Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 5

Episode 5:  The other world’s city has the smell of Mediterranean Sea

As if I was emerging slowly from somewhere deep, I regained my consciousness.

……Well, this is what commonly happens whenever I wake up in the morning. Even though it was an unfamiliar bed, I had slept surprisingly well. How do I put it, I was tired even though I had gone to bed right away after dinner yesterday.

But last night’s dinner was quite wild….

When Shello-san said, “I’ll be treating you today” last night, I had thought that I was really lucky at that time but what was served for dinner was the wild boar’s liver. The staple food were potatoes and the side dishes were beans. In addition, there was even Shello-san’s hand-baked wild boar steak.

Naturally the liver was served raw, seasoned with only rock salt. Well, it has quite a wild flavor but otherwise it was actually tasty. It tasted fresh.

However, the wild boar steak was slightly too wild so it might be too much for someone like me who have been brought up in the city……. Although the taste was thick, the smell was also just as thick….. It was not to the extent of inedible and I could still cheat through it by eating it with spices instead……was what I thought but spices are luxurious items.

Then herbs should be fine too but since I am being treated for free at someone else’s house, I couldn’t say anything. In the end, being the youngest in the family and the only thing I was good at said, “It was extremely delicious!” and ate the food. It was quite filling to my stomach!

That said, it was my first meal in the other world. I was initially slightly worried on what I should do if there was a big difference to the taste but apart from the wild flavor, the basis of the food was still the same so I was relieved.

I will try supplying them with miso the next time. Although I don’t know if it will suit the other world’s taste buds.

—-Well then, I was thinking that I was caught up in a strange development unexpectedly and I ended up having to stay overnight in the other world but, what should I do now…..I did give it a thought yesterday before going to sleep but—-

First of all…
If I were to go as I originally planned, after I have collected enough information on this world, I was planning to sell the “Right to travel to the other world”. However, considering this country’s situation, honestly……..I realized that it was quite impossible.
That is because if they are suspected as an escapee from the inland, they might get arrested by the military police. As expected I do not want to sell the other world to someone just so they will end up getting caught.

The example relating to the dagger incident.
With an item of that kind of quality, if I entered it playfully in Japan’s auction, I can guarantee that I could get anything that I want that I previously couldn’t get. Well, I don’t think that there are items that are so easily obtained in this world (since she said that it was a gift bestowed by the emperor), but if I hand it over to a mercenary as a reward, there will be no goods that will absolutely be unavailable either.
Although it’s a rarely seen treasure, it became slightly surprising halfway through that I could only be agasp…. (After that I had asked her to let me see it for another hour yesterday)

It is likely to be profitable if I take an item from this other world and bring it back to Japan to put it up in net auction. Likewise, if I bring something from Japan to here, it might bring in even more profit. Another example would be the lack of spice in last night’s dinner, so there are likely an infinite number of things to sell here.

At the same time, I had heard it from Shello-san indirectly yesterday. The currency for this world are copper coins, silver coins and gold coins. They’re gold coins you know, gold coins. If I bring them back to Japan as it is, I might be able to exchange it for cash directly too!  At the moment the price of gold is 4000 yen per gram.

Honestly, in the beginning I felt that it was obviously stupid to look for treasures in the flea market but quite a good business has come out from this.

Well, this point is somewhat a derivation from the third point. To obtain more profit efficiently, after getting richer, I could buy this and that then open a shop and more or start a company and rise up as a president! There are so many possibilities!
Although in reality I didn’t want to work at all…….I will feel defeated once I started working, to me.

Aa, or should I just open up a hobby shop at full throttle? That would be good too. I might be able to run a business in this other world if I disregard the profit. De~yufu

As expected I want to make a girlfriend in this other world. My chest got a little hot…
Since this is a different world, their sense of value might be different so a NEET like me might be able to be popular here too! Although for example, if a woman without single ounce of modesty approaches me then I’ll pass on it! The numbers of years without girlfriend = the years of my virgin life!

…….The main subject might have been slightly derailed. But this is also a comparatively important problem.

I am curious about it. The blessing.
Simply what kind of vocation do I have? I am seriously curious about it. That is because I am just a neo-NEET in reality!!
Should I just try receiving one? I’ll try the blessing of the other world!

“Should I just try receiving one? I’ll try the blessing of the other world!”  [Ayase]

“Nn? Did you say something Jirou?” [Shello]

Uwaa~, I accidentally let it slipped out of my mouth.






From now on, how should I consult Shello-san as someone who is experiencing [memory loss]? There are a lot of things that I wanted to do but it will be strange for someone with memory loss to be aggressive in their activity all of the sudden.

At that time if I say, “Apparently I seem to be aware of it myself that I have done something related to a merchant before. I have, haven’t I? Maybe?”

I could say that in a roundabout and ambiguous manner, then get blessed in the temple first and depending on the vocation received there, I could get introduced to a corresponding guild successfully.

Nonetheless I really appreciate that Shello-san seemed to be a fairly good person. As he had said, if he comes across someone who is in trouble, it is due to the guidance of Le Baraka so they should follow through with the guidance or something like that. In short, it was something similar to their religious point of view but it could also be that Shello-san is an exceptionally good person himself. At first glance, he might look like a bandit ossan but we shouldn’t judge someone just from their appearance.

That is why, the three of us; Shello-san, Rebecca-san and I headed towards Erishe city. We have loaded the wild boar’s meat and hide obtained yesterday onto a packhorse as we went there by foot. We went out onto the road in front of the village and arrived in Erishe’s city in approximately 2 hours’ travel from Shello-san’s house.

Erishe is surrounded by 2 meters castle walls (if someone is really determined to climb it, they can climb across it easily). The brick houses could also be seen here and the sequence of red roofs in sight are really beautiful. There is a guard standing at the entrance but the gate is wide opened most of the time and people can enter and leave at their will.

It was fairly loose than what I had imagined.






It is certainly a really vibrant city.

Rather than another world, I was attacked by a feeling that I have reached Italy or other similar foreign country instead. But, when I took a closer look at the city, I could see a man with robe who looked like a magician, a beast girl with cat ears and a tail (slightly thick haired), someone in full metal plate with a spear on shoulder, a short stubbly uncle (a dwarf?) in a group, anyway a variety of people. Once again I begin to recognize that this is indeed a different world as expected. In terms of numbers, the ratio of humans is higher compared to the rest. Although, be it a different world beings or sub-humans, there are still quite a high number of non-human race here.

Before going to the temple, we were going to sell the meat and skin first so I will be accompanying them. Shello-san carried the meat and hide on his shoulder and entered the building that seemed to be where the purchasing is taking place leaving me and Rebecca-san outside. I anxiously tried asking Rebecca-san.

“How much will that much of meat and hide sell for?”  [Ayase]

“Nn~ I think at most we would be able to get 3 silver coins, hopefully. Although that much is enough to feed us for half a month already so it is not really bad. The numbers of hunters have decrease as of recently so there might be a possibility that the price has increase a little.”  [Rebecca]

………….3 silver coins is enough for half month of food so I wonder if the value of 1 silver coin = 10,000 yen? No, I might be comparing it too much to Japan’s money value…..

“Is 10 silver coins equivalent to 1 gold coin? And 10 copper coins equivalent to 1 silver coin?”  [Ayase]

“It’s accurate in terms of the gold but it is a little different for the copper coins. 1 silver coins will be the same as 10 white copper coin though. Then for bronze coins. 10 bronze coins can be exchanged for 1 white copper coin.”  [Rebecca]

As she explained, she showed me a white copper coin and bronze coin. A White copper coin seriously looks like a worn out 500 yen coin while a bronze coin looks like a small 1 cent coin.

U~n, for the time being I am slightly relieved by a little. But there is still a lot that I have yet to know. I felt bad for Rebecca-san but I will have to ask various questions.

“Come to think of it, I don’t know the unit of money here. So in the case of 1 silver coin, 4 white copper coins and 7 bronze coins, will it be roughly 147 El somehow?”  [Ayase]

“O-, Jirou-kun is good at money calculation aren’t you? As I have expected, aren’t you some kind of merchant’s apprentice? Because in general we wouldn’t be using so much calculation.”  [Rebecca]

“Eh? Then how did you all do it?”  [Ayase]

“Just like how it is. 1 silver coin, 4 white copper coins and 7 bronze coins. Can’t you count it as it is already?”  [Rebecca]

U~n? Was it such a difficult calculation? I was taught that the currency here is called [El]. So if 1 silver coin = 100 El, when you tell this to kindergarten students, wouldn’t they be able to understand it too?

TL Note:
1 Silver coin = 100 El
1 White Copper coin = 10 El
1 Bronze coin = 1 El


Should I say that arithmetic is not really or not well developed here at all? Will the other world people be alright? They might be easily swindled at this rate!

“But Rebecca-san understands how to do it right? The calculation.”  [Ayase]

“That was because I have done the calculation for the rewards to the members when I was in the mercenary group last time. I could only do simple things but I’m good at money calculation you know?”  [Rebecca]

I see. I am convinced.

Well, my last education was only at high school level as well so I’m not that good at maths myself. Moreover, among the three important [Reading, Writing, Arithmetic], reading and writing is completely out for me as someone not from this world!

Meanwhile Shello-san came back from the purchasing place while grasping 3 silver coins in his hand. They would like to go buy some necessities later on with this money but before that, they will be bringing me to the temple first.

“Then let’s go to the temple to receive the blessings!”  [Shello]

It feels pretty trivial.


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21 thoughts on “Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 5

  1. A japanese high school education is comparable to a community college general education in America. We don’t have that big of standards. Huge gap from High school to university.


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    1. This world also uses real bronze, copper, silver, and gold, so they are pretty much on the gold standard, while Irl, most countries aren’t. The gold standard is much more trustworthy than the system we use today. Of course, there still would be inflation, but I think it would probably be much less common that the rates change a large amount.


      1. TheFactualGamer

        That’s not true at all.

        You should read Spice and Wolf to get an idea. It’s fairly historically accurate.

        The value rate of the coin is dependent on the purity of the metal.

        The higher the purity. The more value it has.

        Just like currency today, like how pennies used to be 100% copper.


        1. I own the first volume of Spice and Wolf, though I haven’t read it yet. I have watched the anime and liked it a great deal.

          While what you are saying is true, it would take more time for word to get around about the drop in purity, meaning that it’s more likely that the rates would stay the same for a larger amount of time.

          And, while I get what you’re saying with Spice and Wolf, in Spice and Wolf’s world there is more than one currency in the world, meaning that the countries would be more competitive in their metal purity in coins. In most fantasy web novels, however, there is only one currency, which would mean that there isn’t much competition between countries. This is what would lead to a more stable rate of exchange between currencies, though I do agree that it’s mostly authors being lazy.


          1. TheFactualGamer

            In reality, the idea of a one world currency is utopian at best.

            Also, it doesn’t take THAT long. Look at history.


            1. Ah, that is true. I probably underestimated information travel time. And, while I agree that the idea of a one world currency is utopian at best, in some series, monsters also drop this currency, so it is possible that the currency is started from the monster drops.

              Though the amount of series where monsters drop currency is in the minority.


              1. TheFactualGamer

                yeah it makes sense when it’s a game-like world where monsters drop coins. Then it would make sense.

                That is not the case here.


                  1. TheFactualGamer

                    what irritates me is that this lazy gimmick is popular in a lot of novels.

                    Not only that, there’s a lot of novels in which the character will show their lack of understanding of everything outside of Japan.

                    For example.

                    One series, the MC said that the lighter was a Japanese invention.


                    1. I think I’ve read that series, though I can’t remember the name of it at the moment.

                      And yeah, Japan is infamous for being xenophobic. It certainly is annoying to see that type of stuff.


  3. Minato

    > the liver was served raw, seasoned with only rock salt

    Holy Blanka, who in the right mind would eat raw innards? Especially the liver where it is the most toxic part of any living being.


  4. QLikesDonuts

    Thanks for the chapter Rinkage! If he wanted to convert the coins to yen he’ll probably have to smelt them into bars and test purity too though.


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