Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 1

Episode 1: The smell of other world from the innocent mirror

“After passing through the long provisional border, I came across the snow country.”

An opening sentence from a famous novel begin ruminating in my head.

As for me, Ayase Jirou, it should be something even more dramatic like “After passing through the old mirror in the cellar, I came across a dark room there.”

……….Alright. I don’t get the meaning of it myself………..

In that “other world on the other side of the mirror”, was also another mirror in the room. They seemed to be connected to the cellar from the start. The interior of a mysterious cellar was reflected on the surface of the mirror.

In shock, I leaped out of the mirror again and realized that I could still return to the original cellar without any problems.

To be honest, my brain was still unable to comprehend the current situation really well but in short, could this be “The World inside the Mirror”….? I knew that the current thoughts going through my head was foolish but at that moment I was overwhelmed by curiosity and decided to examine the other side of the mirror

I timidly passed through the mirror to the other side as I illuminated the room with the flashlight in my hand. As I emerged out to a musty brick room, I noticed that there was only a wooden box there apart from the mirror.

There was nothing else besides those.

The room is roughly 8 tatami mats in size.
There was nothing outside the window so I was unable to tell the circumstances outside. Since I couldn’t hear anything either, this could be a cellar or something similar. On top of that, there was also a wooden sturdy door here. I should be able to go outside from that door.

In the meantime, I decided to open the only wooden box here in this room. This wooden box is similar to the treasure box from the RPG game which I used to be absorbed in the last time.

“………Ooopss! Poison dart! ….aw come on spare me from that,” was what I was thinking of but the wooden box was opened naturally without any problem.

The contents were a set of clothing.

The clothes look like they were from the medieval ages or rather, they resemble the clothes usually seen worn by the actors in the Shakespearian play. A long sleeve shirt with frills made out of silk and the golden thread embroidery along with the thick belt and pants truly signifies the clothing of those era.

It was indeed a complete set of equipment. There was nothing else apart from those.
This is seriously a treasure chest isn’t it………

I returned the clothes to the box as I considered the next course of action to take. I could go outside the door but……

For the time being, I was still slightly worried about entering the mirror’s world so I decided to go back to the cellar.

Even though I was assaulted by the similar musty smell after returning to the original cellar, I was able to go through my thoughts more calmly.

I understood it well that something that seemed impossible has happened. The old mirror found in the cellar is actually connected to another world! How do I put it…..even though it was seriously a typical fantasy-style setting, it is actually troublesome when it really happened since it was beyond my expectation. Well, what should I do now.

………The one thing that I can say is, this mirror will seriously sell for an amazingly high price! That was it………


After graduating from high school, I had failed in looking for employment and this has continued on for nearly two years. Although, failing to get an employment doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to work. In the worst-case scenario, I’ll just join the lowest black company, get myself tired mentally and physically then retired after. That was the plan.

After retirement, even though I might not have the motivation to work anymore and end up lazing around, I will not just stay idly either. I have come across an interesting book in the bookstore by chance entitled, [Lucrative Side Business! A monthly income of ¥300,000 from just net auctions!]

I bought the book and followed what was stated inside. I tried selling used books or second hand goods in the net auction and managed to make a profit too….well after that, was how my current lifestyle ended up as.

Fortunately, there was a weekly flea market held in the neighbourhood. For some reason I was able to purchase reasonably decent goods from the local’s big shrine and was able to increase my revenue in auctions more than what I expected. Halfway through, I became fascinated by it myself and it was not an exaggeration to say that half of it now was as a part of my hobby and half of it was for money.

Initially I wasn’t able to tell which items will be able to sell for higher price so my income was not to say really “lucrative”. However, I was fairly accustomed to it now and was even able to save up a little.
Originally I do have interest in different kinds of tools so it might sound conceited for me to say that I might have a talent in this.

The mirror was actually found in the cellar of an old family living in the city when I approached them previously. It was placed hidden behind a Paulownia dresser and the frame seemed to be made out of Mahogany or Walnut precious wood. It has an elaborated profound design and looks like an antique. “This is an unexpected find. The problem is how much am I able to get this for cheaply.” Those thoughts ran through my mind as I started counting the chickens before they are hatched.

I paced back and forth in the cellar while being lost in thoughts. As I wander around, I accidentally tripped on the old furniture, fell towards the mirror and ended up getting sucked into the mirror. Thus, that was how it started.

………..That was the reason why. It was that kind of feeling.

There still seemed to be other profitable items in the cellar. (Either those old plates or the brazier like tools. That trunk that is able to store different kinds of tools might be able to sell for unexpectedly high price too. Old toys might sell well at the same time. In a way, since old items can be sold for quite a high price to some extent, this cellar is similar to a place with a mountain of treasures.) But the first most important thing is the mirror. I left the cellar, went to the landlord and wanted to start on the negotiation to purchase just the mirror from the cellar.

“Ah, excuse me~ It’s about the things in the cellar.” [Ayase]

I called out to the landlord who was drinking tea in the living room. (An old aunty roughly at the age of 80. Based on experience, old woman is going to be easy)

“Among the items in the cellar, for the time being I hope that you will be able to concede that huge mirror. Since the size is too big, I am unable to carry other things so it will just be the mirror for now. So in terms of the price, I would like to buy it for ¥ 4,000. Will it be all right?” [Ayase]

I spoke out all at once. Even though I do feel that the price I offered was low, I already have ¥ 4,000 as standby that I can pay up immediately. It is important to carry out a deal as fast as we can by force.
“It is so before they can have a change of heart….” Was what I was thinking in mind.

“Ah~ I don’t want anything in that cellar already so you can just get anything you want. I don’t need the money.” [Old Lady]

Alright! I’m super lucky!

But in fact, this is quite a common pattern. If you go as far as to open up the cellar for someone, it is already confirmed that most of the things inside are already up for grabs.

To most cellar owners, they had already unconsciously think that anything that was placed in the cellar already belonged to the category of “Unwanted junks that clogged up space.” I did not particularly like going through stranger’s cellar as a part of my business but it was not as if they cherished those items stored there. Since to someone poor like me, it was like a mountain of treasures. It is a rich man’s nature so I might possibly end up as one too.

With that, I managed to obtain the mirror safely. I carefully loaded it into the car so it doesn’t break and carry it inside the house.

I am currently not living alone.

I am living with my parents. You might say that I am something similar to a parasite. Since I am not working……I am just paying slightly for the cost of food. I do have an older brother and sister but both had already left the house.

I might be spoiled since I was the youngest so it couldn’t be helped that I became a parasite! But once I get a job I will leave the house! I will definitely be independent once I get a job!


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