Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 10

Episode 10:  The other world’s gold coin has the smell of petit bourgeois


2: Anonymous Fairy
Just hit the mirror and go to sleep

3: Damn! This thing is bullshit!


Before I stop you, run off to another thread now!
Faster! Faster! Just escape disregarding me!

4: Anonymous Fairy
I feel like peeping the scene of the princess changing clothes in the other world.

5: Anonymous Fairy
Never mind that, just hurry up and upload the photos.

6: Anonymous Fairy
What kind of thread is this
Do it in the live chat

~~Bullshit thread closed~~

7: Isolated self ◆ 4noig329de
Please explain in detail how was it connected
Did you just see it on the surface or can you go to the other side?
A full length mirror and a hand mirror will be completely different

8: Anonymous Fairy
This joke material is seriously cool

9: Anonymous Fairy
How on earth is it connected…
It is likely decided in one line

10: Anonymous Fairy
I reported it

11: Anonymous Fairy
It’s still 1~?  (1まだぁ?)

12: 1
I went to the other world through the mirror
The other side of the mirror was a medieval house (abandoned house)
I took a photo of the living thing in that other world
Right now I will be adventuring more!
If I find any other interesting things there, I will snap the photos
<image url>  (TL: the photo of the spider taken in chapter 2)

13: Anonymous Fairy
Being able to go to the other side’s setting is it?
Try making a crack in the mirror and go to the other side then

14: Anonymous Fairy
Don’t paste something grotesque idiot

15: Anonymous Fairy
I’m afraid to open the link. What kind of image is that?

16: Anonymous Fairy
It’s a big house centipede.

17: Anonymous Fairy
No matter how i see it, isn’t this a spiderwwwww

18: Anonymous Fairy
What the heck is this?

19: Anonymous Fairy
Isn’t that a lot of legs?
Isn’t that a lot of legs?

20: Anonymous Fairy
Is this for real?

21: Anonymous Fairy
That must be one pro CG creator

22: Anonymous Fairy
I’m glad….so there are no spiders with that many legs

23: Isolated self ◆ 4noig329de
It suddenly developed way too fast!
Be more careful!

24: Anonymous Fairy
Let’s personificate this spider immediately!

25: Anonymous Fairy
Well it is a spider from a different world
It is a different spider isn’t it

26: Anonymous Fairy
Cummin~! Cummin~! I’m cumming!

27: Anonymous Fairy
Will you please stop that

Well that is “Another World’s Spider”, isn’t it?
So isn’t it Anal-chan?
(TL: The “Another World Spider” is romanized there)

28: Anonymous Fairy
How did it come to thatwwwww


The responses continued on in that manner.

I’m glad. They’re all stupid.

For the time being I will just reply appropriately as I managed it. Since there are insufficient photos I will take need to take more the next time.






Today I decided not to go to the other world to organize things in this world instead.

I decided to pull out everything that I have put in the net auction. Fortunately, there was no bid so I’m saved.
I have told my parents that I need to market a huge supply of goods so I will be away for some time. Well, I am not lying though.
Then, I mustn’t forget to nail up my door to prevent anyone from entering at all. Well, even if mother got stabbed by such nails, certainly it wouldn’t be affecting her. When she feels like entering, she will definitely enter rapidly. Normally I kept the mirror hidden underneath a cloth.

Next I will examine the gold coins.

First, the weight of one gold coin is about 40 gram.  It’s a real gold,–in other words if the gold from that world is made from the same metallic element as the gold here then, if I convert it to the price based on the market value of 4000 yen per gram now….. It will be around 160,000 yen. So if I have 10 of the gold coins then it will be 1.6 mil in total. Well, this is just a super optimistic estimation though.

If I assume that I will be selling this gold coin, there was still a concern if such an unidentified item will even sell well in the net so I tried searching for “gold” in the net auction.

……Aa, this is useless.

The items displayed are, what you call naturally natural, regular goods (Gold coins that have been issued as guaranteed purity by trusted organization) only.
Although among them, there are also shady items listed….
And, as I browsed through the list, I found an interesting thing listed along with image attached.

Gold tester.

It was said that by operating this useful machine, it will be able to examine the content of the gold by electrochemically detecting the kinetic energy in the gold. On finding out that there is such a useful gadget available, I tried looking up on the price and was surprised to find it listed for 240,000 yen. Expensive…….

However, with this it can measure up to 24 carats (pure gold). Although I am not sure how many carats are these gold coins, if it can measure up to 24 carats then it is considerably tempting. For now, the gold purchase centre is likely to have this machine too so I should bring the coin there.

The next is the spirit stone.

It looks like a non-manufactured, blue jewel. Anyway doesn’t this look like a lapis lazuli gemstone? I’ve seen it before a few times when I was in the black company.

Even if this was said to be a spirit stone, I do not know if there are specifically any other effects so if it is just the same as a normal lapis lazuli gemstone then the value’s not really a big deal. The size is small too. Come to think of it, the stone in Shello-san’s hand wasn’t blue. So if the stones given for each time the guidance is cleared happens to be random, it would be amazing if we were to “strike” a valuable stone. The size of the stone is roughly as big as a fist, so if we would get a diamond as big as this size as well, I might become a billionaire……
Well, that is if I am able to sell such a huge diamond out though.

However, I am not clear if this spirit stone is just a gem or a magic stone since I didn’t have enough information with me so I will put it on hold first. To start with, I will examine the value of this gold coin so I left the house while clutching a gold coin in hand.

I took the K-car from house and drove it to a gold purchase centre in the neighbouring town.

Even if I went to the next town, it would be hard to sell it since the origin of the item is unknown so it will be suspicious. For the time being, I am still not planning to sell anything. I am a guy who takes precaution.

The gold purchase centre is naturally like a pawn shop, I couldn’t tell how it is in the inside just from the surface. It is likely easier to sell precious metals from unknown origin here than elsewhere. I stopped the car in the parking lot and went in quickly.

I showed the shop assistant at the window the gold coin and asked the person on the purchase of gold. The shop assistant took out the gold tester and inspected the item indifferently. I watched with breathless interest. Please! Please! Let it be 24 carat gold!!

“Sorry to keep you waiting. This is a 24 carat gold, 40.3 grams. Since the value of gold today is 3821 yen/gram, this appraisal is more or less the best deal we can offer. This will be the total.”

The shop assistant presented a calculator depicting the figure; 154,000.

It came—–! 24 carat! In fact at most it is around 18 carat I guess? Was what I thought but pure gold! It’s pure gold!!!

…..I had inadvertently became heated up. So what should I do.

Honestly I do not feel like selling it but a surprisingly good amount came up.
Even if I just sell it here it shouldn’t be a problem but…..

…..Well, nevermind!

Let’s sell it! Then let’s squander it!

Besides presenting my license in a businesslike manner, the purchase was done without much inquiry. Right now I have 154,000 yen in my hand. Even if I were to work really hard in the net auctions for one month, it was rare to get such an amount of profit.
That is, if it is on a good day…..
It seems like there are no other choice than to live by trading with the other world now…. I will not say that the other world is scary anymore…..

That day after that, I ate a large serving of miso ramen with all the toppings (with gyoza too), went to the super public bath, bought canned beers, returned and had a drink before going to sleep.

Iya~, luxury is indeed a good thing isn’t it!

Eh? Stingy?
After becoming a NEET for 2 years, this is really luxurious for me!


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18 thoughts on “Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 10

  1. Ahaha XD
    LOL at that twisted perception of value.

    He gets the equivalent of around $1300~1500 USD, and then “splurges” by spending around $30. As far as splurging goes, that’s pretty conservative, though still probably not something you could do every day on an income of just $1300.

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  2. ☆   ∧_∧
        /つ¶つ¶  Thanks!!
    (( (( / ̄ ̄ ̄\  Nepu!!
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      Thanks    ||||| 
       Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
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  4. bellcross13

    Mannnn….. He sure have it easy… So many things to do, and does he seriously not thought of studying magic? I mean maybe he could use it in real world and look for invisibilty magic and do things…. Things that “we” always wanted to do (by we i meant boys)


  5. Sauda

    Forget about magic, luxury or other thing…
    Seriously why did he post on internet the fact he has a mirror who can travel between world?

    On top of it, why he hasn’t check the magic crystal first?
    I mean, if I can use magic I will learn it, If I have a magic crystal, I will learn the use of it….


    1. definitionofinsanity

      There’s probably about a dozen or more threads just like the one he made on 2ch every day. Even posting a photo, not many people are going to see it and no one is going to believe him.

      It’s the equivalent of someone who really did see a ghost or really did get abducted by aliens calling into a conspiracy talk show at late night. Yeah, it might be legit, but most people are just going to think he’s another bullshitter/crazy person.

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      1. Rito

        This Mc is stupid. There might be a consequences when you posted it online. Plus, the picture that you uploaded. Can’t you keep it a secret, that may be the cause of your freaking downfall. Dang this. Libog!


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