Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 11

Episode 11:  The smell of a new start in life in the other world

The next day, I woke up at 5am in the morning, put on the other world clothing that has dried up after washing yesterday and packed all the things that I wanted to bring to the other side inside the bag.

First, knife. Since I have given the Bowie knife to Shello-san, the ones I have left here are only medium or small knives. Previously I had made a Kukri knife once as a joke but that one is still unfinished…..
Therefore, I brought only a medium sized ordinary sheath knife.

Then, leaving only a single gold coin here, I brought the rest of the 8 coins in my bag. After that, the spirit stone and guild card, digital camera, emergency kit and toilet paper, handkerchief, towel, overnight set (toothbrush and change of underwear), emergency rations and a few handheld jewellery.

Well, this should do it.

The overnight stay set prepared were those listed. I wasn’t sure how much it cost for one room but I am planning to stay in an inn in the other world.

The jewellery that I brought are cheap imitations and also slightly expensive ones so roughly about 20 of them. I brought them along in a jewellery case.

These jewelleries are samples that I have obtained when I was working in the black company. Ah, come to think of it I haven’t explain what I was previously working as.

The company that I entered after I was lured by the pleasant job vacancies by Hello Work was, to put it simply, a jewellery trade business. What we did was quite wide, ranging from jewellery and painting to export and import of fur. However, painting and jewellery’s business sales and all sorts of event planning and operations are the main business.

Meanwhile although I was assigned as a jewellery salesman, the quota was 2 mil yen per month with no overtime pay, no holiday pay, long pep talk, compulsion of drinking meeting and I often got bellowed at. Furthermore, the president’s face is importunate making me feel fed up with black company immediately.

The content of the job was hypnotic selling of imitations jewellery and selling of home-party’s imitation produces……..The only sales method pulled out were mainly scams.

In extremity, bonus was paid as compensation.
[You can feel free to choose from jewellery to painting to fur trading!] When I was told that, I seriously vowed to quit……. As I thought it is bad to recklessly join a company that offers bonus 4 times a year……

Well, although it might be due to entering that company that I obtained the vocation as Jewellery Scholar….. but I don’t want to work at that place for the second time anymore…… After I quit, there were rumours of them getting caught due to tax evasion but I wonder how they have become…..

That aside, it’s another world. Let’s leave quickly!

Thus, I went over to the other world.

From now on I should be going towards Erishe city but the distance is toilsome. When I tried thinking of a method of transportation, a horse came to mind but I haven’t ride a horse before. I can’t go by bicycle either……

I don’t need swordsman and swindler as my vocations so it would’ve been a lot better if I obtained jockey as my vocation. Or rather, will my vocation increase in future? I wonder if I should ask priestess-chan about it.

As I think about unimportant things like that, I reached Erishe, making sure that I don’t come across Shello-san on the way as well.

It took about 1 and a half hours to travel by foot from the mirror residence to here. So my walking speed is roughly 6km to 9km per hour? In truth it might actually be shorter so it should be about 5km or more? I might want to secure a means of transport soon.


Erishe city was just as vibrant as the day before.

I went straight to the temple. My aim is priestess-chan! It’s the elf priestess-chan! (Come to think of it, I’ve not heard her name)





“Today is the priestess-sama’s day off.”

While clutching a digital camera in hand, I leaped into the temple in high spirits but I was halted by Pumpkin-san who threw merciless words at me. (Pseudonym. 58 year old woman. Hairstyle similar to a pumpkin)

“Then I would like to see Priestess-sama.”  [Ayase]

“I’ve already told you. Today is that day for Priestess-sama so she is having a day off. Come back tomorrow.”  [Pumpkin-san]

Ga-n~ (sfx: disappointment). My spirit was dampened.

……anyway, did she say it was that day? That obasan, she said that day right? That day means it’s that day right? I wonder if elves experience it once a month too. No, hold on…… I’ve heard that elf is a race with low sexual desire…..Based on the reaction, it should be once every half year, that……..I’ve read it in a novel before that it’s the time when they are in mating season! That’s it! I shouldn’t miss this flag!
(TL: just in case, that day refers to woman’s menstruation xD)

“…….It’s really an urgent matter…..Will you be able to relay it?”  [Ayase]

“Even if you say that. If someone were to bring an elf race somewhere when it’s that day for them, it will usually be someone who is in intimate relationship with them so I don’t know about the others. Of course she’s not here anyhow.”  [Pumpkin-san]

Alright! Let’s search for her! The one who can help the priestess-chan who is suffering from oestrus once a year can only be me! I have no choice but to collect the flag!

……However, when I think about it, there are no leads on where I should start searching. Without any kind of starting point, it would be impossible for me to find elf-chan at all. Just as I was wondering what I should do, I suddenly hit on an idea. Perhaps I have one of the skills that can be used.

I should try it since I am out of option!

I put out the vocation board.

《Trip to another world》, 《Principle of universe》and 《The mirror of truth》. Once I use the skill 《The mirror of truth》, I might be able to clear the quest right away so I had thought that I should use this as soon as I can.

By the way, how do you use one of this skill? As an experiment, I tried clicking on it using my finger but it kept slipping through without any resistance.
I wonder if I should do the same thing as how I first pulled out the vocation board last time.

First I will try 《Trip to another world》. But even if I were to say that, I don’t know what it means.

“Trip to another world, Trip to another world, Trip to another world…..” I started praying.

………And. Nothing happened.

So, next next. “Principle of universe, Principle of universe, Principle of universe……” I prayed silently again.

………And. Nothing happened.

Is this alright? Is my assumption wrong? I want an instruction manual-nya.

I’ll redo this again, next. “The mirror of truth, The mirror of truth, The mirror of truth…….”  I prayed in vain.

Upon praying, the content of the vocation board instantly changed. The page was turned over.

New texts were being engraved on the vocation board that was switched.





【Magic Properties】

【Spirit Divine Protection】

Jirou, Ayase


“What the heck is this…..”  [Ayase]

Without even having the opportunity to be stunned, my entire body started shining.
Ah yeah, since I used 《The mirror of truth》, I have cleared the quest too.


The vocation board changed to a cute palm size fairy again.

“Yo~yo! Why are you showing that puzzling look? Appraising is fine but try to change a bit and be the type of guy I like okay. Aa, this is the congratulatory gift. The quest this time is easy so it’s a dull one. It’s fine to even sell this. Then see you. Please do your best again for the sake of the world and the Great Spirit.”


Thus I have another stone in my hand. As usual, she just says whatever she wants and leaves just like that.

Now, let’s go through it again in sequence…..

First, this 《The mirror of truth》 seemed like an appraising skill. The fairy has said so herself and in the first place the fairy seems to have done the appraisal herself.
(TL: I am not sure when the fairy has done the appraisal unless he meant that the fairy has done the appraisal on the camera since he was holding it in his hand just now. The pop up item status earlier was for the item appraised)

The item that I have appraised this time was my digital camera in hand. Since the fairy seemed to have done the appraisal, I think another world’s high tech device like digital camera could not be appraised.

However, judging from the fairy’s performance, this seems like an incredibly useful skill.
If I can use this skill on the merchandises in this world, I will be peerless. From now on I will be using this skill more often. Lucky…..gufufu.

The spirit stone this time was a fist size, transparent, sharp sword looking crystal.

“This should be crystal (Quartz). This one is a failure I guess. If only this is a coloured one at least……..”  [Ayase]

“H-Hold on! That was a guidance? Did you just achieve it?”

Pumpkin-san (pseudonym) suddenly jumped in looking excited. Well, certainly from a bystander’s point of view, I looked as if I was just standing there looking dazed then suddenly my body started glowing and the quest was cleared.

“Aa, yes but is there anything wrong?”  [Ayase]

“What did you get?”  [Pumpkin-san]

“Etto, this.”  [Ayase]

I showed her the crystal.

“Ho~. You got something good there. This is the Mirror of truth.”  [Pumpkin-san]

“The mirror of truth, is it?”  [Ayase]

“I used it for my fortune telling. That is what this stone is called.”  [Pumpkin-san]

………..I see, spirit-san is also a clever esprit.






I wrapped the crystal in a towel before putting it inside the bag and left the temple.

In the end, there didn’t seem to be any way to search for the priestess-chan so I will just give up on it.
It is essential for humans to give up. The change of feelings quickly will also make a difference in work. Granny have also said it before.

Well then, since priestess-chan is not around, the only person whom I can count on to gather more information are Toby-shi from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the oyaji from the weapon shop……

Toby-shi was told that I am Rebecca-san’s nephew previously. Although I think he has already found out that it was a lie……
But anyway I do have something that I need to know from Toby-shi so I made my way towards the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After arriving at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry I finally realized it. I have the guild card already so I didn’t need to specifically ask for Toby-shi. I could also ask for the other normal staff (preferably woman) since it wouldn’t be a problem.
I’m actually glad. Speaking to a guy with penetrating glance like him alone will only shorten my lifespan.

And so I went to the guild reception, presented my guild card and told them that I would like to begin my trading so I require consultation before I begin.

When I explained it, the lady receptionist (Semi long hair, good natured woman with a homely face. Estimated age about 26 years old) gave me the advice on it. I was guided to a seat at a different place that seemed to be a consultation area and begin our conversation there.

“………So to begin, I have actually been attached by robbers on my way to this city and part of my memories were lost. So there are a lot of things that I’m not sure about. There are some basic parts that I might have heard of already but I’ll be counting on you.”  [Ayase]

“Well,….sounds like you had a hard time. If there are any questions that you would like to know then I will do my best to answer if it is within my knowledge.”  [receptionist]

It seems like I have gotten accustomed to using this memory loss as a setting. The lie came out so easily now so I would like to think that it was not due to my nature but this was the fault of the vocation; Swindler instead.
I am actually a good and obedient child. There were few people previously who were also employees in the same black company that I entered but almost all of them couldn’t go through their conscience and quit almost immediately one after another. In the end the only ones who lasted for one year apart from me were two other guys but it was harmless.

“First of all, in this city or in the outskirt area, where should I go to if I want to inquire information on houses? It’s good to start up my business in this city but I don’t have a base here and I don’t want to keep staying in an inn too.”  [Ayase]

“House is it? If it is within the city, you can look for the ones owned by the guild since there are some of them who are looking for tenants for those private properties. The houses built in the suburbs are quite hard since many of the land ownerships are vague. There is some truth in the saying ‘First come, first served’. At the same time, living in the village in the suburbs is not advisable. You will end up being tied to the village rule. To be more concise, it will be a hindrance to your merchant’s duty.”  [receptionist]

“I see……For example, what if the place is outside the village, in an abandoned house where no one lives?”  [Ayase]

“Are you talking about an abandoned house? It depends on the location but if the house was deserted for a long time now, I think it should be fine staying there. I think it might need a lot of repair though…. Do you have interest in any particular residence already?”  [receptionist]

“Yeah, kinda…… So if I decide to stay there, will I be able to get any kind of document as proof from the guild to assure that the house belongs to me? Even though it is a deserted house, I am still anxious to stay there and above all the repair cost is really high. I am quite troubled if I can think of it as my house yet whenever I return.”  [Ayase]

As I have expected she didn’t have much knowledge in that area too so she tried asking her superior about it. To be frank, that house is my main concern. I have a feeling that if I didn’t make that house as my own first, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

If I look at it this way, I might have actually achieved my own home in the other world isn’t it? With me there…….with an elf there….. lighting up a fireplace, eating something like stew……then I will buy a queen size bed…….
That is why it is important. A house is important.

But I wonder if having documents as proof of ownership is a too modern way of thinking. Since this is a fantasy world, just acting appropriately might be good I think.

I looked towards the direction where the lady receptionist was heading to……wa~a, her superior is Toby-shi. So she ended up bringing Toby-shi here. Upon confirming that it was me, there was a complicated look on Toby-shi’s face.

The greeting was done casually and Toby-shi sat down as he slowly spreads out a map.

“I have heard of the situation, Jirou-kun. So, where is that house located at?”  [Toby]

It seems to be a map of Erishe’s outskirts. Towards the south is Erishe’s city and there is something that looks like a highway that follows through to the north and west.

“Etto, on this map, Shello-san’s house is at……. Is it here? So that means that village is here and if this is the highway….. It’s around here.”  [Ayase]

“Umu……? Was there any abandoned house in that place…..? Misaki-san, could you call Oruseru here. He’s more familiar with that area.”  [Toby]

The receptionist replied yes and moved from her seat. Apparently her name is Misaki-san. It sounded very much like a Japanese name.

Oruseru-san (a ojisan oniisan with an estimated age around 32 years old) came almost immediately.

“Oruseru. There is a house deserted there for many years and this young man wants to stay there. Was there any house in that place?”  [Toby]

After listening to Toby-shi, Oruseru-san studied the map.

“Nn? Is it here? ……Please don’t joke with me. There is nothing in that place. I used to play there a lot when I was still a kid. If there is any deserted house there, it would have ended up being a children’s playground already. And, isn’t it just a stone’s throw away form the village? If that house was just built recently, it would be impossible that I didn’t know about it.”  [Oruseru]

“…..It’s so. Jirou-kun. In the first place, this place is close to the “forest”. With exception to curious people like Shello, there are almost no one who will live in the suburbs.”  [Toby]

“Then what about the house that I saw?”  [Ayase]

“Maybe you might have been mistaken? Well, if there is a chance that there really is a house there…..then let’s see… wouldn’t be a problem even if you were to stay there. There is no problem issuing a proof of ownership too. Since it’s a house that only you can see.”  [Toby]

Toby-shi smiles as he said so.
This person is definitely making a fool of me. Misaki-san and Oruseru-san was also showing a bitter expression.
Damn, how did it come to this.

But well, if I think about it calmly, I was able to get a proof of ownership and it seems like the presence of that house is not known by anyone else too till now.
The result itself is good enough. I have a feeling that I will lose if I mind it.

“Thank you very much, Tobias-san. Then, please help me issue the proof of ownership. Please do come by and visit me the next time.”  [Ayase]

“Aa, I will do so. I can issue it immediately. Could you wait for a while?”  [Toby]

Toby-shi and I grinned at each other. This is farce.

Toby-shi and Oruseru-san went back to their post leaving me and the receptionist together again.

Anyway, for now the matter regarding the house is settled but there are still lots of things that I need to know.
How to get hold of a shop. The rough price of a shop. Recommended inn. The price of the inn. About the purchasing place, about this city and about this world……..

But, I’ll put those things aside.

“I had thought of hiring a bodyguard but where should I go for this?”  [Ayase]

“Bodyguards? You can hire escorts from Hunter’s Guild but it will be expensive you know?”  [Misaki]

“As I have thought so. Usually what will the merchants do? Do you usually hire adventurers?”  [Ayase]

“Normally I think there are a lot of slaves, isn’t it? If there are cases whereby a group of merchants are involved then they will sometimes be hired as bodyguards too.”  [Misaki]

“Slaves….is it. But when it comes to an emergency, will the slaves risk their life in their work?”  [Ayase]

“The slaves’ contract is an official spirit’s contract so it will be fine.”  [Misaki]

“Spirit’s contract?”  [Ayase]

“It is a contract signed with the spirit. If you void this contract then you will lose the blessings of the spirit. In addition, there are a lot of slaves that ended up as warriors in other countries. They will not turn their back on the enemy or run away.”  [Misaki]

I see. Slave seem like a surprisingly good one.
I might purchase a slave.
When I start thinking like that, my mind gradually lean towards buying a slave.
But I’ll have to look after them and some slaves might be stinky.
To begin with, how much is a slave?
If possible I want a female slave.
On top of that I want a young one for a slave.
To be honest it would be amazing if the slave is an elf.

“How much will it be for a slave sually?”  [Ayase]

Ah, my speech has become sloppy. Sually? No it’s not like that, sually? Well.
(TL: It was meant to be something else but there are no words like that in English so I have to replace it. It just means he wasn’t able to speak properly now)

“I’m not so sure of it myself but they go for a wide range. The cheapest should be around 10 gold coins but……”  [Misaki]

“I see…..”  [Ayase]

They’re cheap.
If all of them go for 10 gold coins each, that means it is estimated that each of them is worth 1.5 mil yen.
The worth of life here is cheap.

So now that I am done here, I should carry out my research more at the place where they sell the slaves instead.

Slave trade and the beginning of my life will become part of my big adventure.


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