Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 12

Episode 12:  The smell of the impossible price for an elf slave

I received the proof of ownership for that house (house with mirror) and finally became the official owner of that place. Toby-shi who handed it to me in a diligent manner was somehow smirking there as he did it.

The proof of ownership was written in the other world’s language on a thick paper that looks like a parchment. Of course, I wasn’t able to read it but if this specification comes from that guy then I don’t think there should be any problem.

When I thanked him in a polite manner, “Thank you very much for going through this trouble.”

“No worries. This is also a part of my guild’s job.” Toby-shi replied back with a smile so there shouldn’t be a problem.

……I will definitely invite you to the house one day. I wonder what kind of reaction will you be giving at that time.

After that, since I have obtained most of the general information that I need from Misaki-san, I left the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. My next destination will be, the slave trading house.

Of course I don’t have enough gold coins to purchase a slave yet but I wanted to go to a slave dealer for researching purposes first…..but, I was getting cold feet actually. I wasn’t even sure what kind of slaves they are selling. Would there be slaves for a modern Japanese……How do I put it, I have a sudden urge to turn back now…….

But if I will be working here, I’ll need an escort, if possible I need someone who can be my advisor in this other world. Since I can’t even read…..

I was able to reach the slave trading house without losing my way since Misaki-san has already told me the directions…..but…. It feels hard to enter here…..

The trading house is a beautiful two-storey tall white building with windows. Its entrance is closed and the signage or at least it appears to look like one is there but just from the state of it, it doesn’t seem welcoming. It gives off a feeling that makes it reaaaaallyy difficult to enter.

Rather than saying it feels really difficult to enter……should I go in alone? For someone like me who can’t even enter a sushi shop alone? Apart from “having yakiniku alone” this is a really high degree of difficulty for me.
On top of that, no matter how I look at it, it looks like a member only place or rather the place seems to be emitting a declination aura at the first glance……..It’s far too advance…..


If I intend to do my trading in this world, this must be a hurdle that I need to overcome.
Trading is war!
(TL: I seriously feel like just kicking him inside -__-)

However, I am still not able to summon enough courage to open the door and enter the building obediently. If someone were to leave, then there should be someone who will be sending him off from the inside so I should grab the opportunity at that moment. As expected I’m truly clever.

I prowled around the front of the shop like a suspicious person.
Let’s enter! I have a feeling that I will lose my courage the longer the time passed but at the very moment I almost reached the door, I leaped out again……becoming like a simulation.

After for what it seems like 15 minutes, the door finally opened.






The one coming out of the door is a silver haired man in his 20s, clad in an impressive looking aristocratic clothing. He left the shop just like that without any shopkeeper seeing him off. It’s directly at where I am standing.

It looks like my assumption was off when I thought that the shopkeeper will be seeing the customer off. I could wait for the next customer again but since this is a slave trading house, I don’t think there will be that many customers in there……..

Alright. Let’s try talking to this oniichan. There might be a possibility that this guy is the shopkeeper too.

I resolved myself and decided to speak to him. In any case, I could obtain slight information on slaves from him too and the hurdle is much lower compared to entering the shop directly.

“Ano…..could you spare me some time?”  [Ayase]

“Yes? Is there anything wrong?”

The man with the aristocratic style replied with a smile. He is walking alone without any attendant with him. I wonder if he is just a commoner dressed in aristocratic clothes. But his countenance or rather his aura doesn’t really give off a feeling that he is an ordinary person.

“No, I saw you coming out from that trading house just now so I thought of asking a few advices from you……Aa, I’m Jirou Ayase. Currently working as a merchant.”  [Ayase]

“Do you have business with the trading house? They are open for business now so why don’t you try going inside?”

“Iya, in fact it’s an embarrassing story. I have never bought a slave before so I was faltering in front of the shop…….So, I hope you can tell me even slightly about the slaves….”  [Ayase]

“I see.”

The aristocratic looking man seemed to be convinced for now. Apparently he didn’t seem to be the shopkeeper. I had called out to this guy by impulse but as expected should I just enter the shop obediently? Anyway it’s too late now.

“So what do you want to hear about?”

“I would like one as an escort so could you let me know the market rate for one? I would like to know what are the differences in the prices as well for the different gender and races…….”  [Ayase]

“If you are talking about the market rate then, first of all, there are no such thing as market rate for slaves. Race, age, gender, appearance and background and vocation will greatly affect the price. It actually depends on what kind of slaves you are hoping for but the lowest class for slave is [A 60 year old ugly human man, former bandit and doesn’t have any vocation]. If that matches your condition then you can buy one for even a single gold coin.”

This person explained it in detail without pausing. He seemed to be well-informed. He was able to explain them fluently. It seems like asking this guy was the right choice. I should try asking more questions. Let’s do so.

–So I ended up carried away.

“If possible, the slave that I am hoping for is, a young female elf who can use sword and also magic.”  [Ayase]

“…..are you sane?”
(TL: he is using a really rude way to address Ayase now. “you” = kisama)






“Did I say something strange?…….I’m sorry. Actually I have lost part of my memory. If I have said anything that might have hurt your feelings, I’ll apologize.”  [Ayase]

“Aa, so that was the reason…….Iya, I just thought that you must have quite a lot of courage for wanting an elf as slave.”

According to the aristocratic looking man, female elves sit at the top of the pyramid dominating the highest rank among slaves. The ones who usually buy them are either royalties or nobilities with royalty rank or wealthy merchants. Of course the price is astronomical.
Furthermore, it’s under reservation system.

This was so since it is very rare for elves to end up becoming slaves.

Normally, majority of the slaves are either [debts] those who are in debts, [crime] those who have committed crimes and was arrested and [defeated country] those who have been brought in from defeated countries and forced into slavery. There are hardly any elves who became slaves due to debt or crimes so most are naturally from defeated countries.

But currently the war is in a stalemate so naturally there are no slaves coming in from defeated nations too. That is why the number of elves becoming slaves are even smaller.

Next, elf has considerably longer life compared to other races. No, the most important point is that their youth period is really long. In a sexual meaning. Even for the nobles, they will have their own son taking over them too. In a sexual meaning. I don’t like this country.

Next. Elves can use spirit magic.
In this country where the people live with the spirits, one can easily use spirit magic nearby here so there seem to be a special meaning to that. Spirit magic is a magic that responds to spirit and causes miracle. This seems to be a different concept that the magic usually used by magicians……

Lastly, those with elves as slave will gain amazing status.
There are a small population who dislike it though since they respect elves. But the price is really amazing and the merchants who have elves as slaves are usually certified as first-class merchants.

—-Therefore, elf slave is not something achievable for someone young, carefree and untalented like me.


“Is that so……. But I guess if I can buy one then I would like to buy one. I wonder if I can make reservations in that trading house.”  [Ayase]

“Even after listening to all that, you still feel like buying one? I am seriously doubting your sanity……..Or are you a son of a wealthy merchant?”

“No, I’m just a single-minded individual. But if I can buy my dream with money then I would like to aim for it…….And, I will end up as a wealthy merchant in any case. Buying an elf is only a matter of time. Well, I am just a worthless novice for now.”  [Ayase]

“…….Dream, is it.”

The aristocratic looking man displayed a complicated look and became silent.

Yeah, a dream. It was a dream that would have never been possible. It’s a dream of all the three billion elf fan on earth.

Besides, it is decided that the elf will be happier if she comes to my side. That’s because I am possibly the person who loves elves the most in this world! Even if it might just my own self-satisfaction proclamation!

The aristocratic looking man who was in silence earlier turned around to me.

“Then let’s have a match.”

“A match?”  [Ayase]

“Yes a match. If you win then I hand over the elf to you.”

“Ha~a…..te, eh? Seriously?”  [Ayase]

The story was flowing fast without me understanding it.

The one who have blurted out “Seriously” by impulse was me.


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  2. So the MC is going for the Santa route. Buy a whole bunch of elves put them in a sweet shop and molest them with candy canes during the holiday season. Okay, I understand that. Oh, look. He even feels guilty about it for half a second, his mother must be proud.


  3. henry reese

    “I have a dream. I want to get rich to buy a slave” A worthy dream indeed. The next Martin Luther King I suppose….


  4. Kevin Rock Valencia

    He wants to buy a slave cuz he wants to pork a slave then when he got the info in which when a noble man purchased a slave and enters an advance age or perhaps died, the said elf slave will be inherited by the son to be porked again – he immediately thought that the country is terrible wtf?

    Also why the heck does he think that an Elf will love to be in his side when he simply purchased them with money? Because he likes elves? I’m beginning to hate this novel.

    I don’t mind reading a novel where the MC is a scum but at least be at front with it, what I hate the most are MC with full on hypocrisy.


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