Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 9

Episode 9:  The smell of the quest’s reality in the other world

“Will it be alright? No, I am happy with it but this might be the key to regaining your memory. Are you fine with it?”  [Shello]

“Aa, yes.”  [Ayase]

Aa, yes notttt!!!!!
Even though my memory loss was just a setting, wasn’t it strange to him that I was giving out my possession easily? I seriously don’t get it……..

But well……I hadn’t really lost my memory in reality so is good!
I have already understood those type of people well enough!

“That’s right. I have not felt anything even though I have been carrying this with me for some time so it is fine. I think it’s good if I get my memory back bit by bit.”  [Ayase]

It could be that Shello-san was either somehow convinced by that reason or that he really wanted the knife. In the end he received it without pursuing the reason.

Once he has received that, I had thought that my [Quest] will be cleared.

All of the sudden, Shello-san and I began to shine brightly.

Then the vocation board emerged in front of me.



PON  (sfx)


A PON sound resounded and the board shrunk, transforming into a cute palm size fairy. Seriously? I should calm down.

“Yo~yo. Nice meeting you. Why are you showing such a dumb look? Here is a congratulatory item. It might not be necessary to value it but since it’s the “First Spirit Stone”, there are many people who kept it as a momento. See ya. From now on do your best for the sake of the world and the Spirit-sama.”


What was that just now? Was I daydreaming?
Since I have the blue stone in my palm, it was not a dream after all?

I looked at Shello-san for help. There is a similar stone in Shello-san’s palm as well……What is going on?

“Shello-san, what was that just now?”  [Ayase]

When I asked him, he admitted that there was a stone in my hand and held my shoulder.

“Ou, Jirou has achieved your guidance too? Congratulation! I have just achieved mine too!”  [Shello]

“Etto? In other words, what is going on?”  [Ayase]

Rebecca-san explained it to me instead since Shello-san was getting excited there.
Apparently once we have achieved our guidance, our guidance board will take the form of a spirit and the spirit will award us with a “spirit stone”. The spirit stones were believed to be the blessings of the great spirit itself, so even if I were to remove the fact that it looks like a genuine jewel, this seems like an expensive deal.

So if the people here received the “guidance”, they will do their best to try to “achieve” the guidance.

Shello-san has a spirit stone in his hand too so he must have achieved the guidance. So this could only mean that the guidance was….. a quest generated when he first met me……So that was the reason. Certainly I think he did mention that it was in accordance of the guidance or something similar…..

“……..Is that so…….Fufufu.”   [Ayase]

When I finally understood that he has helped me not due to his own free goodwill, I somehow felt slightly disappointed. I ended up laughing to myself when I remembered it.

I had not expected myself to be the type who would mind such things myself.

And… truth, the result did end up all right anyhow. Pertaining to the situation where I pretended to lost my memory, I mean. I was even able to hide the part about my inherent job.
So in a way it was not really a debt of gratitude.

Somehow, I wonder if my heart has weakened since I am still not accustomed to the other world.
I suddenly felt that it doesn’t really matter anymore….. well, I would be returning to Japan soon anyhow.
When I started thinking like this, everything seems pointless.

“……Then, thank you very much. Once I have settled down, I will pay a visit again. I shall take my leave then.”  [Ayase]

After saying so, I turned my body and quickly left the shop, running away from the both of them.

No, to be more precise after leaving the shop, I was running at full speed.

From the back I could hear Rebecca-san saying, “W-Wait, hold on there” in trying to stop me but I wasn’t able to stop anymore.

I was overcome by a feeling that I couldn’t even understand it myself.
I continued running, running, running, left the highway and I soon arrived at the house with the mirror without taking any breaks.

Thus I finally returned to my own room for the first time after one day.




I came back to my room, went to my mother to make a suitable excuse for staying overnight without permission and settled down after while drinking a cup of coffee casually.
I wonder what the heck was that. I knew that my heart was weak from the start so I could understand why I ran away but even so, I had not done what I had intended to do.

The gold coins, spirit stone and guild card were now placed on the desk.

For the time being, I decided to first put aside the incident whereby I had run away from Shello-san and Rebecca-san and kept it within myself. I had a lot of experience in feigning ignorance in my part-time………….I should calm myself down. Once I have crushed that feeling inside me, I can go greet them normally again.

Finally, I can start thinking about my future business in the other world.

Right now the funds I have are 10 gold coins and one spirit stone that might be possible to be converted to cash. I also have 870,000 yen which I have saved up little by little in Japan.
I want to start venturing into business with this fund….

However, when it comes to starting up a business in actual, first of all I would need a co-worker who will be able to understand the situation too else it would only be difficult in long term. It was actually tiring if I were to collect information every time on the pretence of losing my memory so I require a bodyguard in case of unwanted incident.

I do have swordsman as a vocation but I would need to train and being a swordsman might end up major injuries too. It would be better if I don’t go for that.
Although I want a sword.

I wonder, is it a good idea to hire mercenaries as bodyguards? But if I were to say mercenaries then…..After betraying me, I was strike down one shot! That image was somehow projected in my mind.

Rather than a mercenary, I wonder if that priestess-chan would do it as a part-time job.
“This and that and everything is also part of my work, alright. Alright.” Something like that feels exciting in various ways.

–That’s it. Elf.
Business plan is good but I should investigate about elves.
Apart from priestess-chan I have not seen any other elves yet so I don’t know how many elves are actually living in the city. I should find an elf and make friends with one. I wonder if flashing 1 or 2 gold coins would work……..

Oops! Stop it, stop it.

Well anyway I should head over to the priestess-chan’s place and inquire the information about elf then possibly take a few commemorative photos. After that I could create bromides and sell them here. Using a hidden camera to take photos might be good too. I wonder if 10,000 copies might sell well.

Oops! Stop it, stop it.

Also I should also think about setting up a base for my activity. For the time being, the house with the mirror might be a good place but what about the rights of the residence itself? I am not really familiar about that in the other world…..Perhaps I should ask Toby-shi about it.
With that, I can live in that house with an elf as newly-married couple…….

Anyway, I should start making a strong foothold in the other world first. It seemed like it would be easier to earn money in the other world and there are ample funds too.

The activities here will be put on hold for now.

…….Wait, hold on.
Perhaps I should start sowing seeds in this world first……

When I start up the PC, I created a board in one of the group chat that I usually frequent as anonymous.


【Breaking News】 My mirror is connected to another world.

1: Anonymous Fairy

  • I woke up this morning to find that the mirror in my room is actually connected to a different world. Can anyone give me advice on this?


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17 thoughts on “Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 9

  1. Ouch. Those complicated feelings. I have to admit I’d feel complex if I thought that someone was helping me simply out of the goodness of their heart, but then found out they had received a “quest” to help me from a third-party.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sad Nepu

      yeah.. that feeling is the worst cause it happened to me once… I even felt like they were the best person in the world… yet it was just pity on me when I was lonely..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ☆   ∧_∧
        /つ¶つ¶  Thanks!!
    (( (( / ̄ ̄ ̄\  Nepu!!
      |)  ○ ○ ○  (|
     /″   ν.  \
     ̄ \_\__/_/


  3. shadowtrap2010

    … really he put it on internet…
    there no such thing as Anonymous on internet only that you not important enough for THEM to care about you.
    i think more than half of the hacker online are working for various government!
    your IP actually have to go though a Provider. so why cant the FBI come to the server and ask for your address with a permit say national security…!
    Seriously though is he realy 30+ year old? sry for the rambling it just litle anoy me when MC is extreamely stupid and have no comon sense!!
    the story line still interesting me though so ill keep reading for now.!


  4. definitionofinsanity

    As a knife guy, reading this chapter was pretty interesting. ATS-34 is good quality Japanese stainless steel (almost exactly like American-developed 154CM stainless steel) that’s kind of fallen out of favor in the last decade or so due to the rise of more modern (powdered metal crucible) “super” steels. Japanese VG-10 (especially Spydercos) have overtaken it. It’s still popular with custom knife makers, however, and it is relatively easy to work with (no where near as easy as, say, D2 or carbon steels like 1095 but that’s to be expected).

    Also, what the hell did the MC mean by “make bromides and sell them”? Does he mean bromide sedatives? …Like, why would he be making and selling those? Is he planning on drugging elf girls into a stupor and taking pictures of them to sell?


    1. Hahaha, no. It’s a term I’m not surprised you aren’t aware of and frankly wouldn’t be surprised if most people aren’t, either. The term ‘bromide’ refers to photographic portraits, as one of the early forms of photographic paper was a silver bromide-covered sheet of cellulose acetate, emulsified with gelatin to stick properly to the sheet. Exposure to light would cause the bromide to degrade and remain as metallic silver, while the unexposed portions would remain as silver bromide, and could be washed away. The concept of a “bromide” remained in Japanese popular culture ever since, though the concept grew beyond simple silver bromide prints and encapsulated all forms of photographic portraits, obviously. It was invented in the late 1800’s, especially becoming prevalent in Japan around the 1920’s and kept strong well into the late-1900’s due to the market for portrait-style prints of celebrities and idols, though in more recent years it has begun to fall out of use, you still see it crop up in games and other media like this; Chrono Trigger is one such famous game example, as is the Lunar series.


    1. Tasha

      I was trying to figure out why he equated magician with ’40-year-old Virgin’ status. I would think that a magician would have no problems with that…

      Anyways…felt really bad about the whole stone-snafu. I don’t think they (Shello & Rebecca) were doing it all just for the quest. They didn’t seem like bad people at all.


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