Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 3

The Third Story

As dusk slowly turned to dawn, an obscene sound of slurping jupojjupo’ resonates through the night.

Sakura seemed to have forgotten about me as she held the mouth of the plastic bottle in her mouth. My saliva must have been completely licked off already quite some time ago but it didn’t really seem to matter anymore.

The plastic bottle that I have drunk from before. That fact seemed to have driven Sakura to this state.

Sakura was one of the top three beauties in the school. If the aesthetic sense of beauty and ugliness is reversed in this world, I wonder what kind of treatment was Sakura receiving. Similarly to how I used to be treated just because I was ugly, she might have been receiving cold attitudes from the public or ridiculed.

You realized that you are ugly. You were well aware that you are ugly. She realized that everything is about appearance. If that was her thoughts, I might be someone who is way out of her league. She might be thinking that I will not care for someone like her so she endured her desire but wasn’t able to withstand it causing her to develop mental instability and ended up as a stalker. I, on the other hand was able to choose another path and escaped into the two dimensional world. (TN: becoming an otaku)

Well I guess a guy can stay calm once his libido is released. When we see a cute girl, the first thought that came to our mind is “I want to do her” isn’t it. In other words, once you released your sexual desire, you will regain your composure. Although there are people who ended up committing crimes when he released all of his sexual desires.

On the other hand, for women, their feelings of love might come first before their sexual desire. Strictly speaking, they wouldn’t have enough time to regain their composure.

Even after releasing their libido, their feelings for the other person will still not disappear entirely and ended up accumulating instead. In addition, the person they like is unreachable. She cursed her own ‘ugliness’ and was oppressed by her surroundings. The only thing that she could do was just to escape into her delusions.

I wonder how many times was I embraced in Sakura’s delusions.

I have given Sakura my half drunk plastic bottle to Sakura in this state. And Sakura ended up ‘devouring’ the mouth of the plastic bottle in front of me.

There is a possibility that the Sakura now is already completely broken.

Well it is fine in its own way. It is really fine. Isn’t it great for a broken yandere to love you to death?

By any means, I want to make Sakura to belong only to me.

“You’re also a pervert on top of being a stalker? You’re really the lowest.”  [Fujimura]

While feeling excited in the inside, I gulped as I voiced out to Sakura who was absorbed in sucking the plastic bottle. Sakura who shuddered in fright ended up releasing the plastic bottle. The bottle fell to the ground with a soft thud and the tea inside overflowed the opening causing a huge black stain on the ground.

“A..Aaaa….”  [Sakura]

Her eyes started swimming abnormally again, a faint voice leaked out and her knees trembled.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”  [Sakura]

Sakura screamed as if she has gone mad and kneel down to ground. She began tearing the ground soaked tea with her bare hands.

It was not just as if she has gone mad actually. She is completely crazy.

“Are you fine just engaging in something indirectly like this? Are you already satisfied with such a thing?”  [Fujimura]

I asked Sakura who was tearing the tea soaked ground and scooping them into her coat’s pocket.

“What if I give you my saliva directly?”  [Fujimura]

Upon saying that, Sakura’s hand movement stopped instantly.

“If you want it, I’ll give it to you.”  [Fujimura]

Sakura who was has stopped her movement listened to my words and slowly looked up.

“H-H-How much would suffice? How much money should I prepare?”  [Sakura]

She ended up asking something far different than what I expected. Was she thinking that she requires to pay money if I were to give her my saliva directly?

“I-I-If I give you money, will you play with me?”  [Sakura]

In Sakura’s brain, the story seemed to be progressing rapidly.

“If you need my money I have about 600,000 in my savings. I-I saved them from my daily pocket money, New Year’s money and also from my part time job. F-For 600,000, how many days will you play with me?”  [Sakura]

Her pupils were quivering and knees were trembling as she asked me with a cramp smile floating across her face. One of the top three bishoujo in school was trying to buy the infamously ugly me with money. If I get to play with a girl and also receive money at the same time, isn’t it the best? However money is dangerous. Once Sakura runs out of money, she might desperately try to raise more in order not to be separated from me. I wouldn’t like it if she sell her body in order to make more money. I want to make her belonging only to me.

“I don’t need money.”  [Fujimura]

On hearing that, Sakura instantly turned pale. Her eyes quivered unnaturally and her knees started shaking with a rattling sound. It can be quite confusing. She might have not understand me even though I told her that money is not needed. She seemed to be convinced that I will not keep her company if she does not offer some sort of compensation.

“I don’t need money. I would like you to follow my order instead.”  [Fujimura]

It should be fine if I provided her with an alternative for the compensation. If I conveyed that I would like Sakura’s body to be the compensation instead then it should be fine.

Upon hearing that, Sakura who was still kneeling on the ground ended up retreating in fright. She was embracing the plastic bottle tightly as if she was guarding a treasure.

“N-no. I-I will pay. So, so I want to cherish it……”  [Sakura]

What kind of conversation has it developed to in Sakura’s brain? I would just like to be affectionate with Sakura to my heart’s content though. I approached Sakura who was sitting down.

“W-What should I pay? I-I would be willing to give anything.”  [Sakura]

Sakura seemed to be desperate to pay for it regardless. She didn’t seem to be able to believe in it unless she compensates it in physical form.

“It should be sufficient if you pay with your body isn’t it?”  [Fujimura]

I squatted in front of Sakura and gripped her shoulder.

“I-I-Impossible. I-I am not worth that much. Money, I’ll pay you money……”  [Sakura]

She is unexpectedly stubborn. As I was thinking of it, I pushed Sakura down and hung over her.

“If you don’t like it then just resist. Once you resist I will stop immediately.”  [Fujimura]
“Th-The bank has not opened yet-”  [Sakura]
“Oi, are you even listening to what I am saying?”  [Fujimura]
“O-Once the bank opens, I will immediately pa-”  [Sakura]
“…..It’s fine already. Just be quiet.”  [Fujimura]

I was not able to engage her in the conversation at all. I just dismissed the idea and forcibly stole Sakura’s lips instead.

Her lips felt soft and sweet.

Sakura’s eyes opened up wide. Her pupils quivered and the whites of her eyes were showing. Then as she was twitching in fright I thrust my tongue into her mouth.

“Nmuu, nmuu, chuu, chuu, mm…..”

Once I inserted my tongue into her mouth, Sakura became absorbed in entwining her tongue with mine, noisily sucking and swallowing my saliva down her throat.

A completely broken bishoujo. Now that I have reached my hand out to her, I might ended up getting killed due to trivial things in future. It’s the best. It was my long cherish ambition to be loved so much by a yandere that she will kill me.

I forcibly raised my face. A moan escaped her mouth as I parted from her lips.

The whites of her eyes were still showing as she stuck her tongue out. It wriggled around as if it was still in search of my tongue.

“You are my sex slave from now on. I will play with you thoroughly.”  [Fujimura]
“M-money, the bank has yet to open, if I don’t pay the money–”  [Sakura]
“Can you quit being so obstinate? I have already said I don’t need money.”  [Fujimura]

Even though I was annoyed since our conversations were not connecting, my lust overcame my feeling. That very day, I pushed Sakura down and took her virginity by force outdoor. Although she was raped mercilessly by me, she kept chanting a prayer and extending her thanks over and over again.

Thus I ended up obtaining my close to ideal yandere bishoujo.

She will definitely not escape. If Sakura does escape, I will kill her and I will die along with her too.

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23 thoughts on “Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 3

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  2. beyondgodmaou

    ” I wouldn’t like it if she sell her body in order to make more money. ”

    but I guess there would be still someone that would pay for her despite being ugly

    I read that MC is the yandere here but it would be also better if Sakura is also a yandere, even more if the harem is yandere


  3. Desustar

    “You’re also a pervert on top of being a stalker? You’re really the lowest”
    That’s low, fujimura, real low. I’m proud of you.
    And I have to say, he’s one of the smartest MCs I’ve seen, at least so far. Tho it sucks mah dude missed out on making pocket money. But then again, just hook up with a company director or ceo, and that’s his money concerns solved. or rather, he could join any entertainment service and make more money than them.


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