Din No Monshou – Chapter 17

Here’s chapter 17. Things are heating up.

(ps: Can everyone here play Pokemon Go already? This waiting game feels seriously long)


Read Chapter 17 here


7 thoughts on “Din No Monshou – Chapter 17

  1. It’s not released in my country yet. Still using the backdoor app. It sure is consuming the battery at a high rate. Heats up the phone too.
    On the bright side it’s engaging and fun.


    • I downloaded the apk file to play as well but the map’s still empty. The last I was able to get in was 2 weeks ago before they geo-blocked it.

      (yeah I do agree this game has high battery consumption)

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        • Yeah, I think I can understand how they feel.
          The server’s not really stable now too.
          Might be a month or so before it’s available worldwide.

          At least I can get some exercise once the game is released here.

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          • Iv been bed ridden for weeks so I’m stuck on level 13. Only got to catch Pokemon while going for tests, scans and consultation with the doc.
            So even having the game with me is a loss overall for me.


              • Team Mystic. I agree that the health is important. But I can’t walk so it’s impossible to play the game anymore. At least for a while I won’t be able to. Hopefully till then the South Asia version is released.


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