed in a colourful looking clothes like a clown.

“Yo~yo, what a wicked look you have on. This impure coloured stone looks good on you now. See ya. From now on do your best for the sake of the world and Spirit-sama.”  [Fairy?]




It left.

The spirit stone this time is…….Uha~, a rainbow coloured stone with blue coloured core……
Could this be, no this might be….. Opal……
How is this representing impurity? I can’t really understand the spirit’s reference.
Opal is a luxurious stone!

“Thank you very much. Apparently with this the guidance was achieved. How is it? This is also the guidance from Baraka so if you are satisfied with that stone, I will yield the stone so you can present it to your wife? I would recommend necklace as a gift.”  [Ayase]

I tried being a little pushy. A peridot is not particularly an expensive stone too so I wouldn’t mind parting with it since I have already received a spirit stone. Anyway right now, I need to make Bill act his mind out………

“But……I have never given my wife these before….. I did think of giving it to her but I’m not very good at embarrassing stuff…..”  [Bill]

Oh, he seemed to be interested. I’m glad, I’m glad.
When I think about a strong character, this is how a guy will be.
And, once we have skilfully talk someone into it, it will be completed.

“Is that how it is? Then how about this—-“  [Ayase]

Well now, all that’s left are those trivial preparations and to prepare myself to participate in the party.


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