Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 2

Episode 2: The other world’s residence has a European smell

Should I go? Or should I not go. That is the problem.

I groaned as I stood in front of the mirror. Even if I knew that this mirror is connected to another place, I didn’t need to force myself to go. There are no guarantees that I will be able to return and if I ended up breaking the mirror by accident, it will definitely be the end of me. Either way, I will not be able to travel back and forth between the two places anymore.

…Even so, if I were to buy this mirror without doing anything with it…..

If I did not at least check where this mirror is connected to, I am not able to sell it. Should I sell it to the potential buyers by telling them this?

“Super rare! A magic mirror that is connected to someplace! It’s for sale for ¥100,000,000 just for now!”

I don’t think anyone will buy it. I don’t think anyone will even take me seriously. No matter how you look at it, the mirror looks just like a normal item for display purposes only….

Thus, I decided to explore the world inside the mirror.

The mirror is connected to a mysterious room built with stone. Where the wooden door leads to outside still remains to be seen. After further thoughts, I thought I will just explore within certain range first so I will first make a quick preparation before returning.

I brought my high laced boots from the entrance and put them on. After that, I entered the other world inside the mirror with a flashlight in my hand. I didn’t feel much sensation when I move between the world. It was really strange. Anyway it is time for the exploration now. In my opinion, no matter how much people tried examining this mirror, they would not be able to understand anything at all.

I released the bolt on the door and opened the door slightly to check out the surrounding outside. I wonder if the stone room is supposed to be a cellar. On the other side of the door was a similar stone staircase leading upstairs somewhere. A ray of light shined through from a gap, rendering poor visibility of the steps ahead. To be honest, my heart was already pounding rapidly. At any rate, I could only advance from here on. In all honesty, I was quite scared.

As I climbed up the stairs timidly, I finally found myself in a western style room in this seemingly abandoned residence. The light was shining through the window, illuminating the room faintly.

The size of this place is around 3LDK I guess. A Western style residence with slight modernize look. The entire building that was built with stone looks slightly on the rough side. The huge oak table and mahogany made cupboard that were left here was as if in remembrance of the former residents’ life. 
(3LDK : 3 individual rooms along with a room for Living, Dining and Kitchen)

Is this place connected to France or England……….? As I thought of that, I searched around for any tools left behind here. There were furniture such as tables and cupboards but I couldn’t find any smaller items left behind. I wonder if all the former residents moved leaving behind only the bigger items? Although if I could make use of all these, they might sell well in the net auction……….

Well the cupboard and table are quite nice items so I might make a considerably good amount of money if I sell them but I wasn’t sure if it is a good idea to sell off someone else’s furniture without permission.

Apparently the mirror seemed to be connected to a foreign country.

I decided to go try going outside. It was embarrassing to say but I was initially hoping that the mirror was actually connected to some kind of fantasy world. Though the mirror itself is already a fantasy to me.

The outside of the house looked completely desolated. It was at the level whereby even weeding the entire area will not be able to clean up the area. Anyway isn’t this a tree? It was giving me the feeling of a house deep in the forest. If this were a Japanese house, it would’ve collapse long time ago.

Even so, this house didn’t look like a place originally built in an open space in the middle of the forest, surrounded by tall broadleaf trees around. Somehow I managed to discover a path that might originally used to be a road. After walking for a while I went to the grassland.

There didn’t seem to be a sign of anyone at all. Or rather, this place gave of a feeling that no one has ever stepped into here before.
I continued on walking without feeling discouraged. After some time, I found a small village in the vicinity.

Compared to the house with mirror where I came from, the stone houses here were more modestly built. I hid myself in the forest to observe the first villagers that I found.

The majority of the farmers here are middle-aged western men. As I expected, this is a foreign country……In other words, I have arrived at some place on earth without any proof of identification and doesn’t speak the same language as them so I am basically helpless here.

So, what should I do now…..

Just as I thought of ending my exploration and returning, a woman who looked like one of the farmer’s wife on the opposite of the field cried out.

“Dear~ I have brought your lunch!”

One of the farmers stopped working after noticing her and headed straight to her without answering.

…….Umu. It was totally in Japanese.

Technically speaking, I felt like I had somehow “understood” it as Japanese instead. When the conversation reached my ear earlier, I was confirmed that it was supposed to be a different language. But how do I put it, those words seemed to be translated to Japanese instantly in my brain.

Is it some kind of deciphering konjaku?


For now, I should temporarily return to the residence.

The further proof of fantasy has increased again with this automatic translation. If I accidentally called out to them by saying,

“Hey there~! I am here as a tourist from Japan, HAHAHA!”

The people there might call the cops on me! I can’t remove that possibility.

If it were the western countries on earth nowadays, they might not do that but to I’ll need to avoid the worst possibilities that might happen.

Upon returning, I tried searching around the house again since I didn’t have any information about this world. There might rooms that I have not gone through yet but, is this a living room? There didn’t seem to be much to look for in this place since there is only a single table and flower stand here…..

I tried to search for books first but as expected I couldn’t any. It should be quite clear once I take a look at the characters if I found one though.

There were other furniture left behind in other rooms too. Cabinets, bed, chair, desk and a bureau. All of them are quite good products. If I were to sell all these, wouldn’t it be more than ¥100,000,000? If I sell all of these then finally the mirror, it might be good too………to the extent that I think it is really clever.

Although in general this action might be considered as stealing. Well, by the looks of it, this house was completely abandoned anyway so it should be all right. We didn’t need to be too honest in life.

However, the essential information that I need was not found.

The things that I found from this house were the box in the cellar containing the Shakespeare clothes and antique looking British furniture. Well based on all these I could tell that this is not a really modern world or it could also be that the former residence of this house has a hobby of collecting antiques.

The remaining places left that I have yet to search were only the back door and the attic. Although, in all honesty I was avoiding the attic since they are usually full of dust but I was trying to find if there was anything that could help me open the back door.

Ah, I see a spider there.

There seemed to be a spider dangling from the cobweb from the wall of the back entrance. However, this spider……the size of its body seems to be roughly 10 centimeters in length and it has 12 legs. If I include the legs, the entire body should be about 25 centimeters. It is sitting quietly in the middle of the web now but…… is huge.

If someone who had a phobia of spider sees this, they will definitely faint.

I nervously snapped the photo of the spider using my phone’s camera and returned to the cellar with the mirror so I could go back to my own room.

Based on the image of the spider taken with my cell phone, I looked up online (Google) to search on the information about it. The first species found, Theraphosa blondi  (TL: also called Goliath birdeater) has an almost similar size but this was not it. At the first place it was not even a ground spider. The spider earlier seemed to be some kind of silk spider.

Actually in the first place, there are no spiders in this world with 12 legs! (TN: For a moment then I have forgotten how many legs a spider has)

In order to settle myself down, I brought a coffee from the kitchen and took a breather. The information from the internet are not always accurate but with this, one of the possibility has disappeared. For the time being I understood that, that place is “not somewhere on earth currently”. It could be the earth from the past or a completely different world.

The spider that couldn’t be found from google search earlier could be an extinct species. That said, in addition to that automatic translation experience earlier, there could be a high possibility that it is a completely different world as well. From now on, it should be a good idea for me to start acting like one of the residence from the other world.

Although, in other words, there could be a possibility that a monster might come out. Or there could even be magic. Or the Inquisition might hang and burn me at stake.

Even if I wander around in carefree manner, it wouldn’t be dangerous I think…..


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  2. bellcross13

    Am i the only one who went like “jump to the fuking mirror/portal and get the fuk outta here!” when the 12 legged spider was mentioned? No? Ok…….. Damn me


  3. Just by reading these two chapter, I confirm that the MC is an idiot…………

    1) When he found out that the mirror leads to another world, his first thought is how to get rich from it?

    2) If he really follow through and try to sell it, everyone would probably think he is a lunatic………

    3) Lets say he does offer to sell it and someone lucky person decide to pay ¥100,000,000 for it……..personally, I would think that ¥100,000,000 is a great bargain for a door to another world………Not only is the MC an idiot, he is useless at figuring out the value of an object……

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    “Super rare! A magic mirror that is connected to someplace! It’s for sale for ¥100,000,000 just for now!”
    lol what a nice dream but reality is if they discover that he had it…!
    FBI government agency would broke into his house with random excuse then took his shiet… put him in jail then silently assassinate him and they have his stuff for research…!!!
    (you know bugs are innocent right? but we kill them cause they look ugly in our eyes!)


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