Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 6

Episode 6:  The other world’s temple has the smell of fairies



The temple was built in front of the central square of the city. It is reasonably large building—It looks more like a church than a temple—There are relief symbols of great spirits decorated at the entrance (cattle, snake, and bird’s motif are mysteriously arranged in the shape of a “U”). As soon as we stepped into the entrance, a woman who appeared to be a priestess greeted upon noticing us.

“Sarudinera! It’s been a long time, Shello, Rebecca!”

The priestess greeted Shello-san and Rebecca-san in a friendly manner.

……..However, I am currently visiting for a much more important matter. I would need to straightened my thoughts on this matter first.

The priestess was a young slender woman wearing spacious bright green robe. On top of the robe is an elaborated design of Kazura (TL: Jasmine) in red, blue, white and green color.
Crystal clear shining yellowish brown (blonde) hair that reached her waist. Long narrow eyes, skin as white as porcelain and green pupil……. and, distinctive long pointed ears…..

…….Please don’t say it everyone!
At the time when I saw dwarves and human beast walking down the street, I have always been thinking that this might be a possibility!
What a different world. It seems like a fantasy world no matter how you look at it! If that is the case, then this is a proper conclusion.

In other words, that priestess is, the ears that are slightly long, if I were to say please let me nibble on those pointed ears of the priestess!   (TL: I think his head is slightly broken at this point)

It’s an elf! It’s unmistakably an elf!!
I-I-I-It was in my dream, e-e-elf has become a reality! I am finally able to obtain it at last! Elf country is within my grasp! U ~ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ! ! !

I love Deedlit very much!! (俺ディード○ットとか大好きなんだよ!!)
(TL: Unconfirmed but it should be Elf Deedlit from Record of Lodoss. Thanks Lagrange!)

A e se drftgy Fujiko l po;













“Then will that person be the one who will be receiving the blessing?”

“Aa, yes. His name is Jirou. I’ll be counting on you.”  [Shello]

“What are you fidgeting there for, Jirou? Is Priestess-sama’s type your preference?”  [Shello]

“Hahaha. Despite her look, Priestess-sama might be even older than your mother you know, possibly. To begin with, she’s been like this ever since I got my blessing when I was still a brat, te- that hurts!”  [Shello]

Upon mentioning the age, the elf Priestess-sama pulled Shello-san’s ear.
I would’ve thought that an elf was a tribe that didn’t care about age though it doesn’t appear to be true. It’s so moe.

“Well so Jirou-san, you don’t have to be so nervous. It’ll be all right. I’ll be g-e-n-t-l-e.”

However, this elf seemed to be in high spirits. She doesn’t give off a feeling of either sage of a forest or an isolated race at all.

Her height is quite short and cute so it’s advantageous for me JK. (TL: Author is trying to say JK/Just kidding I think)

“Jokes aside, should we start now? Then Jirou-san, please head to the altar.”

I was invited up a slightly tall altar. I stood next to the cute elf Priestess-chan (estimated age around 50 years old). I was only slightly taller than that Priestess-chan. I could smell a sweet honey like smell coming from her. That is too poisonous for a 21-year-old virgin like me, Priestess-chan.

As a variation of flowery blossoming delusions were going through my mind, the Priestess-sama closed her eyes and started casting something like a spell. Apparently, the blessing ritual seemed to be starting.

When she finished chanting a spell, she held out both “hands” to me. I took the hands while flustering.

When she asked for my name, age and gender, I obediently answered, “Jirou Ayase, 21 years old, male.”

For a split second, both my hands seemed to be assaulted with intense heat and light suddenly enveloped the area but it stopped instantly.


The Priestess breathed out in relief as she said.

“Congratulations. Le Baraka has recognized you as a son of the spirits now and bestowed you a blessing. From now on the great spirit will watch over you at any time, will help you and will give you guidance. You will definitely have a successful fruitful life.”

“T-Thank you very much?”  [Ayase]

…I’m troubled. Has the blessing end in such a short time? I had to admit that there were no changes at all.

I had a feeling that nothing changed even after I received the blessing.

As expected is the other world’s people different?

“Jirou, so how was it? What is the vocation?”  [Shello]

“Regardless of how many times I watch this, it’s still as exciting!”  [Rebecca]

Shello-san and the rest seemed to be questioning on the vocation quickly.
Iya but, there were no changes at all. What is going on.

“Don’t be so impatient, Shello and Becky. He might not know how to read the vocation yet….. Jirou-san. Concentrate. Try praying 『Vocation, Vocation, Vocation….』. With that you will be able to see your own vocation. Although it might take a long time initially, you will get used to it soon. Once you get used to it, you will be able to “pull it out” immediately.”
(TL: Becky = Rebecca)

It’s another vague explanation again. Is this relating to Rebecca-san’s explanation earlier?
But, there was no other ways than to give this a try.

“Vocation, vocation, vocation……”   [Ayase]

As I prayed, something translucent that looked like a lithograph appeared right in front of my eyes. Although I was surprised when a board popped out unexpectedly, the diagonal content on it was within my expectation.

These are what was on the board.

【Given Name】
-Jirou Ayase 







-Jewellery Scholar


【Inherent Job】
-Wise man of the other world (The Library)
<skill> Trip to another world (The Journey)
<skill> Principle of universe (The Principle)
<skill> The mirror of truth (The Judgement)


【Guidance of Baraka】
・Return the gratitude to the hunter  0/2
・Try using the mirror of truth  0/1


Vocation tsu~! Moreover, it seemed like there are pretty great inherent jobs too…
On top of that, Guidance of Baraka…. Could this possibly be, not it could actually be something like a “Quest” in RPG? It was up to me to progress it carefully. For some reason they are all in Japanese.

Shello-san and Rebecca-san have excited looks on their faces. How about the Priestess-sama who is showing a cute face too? I tilted my head, puzzled. What is with this cute creature. If I were a Don Juan, I will definitely hit on her 20 times.

“Etto, I wonder if these vocations are alright for me. There are quite a lot though…. Swordsman, magician, blacksmith, craftsman, swindler, merchant, cook, jewellery scholar…..”  [Ayase]

“Ho-Hold on a moment, Jirou. What do you mean by a lot? Were all those you mentioned earlier your vocations??”  [Shello]

Rebecca-san was listening with a perplex face and there were quite a number of ???? above Shello-san’s head. Priestess-sama asked me a question with a complicated expression.

“Jirou-san……were all the eight mentioned earlier your vocation?”

“Etto, yes. 8 of them……..the word [Vocation] was displayed there so there was no doubt about it though….”  [Ayase]

“Is that so……First of all, there will usually only be one vocation for each person. Sometimes we do have people who has more than one vocation but so far it’s only 1 out of 30 people who have 2 vocations, 1 out of 100 people who have 3 vocations and 1 out of 1000 people who have 4 vocations….. Not to mention, there were no records of people having 8 vocations. Even the [Phantom of Archmage] has only 6 vocations……Aa”

The priestess-chan’s pupils shined as she suddenly recalled on something. What is it, what is it. Please don’t come so close all of the sudden. My virgin heart will not able to take it!

“By chance…did you obtain [Inherent job] too?”


So….what should I do.


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