Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 8

Episode 8:  The smell of excitement of the other world’s shop

“I was able to receive the blessing thanks to the both of you. You have also helped me with the registration of the guild so I can finally start working in this city….. This is the only thing that I have on myself now so if it pleases you, please use this.”  [Ayase]

As I said that, I passed a Bowie knife that was not sold in shops to Shello-san. If Shello-san accepts this, my quest “Return the gratitude to the hunter 1/2” should be cleared….


The story goes back a short while ago.

As we left the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the three of us were meant to get lunch together.

I was penniless so it would be bad to be in further debts with them. I tried declining them but Rebecca-san insisted it by saying, “Young’un shouldn’t be so reserved” so I had my first experience dining out in the other world.

Shello-san’s recommended place to eat is about 10 minutes walk from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The first impression that I got was village stalls. There were tables and chairs placed on the stone pavement and customer could be seen eating and drinking leisurely.

Was the food purchased from the stall along the road?
They seemed to be carrying the food over after ordering it. The road is only about 5 meter in width at best so including the customers, once all the tables, chairs and other miscellaneous are placed there, it gave a fairly cramped impression.
What the heck? Is there a festival today?

I decided to tag along with Rebecca-san who went to order food. Half of the reason was actually to research on the price of the food here while the other half was out of curiosity.

Rebecca-san made the order as if she was accustomed to it.

Five Guillaume skewers (some kind of meat that looks like chicken) cost 20 El. Two large servings of Paella (A type of rice dish. There seemed to be a lot of ingredients inside. It looks red) cost 40 El. Three bowls of bean soup cost 15 El and three pieces of bread that looks like naan bread cost 15 El. Three Ririamu (Red fruits) cost 10 El.

They are 100 El in total.
(TL: Apologies I made an error in chapter 5 in the price so I have amended it)

In other words, 1 silver coin. Eh? Didn’t she mention that 3 silver coins are sufficient for half month’s meal? Did she buy too much or are the food here really expensive? I am worried about Shello-san’s family budget now…..
Aren’t they spending 1/3 of their half month’s food in just one meal already……

Back at the table, Shello-san was self-servicing, pouring the tea for us. When I took a sip, I could taste the delicious yet aromatic smell. This seems to be a tea that I have never tried before. When I observed the tea leaves closely, they kind of resemble Neko Jarashi (Setaria viridis). So for the time being let’s just call this Neko Jarashi tea.
(TL: Neko Jarashi is something a cat loves playing with = here)

Since the mirror back at the cellar was western style, I couldn’t get myself to wipe off my western culture impression from this other world. It is actually really confusing. When you’re drinking tea from a cup, shouldn’t there be rice as well? ……well, this is also my preference so it’s good.

In the meantime, the dishes ordered were carried over so we dug in.

–All of them are unexpectedly delicious!

The Guillaume skewers’ meat felt slightly hard, seasoned with herbs that were similar to fennel and salt but the flavour combination was really good.
On the contrary, the Paella looks really red but the flavour was actually mild and I could savour the taste of the softly boiled vegetables and meat. The rice used for the cooking felt more similar to Thai rice than Japanese rice too.
The soup contains not only beans but also small eggs (something like quail eggs). It appears to be nutritious.
On the other hand, the bread that looks like naan bread gives off a taste closer to pizza crust than naan bread itself. The oil is slightly dripping down from the edge of it making it looks good enough to be eaten even just as a snack.
(TL: It feels like I am writing food critics here… OTL)

Dangerous. This other world is dangerous. The foods are super tasty.

I had initially thought that 1 silver coin is too expensive for these dishes but the taste are well worth it and the portion is quite big. The Paella look alike food might be enough for 5 people. There are two plates there so it is roughly one bushel (8 gallon). Shello-san and Rebecca-san must be a pair of gluttons.

The three of us ended up devouring all the food.

Finally we had Ririamu fruits as dessert.
The appearance is similar to mango but the fruit is slightly sour compared to mango. It was said that this fruits is good as an after-meal dessert in this neighbourhood. The size is also large (roughly one size bigger than an apple). The price of this was 4 El each but three of them were be 10 El in total.

However I still can’t grasp how much is 1 El worth when I convert it into Japanese yen. If it were Japan, Paella would cost about 3000 yen each plate (anyway the amount is amount) so I estimated that 1 El = 150 yen.

It is not likely that the minimum unit is 150 yen isn’t it……. No….could it be possible? Is it pointless to bring earth’s common sense to this other world??

Well for the time being I will put this matter on hold. I will be able to judge it once I sell something from Japan here.


“Jirou. It didn’t seem like you have anywhere else to go so you can freeload at our place for the time being. There’s even a bed for you already…..Even though it is a little far from the city.”  [Rebecca]

While we were drinking tea, Becky-san suddenly cut in. Shello-san also nodded as he said “Umm..umm.”

I was really happy with the suggestion. I was just a stranger who lost my memory, wearing inland clothing and also have 8 vocations. Her treatment for an identified guy like me is way too nice. She’s being too kind that I was reaching the level of being anxious now.

But as one would expect I shouldn’t be so dependent on them. Regardless, I still need to go back home at least once. I haven’t said anything to my parents yet and I was midway in my internet auctions too.

It is painful to decline them when they have extended such goodwill to me….

“Having you go through that much for someone like me, I could only say one thing. I am very happy. My heart aches when you have allowed me to fawn on your kindness to this extent. But I have thought that I should try work something out on my own from here on. I think I might be able to make some money if I sell the goods I have in my hand…..”  [Ayase]

As I said so I took out my self-made knife that was meant for self-defence and placed it on the table.

–I encountered my knife-making experience when I was a first year in junior high school.

At that time during my junior high school, there was an art teacher who was acting as an advisor of my club (he’s also teaching mathematics). I was always observing him when he was building custom knives. After observing him for a while, I somehow got myself addicted in making one too without being aware of it myself. Even now I am still making a new one at the pace of one in every 6 months.

Well, I have been associated with that teacher for quite some time now so he usually gave me the cheap materials and lent me the tools when I needed them. Even after becoming a NEET, this has been going on even now. Steel materials aside, it would be hard for me to buy electrical tools myself.

Shello-san seemed highly interested and took it in his hand to evaluate it.

I had brought the only thing that is likely to be able be used as a weapon……a Bowie knife with the longest blade.

It is about 35cm in total length including the 20cm length of the blade. Personally, not many people will make a knife with this size. If anyone were to carry this outside in Japan, it would immediately be discovered but since I created this for my own admiration, it wasn’t a problem.
The steel material is ATS-34. It is a classic stainless steel knife.
The sheath (leather sheath) is also self-made. There were fine carvings done on the cowhide as well and it was one of my prideful work.

“This is a good knife. I have seen various types of knives during my work but this is my first time seeing a blade as polished as this. My face was even reflected on the blade itself. The structure also seems really intricate. Isn’t this a quite expensive item?”  [Shello]

It seemed like the knife is popular with even Shello-san who is knowledgeable about knives.

I’m not sure how much money is “quite expensive” referring to but since it’s an amateur work of an anonymous person, it would be good to even get 10,000 yen if I put it up in the net auction. Well, I didn’t intend to sell it on the net though.

“I don’t have memory of it or where it came from but I somehow felt like this is a good item. I’m not sure how much this would sell for but I wish this can fund for my activity for the time being… least that is what I thought.”  [Ayase]

“True. With this you might be able to get a considerable amount of money. Let me ask the help from one of my acquaintance working in a tool shop.”  [Shello]

“T-Thank you very much!”  [Ayase]


The items that I brought to this world apart from the Bowie knife were two drop point sheath knife and a medium size hunter knife. The Bowie knife is a special item that was brought along so I have no intention of selling it but I was planning to sell the sheath knives and hunter knife.

If all these can be sold for 1 gold coin then it would be good but…..

Shello-san’s acquaintance’s tool shop is larger than what I had expected.

I should forbid myself from associating the tool shops here with the ones from RPG since I kept getting the impression of an RPG setting here.
[Welcome. This is a tool shop. What do you need? Are you looking for equipment here? Will 120G in total be fine?]
An old looking guy, working alone in a 5 square metres small shop greeting me with such line was the impression I had in mind.

The name of the tool shop is “Meeker’s Company”. It seemed to be one of the biggest shops in this city. Although when I entered, the interior looked more like a weapon and armor shop than a tool shop to me.

The shop is 5 times larger than 5 square metres so it is around 30 square metres in size.
The goods they are selling are…….is this seriously an RPG?
“This is a shop for purchasing weapons and protective gear. What do you need? Are you looking for equipment here?”
T-This is it. An RPG shop.

Sword, knife, spear, mace, wand, axe, armor, shield, gauntlet and greave. They have cloak, clothes, shoes, tools used in travel, sleeping bag, rope, cooking pots and tablewares. They even have torches and lanterns for lighting up dark places.

……this is exciting!!

I love this kind of shop!! This is certainly an adventurer’s DIY shoppp~
I think I can spend half a day just staying here!

As I was being too engrossed in the weapons and armors there, Shello-san who was astonished by my behaviour called out to me.

….I’m sorry…..I ended up becoming too absorbed in it….. I really love things like this…..

I exchanged places with Shello-san since I had the knife with me. Anyway I should just show them to the shopkeeper.

With exception to the Bowie knife, I removed all the other knives and arranged them on the counter.

The shopkeeper is a 40-ish muscular bald uncle. Contrary to the strong appearance, his eyes seemed gentle.

“……They’re all goods that I’ve not seen before in this neighbourhood…. In other words, are they inland goods or could they be products from the mountains…..? What on earth are these.”

The uncle was muttering as he inspected the items.

I’m sorry but they are from earth. Strictly speaking, they are all made by me. —-Since I couldn’t say it, I watched the inspection in silence.

Apparently it appeared that Shello-san has told him in advance about my memory loss so the assessment ended without being inquired more than necessary.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. —-After inspecting them I can say, I will pay 10 gold coins if you sell all these to me.”

“Eh?!”  [Ayase]

I was rendered speechless. 10!?

If I convert 10 gold coins to Japanese yen….. What I have calculated earlier was 1 El = 150 yen so since 10 gold coins is equivalent to 10000 El…….

………it will be 1.5 mil yen.

“–Ah please don’t misunderstand. If I were to clarify, the value of the knife would actually be 1 gold coin…..It’s just that, this knife’s manufacturing method was not yet introduced in this country. Even I have not seen it before. Not to mention I don’t even know what kind of material is this. Judging on the weight it could be iron but…… I have not seen the handle’s material before too. In short, everything about this knife is a mystery.”

Well that is given. The material is Japan made stainless steel and the handle is made of maikaruta (America’s composition of synthetic material).1
(TL: maikaruta handle with stainless steel blade -> image

“….in other words, you bought it because it’s mysterious?”  [Ayase]

“Rather than that reason, it’s because of trust. It’s the thing about memory loss…. For example, you might be someone who have brought in samples from the [Imperial Capital] or the [mountains] and lost your memory on your way here. Then, you were brought in because you are broke so I should not bring down the price since I need to concentrate more on the newly found sophisticated technology. It’s to install confidence in this shop and above all it’s a matter of pride. That is why, it will be 10 gold coins. Well, in return let me study the manufacturing method of these knives.”

I see. Certainly if I were a messenger who have brought in new sample goods from the other countries’ as a merchant, they couldn’t afford to drive a hard bargain just because I had ‘fortunately’ lost my memory.
(TL: meaning they shouldn’t take advantage of his memory loss cause they might ended up losing the trust instead)

However, to say that I have brought in samples could only mean that I might look like a merchant?

“If you are not a merchant, you will not be eagerly checking out the shop’s goods as soon as you entered. Even when you lost your memory, that part will never change!”

The shopkeeper said as he laughed.

I see. I was just curious though (a fan of tools). Although I do have merchant as vocation.

Well if he is planning to buy them at high prices, I should just accept his generosity. I was initially troubled because I do not have any funds to begin my activity here so I am honestly happy.

Furthermore, they are gold coins. If I were to bring them back to the other side, I might even be able to exchange them for real cash too…right!

“Then we’ll settle the negotiation. Please hold on.”

As he said so, he took out 10 gold coins from his blue drawstring bag.

On receiving the coins, I felt a heavy feeling weighing on me. I turned around to face Shello-san and Rebecca-san.

“Shello-san, Rebecca-san, seriously thank you for everything that you have done. I was able to receive the blessing thanks to the both of you. You have also helped me with the registration of the guild so I can finally start working in this city…. This is the only thing that I have on myself now so if it pleases you, please use this.”  [Ayase]

Thus I took out my Bowie knife from the bag and handed it to Shello-san.


1. “Maikaruta” is a misspelling originating in Japan for Micarta. Thanks to Eric the Fred for this 🙂


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