Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 3

Episode 3: The smell of cosplay from the other world

My cowardice was inherited from my parents. I knew that I am cowardly even when I was a child.

That was why, once I have obtained enough information on the other world, I decided to sell the mirror off. I am seriously scared of the other world. Even if it is a world from the past, it is frightening too.

To put it bluntly, it is too much for me. I am a professional NEET who hasn’t been in social contact with people for a long time. Moreover, I am not someone who is really young now.

Actually, I was thinking of advertising the 「Privilege to travel to other world」 in the net for 1 million yen to other younger people before selling the mirror. If they can’t go then the money will not be received and it will be gone like the wind.

If I send 300 people there then there will be 300 mil yen in total. Uhhauha.

Then if I sell off each mirror along with the know-how book ostensibly, I could say good bye to all the troubles from the other world and also get a lot of money from this so it’s killing two birds with one stone. If one can be sold at 700 mil yen, it will total up to 1 billion yen! It is possible to live without working!!

That said, this plan is still up in the air for now. I need more information in order to make this work.

Well in the end I still need to gather slightly more data about the mirror. Once I enter the mirror world again, I decided to bring along the Shakespeare clothing with me for usage. By the way, can I bring the items from that world here?

……..Normally it should be possible to bring the items from there to this world.

I had thought that there might be a possibility that I couldn’t bring them back but otherwise I could bring back all the furniture from that house. It seemed to have become a war fund now. Fuhihi.

I wonder how many years have these clothes been kept fertilized in the treasure box now. Seriously I need to get a grip of myself. The size of that clothes is probably a little small but I was able to put them on without any problem.

However…….this is embarrassing. The feelings were indescribable. There are fluttering decorations on the silk clothes in addition to the embroidered vest. The fabric is slightly too lustering and the pants is faintly glossy too. I wonder why the overall look appears really lustrous.

It looks embarrassingly like a cosplay but I convinced myself that this is necessary in order to blend into this world. (come to think of it, I have a feeling the farmer has a similar appearance too) Well, it was a clothing at my own expense. There are no such things as jersey or sweatshirt here so when I think about it, it became natural.

Tools that are essential to be carried along in a bag are weapons that can be used for self-defense in case of emergency (several self-made knives). I placed them inside the bag, put on my high laced boots and entered the mirror.

Upon exiting the residence, I suddenly realized it. Come to think of it, I haven’t given a thought about the time.

It is close to around 10am in Japan now but it is not necessarily the same here. If I went to a completely unknown place once the sun has set, there will be a risk of dying there.

In the effort to ascertain the height of the day, I was stunned by the thing that met my sight.

Aa……the 「information on this world」 was available at such a place. Why didn’t I notice it?

There are two moons in the sky even though it is day time.


The sun is currently high in sky. I wasn’t really sure about the current time of the day but for the time being I didn’t need to worry about the sun setting anytime soon. This is definitely a different world.

There shouldn’t be any history on the existence of two moons on earth.

I passed through the woods in front residence and reached the grassland. It was different than when I last came. It is definitely another world in my opinion. I could see various types of trees that I have never seen mixed in together in the forest. (An entirely different world’s species? That couldn’t have been possible)

—That reminds me, on Galapagos Islands, in order to prevent the tourists from bringing in seeds from another area, the sole of the shoes must be washed before going ashore. Apart from the promenade, the management does not allow them to walk on anywhere else without exceptions.

Although I didn’t particularly care about it, if I kept going back and forth between the two different world, there might be unexpected changes to the nature if I didn’t pay attention to some extent. If I brought one insect out of this place to the other side, the insect on the opposite side might be attacked to extinction. That is one probability that I couldn’t refute.

I thought about it as I walked.

Gasa Gasa~ [sfx:]

A sound coming from a bush on the opposite side roughly 50 meter from here could be heard, making me stand on guard.

An unshaven person who looks like a wild type of hunter came out.
He was dragging out a boar like creature that seemed to have been just killed.


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