Din no Monshou Arc 1 – Epilogue

TL: Rinkage, Frost, Rumanshi TLC: Rinkage, Mana If you can spare some time, do visit the links above (by clicking on their names) since Ruman and Mana each have their own site. There are other novels to read there. This is the end of the first arc. The next chapter will be the start of …

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Din No Monshou Chapter 21 (B)

Notice: There will be no Yuusha Party next week as Blacksmith will be out of town. I will be posting 2 chapters on the week after as replacement. Netooku sponsored chapter will be coming next week. Translated / Edited by: Rinkage Character page: here Illustrations for Volume 1: here Chapter 21 : The Reunion of …

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Din No Monshou Chapter 20

Merry Christmas to all readers (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**✚⃞ྉ Hope everyone has an enjoyable celebration or holiday~ Translated by: Rinkage Chapter 20 - Conclusion Eh.....What the devil are you doing? I could hear these voices coming from the audience's heart. Even those who were rooting for Durf appeared to be dumbfounded with their mouths agape. The flame that …

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