Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 7

Episode 7:  The smell of other world’s vocation cheat

“Inherent job…Is it? There is no inherent job though.” (Ayase)
(TL: The ‘inherent jobs’ were initially in kanji but he said it in hiragana this time)

I deceived her.
I don’t really want to lie to the cute elf-chan but the title [Wise man of the other world] would be too suspicious. The word “other world” would be too straight too.
I strongly endured it when the elf who hugged me parted unwillingly with a disappointed look but I shot her a question instead.

“Is Inherent job a separated thing from vocation?” [Ayase]

It was a question that was asked on purpose but she replied back without any doubts. Among the people who have obtained 4 or more vocations, there are people who also obtain “Inherent job” along with the vocations. The others that Elf-chan knew about were 『Malice of the Swamp (The Venom)』, 『The Phantom Mage (The Mirage)』 and 『Shadow (The Silhouette)』. The three of them. Among them, the Phantom Mage is one of a celebrity who received the blessing more than 100 years ago. For some reason Malice of the Swamp and Shadow felt more like villains from old stories that used to be told by the people in the olden days and ended up becoming a legend today.

“Once obtaining an inherent job, the person will receive a special skill that can only be used by that person. The 『Phantom of the Archmage』 has one of that special skill too. There was a story that the phantom stopped an army of a thousand soldiers with just that skill alone. The name of the skill wasn’t known since it wasn’t handed down though……”

I……don’t only have one though. I have three of them…the skills.

As I had expected it was a good idea to keep this a secret. The skills didn’t seem to have the power to stop a thousand soldiers but it is not mistaken that I will definitely draw strange attention to myself. Iya, I don’t mind the attention of the elf-chan but what I didn’t want is the strange gazes by the general public. Apart from going out to buy necessities, I was mostly holed up in the house so I am quite weak to people’s gaze.

The inherent job seems to be usually regarded as “I see this is indeed an amazing thing” so in exchange I tried prying more about it in interest.

“By the way, even after receiving the blessing, I didn’t feel like anything has changed. What are the differences once you have obtained the vocation? I’m anxious since I don’t have experience in this at all….” [Ayase]

“Vocations corresponded to the profession that is suitable for you so if you did not put it into practice first, you will not be able to experience it. In short, a vocation is what you called [The hidden talent of a person].”

“Talent is it…Ah you did mention that usually you will get blessed when you’re young. In other words, even if you have vocations, there will no further meanings in it if you did not polish it from young isn’t it…” [Ayase]

“Yes. Usually we will receive our blessings at the age of 10….. I certainly can’t deny that there is such part but you don’t need to be pessimistic. With vocation you can absorb things 5 times faster than normal. You can start building up the experience now. As long as you have the will to grow, the hardship that you have to go through will also be fun.”

“Fi…five times is it? That is incredible…” [Ayase]

I see.

If efficiency rate is 5 times then, that could only mean that other jobs other than the one in vocations will not work. But on the contrary, it could also mean that we can’t do the jobs stated in the vocation isn’t it? I have swindler as one of my vocation but isn’t being a swindler as part of a profession questionable? The locals might end up calling me “That’s a swindler” and I will be ostracised by the public. Regardless of what is done they’ll believe it since there will be no one in existence who will travel from one place that they are not familiar with to another just to fraud someone else.

I hate this swindler’s vocation! Why are they so easily deceiveeedddd~!! Were they only living day to day just as described? I suddenly felt sad for the human affairs here. This vocation system is way too cruel.

“Even though it was said to be 5 times, the growth of everyone depends on each individual, Jirou. Without efficient training, you will lose out to even a normal child who doesn’t have the same vocation but had went through hard training. Within the mercenary group, there are also members inside who did not have combat related vocation but they managed to cover it up through experience and effort. Well anyhow despite how much effort they put in, they will never be able to compare those with vocation and effort as well….” [Shello]

Well, certainly that might be true.
If those with vocation trained for 1 hour and another without vocation who trained for 5 hours every day in the same row, there will definitely be a difference there. Being a high school graduate NEET who only study 1 hour a day when needed could understand it.

–But 8 vocations, is it. What kind of vocation is well, I do have an idea in mind…I have actually dabbled in different kinds of hobbies before during my long NEET-record but, will such simple basics be alright?
(TL: meaning he had experiences in most of the jobs in the vocation list already)

Aa, the only one that I do not have an idea of is being a magician.

Wait…hold on. Could it be that? Since I am still a virgin even after 20 years, I have the talent to be a magician? Eh? Seriously? Will such criteria suffice in being a magician? If I had received this blessing at the age of 10 and obtained magician as my vocation, wouldn’t it make me despair? Doesn’t it mean that my future as a 20+ year old virgin was already confirmed since the beginning? (ヤラハタ確定じゃね?)

Earlier on, I did mention that one of my vocation is magician so isn’t it openly declaring to them that I’m still a virgin? This vocation system is way too cruel.

U wa~a a ā


I told the elf-chan to keep it a secret about me. I did not want to gather so much attention for receiving 8 vocations so I pleaded them to not spread it around and left the temple after. In truth I was meant to make a donation but since I do not have any money on me I was exempted from it. Well, if they want donations, I will donate to the extent that the elf-chan falls in love with me.

“Come on Jirou. We will be going to the guild next but….which guild do you want to go? If you have that many vocations, you can choose from almost any of them.” [Shello]

I will need your help using your connections with the merchants please…..Etto, so what should I do in a guild? Apologize for my ignorance.” [Ayase]

“People that came from another place goes to the guild to have themselves registered as the residents. By doing so, they can get a job or run a business in this city. Actually those who came from another place will not be able to register without proper introduction letter but we can handle it from there for you.” [Shello]

“Thank you very much for anything and everything that you have done. You’ve helped me a lot.” [Ayase]

Right after I have given my gratitude, all of the sudden a “Mission” board appeared right in front of my eyes. The mission board started glowing palely and upon closer observation I noticed that there was a slight change at the section under 【Guidance of Baraka】. The number 0/2 in the sentence “Return the gratitude to the hunter 0/2″ changed to 1/2. It seemed like the quest was proceeding smoothly by giving my gratitude verbally to the hunter. If the next gratitude is given in the form of goods, will the quest be completed?

“Then shall we go to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry? I will introduce Jirou there so just match the story properly.” [Shello]

“Y-Yes. Thank you very much!” [Ayase]


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is quite a big building unexpectedly. It is a two-storey refined looking building made of brick and has quite a big presence in the middle of all the rustic looking stone buildings in Erishe.

As soon as Shello-san entered he called out to the reception table, “Is Toby here?”. In a short while, a person who seemed younger than Shello-san came out from the back. It appears to be man in glasses in his mid-thirties.

“You should be calling me Tobias at my workplace, Shello. It is quite rare for you to be making an appearance here. Furthermore even Rebecca-san is with you too today….It’s been a long time, Rebecca-san.” [Toby]

“It’s been a long time, Toby-kun. There is something that we need your help with today.” [Rebecca]

“Help? Is it regarding the purchase of magic crystal again? If that is so we would need to make a profit here too. If it’s not for that we would be happy to get as much from you.” [Toby]

“Aa, it’s different. We came for something different today…..Oi Jirou.” [Shello]

I walked towards the guy named Toby after Shello-san called me. I wonder if they were old acquaintance since he has been talking in a familiar way with Shello-san and Rebecca-san. The eyes behind the glasses were glaring at me sharply giving me the feeling that this person should not be dealt with by ordinary means.

“This is Jirou. Rebecca’s elder sister’s son so in other words, he’s her nephew. He came to Erishe from the Imperial City in order to become a merchant but on his journey he was attacked by robbers. Iya I give up on it.” [Shello]

“……In order words you would like to register without the letter of introduction? Shello?” [Toby]

Uwaa~ doesn’t this lie sounded too obvious? Moreover, the setting as Rebecca-san’s nephew seemed unreasonable. We don’t even look alike and our race is different….. At the very least you should let me say something too….

When Shello-san nodded, Toby-shi looked at me dubiously and started scrutinizing me. No matter how I look at it, he seemed to have seen through the lie. Seriously thank you very much.

I have come to the conclusion that it was impossible to leave this to Shello-san. This was the result of leaving the negotiation to a muscle brain character! I need to complement it somehow and convince Toby-shi.

“……Tobias-san. Actually I have currently lost my memory. I am Shero-san and Rebecca-san’s nephew….I think since I don’t have the memory of it. We don’t have something such as an invitation letter. Based on the circumstantial evidence, due to the robber’s attacked, my head might have been strongly hit and I ended losing my memory possibly…..” [Ayase]

“In other words, there are no other ways of proving that you are Rebecca-san’s nephew apart from Shello and Rebecca-san’s testimony, isn’t it?” [Toby]

“…..I do not have evidence or anything at all.” [Ayase]

On hearing what I had said, Toby-shi closed his eyes for a short moment then said.

“…..Rebecca-san, are you confirmed that this person is indeed your nephew?” [Toby]

“Yes it’s true you know? Jirou is unmistakably my nephew. His eyes look just like Jessica-neesan.” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san confirmed it in carefree tone.

“……..Is that so…..certainly the clothes seemed to be from the Imperial City…. You, your name is Jirou-kun am I right? Do you have any vocation relating to merchant?”

“Ah yes. It’s [Merchant] and [Jewellery Scholar].” [Ayase]

F-For the time being I should just name two of the vocations. If I said I have 8 vocations it might get the opposite result again making him suspicious…

I chose merchant and jewellery scholar, well since these jobs seemed simpler and easier to get used to. Being a craftsman or blacksmith might be good too since I can be a craftsman instead or working on a business.

“Hou, a double job and on top of that, a jewellery scholar….” [Toby]

Toby-shi kept scrutinizing me so I stared back at him.
Although the tense atmosphere continued on for some time, Toby-shi breathed out a sigh as he took a look at Shello-san and shrugged his shoulder in resignation.

“….Well if that was the circumstances then it can’t be helped. For now I will save your face and help register that kid….But you should treat me the next time alright?” [Toby]

Somehow it turned out fine in the end.
Although it didn’t seem like the part on my memory loss is revealed, I somehow looked more like a suspicious person tricking a good natured Shello-san and his wife now…..

Toby-san might have seen through Shello-san’s lie but he had noticed Shello-san and Rebecca-san’s intention of trying to protect me. I’m so glad they are such good people.

The method to register is by dripping my blood onto the pale metal plate then the staff brought the plate to the back. After a short while of waiting, the staff returned with the metal plate that was divided into two and told me, “This is now your guild card” and passed it to me. After that I just filled in my name and vocation onto a paper that looks like a parchment and completed the registration.

This guild card is something like a resident card in Erishe so once I obtain this, I can either start a shop, get a job or even buy a house. My life here finally begins.

Alright! I’ve received the blessing and registered with a guild too.
However, I should return back soon at least once since I didn’t get any permission for my sleepover yesterday……..


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