Din No Monshou Chapter 15 (A)

Chapter 15 (A) – Predicament

The place that Edgar entered was the central street’s back lane.
Unlike the main street, there doesn’t seem to be that many people using this lane.
In addition, since there wasn’t much sunlight penetrating through, the entire place seemed to be enveloped in a dark and ominous atmosphere.

Suspicious looking buyers could be seen hanging around the shops lined up here.
I could tell that the items that were placed for sale were mostly illegal goods.

Poison bags that were cut off from demons.
Accessories that were stripped off fallen travellers.
I felt like making cynical remarks at the huge variety of shady looking items sold here.

「This is quite a nice place.」 (Regis)
「Isn’t it? It’s also damp and clammy, making this the most suitable place for carrying out bad deeds. It would be perfect if there are no mushrooms growing here though. 」 (Edgar)
「Would it be all right for me to walk through here? 」 (Regis)
「Hmm, I guess it will be fine, isn’t it? Besides, there are shops here that are aimed at nobles too. One of the examples would be shops dealing with poisons.」

Hou, you seemed to be well-informed.
As expected of someone who had lived through the life of a mercenary.
She was able to lead through the dark side of a place.

Besides, I had not realized that there was a place like this in the Imperial City.
It’s frightening to know that such an exclusive place is actually located not far from the main street.

「The public security here is not good so don’t leave my side. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar seemed to have said something reliable.
She would look cool with that line if she wasn’t staggering due to her drunkenness when she said it.
I wonder if she couldn’t decide on something smarter.

「Is that villa or something located on this street?」 (Regis)
「If I were to sleep in a place like this, I would end up encountering robbers. Once I wake up, I will be stripped off not only all my possessions but my clothing too so I’ll refrain from that.」 (Edgar)
「True.」 (Regis)

It’s highly likely that you will be attacked due to your good looks.
I guess our destination is slightly further from this place then.
As we advanced through the winding path, the number of shops in the vicinity decreased.
Then Edgar stepped into an alley.

As if to flee from Edgar’s boots, rats could be seen springing out.
The cleanliness of the environment here has certainly left much to be desired.
We ended up at a crossroad as we advanced through the alley, and we made another left turn before making numerous more turnings after.

Finally, at a place that seemed like a dead end, Edgar lit up a fire.
I guess it might be hard to see since it was too dark.

「….Etto, it should be around here if I am not mistaken. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar lightly tapped the stones on ground.
Shortly after that, she discovered a large stone that appeared to be slightly protruding from the ground.
When she applied more pressure onto it, I could hear something that sounds like *gakon* as the stone sank.
Edgar then thrust her arm deeper inside and pulled up a handle.

「Soi-!! 」 (Edgar)

As soon as she did that, a part of the ground raised up.
Slight wind could be felt coming from between gap. It appears that there is a basement underneath.
I wonder if that slate was meant to keep the passage hidden.
Once the size of the opening is big enough for a human to pass by, Edgar led me inside.

「It’s been a long time since I last came here. I think the last was during the civil war between the nobles nine years ago. 」 (Edgar)
「Noble’s civil war, was it.」 (Regis)

Speaking of which, I have heard of this incident before. There was a conflict between the southern noble district and northern noble district nine years ago in the Imperial City.
Even though it ended after the King stepped in to arbitrate the dispute, there were heavy casualties among the soldiers and sentries.
Strangely, the concealment of the state between the nobles occurred at the same time, ending the incident and leaving it shrouded in mystery.

At that time, the house of Din received only the post report after the incident.
However, the intelligence network received wasn’t really friendly to the nobles in remote regions.
It made me came to the realization that people who were born in a place like this do not have adequate access to information.

「This was my hideout at that time. I was employed as a mercenary in the southern noble district during then. 」 (Edgar)
「Is that so. 」 (Regis)
「This is a great place. Once you bring the enemies back here, you can even torture them as you like. Above all, there wouldn’t be any witnesses at all. 」 (Edgar)

Stop saying something that sounds so ominous!
I could see a dark sinister shadow looming over your face now, making you look like nothing but a villain!
Although some points were deducted since your cheeks were flushed due to alcohol.
As a result, regardless of how much I overestimate you, you might only look like villain B at the most.

Well, I guess that was because you don’t have a villainous look on your face now.
If you were to put on a dress, tried acting more ladylike and keep your mouth shut, you might even look like a princess to me.
It made me wonder but, why did you put your charm to waste all this while?
It is a mystery that is comparable to the Seven Wonders of the World.

We descended down into a dim underground place.
I could feel the humid air brushing against my cheeks.

It felt strangely warm once I am inside.
As soon as my nose was greeted by a peculiar smell swirling in the air, I understood it well that this place hasn’t been used for many years.

However, it was strange that the temperature was still high even though we were deep inside.
Was there some kind of protection against cold effect here?
Edgar who was in the lead, has a serious look on her face as she touched something with her hand.

「Here is the alcohol……」 (Edgar)
「In the end it’s still alcohol to you?! 」 (Regis)

Edgar started rolling a barrel all of a sudden.
She’s already the incarnation of alcohol.
She still wants to drink more despite being drunk?

Even though it was just a small room, the stockpiles were in abundant.
There were plenty of preserved food in the basement too.
Although, these were preserved food from roughly 10 years ago. Are they still safe?

「Uwaaa…..there are molds growing on the hardtack. The fried meat that I stashed here 10 years ago has shapeshifted into something like a monster.」 (Edgar)
「Isn’t that no good already!? 」 (Regis)

In the end, the alcohol was the only one that was still in a good condition, wasn’t it?
The state of all the food inside here was far worse than the state of a rice cooker that was left unattended for half a year.
I have a feeling that I will likely come across scary things if I were to rummage through this place.

While I was smiling wryly, there was a sudden change of tone in Edgar’s voice when she spoke out.

「Well, this is not my real intention though. You understand what I am saying, don’t you Regis?」 (Edgar)
「Of course. Although, I already noticed it earlier when we were in the city……」 (Regis)

He has splendidly taken the bait.
Edgar’s drunken act worked.
Since her performance looked too realistic, I was afraid that she might have been really drunk.
However, that might be the reason the enemy think it would be easier to aim at us too.

Edgar and I turned to the back at the same time.
Footsteps could be heard resounding through the narrow room.
There are three of us all together.

Turning off my detection magic, my hand reached out to the knife at my waist.
I could feel the thick killing intent overflowing from the other party,

「You’re here aren’t you? Horgos’ assassin-san. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar pointed at the vicinity of the entrance one step before me.
Thereupon, the figure of a tall man could be seen stepping out from the depths.
This guy has been following us ever since we left the magic shop’s area.
The man was stammering slightly in an inhuman way as he exuded a violent murderous urge.

「……Kill」 (Assassin)

A repulsive voice.
The entire face was concealed by a black cloth, revealing only the area around the eyes.
The parts around his forehead appeared to be bulging slightly. I wonder if he’s wearing a hachigane.
Holding sinister looking Odachi in both hands, he threw that single word out coldly.
(Rin: Odachi is a type of traditional Japanese sword)

「Were you the one who did that to my shop? 」 (Edgar)
「…….that’s right. But, will tell you no more. Taste an eternal death. Will leave only mysteries behind. 」 (Assassin)
「…….Aa. So you’re the Stalin brothers? I was wondering who it was but I can identify that tone and look. 」 (Edgar)
「Stalin brothers?」 (Regis)

What’s that about? I have not heard of it even once.
However, Edgar seems to be well-informed and was able to explain it to me.

「They’re mercenaries that have taken root in the Imperial City. No wait, it’s slightly wrong. Even among the mercenaries, they only work for the VIPs. They’re the masters of assassination. 」 (Edgar)
「So they’re specialists in assassination then. 」 (Regis)
「Originally they were supposed to be carrying out their tasks in a pair though. I wonder if it’s different than the information that I have in hand. 」 (Edgar)
「……………….」 (Stalin)
「I see. In other words, you refuse to answer. Based on my intuition, the other person must be carrying out another mission. 」 (Edgar)

The person didn’t seem to divulge the information easily but, it’s a given.
There are probably two reasons why this man—Stalin came here.

The first was a revenge on Edgar for humiliating the Horgos’ faction in the northern noble district area.
And the other one, would be the assassination of the house of Din’s successor, that would me.

It appears that those who look down on Horgos will be thoroughly crushed.
He’s truly a petty person.

「………Will remain silent. Won’t talk about it. Just be obedient, and die. 」 (Stalin)

Stalin took a step towards us casually as he held the two Odachi over his head.
Then, he lunged straight at me after heaving a short breath.

「Otto, I shall be the opponent to the one with the sword. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar walked out and stopped the force of the swing with her sword cane.
The two swords clashed intensely at the same time, creating an unpleasant sound that resounded through the place when the edges met.

「……….you. I know you. Famous for running away right away, 『The Hiding Edgar』. Sword skill, is certainly lower than me. 」 (Stalin)
「I understand that alright. But I’m still a former mercenary. There’s just one thing that I would like to hear from you. Are mercenaries’ abilities restricted to only sword and magic?」 (Edgar)

Edgar asked him provocatively.

「………correct. Other than that, nothing else. 」 (Stalin)
「—You’re a third-rate mercenary. Locational advantage and cooperation are also important to a mercenary. Just like this.」 (Edgar)

Edgar winked at me.
All right, time to go as planned.
I used the magic that I have been chanting earlier.
The spell should be invoked with just a few more words.

This degree of difficulty in learning this magic was actually relatively high.
I have been practising this spell since I was four but, I wasn’t really able to invoke it.
However, I should be able to do it now. No, I must be able to do it.

「Strong and sublime flame of the departed souls, please protect us and purify the flame of evil—-『Fire Shell』!!! 」 (Regis)

I was suddenly attacked by a severe headache.
It hurts. It’s seriously painful that my head felt like it was on the verge on breaking.
But it’s fine.
I’ll show you that I can endure this level of pain—!

The magical power permeated my body and was casted on Edgar at the same time.
Thereupon, she seemed to be wrapped by a sense of comfort as a layer of flame enveloped her body.

【Fire Shell】

All right. Even though it was considered to be a difficult spell among the fire magic, have I succeeded in learning it?
This spell is able to dispel or reduce the impact of fire magic.
On seeing my magic, Stalin frowned.

「…….I, don’t use fire magic. You’re wasting effort. 」 (Stalin)
「No one said that you’ll be the one using it. Do it Regis!! 」 (Edgar)
「Ou!! 」 (Regis)

There were still remaining magic power in me since I had enough sleep.
This situation was influenced by this narrow space.
It’s now or never.

I began chanting while Edgar wielded her sword in order to attract his attention.

「「What do you think will happen if we were to use fire magic in a small place like this!?」」 (Edgar & Regis)
「……is that, your goal? If that is the case, then, I have a trump card myself. 」 (Stalin)

Stalin slashed his sword down violently and fell back one step within that interval.
Was he planning to run away?
That was what I had thought but apparently it was the other way round.
A super-fast incantation was uttered out as he held both swords in his hands.

「The flash from the prison feast that drove me to madness. The Dark God of Ugliness dwelling in the two swords—-『Chaos Stroke』…… 」 (Stalin)

Stalin swung his sword right at that moment.
Something that looked similar to steam could be seen spiralling up.
No matter how you looked at it, a steam consisting a mixture of black and purple colour is nothing but ominous.

「………die, mercenary. 」 (Stalin)

He started wielding his sword as if he was performing a boisterous dance.
The swinging of his sword appeared to be slow sometimes, and ultra-fast at other times.
There were also times when the blade of the sword suddenly disappeared from sight.
I couldn’t read his movement at all.

「….Gu! 」 (Edgar)

Sweat could be seen trickling down from Edgar’s forehead.
I guess it must have been a magic that she has never seen before.
For just an instant, Edgar directed her feet towards the exit.
However, when she took a look at my face, she ended up laughing as if she just recalled something.

「I will not run away. Besides, if I am going to die then I’ll take you along with meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 」 (Edgar)

Edgar thrust her sword as if she has steeled herself.
On the other hand, Stalin was just moving his swords around accordingly at a slow pace.
It was a blow to Edgar’s state of mind.
At that very instant, a lethal attack carrying an absolute scent of death was swung right to the base of Edgar’s neck—–

「――『Cross Blasttttttttttt』——!!!!!!!」 (Regis)

My scream echoed through the place.
I would not be able to make it anymore with just a mere chanting.
Edgar might die if I were to delay this even for a second.

As a result of my choice, I omitted the rest of the incantation.
This skill was insanely high level in difficulty.

However, by putting all that I have at stake, my incantation ended up being successful.
The whole room flared up instantly.
The hellfire engulfed even the ceiling, spreading itself everywhere and coming in between the two, separating them.

「……….tsk」 (Stalin)

Stalin who was delivering the final blow was forced to jump back due to the heat.
That guy has not received any blessing from the fire magic so he would definitely be scorched.

The prison of flames enveloping this area ignited the spilled alcohol, causing the hellfire to spread its boiling rage everywhere.
The fire was so intense that even Stalin jumped back towards entrance as he wasn’t able to endure it anymore.
He might have wanted to pull back since he wasn’t able to proceed with the assassination.

「How’s that!? How about staying here a little longer to play with me? 」 (Regis)
「…….Will refrain, from it. Farewell. 」 (Stalin)

After saying so, Stalin started running towards the entrance of the room.
He made a quick dash when the fire clung to his body

「Hold on there! 」 (Regis)

Ignoring my words, Stalin pushed open the entrance and escaped.
The only ones remaining in this room were Edgar, who was standing in the center looking stunned, and me.
Edgar might have thought that she had died.
She placed her hand on her neck, appearing to be surprise that she was still alive.

「…..what the. So I’m still alive. 」 (Edgar)

Her hands were still trembling, possibly because she has just tasted a considerable amount of fear.
When Edgar turned towards me, I signalled her with my eyes, prompting her to escape from here.

Regardless of how much the spell was able to reduce the heat, hot things are still hot.
Besides, once the effect is gone, we would end up getting swallowed up by the flames.
While assisting each other like a three-legged race, we ascended the stairs and was able to escape to the outside somehow.


Din No Monshou Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – A drunkard

The next day.
The noble city was strangely noisy in the morning.

A horse-drawn carriage was moving without stopping on the street.
The turmoil outside woke me up so I went to the hall.
When I saw a maid cleaning there, I tried asking her.

「Did something happen? 」 (Regis)
「…..Yes, everything. The magic shop that is located close to the noble district to the north exploded. 」 (maid)
「What!?」 (Regis)

A sense similar to an electrical current could be felt running through my whole body.
The magic shop located close to the northern noble district.
That is unmistakably Edgar’s shop.

「Ano…..is there something wrong?」 (maid)
「I’ll be going out for a short while. Please keep this a secret from father.」 (Regis)
「Aa–, Regis-sama!? 」 (maid)

Ignoring the maid who was trying to restrain me, I went outside.
The commotion occurred just a while ago so it shouldn’t be too long ago when the explosion happened.
I dashed off at full speed towards the northern noble district.

As soon as I entered the central city, I was assaulted by an awful smell.
Billowing clouds of black smoke could be seen rising into the sky.

Naturally there were many onlookers crowding the scene, making it hard for me to move forward.
I had to wade through the crowd but was somehow able to reach the magic shop.

「Edgar–! Where are you!?」 (Regis)

The site looked disastrous.
Did someone use a strong fire magic here?
A crater that might have been caused by a strong blast was found in the interior of the shop.
The empty property beside was somehow involved in it too. The entire place was completely destroyed.

「Where are you!? Answer me! 」 (Regis)

I understood it in my mind.
If she happened to be in the shop at that time, it was certain that she was already blown off.
There is no way that she could have survived.
However I didn’t want to think that she’s dead.

「Edgar–!」 (Regis)
「You’re noisy. It’s already painful enough due to my low blood pressure so stop making so much noise in the morning. 」

Someone tapped me on my shoulder all of the sudden.
When I looked behind, Edgar could be seen standing there without a single injury on her body.

「Are you all right? 」 (Regis)
「Naturally. Although my shop was blown to smithereens. 」 (Edgar)
「….I’m glad. 」 (Regis)

If it’s just the shop, you can always rebuild it again, but it’ll be the end once you die.
You will never be able to get it back.
I’m really glad that Edgar is not injured.

「So how did you survive? 」 (Regis)
「Iya~, I passed out in the bar yesterday. I fell asleep without going back but I was woken up by that explosion this morning. That was when I returned. 」 (Edgar)

I took a look at the shop once again.
It seemed to be beyond repair.
All the store goods appeared to be damaged and were scattered all over due to the explosion. I didn’t even want to think about the total damage.

「Umm, I guess I have no choice but to earn money by trading for the time being. 」 (Edgar)
「…..No, you don’t need to do that. 」 (Regis)

I said it flatly.
Edgar tilted her head in wonder on hearing what I said.

「Why is that? Do you want me to starve to death? 」 (Edgar)
「That’s not it. I’ll definitely rebuild this shop here once again. By all means. 」 (Regis)

When I declared it to her, Edgar heaved a sigh as if she was troubled by it.

「Even though you are from a noble family, the house of Din is a fallen noble isn’t it? If you have that much money to use on something like this, you should just use it for the people under your territory obediently. 」 (Edgar)
「It’ll be all right. I will not be using a single cent. I’ll squeezed it directly from the guy who destroyed this shop. 」 (Regis)

The culprit seemed to have fled the scene, but it’s as clear as day as to whom the real perpetrator was.
The attendant must have informed Horgos on how they were humiliated in the presence of public.
Hence, this fatal blast was carried out as a form of retaliation.

「The methods carried out by the nobles are somehow always underhanded. Well, Durf seems to be the most outstanding one among them though. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar scratched her cheek lightly.
Even though her own shop was destroyed, she didn’t appear to be really shocked by this.

「You don’t look depressed. 」 (Regis)
「I can’t afford to let something like this get to me every single time. Rather, it reminded me of the tension I felt during my mercenary days again. I should be thanking him instead. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar took out a bottle of liquor from her bosom.
Taking off the lid, she gulped it down.
Is she a heavy drinker? She didn’t seem to be drunk.

「—-But well, it was quite painful to have my shop completely destroyed. 」 (Edgar)

*Whew* She breathed out.
Edgar might be in silent but she was definitely angry.
Or rather, I should be the one to be enraged.
He’s using such an unscrupulous method as a means of revenge.

In addition, even though the targeted person, Edgar is safe, the people around have gotten seriously injured.
There were several people who have been taken away for treatment.
Using any methods just to achieve something by all means—is seriously a despicable word.

「I will definitely crush him….」 (Regis)
「You don’t need to be so grumpy in the morning. There is a villa around here so I will be staying there for the time being. 」 (Edgar)
「A villa? 」 (Regis)

Was it something like a vacation-like personal residence?
That idea crossed my mind in an instant but considering a merchant’s occupation, it might be something like a warehouse.

「Aa, well it’s something like that. Why don’t you come and take a look at it? 」 (Edgar)
「Will it be all right? 」 (Regis)
「Of course. But before that, I’d like to get something to eat first. I’m starting to feel famish now after finishing the sake earlier. 」 (Edgar)

Aa, this person is useless.
She’s a typical drunkard.
She is the type who will only succeed due to her abilities such as swordsmanship but is destroyed by alcohol instead.
After a certain incident, I had decided to never drink alcohol again.
I conveyed my honest opinion to Edgar.

Yes, there are ‘magical properties’ in alcohol.
There are times when it’ll heal people, but there are times when it will end up harming the person instead.
I have made a huge blunder with alcohol in my previous life as well.

—I think that was when I just turned 20.
I was drinking liquor alone at home in the evening when my mood became high.

After mixing in various kinds of Western wine and spirit with high alcohol percentage, I guzzled it down.
Of course I got drunk instantly.
However, before I got helplessly drunk, I ended up getting myself entangled in trouble.
Despite being someone who is always a downer, I became a high-spirited hip-hopper.
It would be fine if only I had given up at that time but, I was hit upon an absurd idea.

Yes. My lovely younger sister, let me convey my elation now.
Then, when things go well, I forced her to pour the alcohol for me.
The expectation and anticipation for the alcohol itself were held in my chest.
At that time, my sense of reason was already blown off.

With all my resolve, I kicked the door open and went straight to the corridor.
After that, I started shouting my lungs out like the spirit of a drunken man as I ran. I ended up becoming famous in the neighbourhood for 『squealing on Christmas Eve like no one can』.
(For my own reference: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+65185)

「F-F-F-Fly away–!! You, can, not, stop, me. Hihaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Meeerrryyyy, Chrissstmaaass–!!」
(Rinkage: He was shouting this out in English)

I think I might have blurted out something like that.
Aa, by the way the police came to my house after that.
He had insisted on putting me under custody several times.
It appeared that the first job that he was appointed to was to restrain me. I really pitied him.

He must have ran all the way here by the look of his face. The muscles on his face seemed to be twitching.
Just when I assumed that it was fine, the disaster happened after this.
I, who had broken the chain and opened the door to the society, had gone out without looking around my surrounding.

No one can stop me anymore. Or rather, try stopping me if you can.
I was overcome by such thoughts.
In order to carve my first step in glory, I went straight ahead.

Regrettably, the first step that I had taken was wrong.
There was a staircase there. Moreover, the wax was freshly painted and I was wearing tight socks with holes at that time.
There was no way I could hold out.

As a result, I fell down the stairs with great momentum.
In the process of rolling down, I ended up pulling along the telephone wires in vicinity and crashed into a vase.
After taking a majestic tumble down the stairs, I finally noticed that there was someone was standing there.

Ooo, was my younger sister reaching her hand out to me when I was on the verge of death?
With tears welled up in my eyes, I looked up at that person.

It was father.
No matter how I look at it, that was definitely father.

I had already broken off all the connections with my parents when I was unable to find an employment at that time.
This is bad. At this rate I will definitely be kicked out of the house.
I smiled at him gently, while I was in the state of an eminent crisis.

Turning my whole body once and I made my final signature pose to my father standing in front, who had a cold look on his face.
I conveyed my gratitude.

「Tehe, the Rolling Riceball」 (past Regis)
(Rin: おむすびころりんis a famous piece of folklore but has different variations. Two of the examples are here and here though I have no idea why Regis said that out of the blue)

I wonder if that was when I accepted the kick from my parents for the first time.
I was given an intense kick to my abdomen then handed over to the police for causing a commotion by squealing all over the town.
『I wonder how many times was it…….』 It was impressive to see the head patrol officer in tears—-

I will never allow such failure to repeat itself again.
I don’t mind taking a meal with her but definitely not liquor.

Even if Edgar were to recommend it, I decided to firmly refuse it.
As I made such oath in mind, I went after her.

Halfway through, I suddenly remembered something.
If my prediction was proved right, there should be some kind of reaction taking place soon.
I softly chanted under my breath to prevent the passer-by from hearing it.
This is a detection magic that I learnt from Walkins before coming to the Imperial City.

「Enemies intending to cause harm and be my adversary, get scorched in the space of the demon’s network —-『High Detection』」 (Regis)

A vast magical power spread out from the center of me.

【High Detection】

All right. I succeeded in acquiring it.
It was done pretty well considering that it was my first time using it.
The thin layer of film created by the magic power expanded itself as if in search of something.
I breathed out in relief after checking the surrounding area one by one.

「Nn, what’s wrong Regis? 」 (Edgar)
「No, it’s nothing. 」 (Regis)

Edgar seemed to be worried but I shook my head denying it.
At that time, my stomach started growling in hunger.
Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten much yesterday night.
It might be an opportunity for me to treat Edgar to something.
Coming to such conclusion, I followed Edgar in high spirits.


At the central part of the city.
Edgar and I were having our meal at the public bar.
It seemed like this person has totally forgotten that my age is still of a single digit.

The only thing in this person’s mind was only liquor.
She should have just fought with that liquor bottle instead of a sword.
Edgar chewed on a bread and guzzled down a cheap liquor.

「Hey, does Walkins-san has interest in woman? 」 (Edgar)
「What on earth are you asking there all of the sudden. 」 (Regis)
「Iya, it’s just that, it seems to be likely if I were to force myself. 」 (Edgar)
「I don’t want to hear about something like that. Or rather, is that what Walkins is to you?」 (Regis)

Despite having such good looking face and body, she was literally giving her heart and body to Walkins?
Could it be due to the suspension bridge effect that her interest started heading to a strange direction?

「T-That’s not it. I was just genuinely interested to know the basic things about Walkins-san. 」 (Edgar)
「Like her swordsmanship? 」 (Regis)
「That is also one of them. I don’t mind doing anything for her…..as long as she desires it. 」 (Edgar)
「………Someone please help me stop this drunkard. 」 (Regis)

It was definitely the effect of the bad liquor that was affecting her.
That must be it.
How should I know if Edgar has fallen in love with Walkins!?

「Iya…..but Regis might be good too.」 (Edgar)
「You should be drinking water to get rid of your intoxication if you have the spare time to hit on a seven year old.」 (Regis)

Stop looking at me with those glazed eyes!
Even if this was a joke, it might give me a strange feeling.
Could you be more aware of your own appearance!?
She is certainly to be really popular if she were to rid herself of the dangerous aura around her.

「…..Phew, I’m full. 」 (Edgar)
「I’m good too. So what should we do about the bill? 」 (Regis)
「I’ll be treating for this. They’re cheap. 」 (Edgar)
「It’s fine. I’ll be paying. It doesn’t feel right to have a woman pay here. 」 (Regis)
「No no, I should be the one treating here. 」 (Edgar)
「No no no, I had said it earlier to leave this to me. 」 (Regis)
「No no no no」 (Edgar)
「No no no no no—-」 (Regis)

In the end, we managed to settle this by going Dutch.
Although, the unit price for the liquor that Edgar was guzzling down was actually high so if I were to pay for it, I would need to spend about 90% of what I have in my pocket.
Even the drunkard beside me could be heard crying, 「Ueee, it’s expensive~」 but I decided to harden my heart and ignore her.
Didn’t I tell her to leave it to me from the start!
Once our wallet and mind became lighter, we left the place.

「…..Uaaa, I can see four Regis. How dare you use body imitation magic on yourself.」 (Edgar)

Edgar staggered and leaned on my body.
Don’t get drunk so easily if you want to drink alcohol!
I wonder if there are any slogans like this in this world.
Edgar seems to be a maudlin drinker who picks a fight with someone when she becomes extremely drunk.

「My important shop is goneee. But, if I put everything that I have into it, I will definitely be able to rebuild that thing again. 」 (Edgar)
「It’s not that thing」 (Regis)
「Eeehh, so Regis thinks that I’m not suitable to be a merchant—?!」 (Edgar)
「All right all right, I do not think so. 」 (Regis)

I felt like I am caring for the drunkard now.
No, it doesn’t just feel like it. I am doing it now.
Why must I be taking care of a drunk woman at this age?

Even so, the guards didn’t seem to have approached us for interrogation too.
Since one corner of the city was burnt, I had expected them to approach Edgar, the magic shop owner to inquire on the circumstances.
I looked around, feeling dubious.

—It’s still all right for now.
However, a magic power that seemed denser than earlier could be felt approaching.
It might be bad if I don’t start moving now.

I wonder how both of us might look like to the people around.
I certainly don’t think we look like a former mercenary and a boy with high mental age.
We might just look like a dead drunk woman and a kid to them.
Edgar doesn’t seem to be in an inarticulate state when she gave my sleeve a tug.

「Then I’ll guide you to my villa. 」 (Edgar)
「Aa, I thought of seeing it at least once. 」 (Regis)

It was a lie though. I don’t think anyone will throw himself willingly into a place that is so full of uncertainty!
However, I just nodded in the end by looking as innocent as possible.
Edgar was walking unsteadily as she swayed to and fro while I followed her to the same destination.

Roughly about ten plus meters plus behind us.
A quiet murderous impulse seemed to be enveloping that area.
I might not be able sense it at all if I hadn’t use my detection magic.
It was really weak to that degree.

Even though I knew the source of it, it wouldn’t be a good idea to cause a ruckus here.
I went along with Edgar while feeling that cold murderous intent behind.


Din No Monshou Chapter 13

Chapter 13:  Vigilance

I went back to the mansion and headed to Shadiverga’s room.
I was initially worried if there might be a chance of him being assassinated but it didn’t seem like I need to worry about it.
The person himself was sitting down on a chair sipping his tea peacefully.

「Regis. What’s with that knife?」 (Shadiverga)
「Aa, you mean this? Somehow this looks like a good item so I bought it.」 (Regis)

I showed him the knife that I purchased.
However, Shadiverga didn’t seem to show much interest in it.

「I had hand over the knife from Din house to you, hadn’t I? Well that one was for display purposes only so I’ll be troubled too if you were to use it.」 (Shadiverga)
「Then just lend me the one father has. That one is likely better than mine.」 (Regis)

I pointed at the knife on Shadiverga’s belt.
As soon as I said that, he concealed it with his hands in panic.

「T-this one’s not allowed! It’s something that I absolutely cannot lose.」 (Shadiverga)
「That isn’t the crest of Din, is it? It doesn’t have a silver sword and a gold shield. That one has…a bronze shield and a red spear? 」 (Regis)
「Aa, this is the crest of Jiruginusu. 」 (Shadiverga)

It was a family name that sounded familiar to me.
Did they have such a stylish crest?

「That belongs to mother’s house isn’t it?」 (Regis)
「That’s right. Though in actual fact it’s no longer around since it has merged with Din house. They used to be a family that became distinguished for their sword and magic.」 (Shadiverga)

I have heard of that in the past.
Walkins used to boast about it before.
Come to think of it, the relationship between Walkins and Sefina seemed to be pretty good.
The distance of their relationship must be so close to the extent of them always clinging to each other.
I wonder if there were any reasons to their dependence on each other.

「I see. Then it’s likely not good to receive something from a noble family of an old root.」 (Regis)
「Yeah. Houses like Horgos that has long history has prejudice against the house of Jirgens.」 (Shadiverga)

Certainly Durf was also disrespecting the house of Jirgens.
That could only mean that the verbal abuse thrown was not due to his bad personality.
Umm, the roots are deep.

「Indeed. Te– then why is that knife with father? 」  (Regis)
「It’s an oath. 」  (Shadiverga)
「An oath? 」  (Regis)

Those were exaggerated words.
However, it seemed to be a solemn oath.

「Aa. Between Din and Jiruginusu house. A mutual exchange of knives was done so both families will prosper together. 」  (Shadiverga)
「In other words, Din’s knife is currently with mother then. 」  (Regis)
「Yes yes. The one Regis has now is a replica of the one Sefina is holding. 」  (Shadiverga)

Hmm. Mine was really well-made too.
It doesn’t look like an imitation at the very least.
I guess this could mean that the craftsman’s ability is amazing.
From the look of even the fake one, you could already tell how refine is Sefina’s actual knife.

「By the way have you taken proper measures against assassination? 」  (Regis)
「I don’t think there are even any reason in targeting the life of a noble like mine. 」  (Shadiverga)
「Considering the duel that we will be having, it’s not surprising for him to send someone to kill you. Since if father dies suddenly, the other party will win by default. 」  (Regis)
「I know. That is why I am trying not to leave the house as much as I can. I will not be going outside when Walkins is moving around. 」 (Shadiverga)

Then it’s good.
In truth, it is not really good for me to go outside too.
There might be a chance that they will kidnap me and hold me hostage.
Well in order of priority, they would be aiming for Shadiverga first.

「Are you done with the procedure of the duel? 」  (Regis)
「Of course it is. It’s done perfectly. 」  (Shadiverga)
「What did you write under the column, “Person Dueling”?」  (Regis)
「I wrote 『Head of Din family』. The other party wrote 『The house of Horgos’ representative』. 」  (Shadiverga)
「As I thought they wrote representative. Well that’s to be expected. 」  (Regis)

The other side must have known that our side will be Shadiverga.
From an objective point of view, the possibility of our side winning is low.
Since the opponent would be employing skilled mercenaries from the private army.
If someone were to ask if Shadiverga has any chance of winning, all I could do is just tilt my head in reply.

Well since the person himself said he will be going out so he might have expected that.
Though if it were me, I would have considered the possibilities of other options.

「Well you should be even more wary of any possible assassination attack now. 」  (Regis)
「You’re right. Since Durf is not someone whom we can compliment for playing fair.」  (Shadiverga)

When someone is blinded by power, even their heart will end up being corrupted.
Durf is also those kinds of people.
However greed will always give rise to enemies in various places.
Specifically it might give rise to someone like a certain magic shop manager who used to be a mercenary.

「Aa. There are three days left to the duel. Brace yourself for it. 」  (Regis)
「I’ll do so even without you telling me. 」  (Shadiverga)

That answer is good enough for me.
There isn’t much left that I could say anymore. I hate being long-winded too.
I’ll let Shadiverga handle it himself.
This is the time you should be showing your manliness, Shadiverga-dono.




When I went to the servant’s room, I found Walkins drinking tea there.
Not only Shadiverga but Walkins too? You guys must really love tea.

As for me, I preferred those unhealthy carbonated drinks.
That polysaccharides in the drink has become my habit.
Although it delivers cavities directly at the same time.

Is it the principle of the one who prepares this mansion to not spend so much money on a servant’s room?
There is only a chair here.
It couldn’t be helped so I ended up sitting on the bed nearby.
Since the distance was not far from Walkins, there wasn’t any problem.

「Walkins, you.. 」  (Regis)
「What is it, Regis-sama? 」  (Walkins)
「Have you fought against the empire army several times before? 」  (Regis)
「…..Ee. How did you know? 」  (Walkins)

She answered it easily.
I had initially thought she might hesitate before replying.
Since the response given was uninteresting, I tried faking a surprised look.

「Eh, you’re admitting it casually, aren’t you? 」  (Regis)
「I’m just answering since you’re asking. Just the outline of it. 」  (Walkins)

Walkins said unflinchingly.
Apparently it wasn’t really a secret that she wanted to hide.

「Were you hired by the Magic Association? 」  (Regis)
「I was just lending my power. I was already working for Madam in Jiruginusu’s house at that time. 」  (Walkins)
「Fumu. Then I have a question. Walkins, how old are you? 」
(Rinkage: Tsk tsk…Never ask a lady her age)

*pakyatto* At that moment, I heard a strange sound.
The source of sound seemed to be coming from the cup Walkins was holding.
Upon closer look, I noticed that the handle from the cup was broken off.
This is bad. Suddenly a sense of foreboding washed over me.

「Regis-sama…. 」  (Walkins)

Walkins slowly stood up, her body swayed in a slow motion.
She moved along with a slow and uncertain step as she came closer to me.
For some reason, her face was flushed.

A devil-ish smile flashed across her face.
When she came close enough, she suddenly grabbed my shoulder—

「O-Oi…? 」  (Regis)

Then I was pushed onto the bed in my present state.
The light source was blocked off by Walkins’ body so the room suddenly appeared dark to me.

Her silver hair was swaying mysteriously.
She lowered her warm body onto mine, sticking close to me.
I could feel her warm breath on my ear.

「Wa…..lkins? 」  (Regis)

I couldn’t move.
Her mysterious charm captivated me. I tried moving away but my body wasn’t listening to me.
At the same time, I could feel a chill running down my back.
This is a feeling similar to when you’re facing a predator.

—-I’m going to be eaten.
My instinct was giving me a strong warning.
A warm throbbing sensation was transmitted to me from Walkins’ soft body.
Her mouth drew closer to my ear, then—


She bit me—!
She suddenly bit my ear.
Walkins lifted her body from the bed.
As if there was something amusing, she started laughing as she held onto her sides.

「Ahaha, ahahahahahahaha!! 」  (Walkins)
「W-what is it? 」  (Regis)
「Are you possibly, expecting it? 」  (Walkins)

Walkins stole a glance at my face.
The memory of her approach earlier suddenly flashed across my mind again.
I became tensed reflexively and the words got clogged up in my throat.

「Nna–!? No…..that was. 」  (Regis)
「You should give that a thought only once you’ve grown up a little. 」  (Walkins)

Yeah true. I was about to nod agreeing to her but I don’t think that she’s in the position to preach me about it either.
She kept making fun of people.
I felt like a fool for even half expecting it.
Please do not toy around with someone’s pure heart
Well, I don’t have any feeling of lust in my present state anyway.

「Good grief. That’s a seriously nasty prank. 」  (Regis)
「It’s a punishment for asking a lady something strange. Please reflect on it. 」 (Walkins)
「Why should I reflect on it? 」 (Regis)

That seemed like a really unreasonable request.
Walkins smiled mischievously.

「You shouldn’t ask a lady her age. 」  (Walkins)
「But you just said you will be answering it a while ago—」  (Regis)
「Just an outline of it. Age is an exception. 」  (Walkins)

What the heck.
Then wouldn’t all the inconvenient questions be exceptions?
That was what I thought for a split second but all defensive measures taken were originally something like that.
I was completely deceived by her.

「So why do you want to know my age? 」  (Walkins)
「Well it’s about the incident today. Someone who is running a magic shop said that she was saved a decade ago. 」  (Regis)
「By whom? 」 (Walkins)
「By Walkins. 」  (Regis)

As I said so, Walkins placed her finger on her forehead as if she was deep in thoughts.
Did she suddenly start recalling various things? Or she was currently troubled since she wasn’t able to recall anything?

「Based on her explanation, it happened when the Imperial observer force clashed with the Empire on the frontier. 」  (Regis)
「Aa, so it was at that time. Come to think of it, I think I might have or might have not helped a mercenary who was paralysed with fear at one point. I remembered she was still really young. 」  (Walkins)
「Oi, it’s really ambiguous. 」  (Regis)
「I do not have the pleasure of looking around every places when I’m on the battlefield. At any rate, what’s on my mind was just to finish off the enemies before my eyes. 」  (Walkins)

That is certainly true.
So that was the reason she said 「Is that what you should be asking at a time like this?」 when Edgar asked for her name.
The empire army seemed strong.

「I see. So that young mercenary at that time has now opened a magic shop here in the Imperial City. 」  (Walkins)
「She really admires Walkins and started pursuing her career in magic after that. 」  (Regis)
「Hearing it makes me feel happy. If fate allows it there might be possibility that we will meet. 」  (Walkins)
「The other party would really want to meet you too. 」 (Regis)

I see. As I thought, the person that Edgar was looking for was Walkins.
You seemed to be making appearance at various places.
I was initially wondering why she sometimes frequented the Magic Association. So I guess that was the story.

This conversation is over.
There was something else that I need from Walkins.

「By the way, will you teach me one of the magic from the Expert Edition today? 」   (Regis)
「……..Hmm. Well, it’ll be alright if the magic consumption is small. 」  (Walkins)
「It’ll be fine. This is a slightly special one. The maintenance is still hard regardless. 」(Regis)

I showed Walkins the magic book as I said so.
This was not the book I purchased a while ago.
This is an Expert Edition before the revision was done and consisted of completely different context.
It was something I brought from home.

There are still old Expert Edition magic spells remaining in this book even after the revision was done to this date.
When I was reading it previously, I found something that seemed to be usable.
What was it that was useful you say? They were unusual but pretty effective trick spells. Overall it’s an exciting magic.

「What is this? 」  (Regis)
「……This, it will be really difficult to learn this one. It’s a special magic that can be used to evade even a skilled wizard. Unfortunately I do not approve of this magic. There is a possibility that it might cause damage to the mind. 」  (Walkins)

She explained the danger in various ways.
However I do not have the intention to change my decision.

「That’s just fine. Then I’ll just need to twist its nature isn’t it? There shouldn’t be any other magic that is more distorted than this one existing in this world.」  (Regis)
「…..Umm」  (Walkins)

As I thought, danger and magic go hand in hand.
Walkins did not approve of it readily too.
But I shouldn’t pull back here.
She will be able to understand it if I show her my determination.

「Please. It’s absolutely necessary. 」  (Regis)
「Even when it’ll still take a few days if it is done intensely? 」  (Walkins)
「Is that so? Then I’ll just keep at it till bed time from now on. And I’ll invest my time in it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too.」  (Regis)

On saying so, I noticed that it will actually be a considerably tight schedule.
That said, I will not be able to get much learning done if I don’t do that much at the very least.

「So you’re serious, isn’t it? Will you throw in the towel in the midst of the training? 」  (Walkins)
「No I will not. Don’t look down on my perseverance. 」  (Regis)
「Yes, I understand. Then let’s get started now. 」 (Walkins)

I nodded in agreement.
Alright! As I thought Walkins is someone understanding.
As one would expect from a hyper maid.
She’s an existence worthy to be called master.

If this magic is usable, I will be able to further extend my strategies.
To prepare myself in case of emergency, should I preserve my power?

I need to prepare myself in various ways for the magic practice.
After that is over, I will be working hard in Walkins’ lesson immediately.

However I finally understood it after giving it a try. This magic is seriously troublesome.
The pose is of course one of them but if I do not make sure the image and chant are perfect, I will not be able to charge the magic.

Certainly, it doesn’t seem likely that I will be able to see the results in a short period of time.
Furthermore, there is a bad point on how the magic is triggered.
It will eat up the caster’s magical power without limitations. It is an outrageous one.

But I can’t complain about it.
It’s just a little longer until the duel.
If Shadiverga is able to perform well then my part will be done.
However, I still feel uneasy regardless.

Durf who likes using underhanded methods still hasn’t done anything yet.
Although there is a possibility that he was looking down on us since Shadiverga will be the one representing us.
I should be on standby in case anything unwanted occurs.

After a few hours of practice, I ended up collapsing and fell asleep as it is.
The moon in the sky appeared to be shining ominously when seen from within the Imperial City’s castle walls.
The duel between the house of Din house and the house of Horgos drew closer.


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Din No Monshou Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Edgar and Allan Poe

The moment I mentioned the name of the servant from Din’s house, the girl nodded with a big smile spreading across her face.

「Yes, it’s Walkins! Te–, how did you know that?」

She grabbed and shook both my shoulders.
Ababa– the seismic intensity level is high. (Rin: She is shaking him violently)
It doesn’t seem likely that she will stop even if I told her to.

「To tell the truth—」

I told her that Walkins is a servant hired by Sefina.
In addition, she has an outstanding ability in both swordsmanship and also in the aspect of magic.
She’s someone who has a really young appearance with silver hair.
While I was conveying all that details to her, she was tapping her hand consistently.

「That’s it! It’s definitely that person! So she’s still alive. I’m so glad–!」

She was dancing wildly there in joy.
However my head was full of doubt.
She obtained that headpiece ten years ago.
Walkins has the appearance of someone in her late teens.
Her real age is not known but isn’t it strange for her to be in a war that happened 10 years ago?

「By the way, how old does Walkins look like at that time?」
「Fumu~ I’m only assuming here. But I guess she looked like she was in her late teens.」

Doesn’t Walkins age at all?
No. When I heard of the story of how Walkins was serving Sefina since childhood, I did get a strange sense of discomfort already.
I have found an even more outrageous mystery in the Imperial City now.

「By the way, is Walkins-san currently in the Imperial City? 」
「Yes she’s here. She’s taking a break in the southern noble district. 」
「Uaa~ a noble district……I wouldn’t be able to enter. 」
「Well she is kind of busy now so even if you are able to enter, she might not be able to meet you.」
「Nn? Is there a problem going on? 」
「—–We, the Din house will be having a duel here in the Imperial City. 」

A duel.
She should be able to understand what it meant even if she is not a noble.
By betting pride against pride, it’s a fight for justice.
It might appear as so on official stance but in reality it’s a war oozing with greed.

「In other words, is Walkins-san the representative? 」
「No, she is involved in the request so it’s not possible. 」
「….Eh, request? 」
「The other noble opponent was aiming for Walkins. That guy’s name is Durf Zajimu Horgos.」

An overgrown large fat pig.
A lewd man who indulges in power.
And a schemer who wouldn’t hesitate in dirtying his hands to get what he wants.

His ill reputation must have been well-known even in the Imperial City since it’s a high nobility who is in control of the western region.
As expected, the girl’s reaction is indeed…..!

「Unforgivable! For Walkins to be handed to a son of a bitch pig like him! 」

She was seriously outraged.
Her burning anger was on par with Shadiverga and mine.
She’s completely hostile to the harmful insects that tried to approach her benefactor.

「I’ll lend my strength too. I’ll do whatever I can do to help.」
「No well, we’re not in that much of a trouble now.」
「Din house….is it. In other words, are you Regis? 」

I was slightly astonished when she was able to guess my name correctly.

「Eh, you knew it? 」
「I’ve heard it from the peddler in the west side before that an eccentric heir was born into Din’s house. 」

The part about me being eccentric aside, it appears that they knew who I am.
A merchant’s network can be a scary thing.
It’s the type of people who fight by throwing the money in.
It seems like a job well suited for me. Or rather, should I take up the role?

The girl cleared her throat before placing her hand on her chest and introduced herself.

「My name’s Edgar Christanval. I used to work as a mercenary in the northern kingdom. Currently I am just running a magic shop in the Imperial City. 」

Hohou. She seemed to have a pretty fierce life so far.
From a career in the battlefield to a career in a shop.
There is a saying that goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”
This is probably a good step up from her previous job.

「Just let me know if you need any help. When the things turn bad, I can even help you guys fight since I still have my skills. 」

Edgar brandished one of the swords from her shop as if her anger towards Durf has rekindled.
Putting aside the question of her ability, she seemed to be an individual whom one can rely on.

I’m glad I was able to build a good network.
I managed to buy book too.
I should go back now I guess.

「Well then, I’ll be going back now.」
「Un. Then please take care—」

At that moment, the shop’s window was blown off.
The wooden frame broke into pieces and scattered all over. Wood chips could be seen fluttering around.
It happened way too sudden so I wasn’t able to take a defensive stance in time.

「Edgar, take cover! 」
「I’m alright. Don’t look down on an ex-mercenary. 」

Something that appeared to be a stray flame bullet flew towards the shop again.
Edgar then chanted a magic to block the trajectory.

「Water of purification, destroy the flame of evil. Gush out from my hand! ――『Anti-flare Water』」

Water could be seen gushing out from Edgar’s hand.
The water then swelled up into a splendid looking sphere and wrapped up the fireball.
If it were an ordinary water, it would’ve likely been evaporated.
However, the water seemed to make nothing of the flame’s resistance.

Even though it was just a small amount of water, it succeeded in extinguishing the fire.
That must certainly be a magic specifically used for extinguishing fire only.
Although it was not really a high-level magic, it was amazing that she was able to cast it in succession by chanting right away.
My brain was only preoccupied in taking cover at that time.

「…..Damn. Are they looking to pick a fight outside? 」

Edgar threw open the window in the shop.
I went outside subsequently too.
Unknowingly, there were already a large crowd of onlookers in front of the shop.

「If you’re not going to buy anything, don’t block the entrance! Just move away! 」

Edgar made her way through the crowd as if ploughing through them.
The pitifulness of a shopkeeper could be sensed from those words.
By all means, I hope that your business will flourish even more in future.

「What is going on? 」
「Aa….Can you see it? 」

As Edgar carried me on her shoulder, I looked towards the center of the crowd.
Since my field of view is wide open, I was able to confirm if something had happened.
Apparently a trouble has occurred between a noble and a commoner.
A young woman was desperately apologizing as she hid a boy behind her.

「I-I’m sorry! I will let him know not to enter this place ever again! 」
「Shut up! This is a noble district. It’s not a place where you low life dogs can enter as you like! 」

The guy who snapped appeared to be a noble’s attendant.
The noble in question doesn’t seem to be around.
I wonder what the situation was. Edgar asked the woman next to her.

「What is going on? A fireball suddenly flew into my shop. 」
「Etto, it seems like the child has entered the noble district. The attendant who happened to be passing by flew into a fit of rage when he sees him…..」

I see.
It’s not strange for a child to aimlessly trespass a place.
However, there are a lot of dangerous nobles in the northern noble district.
As a parent, she should pay more attention to the child but such a situation might still be unavoidable.

「What should we do now? 」
「I hate nobles. I’m going to take that woman’s side. 」

As she said so, she pushed away the surrounding people.
The crowd thinned out in an instant.
At that moment, Edgar did a high jump and leaped over the crowd.
Then she stood in front of the woman dauntingly.

Te–hold it oi! Are you planning to pull me into this too?
Although, I was planning to intervene too so I didn’t really mind it.
Edgar lowered me to the floor and pointed at the attendant.

「Anyone will make a mistake. To begin with, he’s still a child. Is this how an adult supposed to respond? 」
「Who the hell are you! 」

The noble’s attendant looked at her warily.
When all the attentions were gathered, Edgar introduced herself out loud.

「Edgar Christanval from the magic shop. So which noble are you guys working for? 」
「He’s an august individual unlike a commoner like you. Listen clearly and prostate yourself before the name. We’re the attendants of Durf Horgos-sama—」
「Aa–, the attendants of that pig」

Edgar intercepted nonchalantly.
As for me, I felt like running away at full power.
I don’t really want to get myself involved with Durf’s sect in a place like this.
The attendant squinted on hearing the insult thrown at his master.

「Someone like you is unworthy to keep living. Moreover the person beside you……Oi, if I am not mistaken—」

The attendant seemed to be speaking to the private soldier behind about something.
Someone might have noticed me.
The attendant who suddenly appeared determined did a light cough before laughing.

「Well well, aren’t you the young master from Din’s house? It’s unexpected for you to be in such good terms with a commoner like her. Your calibre seems to go without saying.」

「What on earth are you talking about ossan. I’m Edgar’s nephew. Just call me Allan Poe. 」

I don’t want to reveal myself in a place like this.
I’ll just keep feigning ignorance.
It would be pointless to the attendants but it will have an effect on the spectators.

「Then let’s just leave it at that. We do not need to refrain ourselves from executing punishment to commoners who interfere with us then right? 」

The attendant laughed suspiciously.
However, he briskly returned to the noble district by foot.
Could he be planning to report it to Durf?

It will not put me in any disadvantageous anyway.
It might be good to just ignore it.
While I was thinking of that, the attendant whispered coldly to the private soldier.

「—Disregard it and kill them. If they’re going to intervene, then it would be good to get them involved in it too. 」
「But this is the Imperial City. Will it be alright? 」
「The King will not concern himself with things that happen around the northern district as well. If there is any stimulus here, it might incur the displeasure of the other older high ranking nobles.」
「….I-I comply. 」

The private soldier’s face stiffened when he received the order.
There are five soldiers there who seemed likely to be accustomed to fighting.
They are probably all mercenaries.
As soon as the attendant walked away, he approached here in silence.

「Move away from there or I’ll kill you. 」
「Just try it if you can. I will not succumb to something like power. 」

The soldier showed an unpleasant look when Edgar rivaled him.
He exchanged looks with the soldiers behind and pulled out his sword.

「Resistance confirmed. Will begin my elimination. 」
「Is that so? Then I’ll start ahead of you first. 」

As soon as she said that, Edgar made a move.
She kicked the ground with her shoes with a *clonk* causing the sword to fly out from the hem in recoil.

Is that a sword cane?
The soldier raised the sword over his head in a haste when Edgar suddenly took out a weapon.
But his reaction was slow.

Edgar brought the sword close to her face and muttered something.
It was such an outrageously fast incantation that it would be doubtful if anyone could even catch it.

「Burst open the flame of sword, pierce through the sky. Burning fire pass through the crimson wedge ―― 『Enchantment Fire』」

In that instant, Edgar’s sword blazed up magnificently.
Edgar’s pupils dilated in proportion to the blazing sword.
I could see canines coming out from her mouth, giving me the impression of a mad dog.

「Let’s do this…..sea–AAAAAAAAAAAAA! 」

She cut down in a flash.
The soldier’s face twitched as he tried swinging the sword to take her down.
Unfortunately it was too late.
An unexpected explosion could be heard and the private soldier’s armor exploded.
From there on, an explosion was triggered whenever the tip of the sword lightly grazes any area.

「…..a, gaa–」

The soldier who wasn’t able to endure it collapse to the floor.
Black smoke could be seen rising from his body.
He doesn’t seem to be dead but his body doesn’t seem to be moving either.

「….it’s frightening. Oi」

I spoke to Edgar while her back was turned to me
But she never gave a reply and started running again.
She cut down another soldier who was dumbfounded there with one strike.

「Th-this son of a bitch! 」

She gave a kick to the other soldier from the back.
However, in doing so, her stance was broken thus leaving her open to any impending attacks.
The soldier grasped the chance and tried pursuing her instead.

The sword was slashed right towards her head.
At that very moment, Edgar seemed to be engulfed with an explosive driving force.
She knocked against his body with all the force, forcibly cancelling the attack.

「Gu…you bitch. Your futile resistance—–」

The soldier tried raising his body but his abdomen was pierced through directly.
The tip of the sword triggered another explosion right on his skin, causing a huge wound.

「Insects shouldn’t make any sound. Be quiet.」

She shot a cold gaze at the soldier who was screaming in pain.
Edgar actually looked more like a villain in my eyes now.

Her switch must have been turned on when her sword blazed up earlier.
Her voice was low and sounded scarier than just now.
Let’s just call this her mercenary mode.
The remaining two soldiers were then attacked with Edgar’s wave of assaults.

It appeared hard to break through their strong coordination but Edgar was able to display an amazingly swift sword technique.
Thus when one of the soldier lowered his guard slightly as he grimaced, Edgar did not let go of the opportunity—and sent a violent side slash.

「….ga, ha–」

The force of the slash caused another explosion around, rendering him incapable to fight in just an instant.
However, since the waves of attacked were forcibly interrupted, an opening appeared just as expected.
The remaining soldier raised his sword up.

Edgar would not be able to avoid that attack as well.
It can’t be helped. Since we’ve come this far, I’ll go along with you.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』!! 」

A flame bullet with high velocity struck the soldier.
The intense mass that hit the side of his head caused his vision to shake.
However, as expected he is still a mercenary.
He regained his posture and glared at me.


He swung his sword and tried to fling it at me but it didn’t go his way.

A severe slash was delivered to the soldier’s back.
A loud blast resounded and the soldier’s body was flung into the air.
With this, the five of them are incapable to fight anymore?

「…….phew. As I thought, my instinct hasn’t returned yet. It’s hard to control the strength of the heat. 」

Edgar scratched her head as she put away the burnt sword.
I guess the story about her being a mercenary before is not a lie.
Although I have not doubted her words previously.
She wanted to help a woman who fell into a difficult predicament. She must be a genuine good fellow.

「Alright, shoo shoo. You can disperse now. You’re interfering with business. Just leave behind some money here. I’ll be collecting them. 」

I retract my previous remark.
She’s just a money grubber. (Rin: the original text was Zeni Geba)
The crowd slowly scattered.
Then the woman who was protecting the boy earlier came to convey her gratitude.

「Thank you very much! 」
「No, I didn’t do anything. The one who had gone on rampage is that person. 」
「You shot that fireball too, didn’t you? Don’t feign ignorance there. 」

Oh? Are you trying to throw the responsibility on me?
But you’re too naive. I will never admit it.
While we were having a pointless argument there, the woman kept bowing before us.

Well, it’s good that there are no injuries,
Tranquillity and peace are still the best as I thought.

「Erm…may have your name? 」
「I’m Edgar」
「I’m Allan Poe」
「Both of you are in sync」
「I’ll hit you」

Edgar poked me.
I was only expressing my honest opinion.
The woman was just laughing there.

If only I have given my answer like a detective novelist, it would’ve sound a lot smarter.
I can’t turn back the time now.
We sent off the woman and boy before entering the shop.

By the way, the fallen soldiers were all dragged back by the maids from the noble district.
He’s seriously troublesome. He’s even giving trouble to the maids.
Edgar who went inside the shop heaved a huge sigh when she looked at the broken window.

「Oh, for heaven’s sake. Will I be the one repairing this?…..」
「Your sword skill earlier was amazing. 」
「That’s my line. I’ve never seen someone who is able to make a ball of flame like that all these years. So I guess the story about you being a child prodigy is true. 」

A child prodigy?
I’m happy about it but I do not deserve that title.
Once a child prodigy becomes an adult, he’ll just be a person.

Come to think of it, I was called a “child emperor” before in my previous life.
A child prodigy and “child emperor”.
They might look similar on the characters but why are the meanings so different?
Isn’t this a discrimination?
(Rin: “doutei” / “child emperor” is homophonous with the word “virgin” in Japanese too. 童帝 = child emperor / 童貞 = virgin. They sound the same when you read it but the characters are different. In other words, he’s still called a virgin in his previous life. Do correct me if I am wrong)

「You applied magic on the sword, isn’t it? Can Walkins do something like that too? 」
「What are you talking about? My sword skill was learnt by imitating Walkins-san, don’t you know? I defeated the magicians and soldiers using the same way 10 years ago. 」

Walkins’ scary. So that skill originated from her.
As I thought, it would be really bad to anger her when she has a sword with her.

「In addition she was able to destroy a large boulder with just one swing. 」
「I don’t think that’s a human anymore」

Just when I came to a theory that Walkins is not a human, I caught sight of the sun outside.
It’s almost dusk.
A trouble had occurred but I succeeded in completing my shopping anyway.

「Then I’ll be going back now. I’ll be counting on you if I do require any help from you by then. 」
「Of course. It’ll be fine even if the job consist of roasting that feudal lord pig. I will be handling that task specially, for free of charge at that time. 」
「Umu. That’s right. 」

I parted with her peacefully and returned to the mansion.
Play time should be enough now.
From here on, it will be the mudslinging match against that noble who couldn’t be convinced by common sense.
I’ll try to do what I am capable of doing.

Specifically, that’s right.
What if I become father (Shadiverga)’s bodyguard?


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