Din no Monshou Arc 1 – Epilogue

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TLC: Rinkage, Mana

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Din No Monshou Chapter 19 (B)

Chapter 19 (B) – Which is important?

After taking careful aim at Stalin, I threw the ball of flame.
Even though he tried to guard against the attack immediately, he ended up missing the real target.
There was no way he could distinguish the small fireball that was hidden inside the big ball of flame on the spur of the moment.

The best place to conceal a tree would be in a forest.
So the best place to conceal the fire would be inside the flame itself.

Thus, the highly concentrated magic that I have launched then hit the guy.
Moreover, the place that was hit was an area that was unprotected by the armour.
To be more specific, it was the only exposed region on his body. His face.

「…..Gu, guoooooooo! 」 (Stalin)

Even though his voice was muffled, he certainly did raise a cry.
The attack earlier has hit the vital point.
In addition, the recoil received was great since it was a critical hit.
I chanted once again to prepare for another attack.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light—-」 (Regis)

Stalin ran away desperately the instant I started my chanting and regained his posture immediately.
Even though the attack earlier should have put an end to this, his recovery was far too fast.
I couldn’t hide my surprise at the reaction that he gave too.

「F-Fast–…..!」 (Regis)
「….I can guard my face, with just one hand. I can still use, the other one, to kill. If the area here, is not targeted, I can fully withstand, this level of flame. 」 (Stalin)

I see.
So he was bracing himself to receive some injuries whilst aiming to kill me.
Considering that he was able to reach that decision in that instant, I could tell that he is a skilled assassin.

「Penetrate through and defeat the enemy—」 (Regis)

My magic would be activated after another word.
However, he should be able to endure it completely.
As one would expect from the one who was famous for working behind the scenes in the Imperial City.
There is a possibility that the same mistake would be repeated again but, could I execute my power without making a blunder?

Nonetheless, when it comes to the number of repeated mistakes committed, mine exceeded twice the norm.
So, what should be done so I would not fail again?
Conversely, how can I catch the enemy off guard?
How can I escape from the hunter’s influence in particular?
I was supposed to be well-informed of it more than anyone else.

I cancelled off my 『Gun Fire』 stance and refined a new pose.
At that moment, Stalin’s face twitched.
He seemed to have noticed my intention.

「—–I cancelled it」 (Regis)
「…..Wha–, you. What are you planning-!」 (Stalin)
「Demon’s blood overflowing my body, turn the flame into a blazing Hellfire—」 (Regis)

This is a ridiculously powerful fire magic.
Stalin guarded his face with one of his hand.
He seemed to be convinced that he would be able to receive it if only it were a small fireball.

But it would be a joke, if he were to think that he could receive this magic with such defence.
I’ll let your body get a taste of it.
A super condensed hellfire-!

「—-eat this, 『Astral Fire』-!」 (Regis)

The flames that were shot out hit Stalin directly in his face.
It was a scene of utter fiery cruelty.
It wouldn’t be possible for him to resume his attack after receiving that thing directly.

「……..Ga, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」 (Stalin)

He screamed at the top of his lungs, paying no mind to the audience anymore.
Collapsing to the floor, he struggled desperately.
However that is an inextinguishable flame.
That’s the kind of magic it is.

It’s a magic that consumes a stupidly large amount of power.
It certainly pays the price as an 『Everlasting Flame』.
It is my arch-nemesis, and also my first ever acquired magic that made me experience the most tormenting backlash.
This magic gave me a strong headache and made me feel nauseous even now.
Nevertheless, something like this will not make me give up.

I should deal a fatal blow here.
I tightened my grip on the knife and approached Stalin who was suffering on the ground.
That was when it happened.

(…..Hear this, child of the fallen.)

A voice resounded directly in my brain.
It was coincidentally the same voice as the one suffering on the ground right now.
But Stalin shouldn’t be in the condition to be able to do this now.
I realized who it was instantly.

「…..is this, Stalin’s counterpart? 」 (Regis)

It was the person who had attacked and inflicted a serious injury upon Shadiverga.
I drove him away after that with my thunder magic though.
So you appeared again, just as I expected.

(…..Cancel off that flame, immediately. This is an order.)
(Haa? Are you making fun of me!?)

Even though I tried to answer, there was no reply coming from the other side.
Apparently it wasn’t possible to reply from my end since this was just a 『Telepathy』. 1

I had thought of reconnecting it again using Mega Telepathy since there seemed to be a serious meaning underlying the message earlier.
It didn’t seem as if Stalin would be revived anytime soon too.
Although, I should just listen to it without being provoked by whatever that he intended to say.

(……Look up, the audience seating overhead, on the right. I am, there.)

When I looked up the arena as instructed, I found a man in black, in the shadow of a pillar.
There’s no doubt about it. It was the same assassin who tried to kill Shadiverga that time.
My lips twitched the moment I sighted that guy.
The reason being, what the guy was holding in his hand was—-

(…….this is, the house of Jirgens’, proof of inheritance. In addition, it seems to be, a symbol of bond, with the house of Din. That fallen noble. This degree is fine, I’ll be using, this knife then.)

After saying so, he applied pressure on the knife’s handle with both hands.
Though the craftsmanship of the knife might be excellent, it is not something meant to be used in combat.
The knife will be broken immediately if he were to do that.
I could feel the temperature of my body soaring up high.

(……If you don’t cancel off, that fire magic, I’ll break this, right now.)

「Wha-!」 (Regis)

(…….Make your choice. If you win, I’ll break the bond, between the fallen noble, and that filthy noble)

This is too despicable.
I looked away from that guy and glared at Durf.
Durf laughed when our gaze met.

He pointed at me as if he was making fun of me with the noble beside him.
As I thought, that guy was the main culprit.
He is seriously someone without an ounce of shame. He was making fun of me and was getting a kick out of this by pulling this underhanded method to defeat me.

「Regis, is there something wrong? Are you injured!? 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga tried to encourage me at that moment.
It might be the wrong time for him to do this but, it didn’t seem like a bad time too.

I am currently facing a serious dilemma.
Walkins, who was standing beside Shadiverga, looked at me anxiously as she prayed.

—-Ah, that’s right!
This is not a task that can be handed to her.
I aligned my sight with Shadiverga and chanted the invocation.

(…..Magic deployment)

I connected it to Shadiverga’s image, enabling me to send my magic to him.
I chanted in my brain following that.

(…..Come forth from my body, make your appearance, the circuit of magic—『Mega Telepathy』)

The line was connected after some noises.
He seemed to have noticed certain changes to himself.
He covered his ears, so as not to miss it.
Well, what he was doing was pointless though.

(Hey father.)
(……Aa, so I can speak with you like this. Magic sure is convenient. So, what’s up Regis? You couldn’t make your decision?)
(No well, there is something that I want to know. Can you answer me?)
(…..What is it?)

The tension in his face grew.
Though the question might sound unpleasant, I relayed it to him slowly.
I did it earnestly. Since this is something important.

(—–Me or Jirgens’ knife. Which is important?)



The answer was immediate.
Shadiverga replied before I could finish my words.

I became dumbfounded that my mouth dropped ajar.
Shadiverga replied naturally as if the answer was plain from the start.

(Didn’t you hear me? It’s you. I’m saying that you’re much more important that the knife which is the symbol of bond between me and Sefina.)
(But, isn’t it a symbol of unity between the house of Din and the house of Jirgens?)
(That’s right. But you know, Regis? Sefina and I are of the same opinion.)
(…..About what?)
(Any parent who abandoned their child for a knife, is not an adult whom a child can be proud of)

I became silent without realizing it.
I see.
There was no hesitation at all. He declared it sincerely.

While I was smiling bitterly in my heart, Shadiverga continued.
Even though the voice sounded gentle, it was overflowed with his pride as a father.

(Besides, if you’re talking about the symbol of unity, you’re one of them too.)
(You’re a child born to me and Sefina. Regis Din. Regardless of how one might call it, aren’t you a symbol of unity between the house of Din and the house of Jirgens as well?)
(……That’s true.)

What he had just said made me happy.
Even I would be embarrassed if something like this was told to my face.
As I was ruminating on Shadiverga’s words, I received another words of encouragement.

(That’s all. Whatever that you plan to do, will be forgiven. Sefina will definitely permit it too. —–Win this, Regis!)
(Aa. Thank you. Father.)

I cut off Mega Telepathy.
I have received the motivation.
Most importantly, I’m really glad to be that person’s son.
My hesitation disappeared too.
Only I could present my answer here, after this.

「…..Now. 」 (Regis)

I glared at the assassin amidst the spectators.
Did you think I will succumb to such intimidation?
Besides, now that such suggestion has been brought up, all my preparations are in order.

The next step would be to just set it in motion.
I glanced at Shadiverga for a split second before declaring it with all my heart.
He gave me a thumbs up as he smiled.

Aa, I got it.
I will answer to your expectation.
Just watch how your son overcomes the enemy.

I took a deep breath.
Then I expressed my will in a voice loud enough to reverberate through the arena.

「――『Astral Fire』, cancel-!」 (Regis)

Shadiverga tumbled off his seat in that instant.


Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. The magic, ‘Telepathy’ allows only one-way communication while ‘Mega Telepathy’ is a two-way communication magic.

Din No Monshou Chapter 19 (A)

Chapter 19 (A) – Which is important?

Before I could do anything, Stalin made his move.
In just a blink of an eye, he appeared beside me, viciously swinging his sword right and left.
Nevertheless, I was able to invoke my magic quickly before the sword hit me.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』–!!」 (Regis)

The fireball shot out of my palm, aiming right at Stalin.
In such close proximity, it would appear to be impossible for him to avoid this attack since he was already in his offensive stance.
That was what I was convinced of, but—-

「……warm」 (Stalin)

Stalin ended up receiving the fireball attack on the left odachi.
Thick smoke billowed from where it was hit when he extinguished it, leaving soot stains on the area.
However he didn’t seem to have received any damage from that attack.

Hmm, I was only preoccupied with the incoming attack from his right hand so I had failed to take notice of his other hand.
I guess this guy is able to attack and defend at the same time.

「…..Did you finally understand the reason why I wield two swords? 」 (Stalin)

He muttered sarcastically.
It was an excellent execution of attack and defence simultaneously using dual wielding style.
On seeing that my movement was delayed due to my chanting, he swung his sword down.

A chorus of enthusiastic voices rang out around the arena.
But I pulled out my knife at that very moment.
*Gyin* A sharp sound resounded as I parried his sword.

「…..Wha-!?」 (Stalin)
「This is what you call parrying. I can acquire this skill too after a sufficient amount of training. 」 (Regis)

This is the best solution you could use to cover a magician’s weakness.
It would be difficult to invoke the magic a short while after the chant.
As a result, the ability to concentrate will also weaken.

In the meantime, you could endure the enemy’s attack using a melee weapon.
By adopting this strategy, you would not make any blunders even when you go against a swordsman.

「…..as I thought, you are, different than, the usual nobles. 」 (Stalin)
「Why, thank you. 」 (Regis)
「…….but, it might be possible that, you have not been taught, the ways to defend against magic. 」 (Stalin)
「What? 」 (Regis)

At that moment, an enormous wave of magical energy was discharged from Stalin’s body.
That incantation must have been prepared beforehand.
He stuck out his hand towards me and chanted ominously.

「Dark thunder, torment the weakness of the earth. Let the glittering flash fall hard like strong electric blade—–『Electron Abyss』」 (Stalin)

The instant the incantation was recited, huge bolts of lightning flew out from that guy’s body.
Each of the lightning bolts that flew out, came at me like dozens of wriggling tentacles.
The range of that attack was too wide that it couldn’t be completely avoided.
I stiffened my face and head, taking a defensive posture to receive a portion of the lightning.

「Gu–, it feels numb. 」 (Stalin)

All the lightning bolts received were diffused and reflected inside my body, stimulating a sense of pain.
Beads of sweat fell off my brow, making me feel unpleasant.
However, lightning magic is also a field in which I am specialized in.
Such a degree of attack would not stop my heart.

Once your offensive skill in that attribute increased, your resistance in that attribute will also increase simultaneously.
It would be dangerous though, if this were either water or earth magic instead.
Nevertheless, there’s no way I can afford to lose to something like lightning after studying the expert level of magic.
On seeing that I was still standing still even after receiving that attack, Stalin clicked his tongue.

「…..obstinate. 」 (Stalin)
「That’s just how it goes. Besides, it’s my belief to return the favour given by someone. 」 (Regis)
「……what? 」 (Stalin)
「A thunder magic should be something, like this! 」 (Regis)

I took a stance as if I was dedicating my whole body to the sky.
Then I took a step forward, pushing out the magic power from the entire surface.

「Flash of thunderbolt, pierce through the earth. Pass your heavenly judgement and surge out the evil spirit—『Bolt Judgement』–!!」 (Regis)

A wave of amplified electricity was transmitted out at an extraordinary speed.
It was an overwhelming sea of thunder.

「….tsk, this is. 」 (Stalin)

Stalin pulled back in an attempt to avoid it.
However, it would be naive of him if he were to think that this magic could be easily avoided.
As described in the expert level book of magic, it is a genuine high-level magic.

The speciality of this inevitable thunder magic is its speed.
At a lightning speed that one’s eyes couldn’t even follow, the thunder attack mowed down the assassin’s body.

「….Guo-!」 (Stalin)

He was blown off as he couldn’t endure it.
Stalin who took on a defensive stance was pushed back to the edge of the ring.
Unfortunately, his posture broke.

「Alright. Now’s the time! 」 (Regis)

I should deal the decisive blow before he fixed his stance again.
Pointing the knife at his vital point, I rushed towards him with all my might.
However, at that moment, Stalin’s body reeled from side to side.

The phenomenon happening looked similar to a heat haze.
It was as though the person standing there was just an illusion.
And then, right before I could press ahead, his body suddenly disappeared.

「….Could it be-!?」 (Regis)

I looked around in a hurry.
When did I fall for his trick?
My heart began beating in an unpleasant tempo.
While my being alert, a burning sensation ignited in my back all of a sudden.

「…..Giu-!?」 (Regis)

Shit! I was slashed!
I writhed around on the ground as I wasn’t able to endure the attack.
The assassin looked down at me with a cold gaze.
Seeing that, I tried to get to my feet somehow to resume the attack.

The wound is just shallow.
Nonetheless, that alone seemed sufficient for that guy.
Stalin approached me even though he was wobbling as he walked.

「…..It’s a dazzle magic. Called 『Confubody』. The backlash is great. Using it excessively is, impossible. But—–」 (Stalin)

*Chakkiri* He fixed his grips on both of the odachi again.
The sight of the two swords that were wielded high over his head resembles a Grim Reaper’s scythe.
What the two swords were aiming for, was probably my head.

「…..just once, is enough to kill you.」 (Stalin)

Stalin tried to swing down the sword.
I could hear the audience breathing out in relief.
It’s no longer possible to turn the tables anymore from here.
An unexpected result wouldn’t occur after all.

That must be what they were thinking of.
In the midst of all the sighing from the audience, my lips curled into a smile.

「……explode, 『Cross Blast』」 (Regis)

The surrounding area turned into a billowing sea of flames at that moment.
If that guy was able to drive me into a corner with a chantless magic, then it was also possible in reverse.
I could also push him into a valley of defeat.
Stalin opened his eyes wide when he saw the activation of the fire magic.

「……Wha-! On its, own!? 」 (Stalin)

The magic, Cross Blast was invoked with him and me in the center.
The blazing flames scorched the skin and burnt the clothes.
Since the magic was activated by a chantless magic, it wasn’t possible to control the level of the heat at all.

But, that guy felt the same pain equally.
From here on, it would just be a test of our endurance.

「You know, I was locked in a sauna before a long time ago. 」 (Regis)
「……? What are you talking about? 」 (Stalin)
「Well just listen. Even though I was still inside, the cleaner locked up the door. 」 (Regis)

It was during the time when I was up the whole night on my PC.
I was one of the abnormally rare man in this modern world who managed to obtain the license to a fantastic game and spent the whole night playing it.
It was interesting. The ending made my tears flow all over.

Then, early the next morning.
To refresh myself, I visited a sauna that was experiencing a sharply declining patronage.
That was the time when it happened.

Due to my negligence, I ended up falling asleep in the sauna.
It was a very deep sleep that rarely occurs in one’s life.
I was the biggest fool since that act itself was comparable to suicide.

So it wasn’t really the fault of the cleaner.
Nevertheless, he should have at least confirmed that the sauna was empty before locking the door.
If this were to have persisted for a little longer, it would have led to an accidental death.
Well, this was not what I really wanted to tell him anyway.

「It was very hot inside. Not to mention, there was one old man with me before I fell asleep. He happened to love sweating it out in a sauna with exceedingly high temperature. After using up all the water in the bucket, he went back. So, when I finally woke up in the afternoon, the temperature I felt at that time was already comparable to the feeling of being grilled alive on an iron plate. 」 (Regis)

That was because, that old man is someone who adjusted the heat only as he enters the sauna.
Any ordinary person who were to accompany him might’ve gone through a near-death experience in that temperature.

As a result, I became frightened of being cooped up in an enclosed space.
The moment I recalled that memory, I could feel laughter welling up inside me. It was pathetic.

「In the end, I became dehydrated and was taken to the medical center instantly. How much later do you think it was when I was finally rescued? 」 (Regis)
「……how should I know. 」 (Stalin)
「It was after 38 hours. 」 (Regis)
「…………」 (Stalin)
「That was because, the day after that was something like a holiday. The employees and manager had switched off everything, neglecting me who was still inside. It was later exposed that it was actually a no good shop that has committed accounting fraud and it went out of business after. In a sense, I was grateful—–」 (Regis)

We stood in the middle of the blazing flames.
Then I fixed my eyes on him.

「I’ll show you the limits of my endurance. 」 (Regis)
「…..nonsense. 」 (Stalin)

He might have spat that line out but, the heat appeared to be affecting him considerably too.
Despite the amount of time he has spent in his combat training, there was still no way he could’ve withstand this condition.

I was a useless NEET in my previous life.
I spent my days living like trash and died as trash too.
But there is one thing about myself that I am proud of.

I have an abnormally high pain tolerance and endurance.
This level of heat meant nothing to me.

On hearing that confident declaration, Stalin laughed through his nose.
Then, he pointed to his own clothes, hoping to worsen my despair.

「…..it’s, regrettable. I am equipped with, 『Burning Flame Dragonscale Armour』. It was something, that was ripped off another family. Made of high grade materials. A first class goods. Not only is it light, it is also capable of, blocking out intense heat from lightning, and fire.」 (Stalin)
「Is there even such a thing? 」 (Regis)
「……that’s the difference of power, in which we belong to. It’s not something that, a fallen noble like you, can prepare. 」 (Stalin)

I see.
It was no wonder that the thunder magic earlier didn’t seem to be that effective.
He was wearing such high-performance armour.
In other words, even in this heat endurance competition, he would be the one in a much more advantageous position.
I would definitely lose now if we were to compete in it.

It might have been a miscalculation on my part.
Stalin seemed to be sneering at me behind his mask.
However, I’ll give him a payback for his mockery too.

「So? I didn’t create this sea of fire just so we could have a sauna endurance competition. 」 (Regis)
「…..Hmph, then what are you planning on—」 (Stalin)

Stalin scoffed.
But, he appeared startled after surveying the surrounding.
Being encircled by blazing fire, there was no other choice for him than to move forward.
Even when he cast a furtive glance behind, what awaited him was a wall of scorching flame.

Moreover, I was also in the midst of chanting before his eyes.
That was when Stalin finally realized my true intention in creating the fire.
Yes. My real motive in this suicidal action was to limit his movements.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』–!」 (Regis)


Din No Monshou – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Arena

Apparently, the house of Din has a considerably bad reputation among nobles.
This is because the house of Din’s origin can be traced back to be people who would be considered ordinary.

It was said that a volunteer soldier was the one who had built up the Din household during the war against the empire several hundred years ago.

After the feudal lord escaped, he remained in the territory and endured the waves of attacks up until the ceasefire.

As a result, the King evaluated it as follows;
『He’s a courageous person who has pushed back the enemy』。

Thus, the former feudal lord who returned was then thrust aside and he begun to reign over the territory as a noble.
However, there was also considerable opposition to this.
And, when the head of the family dies, the following generation will be the target of the current state of affair as well.

The territory that was governed by Din household is small and the connections with the surrounding areas is also weak.
Hence, when the neighbouring area’s influence grew stronger, the influence of Din household became steadily weak too.

Several years later, the head of Din household was then married to the head of Jirgens household, who was similarly disliked by the nobles around.
Seen as ‘fallen’ nobles, their reputation never improved and were seen as detestable among the nobles.

That was why, upon stepping into the arena, the shrill cheers from the crowd were all directed at Durf even though Walkins, Shadiverga and I were there among the audience as well.

「Do your best, Durf-dono! 」
「My son-in-law is indebted to the majestic Horgos household too. 」
「Such puny nobles. What are they planning! This will be over in no time. 」

A group of overweight fat nobles were having dull conversations among themselves.
Is this a breeding ground for gluttonous pigs?

These are typical fools who are devoured by greed and the pursuit of power and money.

Words of encouragements were thrown around from different households in the arena.
I could hear the whisperings among them too.
However, they were generally things that did not sound pleasant.

「…….Fallen nobles should just submit obediently. 」
「What happened to the head of the family, Shadiverga? I guess he wasn’t allowed to board the railway carriage? 」
「It’s those lot of people who usually do indecent things. Retribution might have befallen them. 」

*tsk tsk* All the scorn received were painful to the ears.
It was amazing that they could express it openly before the person himself.
Shediverga appeared to have shut his eyes in an attempt to ignore the remarks but, he might be feeling dejected deep inside his heart.
It must be tough staying in a place like this when you are detested by the people.

「…..I’m hated, aren’t I? 」 (Shadiverga)
「That’s just what I want. Being hated this much actually makes it easier to work on our plan after this. 」 (Regis)
「P-Please, please don’t stimulate it even more. Please Regis.」 (Shadiverga)

You’re seriously too timid.
His trauma might have been revived the moment he stood in the presence of the crowd.
In order to reassure him, I gave him a big nod.

「Of course. Have I ever done something that would cause any inconvenience to father? 」 (Regis)
「Who was the one who had unleashed a string of profanities at Durf!? 」 (Shadiverga)
「By the way, this arena is pretty wide isn’t it? 」 (Regis)

I’ll just let that inconvenient thing slide by.
This skill is quite important in one’s life.
The duel will start in a while.

Once both contenders of the duel have assembled, we are required to do down to the arena.
But, first of all, the observer despatched by the King would be giving the greetings.
We can take our time to relax until then.

「This is a case of an emergency. It seems that they were utilizing a platoon’s training too. 」
「Hmm, I guess they wanted to make full use of the ring’s extensive area as one of their strategies. 」

Just as I was having various thoughts swirling in my head, I could hear someone approaching us, giving us words of encouragement.
Apparently that pig seemed to be practising the sankin-kotai 1system.
He drew closer to his own opponent in the duel, with a look as if he wanted to break someone apart.

Durf appeared to be in a really good mood with greed written all over his faces.
He looked at Shadiverga after he came over to us.

「Well, well, isn’t this Shadiverga-dono. I’ll have the honour of training with you today. 」 (Durf)
「Ee, same here. 」 (Shadiverga)
「So you were able to avoid only the renunciation of the duel but, I guess you couldn’t come forth due to your injury?…..Kuku, pardon my rudeness. It was so admirable that I’m on the verge of tears. 」 (Durf)
「Eh? So you knew that father is injured? 」 (Regis)

Durf’s mouth twitched when I said it nonchalantly.
That thoughtless remark was made with ease.
He broke out in a cold sweat and tried to ignore the question.

「Hmph, I just had the feeling that Shadiverga-dono’s body is on the verge of breaking down. This might be the will of the Heavens. 」 (Durf)
「Walkins, it’s scary. This guy has the ability to converse with the Heavens. 」 (Regis)
「Shii–, there might be a religion like this, you know.」 (Walkins)

I could see blue veins popping out on Durf’s head the moment I said that.
Well, there was no need for you to be so high-strung.
Isn’t this simply a joke from a kid?
Then just overlook it.

Durf clicked his tongue on seeing my unchanging demeanour.

「Tch, I’ll distort that side of yours before long. Today will be the last day you’ll be spoiled by Walkins-dono. I will obtain her and she will settle into my household after this. 」 (Durf)
「Is your head alright? It’ll only lead to your downfall if you were to believe in an impossible future. Well, from the start, I didn’t think that brain of yours can think of the future with a calm state of mind anyway. 」 (Regis)
「…..Y-You s-son of a bitch-!」 (Durf)

Durf clenched his fist.
He was almost at his boiling point.
He wouldn’t be able to keep up his act of diplomacy in that state of anger.

After all, he is someone who reigns over people ever since he was born so, I don’t think he has ever been spoken ill of directly.

Try looking at me instead. Especially what I’ve gone through in my first life.
I have received nothing but jeerings from people ever since I was born.
How many times do you think I have been taken into the police’s custody now?
Return me my youth, the eternity that I’ve lost, damn head patrol officer!

Clenching his teeth, Durf tried to vent his anger out.
This is amusing.
The moment he boiled over with anger in public, I could already assess that diplomatic power of his.
He’s the type whose insides collapse easily.

「Eeh, sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time. Since the observer has arrived, we can finally commence the duel.」

The voice which was enhanced through magic reverberated through the arena.
In response to this announcement, Durf prepared himself to return to his own place.

「Remember this, damn kid. 」 (Durf)
「Remember how you were making a fool of yourself? Sorry but no thanks. It feels repulsive to preserve the memory of a worthless human. 」 (Regis)
「…..Gu, gu, gununu. 」 (Durf)

Durf’s face turned red with rage as he looked at me.
However, his attendant was somehow able to get him to return to his place after calling him.
I guess his place was the opposite side of here.
The observer went up the arena ring and explained the outline of the duel.

The observer is a young woman with long blonde hair that’s tied up together reaching her waist.
She should be an important individual in the kingdom but, I had never expected it to be such a pretty lady.
The woman then began her explanation in a crystal-clear voice.

「This will be a duel between the house of Horgos and the house of Din. As a general rule, the duel will go on until either party surrenders or is killed. Contenders, please prepare yourself. 」

Oops, it’s almost time now.
On the other side, Durf could be seen exchanging glances with a silhouette resembling a human hiding behind the pillar.
That person appeared to be carrying odachi in both of his hands.

As I thought.
So, the other person couldn’t make his appearance after I nearly burnt him to death and struck him with a lightning attack?
This person has not only engraved fear in Edgar but he had escaped unscathed during our last fight.
Will he be the Din household’s opponent?

He was keeping his gaze concentrated on Shadiverga here as well.
Although, he is silent, drops of sweat could be seen trickling down his cheek. He’s probably feeling tense.

「We will now be announcing the contenders of the duel. From the house of Horgos—-Stalin. From the house of Din—–the head of the household, which in this case, the contender should be Shadiverga-sama. 」

At that moment, all the sights fell upon Shadiverga.
「So he’s coming forth? 」 「No way」 A clamour arose in the arena.
Was this an unexpected development for Durf as well? Cold sweat appeared to be running down his forehead.

But, that was not the expression that I was looking for from him.
What I wanted was even more than that. A lifeless pig who had his soul forcefully extracted from him—that was the look that I hoping to see.

「Well then, could both houses let us know your aspirations. First of all, the house of Horgos.」

After saying so, the staff of the arena approached us.
So Durf will be the first?
Coming from him, it must be nothing more than just sarcastic remarks directed at us anyway.

「Aa–, the house of Horgos will claim victory in the name of justice. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone here for coming to see this duel. Well, even though it might be good for me to step out personally in this duel, seeing that they are opposing contenders after all but, they are still peasants at the end of the day. Getting too close to those existence would just defile ourselves—」 (Durf)

The arena resounded with laughter.
The only ones not showing any reaction to this were only us and the observer.
Apparently most of the people here have a pretty shallow sense of humour.
Any comedians would be delighted to have a crowd of audience like this.

「—–As the head of the household who is entrusted with the west side of the Kingdom, I promise you all that I will deliver an overwhelming and swift victory. 」 (Durf)

He concluded his speech.
At that moment, the arena burst into spontaneous applause.
Durf raised his hand high above his head in response to the cheering reared.
I had just personally experienced how a dictator came to be.

The insects had swarmed around the abundance of power.
Are you all that desperate for his scraps?
There is nothing more pathetic than this.

「Eeh, thank you very much. Then next, the head of Din household please. 」

Thereupon, the staff held the crystal close to Shadiverga’s mouth.
Is that something like a microphone?
I wonder if that was what used to amplify the voice using magic.

When I exchanged looks with Shadiverga, he gave a nod as if he has given up on it.
Walkins appeared to have given me the green light too.

Alright, then should I go ahead now?
I snatched the crystal from him and spoke out loud.

「Eeh, since father has physically fell apart, I will be the one to speak on behalf of him. I’m Regis, the son of Shadiverga who is the current head of the house of Din. 」 (Regis)

The arena was astir with murmurings of the audience.
There would be no one who could have possibly predicted my appearance here.
I could hear the voices of those expressing their doubts.

「Who’s that kid? 」
「I’ve never seen him before. Could he be the heir to the house of Din? 」
「Since their territory is close by, I’ve heard of him before. He’s a strange child who has a precocious talent for almost everything. 」
「Don’t make me laugh. What could a child of that age accomplish? 」

There was a warm round of applause at my speech as well.
I should definitely give a proper response to this.
Clearing my throat, I cut to the chase.

「This is a good time as any since most of the distinguished families and guests from the Kingdom are present now. This is an important announcement relating to the house of Din. 」 (Regis)
「….Important announcement? 」

The staff who was carrying the crystal tilted his head in wonder.
That’s a good reaction.
That was surely a reaction that was given as result of his inability to digest my words.
I would like those nobles to listen well to this too.

「Actually, my father possessed a collection of books that are unethical. The contents of those books are really impressive in a way, or should I say filthy beyond words…..」 (Regis)
「O-Oi–!! That’s totally unrelated isn’t it!? 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga who had kept silent all this while suddenly snapped at me.
However the sharp pain that ran through his body instantly silenced him, making him docile again.
That is certainly a deadly poison. It doesn’t seem to be easily rid of.

「I’m already fed up with father’s debauchery. As a result, after going through an emergency meeting—–we finally came to a conclusion. I, Regis will inherit all the rights and authority to Din household for one day. Well in short, father will have to retire from his position for one day. 」 (Regis)

Commotion broke out everywhere.
As I expected, they finally understood what I meant.
But, their realization came too late.
My strategy was already well underway the moment I wasn’t thrown out of the arena.

「We hereby declare that, the head of the house of Din today will be me, Regis. —-Therefore, I will be the one participating as the contender in this duel. 」 (Regis)

I hadn’t missed the moment when Durf fell of his chair on the other side when I said that.
The announcement was immediately followed by an intense booing from the audience.
However, I raised my voice and shouted out loud to suppress the uproar.

「You guys are noisy! This is something concerning my household! Do you have any problems with the decision made by my family, hah?! 」 (Regis)

All the jeerings instantly subsided.
They were just angry voices of those who didn’t even give a damn to the duel.
I could also call this a misplaced anger of a bunch of hooligans.
As I thought, this is how a clamour should be.

「That’s why, observer-san, the contender from the house of Din would be me. Will you acknowledge it? 」 (Regis)
「…….If that’s the case then, I’ll approve of it. Based on Article 4 in the dueling rule which pertains to any additional minor points that determine the dueling method, we have guaranteed that anyone is allowed to participate as long as they comply with the conditions. So there is no problem.」 (observer)

In response to those words, I wore the knife engraved with the crest of Din by strapping it to my waist.
I’m ready for battle.
Although there were people who were still expressing their dissatisfaction, it no longer has anything to do with me.
The observer’s decision is absolute in this place. I was just abiding by the rules.

「Kill him! Stalin, I want you to kill that brat! 」 (Durf)

Durf was getting excited.
That was quite a fast recovery. He was just dumbfounded a while ago.
It appeared to have hit him that this would be his chance to get rid of me.
He was literally grinning from ear to ear.
That fiend.

「Then I’ll be going off. 」 (Regis)
「Please be careful. 」 (Walkins)
「Aa. 」 (Regis)

Shadiverga still appeared to be depressed when I faced behind.
Was the reason given for his one day retirement too much for him to bear?
He needn’t pay it any mind actually.

Even in my previous life, my own relatives had exposed my treasured books before.
I was seen as ‘filth’. In their eyes, I must have looked like nothing more than a cockroach to them.
So don’t cry if it’s just at this degree.
On seeing my face, Shadiverga heaved a deep sigh and laughed.

「Regis, take care alright. Don’t be reckless. 」 (Shadiverga)
「I got it. 」 (Regis)

「……You are truly my pride, son. 」 (Shadiverga)
「You’re a father that I can be proud of. 」 (Regis)

Those words were truly from my heart.
I should go quickly now since the staff was urging me.
Was it because the enemy is a skilled assassin? As an opponent, he seemed to possess a much higher status.

But well, it should be fine.
I have a feeling that I will not lose to anyone now.
I don’t plan on losing after staking it in that fight against Walkins.

Passing through a luxurious gate, I entered the ring.
I have fully replenished my magic so I’ll be able to go all out to my heart’s content.

A masked man equipped with an ominous looking odachi came forth from the other side.
We stood face to face with the observer in between us.

「Yo, I’m your opponent. 」 (Regis)
「…..It’s laughable. Even that mercenary, couldn’t win. Can you even, compete then?」 (Stalin)
「It’s the opposite. Edgar is stronger than me. In other words, if I can beat you then that would mean that she’s far stronger than you. 」
「….foolish. 」 (Stalin)

After saying so, Stalin shut his mouth and fell silent.
He swayed his sword dauntingly in exchange.
What he was doing might be no more than a bluff.
Nevertheless, I have yet to go through such a training. The ability to display a trick of that degree which would make the opponent falter.

「Then, both party, please take your stance…… Here we go. 3. 2. 1—–」 (observer)

The observer begun the countdown calmly.
I took in a deep breath.
And, her face closed in to the crystal in an instant, declaring the start of the decisive duel.

「—–Begin-!」 (observer)


1. Also called Japan’s Alternate Attendance System. More about it here

Din No Monshou – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Strategy Meeting

「Father, are you all right?」 (Regis)
「Oo, Regis. As you can see….I’m feeling all right somehow. 」 (Shadiverga)
「That condition doesn’t look fine at all! 」 (Regis)

The next day.
Walkins and I assembled in Shadiverga’s bedroom.

He ran a high fever last night.
However, the severity of his fever has come down after drinking the medicine compounded by Walkins.
I heaved a huge sigh, feeling relieved for the time being.
Although, it doesn’t seem like he will be able to move around for a while due to the severe numbness in his body.

「The enemy has done a pretty elaborated thing too, hasn’t he? 」
「Do you happen to know that assassin? 」
「He’s one of the Stalin brothers, isn’t he? I have heard of them before. Their existences have been exposed to the public numerous times but, they possess abilities that made them invincible. 」
「I see. So they are celebrities in that world. 」

Edgar seemed to know them too.
Speaking of which, I wonder if she has returned to the inn safely.
She might be currently sleeping in that area unexpectedly.
Since I wouldn’t know what she would end up doing once she got drunk.

「….Sorry. 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga murmured while I was being immersed in my thoughts.
He clasped his hands together and forced the words out of his mouth.

「This is all my fault. I was the one who got carried away by the provocation. We wouldn’t have come to the Imperial City in the first place if it weren’t for me. It would be fine if I were the only one who ended up in this predicament but, I have caused so much trouble for Regis and Walkins too. 」 (Shadiverga)
「Now, now, father. Cheer up. It’s good enough that we’re still alive now. 」 (Regis)
「That’s right. We don’t really mind it. 」 (Walkins)

Walkins and I followed up immediately.
However, Shadiverga’s face was full of regrets and his shoulders could be seen trembling.
Tears welled up in his eyes.

「……Moreover, the knife I received from Sefina was also stolen. I don’t have the courage to face her anymore after this. 」 (Shadiverga)
「So long as Shadiverga-sama is safe, madam will be pleased. 」 (Walkins)
「Exactly. It’s too late to regret it now. 」 (Regis)

It’s important to look back to the past but, if you don’t look at the things before your eyes now, you’ll never be able to advance.
We should devise a strategy now so we could get back at them.
Although, we were stumped now because we still couldn’t figure out that specific method to do so.

It couldn’t be helped that Shadiverga was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness.
I should be the one to make a move here.
Just as I was thinking so, Walkins tapped my shoulder.

「Regis-sama, just a moment–」 (Walkins)
「Aa」 (Regis)

It seems that Walkins wanted me to go outside the room.
As soon as I left the room, Walkins followed along.
Would it be bad if Shadiverga happened to overhear this conversation?

「What’s wrong? 」 (Regis)
「Yes. I think we can consider infiltrating Horgos’ house as a last resort. 」 (Walkins)
「…..What do you mean by that? 」 (Regis)
「It’s exactly what it means. I will penetrate the enemy’s territory to retrieve the knife and eliminate the enemy’s important people. 」 [Walkins]
「Rejected. 」 (Regis)

I shook my head instantaneously.
My immediate reply was probably unexpected to her. Her hair swayed as she asked.

「Why is that? 」 (Walkins)
「I do not want Walkins to kill people」. (Regis)
「You’re too soft. 」 (Walkins)
「Yes I’m soft. If a soft person can end a conflict without killing people, then I’m fine with being a softie.」 (Regis)

But, that was nothing more than just a disagreement swayed by my emotions.
Walkins wouldn’t be convinced by this, would she?
That was the reason why I should reveal my trump card here.
I gazed into Walkins’ eyes.

「Besides, I will be troubled if you were to do so. I was planning to crush that house fair and square. 」 (Regis)
「What do you mean by that? 」 (Walkins)
「What I meant was that we will be participating in the duel as planned and obtain victory. 」 (Regis)
「…….But Shadiverga-sama is currently—」 (Walkins)
「I would like to enquire more deeply into something with regard to that so let’s get back to where father is. 」 (Regis)

I ended the conversation and made my way back to Shadiverga’s room.
However, Walkins grabbed my shoulder to restrain me.

「What is it? 」 (Regis)
「It’s about what I suggested earlier—-If I were to just retrieve the knife without killing the enemy, would you be fine with it? 」 (Walkins)
「No」 (Regis)
「…..Why is that? 」 (Walkins)
「I don’t want Walkins to go to a dangerous place. That’s all. 」 (Regis)

I gave just a brief reply to Walkins who persisted in it.

「It’s an employer’s duty to make use of his servant. 」 (Walkins)
「That might be so. However, I do not want to think that it’s an employer’s duty to send someone to a place that they know is dangerous. Especially when that person is someone whom I am close to.」 (Regis)
「…………」 (Walkins)
「Are you convinced now? Then let’s go. 」 (Regis)

I placed my hand on the door this time to open it.
The door creaked open.
At that moment, a resigned voice could be heard from behind.

「………..Regis-sama, you’re kind, aren’t you? 」 (Walkins)
「That’s only because of Walkins. 」 (Regis)

I answered instantly.
The inside felt warmer than the hallway. As I thought, it was more comfortable in here.

Shadiverga was drinking the tea that I brewed.
I don’t drink much tea myself but, this person and Walkins appeared to enjoy it quite a bit.
Well, I do know of a big alcoholic idiot though.
So if I have to compare between the two of them, I’d say that drinking tea is a much cuter pastime.

「What were you two talking about?」 (Shadiverga)
「Iya, it’s just a discussion about father’s precious books. We’re debating if the books are on ‘animal’ training or hermaphroditic. 」 (Regis)
「What were you guys talking about!? 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga demanded for the answer this time in a tearful voice.
It was unexpected for him to take me so seriously.

「I’m just kidding. 」 (Regis)
「R-Right. 」 (Shadiverga)
「Yeah. The type that father likes is the one with sisters isn’t it? 」 (Regis)
「Am I still in my nightmare!? 」 (Shadiverga)

I cut to the chase while Shediverga was on the verge of fainting in agony.
I explained it one by one by indicating it with my fingers.

「Father, the situation has become really bad. First of all, we should confirm the current state. 」 (Regis)
「T-That’s true. 」 (Shadiverga)
「Firstly, the condition of father, the person who was supposed to take part in the duel. There’s no doubt that you will not be able to defeat the enemy. 」 (Regis)
「Uuu……」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga’s voice appeared choked.
I felt bad for doing this when he was in a depressed state but, there are more bad news to come.

「Next would be about the stolen family heirloom that you have been treasuring more than your life. It is evident that they are planning to use it to threaten us, doubling our disadvantageous at this point. 」 (Regis)
「…….This is hopeless. 」 (Shadiverga)

Oh, the light gradually faded from his eyes.
This is bad. If the light in his eyes goes out, there is a high chance that he might end up being mentally crippled.
Walkins was listening to my speech in silence.

「Moreover, considering that Walkins is not allowed to make her appearance in the duel, there are no other candidates with fighting capabilities. Even if you were to consider bringing in a private soldier from home, we wouldn’t be able to make it since the duel will be held tomorrow. 」 (Regis)
「……Haa, all our routes are sealed, aren’t they? 」 (Shadiverga)
「So then father, I have a request. Could you lend me your ear? 」 (Regis)
「What is it? 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga leaned closer to listen to what I have to say.
The damage would be huge if I were to say it out pompously now.
Let’s just say it lightly. Lightly.

「Actually—-」 (Regis)

When I whispered it to him, Shadiverga’s eyes widened in shock.
His mouth opened and closed repeatedly like a goldfish for a brief moment before he raised a hysteric cry.

「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!! T-That’s not allowed! 」 (Shadiverga)
「Isn’t it fine? It would be accomplished once I return it back to its original sheath.」 (Regis)
「We’ll end up being laughed at and criticized by the other nobles! 」 (Shadiverga)
「We have been fallen nobles for a long time now so what have we got to lose?」 (Regis)

I questioned him seriously without a hint of joke in my words.
Shadiverga looked baffled due to my sudden change of attitude.

「…..T-That is. 」 (Shadiverga)
「Our connections with the other nobles from our surrounding were already broken off so they wouldn’t be lending their assistance too. Do you still need to hold yourself back for anyone’s sake? 」 (Regis)
「T-That’s is certainly true but…. 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga seemed to be at his wit’s end on what he should do.
He must have understood the reason but he was probably hesitant due to the huge risk.
However, there will be no meaning to it if I don’t urge him here.

「Regis-sama. Please explain it to Walkins too. 」 (Walkins)

Oh, will she be lending the help here?
You’ve done well Walkins. I’ll have to convey my gratitude politely later.

「It’s this kind of strategy—-」 (Regis)
「Oh, so there was a trick like that? As expected of Regis-sama. It’s the weak point that the nobles would never be able to think of. 」 (Walkins)
「Hahaha, praise me more. 」 (Regis)

Nobles are people who take importance of trust and pride more than anything else?
Then the house of Din has nothing to do with them.
Since we were originally fallen nobles who were already disliked by the neighbouring places.
I would make use of any tricks in hand to win by all means.

「I highly propose going through with this plan. 」 (Regis)
「I agree too. 」 (Walkins)
「Father, it’s two against one now. 」 (Regis)
「……..Uuu, I got it all right! I don’t care what happens after this. 」 (Shadiverga)
「The responsibility will be divided equally. 」 (Regis)
「A sudden joint responsibility!? 」 (Shadiverga)
「Now, now. Just believe in me. I will make sure that it’ll be successful. 」 (Regis)

We held back Shadiverga who was still against it and gained the approval to the opinion.
It was due to my dictatorship.
All right! Maybe I should build a bronze statue in the garden the next time.
As I was pondering, Walkins flashed me a smile that could give one a sense of security.

「If you need any help in this, just let me know.」 (Walkins)
「Aa, then Walkins, could you meet that person once this duel is over?」 (Regis)
「That person? 」 (Walkins)

Walkins tilted her head.
She didn’t get the hint?

「That ex-mercenary. Haven’t we talk about this before? 」 (Regis)
「Aa yes. She must be around 20 years old by now. 」 (Walkins)
「Yeah. She really wants to meet you so just have a tea with her or something. 」 (Regis)
「I understand. 」 (Walkins)

All right. Let’s summon Edgar using this as bait.
Although, that person might make a move even without this condition attached.
It’s my personal thanks to her then.

「Then Walkins, we shall complete the usual magic practice by tonight. 」 (Regis)
「Yes. I think you should probably be able to achieve it by tonight. 」 (Walkins)

With this, all the preparations would be complete.
The plan will be initiated once I succeeded in mastering that magic.
I would be using an underhanded method this time but I was already well-prepared for the consequences.
Let’s see, probably not to the extent of getting executed I guess…….
Maybe just in the range of massive bleeding or being burnt to death.


My whole body was moving like a wild beast.
The increasing desire to pin down the woman in front of me went ablaze.

「Damn, you’re just running around! 」 (Regis)

This is the basement of the mansion.
Even if I reached my right hand out, she managed to evade it smoothly.
Even though she was just toying around with me, it was still fine.

It would double my excitement once I catch her.
At the moment, I was just chasing after her back.

I was breathing heavily and my body was drenched in sweat.
However, the tingling sensation all over my body was caused by just an intense exercise.
That was the reason why I was wielding my knife like this but—–

「I missssseeedddddd!!!! 」 (Regis)
「Are? Are you done already? I have not even broken a sweat yet. 」 (Walkins)

Walkins was just evading me.
I have been trying to catch her for more than an hour now.
Even when I was attacking her with a knife used for training, she has parried all the attacks.

「Your swing is too wide. Your ability to grasp the movements is better than last year but your stance is still rigid. 」 (Walkins)

I fixed my posture as soon as she pointed it out.
However, it was just one problem after another.
Fighting with a knife has a considerably high level difficulty.

「Your movements are rough. Let’s pause for a short while so you can catch your breath. 」 (Walkins)

I took a deep breath obediently.
I have already mastered that specific magic a few hours ago.
In order to utilize that magic to the best of my ability, I was training my knife skill.

「Walkins’ movements were just way too fast. 」 (Regis)
「No, it’s not. A movement of this degree is considered to be normal for a skilled assassin. I was just matching my speed to that level.」 (Walkins)
「…..I know that.」 (Regis)

The training itself has actually started several years ago.
For the sake of using the magic effectively, the skill in using knife in combat is required.
How are those two related?

The reason is obvious.
You need to protect yourself during your incantation.

In addition, mastering this skill would enable me to take on a group of people with just a knife.
At first, I had thought of experimenting with a straight sword.
But, it didn’t work out since the sword was too big for my build.
Rapier on the other hand, didn’t suit my nature at all.

As a result, I ended up with an easy to handle knife.
Walkins took her stance without any weapon in her hands as she breathed out.

「Then, I will be attacking too from now. Please strike back accordingly as you defend against my attack. 」 (Walkins)

At that very moment, Walkins’ body disappeared from my sight.
She drew closer to me at the same astonishing speed until now.

「…….Gu–!」 (Regis)

I thrust the knife.
However, Walkins who has grasped my movement raised her arm.
A sharp sound resounded and before I knew it, the knife flew up into the air.
Walkins has repelled the knife with her bare hands.

「What the heck, that’s absurd…..tte, uwaa–!!」 (Regis)

Walkins decided to aim for my vital point.
I was able to hold out somehow, but she went for a leg sweep following that.
I wasn’t able to endure that attack so I ended up slipping and fell right on my back on the ground.

「….Guwaa–!」 (Regis)

It hurts. The back of my body received the full impact of that fall.
Hasn’t the speed increased a little too much?
She was much faster than just a while ago.

I tried forcing myself to get to my feet one way or another but, she pinned me down, sealing my movements.
Walkins looked at my face and laughed teasingly.

「Gotcha. 」 (Walkins)
「……………..」 (Regis)

When I raised both my hands up to surrender, a gentle smile bloomed across her lips.
She pulled my hand towards her face.
Her sleek silver hair ended up touching my hand lightly.
The moment my hand came in contact with her silky smooth hair, my heart pounded rapidly.

「Your hair, it’s beautiful. 」 (Regis)
「Thank you. I have been doing my best to maintain my hair. 」 (Walkins)

I guess that’s a given.
On seeing the wry smile on my face, she ruffled my hair.
Running her fingers through the hair on my head, she combed them back slowly.

「Regis-sama, please be careful, okay? 」 (Walkins)
「Eh? 」 (Regis)
「I’m talking about tomorrow. I have not expected you to come up with something reckless like that. 」 (Walkins)
「I guess so. 」 (Regis)

Even Shadiverga was paralysed with fear upon hearing that plan.
Walkins has not expected it herself too.
She peered at me with her clear eyes.

「I am blessed to be able to serve Regis-sama. 」 (Walkins)

She guided my hand to her chest and hugged me.
The beating of her heart was transmitted to me.
She must have been seeing things in a different perspective.

However, the anxiety that one feels is a common and a natural thing.
I responded to it and was only feeling worried about her in the same way.
And, I will show it by protecting her.

「I’m blessed to have Walkins as a servant too. 」 (Regis)

I caressed Walkins’ cheek with my other free hand.
Thank you. You have always been teaching me various things.
I am really glad to have you by my side.

「I should go to sleep soon. 」 (Regis)
「True. Otherwise it might affect the outcome tomorrow. 」 (Walkins)
「What about father? 」 (Regis)
「He is taking a rest already. It appears that he will be going to the arena tomorrow regardless of the circumstances. 」 (Walkins)
「I see. That guy can be quite obstinate too. 」 (Regis)

I have to respect his spirit.
Besides, I could start my strategy only after Shadiverga goes to that place.

「Just watch me, Walkins. 」 (Regis)

I stood up and said it proudly.
Thereupon, Walkins smiled as well and nodded deeply.

「Yes. Walkins here will do her best to watch over Regis-sama. 」 (Walkins)

Walkins and I got out of the basement and returned to our own respective bedroom after that.
Since she might be using the bathroom on the first floor, I went to the one on the second floor.
I relieved my fatigue in the bathroom then stretched out on the bed.

The duel will be taking place tomorrow.
I will settle it with that Durf tomorrow in front of all the assembled nobles who have too much free time in their hands.
You’re making a huge mistake if you think this will end after attempting that assassination.

I’ll show you that I can definitely protect them.
And I will be repaying the favour.
I reminded myself of the counterattack tomorrow as I closed my eyelids.

A wave of drowsiness swept over me as soon as I turned off the light.
The desire to sleep lingered on as is until I fell into a deep slumber, allowing my body to get its much needed rest—-


Din No Monshou Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Shock and Determination

「Father! Are you all right!?」 (Regis)

I entered by kicking open the door, ran straight up the stairs and to Shadiverga’s room without stopping, to find the head of Din household relaxing there as if nothing had happened.
His gaze fell upon me as I broke into a cold sweat, my shoulders rose and fell as I breathed heavily.

「What’s wrong, Regis? There was nothing wrong with me, you know? 」 (Shadiverga)
「…..Eh? 」 (Regis)

I looked at Shadiverga’s appearance fixedly.
Certainly, it didn’t seem like he was attacked anywhere.
Could it be that, the message written on the paper was a lie?

Did he induce Edgar to steal it deliberately just to cause confusion?
No, it wasn’t possible for him to carry out such skilful acting.
The fact that the paper was stolen was supposed to be a miscalculation on the other side.

Just as I was thinking so, Shadiverga grumbled.

「Hmmm…..Why won’t Walkins come back soon? 」 (Shadiverga)

On hearing those words, I finally realized.
That reminds me, Walkins didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

「Father, where did Walkins go? 」 (Regis)
「Aa, we ran into something quite troublesome……. 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga explained the circumstances in a laid-back manner.
There was supposed to be an envoy from the royal family coming over to extend his greetings early this morning.
However, he was suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant when he was passing through the southern noble district.
A wound that appeared to be cruelly carved using knife could be found on him, leaving him on the verge of death.

The King’s direct retainer was assaulted in his own stronghold.
This could be the biggest news received today.
I see. So that was the reason why the city seems to be enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

No one has heard of the incident in which Edgar’s shop was burned to a crisp in detail since a more urgent situation has occurred.
I guess that’s a given.

For the sake of preserving the royal family’s honour, they would definitely capture the criminal by all means.
According to Shadiverga, a cabinet minister residing in the Imperial City has apparently made one demand.
『The criminal shouldn’t have escaped outside yet. Therefore all the nobles in the southern noble district are to send out their private armies and arrest that criminal.』

Judging from the explanation up till this point, I have somehow grasped the reason why Walkins was not around.
It was highly likely that Walkins would’ve stayed back in order to protect Shadiverga, regardless of where the instruction came from.

Nevertheless, she was forced to make a move once the whole household was dragged into this.
I tried my best not to reveal the confusion through my face as I asked him.

「…….Did you send Walkins off?」 (Regis)
「That’s right. Our private armies are defending our territory so they are not able to make it to the Imperial City. Walkins alone should be sufficient as Din household’s combat potential—–」 (Shadiverga)
「…………」 (Regis)

The bad premonition I had gradually drew closer.
I probably have a terribly impatient look on my face now.
Shadiverga murmured as if he felt bad about it.

「If I don’t send someone out, I might end up incurring the wrath of all the nobles in the Imperial City……. It didn’t feel right being the only one staying at a safe place while everyone else is joining forces together. I don’t care about myself but I don’t want to taint Sefina’s family name…… Tte, are you listening to me Regis—-」 (Shadiverga)

「This is bad!!! 」 (Regis)

No I wasn’t referring to Walkins.
Even if that person were attacked, she would be able to turn the tables on them again.
But presently. Yes right now.
In truth, there wasn’t even a single bodyguard now in this mansion.

The preparation finished.
If all these were just to interfere with the king’s envoy and also as a strategy to get Walkins out of the mansion, then it would be impossible for Durf to not take any action following this.
They have been way too quiet all this while.

By making us careless in thinking that the situation was still peaceful, he would deliver an instant kill in the midst of it.
If I were a filthy noble like him, I would definitely do so.
On the assumption that he had made a move —-there will not be a single bodyguard left now!

「Father, get away from there! 」 (Regis)

At that moment, a loud crashing sound could be heard from the window.
An intruder came in like a wind, running towards Shadiverga instantly.
My reaction was too late.
I was chanting in a hurry but I wouldn’t make it.

He’s way too fast.
The beast moved swiftly to bring down its targeted prey at a speed an amateur like me wouldn’t be able to catch up with.
The man muttered coldly as he sprung at Shadiverga.

「…….I am, one of Stalin. Shadiverga Din-dono. Your life, is mine……. 」 (Assassin)

His entire ensemble was black.
The appearance was the same as the guy I met underground.
But the weapon they were equipped with was different.

A large knife with counter blade attached.
It was clearly a shape designed to kill a person.
Wielding it with both hands, the assassin thrust it into Shadiverga’s arm.

「…..Guuaaaaa!!! 」 (Shadiverga)
「Father!」 (Regis)

Shadiverga’s face was distorted with pain.
I pulled out Din household’s knife and came in between the both of them, causing the assassin to spring back instantly.

We’ll lose once he fixed his posture.
I chanted my magic loudly as I pointed at that man.

「Demon’s blood overflowing my body, turn the flame into a blazing Hellfire—『Astral Fire』!! 」 (Regis)

As soon as I finished the chant, the man’s body burst into magnificent flame.
However, the intensity of my headache has reached its peak.
The severe wave of nausea caused me to throw up on the carpet.

Did I use up too much magic?
On seeing at my sudden change, the man poured the water he had on him over his body.
Although, the fury of the fire did not abate at all.

「……Tch. A flame that will never goes out, is it? A shrewd mimicry. 」 (Assassin)

Turning his knife around, he aimed it at me.
Aa, he would be released from the magic once I’m killed, wouldn’t he?
You were planning to put an end to my life before running away, weren’t you?

Since I understood his goal, there should be more things to be done.
I should be fighting him but—

「….Guu!」 (Regis)

I ended up kneeling on my knees. I have regrettably ran out of strength.
My vision became hazy and my head felt fuzzy.
I have experienced these feelings before.
I wonder when was it.
That was certainly……when I was dead.

At that time, I had given up on everything.
After all, I wouldn’t be able to come back to life again.
I have lived my life like a garbage so it’ll just end the same way.
That was what I thought.

But, I’m still alive here.
I can still fight.
Just recall it!
What did I swear to myself at that moment?

The things that I couldn’t accomplish in my previous life.
In order to achieve it, I wanted to start all over again.

—I would like to be a person who is capable of saving someone.

I remembered it.
I stood up.
I will not allow any more attacks on Shadiverga.
I will definitely not let him do it.

I stood upright, still feeling unsteady as I glared at the assassin.
The pain in my head was so extreme that it felt like exploding.
The contents in my stomach were refluxed back, clogging up the passageway.
Nonetheless, this is not the time for me to be grovelling at a place like this.

「….I will protect. 」 (Regis)

I pulled out a knife.
If I were to use that magic, it might be possible to reverse the situation here.

However, it was too late.
If only I have studied that a little faster. I’m deeply regretting it now.
But I will try protecting Shadiverga with all the power that I have currently.

「Come at me, assassin. I will definitely not succumb to you. 」 (Regis)
「…..you, with that state of consciousness—-」 (Assassin)
「Aa, my head hurts so much it literally felt like splitting into two. I am experiencing strange cough attacks, my head feels fuzzy and my vision is also blurry. My heart is screaming out loud as if it was getting crushed and both of my feet are trembling so much, they couldn’t support my body any longer. 」 (Regis)

There would not be a bad condition worse than this in existence.
It was indeed a miracle for me to be able to keep my consciousness.
At my words, the assassin narrowed his eyes.

「….then」 (Assassin)
「—-Even so, that’s not the reason for me to give up here.」 (Regis)
「…………..」 (Assassin)
「I will not lose to an assassin! 」 (Regis)

Blood splurted out of my mouth as I shouted aloud.
Apparently my entire body structure became brittle due to the overuse of magic.
But I will bet all that I have just to stop this guy here.
Eat this. This is the top thunder magic taught by Walkins.

「Flash of thunderbolt, pierce through the earth. Pass your heavenly judgement and surge out the evil spirit—『Bolt Judgement』!!! 」 (Regis)

*vein pop* I felt a creak somewhere in my brain.
The feeling was similar to an electric drill being thrust into my skull.
The hateful sound of the drill started haunting me in the form of flashback.

A mixture of blood and vomit gushed out of my mouth, soiling the ground.
But the magic was still triggered somehow.

【Bolt Judgement】

It is currently listed under 『New Expert Edition』, an intense thunder magic.
The thunder that was produced at the speed of light is inevitable.
An abnormal amount of voltage was discharged, instantly destroying the opponent’s spirit.

「…..Gu–, you!! 」 (Assassin)

The assassin who tried to stop me before the invocation immediately entered a defensive stance.
He flinched as the lightning hit him, burning his body.
An outrageous sound of explosion resounded, threatening the assassin’s life.

「…Damn, withdrawing」 (Assassin)

In addition to the eternal flame burning his body, he was hit by an unavoidable thunder attack.
Having fallen into a predicament that rendered him incapable of fighting anymore, the man escaped the place by tumbling outside.
Before leaving through the window, he spat out a parting line.

「……..But, the objective was achieved. Another thing—this is likely to be useful, in future. I’m taking, this knife. 」 (Assassin)

Upon closer observation, the assassin seems to be holding onto something.
It was the knife that Shadiverga has always been treasuring.
That knife that was handed down by Sefina’s house. The house of Jirgen’s heirloom.

「Ho-Hold it! 」 (Regis)
「Antidote will not work. Submerge yourself in the sea of deadly poison, Shadiverga Din.」 (Assassin)

He threw a knife at me at the end.
Naturally it was the same knife that has pierced Shadiverga.
The assassin disappeared from sight at the same time.

I managed to drive him away in one way or another.
Unfortunately, I might have won the bout but, I have lost the game.
I didn’t have any energy left to dodge the knife.

「……aa」 (Regis)

The knife flew closer and closer before my eyes.
Although I have somehow prevented them from pursuing Shadiverga, this single hit was unstoppable.
Out of fear, I started closing my eyes.
However, a hand stretched out before me at that very moment.


The knife ended up piercing a slender looking hand.
Bright red blood splattered all over my face.
The momentum of the knife was stopped but the blood continued dripping down.
When I looked up, Walkins was standing there smiling gently at me.

「I’m home. I’m sorry, I should’ve return a little earlier. 」 (Walkins)

She pulled out the knife from her hand and threw it away on the spot.
It was scary, in a sense, to see her expression remained the same.
「This is…….it seems that a lethal poison was smeared over the knife. 」 (Walkins)

Walkins licked her own wound once and frowned.
She heaved a sigh when she looked at Shadiverga’s collapsed body.

「He should make it if the treatment is done. Shadiverga-sama’s spirit has certainly.」 (Walkins)

Walkins lifted up Shadiverga’s arm that wasn’t injured and placed her finger on it.
The arm has turned purple, possibly because it was afflicted by a powerful poison and blood vessels seem to be pulsating strangely.
That sight was most painful to the eyes now.

「Father is saved, right?」 (Regis)
「He’s fine. It seems that, they had used something that antidotes will not be effective on but—- all these are pointless before me.」 (Walkins)

Shadiverga’s face took on an expression of agony.
Walkins placed her hand at his jaw and chanted with a serious tone.
At that moment, the atmosphere of the room changed completely, making the surrounding felt more ominous.

「The twist of ancient times that reigns over, heaven and earth unveil his death by the venomous snake of the fallen soldiers’ spirit. Your wicked poison will now be killed by the lesser poison—-『Poison Slayer』.」 (Walkins)

Walkins has once again used a magic that wasn’t listed in any books.
It was the same as 『Chaos Cataract』 the other time.
The 『Giga Teleportation』 used previously was written in one of the book that I found in the archive.
But it was a magic that no normal people would be able to use. That was a super advanced magic in which only the existence was known.

However, the magic that she used just now was probably one that nobody knew.
It became more and more mysterious every time I see Walkins’ magic.
Nevertheless, the effect appears immediate. The swelling on Shadiverga’s arm disappeared instantly, a scene that would make one wonder if what happened earlier was all a lie.

「If this condition is ignored, the poison will be circulated through the whole body, resulting in death within a day. Although he managed to survive due to the fast treatment, he will not be able to move for the time being.」 (Walkins)
「Eh? Wasn’t Walkins poisoned earlier too? If you don’t hurry up and erase it」 (Regis)
「I will not die from poison. Just natural healing will be sufficient. 」 (Walkins)
「……That’s no way it’s true, isn’t it?」 (Regis)
「I knew of several poison magic too so I developed resistance to it.」 (Walkins)
「…………」 (Regis)

When a certain magic attribute improved, you will gain not only that attribute’s offensive power but also boost defence against that attribute at the same time.
I knew about that.
Those who have mastered fire magic will have considerable resistance against magic with fire attribute.
But how did this person acquire something like poison magic?

If you were to go through all the books in the market, there is an attribute known only by its name.
That is poison magic.
I didn’t get any sense of discomfort when I found out that the assassin has learnt this magic.
But you’re different. Walkins.
That person might be a resident of the back world but, you’re just a little eccentric servant aren’t you?

No one knew her age.
She mastered many different kinds of strange magic.
Excellent sword skill.
Outrageous physical ability.

The mysteries kept piling up the more I knew about her.
There should be a limit to how mysterious one could be.
Moreover, it was likely that there was an unthinkable secret being kept away.

I wonder if Walkins would talk about it one day.
No, it might not be possible unless I try compromising it from my side.
Wait, now’s not the time for this.
I just overheard a pretty ominous line.

「Father, can you move?」 (Regis)
「……..Guuu」 (Shadiverga)

Despite calling out to him, all he could do was just groan.
His consciousness was possibly still dim.
Walkins breathed out gently when she saw that.

「It should be fine once he takes a rest for a while. You should go rest too, Regis-sama. I will be keeping watch so please go to sleep.」 (Walkins)
「….I understand. Then, tomorrow morning. We will work on a counterplan from now on.」 (Regis)
「I comply.」 (Walkins)

I should leave the task of taking care of Shadiverga to her.
I wouldn’t be able to do much even if I were to stay here any longer.

All I would like to do was just to take a rest.
My magic power was completely consumed.
My head’s all blank even if I were to try thinking of something.
I don’t want to think about anything anymore.

For the time being, I understood that I have somehow protected Shadiverga’s life.
If I continued staying on the sidelines, he would certainly be killed.
Although, selfishly speaking, I wanted to be a shield before he was stabbed.

「…..I still have a long way to go.」 (Regis)

My head felt heavy.
I was looking at my reflection in the mirror above the washbasin.
My complexion was deathly pale.
There was a strong smell of blood when I held a mouthful of water.
The smell of iron penetrating my nose made me frustrated.

「….definitely unforgivable. 」 (Regis)

I went back to my room and collapsed on my bed as it is.
And Durf.

The names of those who have tormented Shadiverga came to my mind.
He has made it impossible for the rival lord to participate in the duel.
They are probably rejoicing now after taking the measures this time.

However, that feeling of joy is extremely fragile.
I’ll make you understand it.
Regardless of what they might have in store, I will meddle in and find the best possible way to win in that development.

「I’ll show you hell.」 (Regis)

While working on a scheme to knock those guys down, I closed my eyes.
My consciousness was blown off instantly due to my extreme fatigue.
In the end, I slept like the dead until sunrise the next morning—–


Din No Monshou Chapter 15 (B)

Chapter 15 (B) – Predicament

A damp smell permeated my nose.
Although, it certainly did feel like I have come in contact with the air outside.
The place that we are currently at was a back alley.
Edgar and I were somehow able to climb up and placed the slab of stone back to its original position.

「Seriously, what’s up with that strange enchanted spell. I would be dead if Regis hasn’t helped me.」 (Edgar)

But that man would be the one coming out for the duel, wouldn’t he?
Considering that he has that much power, it would be surprising if he didn’t.
It seems that Horgos has hired an outrageous mercenary.

I should head back as soon as I could to convey the information.
Even though Walkins is around in the mansion, it never hurts to be more careful.

「Edgar! Right now I will be—–」 (Regis)
「Aah!!」 (Edgar)

Edgar’s sudden cry interrupted me halfway.
What’s wrong with her all of the sudden? Was she planning to unleash Futae no Kiwami? 1
It might be unexpected but it seems likely if it’s her.
Judging from her stance, it appears to be different than ordinary people so it would be highly probable for her to use Gatotsu Zero Stance as well. 2
Anyway, knock on wood.

「So what’s wrong now? 」 (Regis)
「I’ve forgotten about the alcohol that I left at the entrance! Help me remove the stone slab again. 」 (Edgar)
「…..Just do it yourself. 」 (Regis)

When I refused her point-blank, she begged me for help with misty eyes.
What could this be? Just looking at her appearance made my heart throbbed with pain.
There’s no helping it. I wound up helping her to lift the stone up somehow.

「Thank you. Let’s have a drink together later on. 」 (Edgar)
「Didn’t I tell you that I’m just 7 years old? 」 (Regis)
「No, it’s my first time hearing it. You’re surprisingly precocious for your age. 」 (Edgar)
「Eh?…..Didn’t I tell you before? 」 (Regis)
「No, I think I heard that but I might have forgotten about it since I was drunk. 」 (Edgar)
「Could you stop it with the alcohol already. 」 (Regis)

She’s a sloppy no-good mercenary-san.
I think I have said the same thing before the last time.

Wait, I shouldn’t be wasting my time on something like this.
I should inform them about Stalin as soon as possible.

「I will be returning to the mansion once. You should be careful too. 」 (Regis)
「Ho-Hold on a minute. This is something as thanks for helping me in retrieving the alcohol. 」 (Edgar)

After saying so, Edgar suddenly thrust her hand in between her breasts.
She was searching through the sections in the inner part of her mantle.
The sight of her hand groping around there looked quite lewd.

I wonder what she was aiming for.
Edgar seems to be beaming with confidence.

「Despite being overwhelmed a while ago, I had not given in so easily too. I went through a hard time but, I managed to get this. 」 (Edgar)

The item that Edgar took out, was a piece of paper.
It was a strange grey coloured paper.
It gave off the impression that someone has dropped it before when they went to a parade for inspection.

「What is this? There’s nothing written on it. 」 (Regis)
「Fufun, I managed to somehow steal it during battle. 」 (Edgar)
「That is amazing. You were able to do it even in the midst of a fight…. Tte–what’s the point of stealing this paper? 」 (Regis)

It appears to be as useless as picking up a receipt.
However, Edgar explained it while rubbing the paper.

「This item was crafted using thief’s magic. To use it, you can just pour your magic in. After doing so, you are able to make the words inside appear at a later time. Since it’s not limited to distance, it can be used as a notification or messenger. 」 (Edgar)

I see. This is something quite convenient.
But, this is not something that people will usually notice.
This might look just like a normal piece of paper if you do not know anything about it.

「He might be able to fool the nobles or commoners, but he can’t fool me. Though, I’m defeated when it comes to ability. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar was laughing cheerfully.
Even though she was boasting about it, there was nothing written on the paper.
Edgar pushed up her breasts as emphasis, looking proud while ignoring me who was looking at her with my half-opened eyes.

…….They’re huge.
They’re about the same size as Walkins.
I mean, back to the serious subject. What’s the point of stealing a blank paper?

「Didn’t you steal that even though there was still nothing written on it? 」 (Regis)
「No it’s not. The other side can erase the characters at their convenience too. 」 (Edgar)
「Then it’s useless anyway, isn’t it? 」 (Regis)
「That’s when I’ll be using my magic to search for it. Despite looking like this, I can actually use thief’s magic too. Surprised?! 」 (Edgar)

No, I wasn’t surprised.
You seem to have a flair for stealing for some reason.
If there was no prior evidence, then I might have doubted it.
I had to admit that the look is cute but, it will likely be painful to the eyes once you go too close.

「Then will the words will be legible once you use the magic? 」 (Regis)
「That’s right. I will be able to leak out all the enemy’s confidential information. 」 (Edgar)

Fufun, she laughed inappropriately.
She appears to have remembered a reliable magic.
I might have to change my opinion of her a little.
That is, if she’s not holding an alcohol bottle in her right hand.

「The body that was infused with magic trick, I command you to grovel yourself before my judgement—『Trick Destroyed』!! 」 (Edgar)

As soon as she finished the chant, a wave of magic power overflowed and wrapped itself around the paper.
I wonder if it was a sacred magic since it has the ability to reveal the concealed information inside.
After a while, all the characters that were once written emerged themselves.
It didn’t seem to be written too long ago.

「It came out. Let’s see, what’s this what’s this? 」 (Edgar)
「…….this is. Wait, lend me that for a moment. 」 (Regis)

I snatched the paper from Edgar and started reading it avidly.
It was difficult to read but, I was somehow able to distinguish it.
Upon reading what was written, a chill ran down my spine.

『Preparation finished. Head of the house of Din. To death.』

Honestly, I didn’t understand what it meant.
However, I could tell that it was a grave situation based on the written contents.

Head of the house of Din, to death.

It was unmistakable that Horgos is aiming for Shadiverga’s life.
Edgar did say that Stalin has a brother who was making a move on his side too.
In other words, the one aiming for Shadiverga could be either the older or younger brother.
Either way they will be attacking him.

Although, frankly speaking I don’t think Walkins can be defeated.
For example, regardless of how mightily cunning the enemy might be, I still couldn’t see even the slight possibility that she would get defeated.

That was supposed to be it but, what’s up with this uneasy feeling inside me.
I moved my line of sight to the paper.

Preparation finished.

That’s it.
That was the line that was stuck in my mind.
So long as Walkins’ around in the mansion, there was no need for me to be worried of Shadiverga.
However, if by some reason that Walkins is not around in the mansion then—-

……I would need to confirm it.
Even if it might be reckless.

「Hey, it’s about the distance from here to the southern noble district—-」 (Regis)
「Hmm? 」 (Edgar)
「Do you think I will be able to reach it using Mega Telepathy? 」 (Edgar)

At my question, Edgar’s voice appeared to be clogged up for an instant.
But, taking it into account that this is an emergency situation, she gave me an honest answer.

「I don’t remember. I have never used it before so I don’t really know the details about it. I think it will probably reach. But the consumption of magic increased in direct proportion to the distance so absolutely do not—」 (Edgar)
「……『Magic Deployment』」 (Regis)
「O-Oi!? 」 (Edgar)

Edgar raised her voice out of surprise but, I ignored her and continued chanting.
In terms of distance, I should be able to reach it.
It takes about 15 minutes by foot from here to the southern noble district.

If I were to connect the circuit by force, I might be able to invoke it.
Although the backlash would be unfathomable, it’s not the time to worry about that right now.
I casted the high-ranking magic, Mega Telepathy without hesitation.

「Come forth from my body, make your appearance, the circuit of magic—『Mega Telepathy』!! 」 (Regis)

I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my head.
It felt as if it was being stabbed by needles repeatedly for many times.
To be more accurate, the sensation of pain was tormenting my nerves.
Cold sweat began pouring down my face, sliding to my jaw line.

Despite the pain, I endured it and tried envisioning Walkins in my brain.
I must connect it to her and inform her of this crisis.
At that moment—

My magic was dispersed all of the sudden.
There was no sign of it whatsoever. It just resulted in nothing.

「……Eh?」 (Regis)

In proportion to the shock, my body received the recoil too.
The beatings of my heart was painful to my ears.
However, I don’t think that this heart beat will be the only reaction.
The recoil of Mega Telepathy now could only mean one thing.

――『The person whom you are trying to reach in the viable range of communication is not available』

With regard to distance, the circuit was supposed to have reached the residence.
I challenged myself in using this magic without paying heed to the intense consumption of magic.
There shouldn’t be a reason for it to fail in the first place.

That could only mean that, Walkins is currently not at the mansion.

「….Damn, what is going on here. 」 (Regis)

I should try using Mega Telepathy once again and try connecting it to Shadiverga this time.
If it’s him then he should be on standby at the mansion at any time.

However, the lingering sensation of the after-effect was affecting my concentration, interrupting the invocation for the second time.
Using the same magic, not to mention a high-ranking magic excessively might be too reckless.

When it comes to this, I should just confirm it with my own eyes.
There could also be a possibility that my Mega Telepathy has not reached the mansion.
That was just my intuition after all so it was not 100% accurate.

Although—-if Walkins is really not at the mansion then, it would be the worst.
There were far too few people protecting Shadiverga.

「We’ll be parting here. It’ll be cold in the evening so don’t catch a cold. 」 (Regis)
「….Eh? You’re going already? 」 (Edgar)

She asked with a blank look on her face.
I looked straight at her face from the front.
I was sure that I had a pathetic look on my face at the moment.

Edgar is someone who is also being aimed at by them currently.
Honestly, I would like to take responsibility and send her to the inn myself.
Above all, I wanted to return to the mansion with her if it was possible.
Naturally I was referring to it in a strategic sense.

In order to protect oneself from the assassin, I would like her to lend her strength. That was my real intention.
However, it would be cruel to coerce her into it now.
Edgar was not only still exhausted, but she has physical injuries in many places too.
She must be worn out after fighting that guy earlier.

It wouldn’t be strange for her to be injured after such a fight.
For this reason, I couldn’t afford to bring her to any more dangerous place.
I would like her to take a rest for a while.

「Then I’ll be going off. 」 (Regis)
「Eh?…Hold on, Regis!? 」 (Edgar)

I shook myself free from the voice and ran to the southern noble district with all my strength.
I had no choice but to hurry so long as I still haven’t confirmed the safety of Shadiverga.

A sense of helplessness washed over me. My heart felt as if it was going to explode.
Even though I nearly tripped myself halfway through, I managed to return to the mansion—–

Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. Futae no Kiwami (Mastery of Two Layers) is Sanosuke Sagara’s ultimate technique from Rurouni Kenshin.
2. Gatotsu Zero Stance is another technique used by Saito Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin.