Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 C5 part 2

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here (updated)


Chapter 05: I met a friend and former subordinate (part 2)

“Yeah, I understand. Thank you, Youki. Well then, let’s go through the procedure with the coachman.”  [Raven]

“H-Hold it!”  [Youki]

I grabbed Raven’s shoulder in a haste, stopping him as he held onto the pen and paper.

Happiness has not arrived, so we must not get the procedure done yet.

“What’s wrong? If we don’t get the procedure done quickly, all the seats will be taken.”  [Raven]

“A-Actually, not all the members are here yet.”  [Youki]

“…What?”  [Raven]

Raven’s eyebrows twitched a little, his face turned slightly pale.

“T-There’s no need for you to look that anxious. The one coming is someone we both know.”  [Youki]

“…Is that so? Then it’s fine. Is it Cecilia who is coming? From what I know, Duke shouldn’t have taken a day off. Aside from them, the people that we both know are…”  [Raven]

He muttered under his breath, coming up with one name after another as he tried to figure out who the other member was, but for some reason, Happiness’s name never came up.

Has he forgotten that he has cooperated with Duke so he could get closer to Happiness before?  Or maybe he thought that she would never come even if she was invited? Or that I have not invited her?

It made me a little worried when her name was not mentioned at all.

Seeing how Raven, who didn’t seem to be mentally prepared, was made me wonder how he would react when Happiness appears before him.

It was probably a better idea if I had informed him beforehand that she would be coming… not just for his sake, but mine too. However, I knew that it was already too late to do so.

At that moment, I felt a tug at my shirt from behind. Raven was standing before me with his hand below his chin, still trying to figure out who the other member was. So then, who was the one behind me?


“Just as I thought.”  [Youki]

When I turned around, the usual expressionless Happiness was indeed there. For some reason, she was saluting me as she tugged at my clothes.

Even though the final member has finally arrived, Raven was still not aware of Happiness’s presence, probably because he was too engrossed in his thoughts.

“…Late?”  [Happiness]

“No, you’re right on time. Raven and I have just arrived.” [Youki]

“…I see.”  [Happiness]

After greeting me, Happiness then went over to Raven and tapped him on his chest lightly.

“…Oha.”  [Happiness]

Probably due to the light tap on his chest, Raven was forcibly pulled back from his own world. Upon seeing Happiness before him, his face turned bright red instantly, a stark contrast with his pale face earlier. Surprisingly, Raven seemed to express his emotions easily through his face. I missed the time when I first thought of him as the cool and silent swordsman upon our meeting at the Demon Lord castle.

While I was immersing myself in such memories, someone grabbed my arm and dragged me off. Needless to say, the culprit was Raven. He released me only once we reached a place a distance away from Happiness.

“…Why is it Happiness?”  [Raven]

This was the lowest voice I had ever heard from him.

He had probably thought that I seemed unconcerned in this situation because it was unrelated to me at all, but he would understand it.

“Happiness has been working hard all the time in the mansion and has not been to anywhere… Since this is a little outing, I invited her along…”  [Youki]

“…This is not a leisure trip.”  [Raven]

“Ugh… A guild mission is certainly a job and not fun and games. But, Happiness is actually more capable in combat than you think, so it should be fine.”  [Youki]

I couldn’t disclose it to Raven, but it would be a mistake to underestimate my former subordinates. She might not be as strong as Duke, but she was just as good in combat. Happiness’s battle style was to use magic and her feathers in a fight. She was often seen practising using such methods when we were still at the Demon Lord castle. Even though all her feathers had already been plucked out, she could still make use of her magic.

“…I see. You have known Happiness for a longer time. Sorry, I don’t know much about Happiness’s real ability.”  [Raven]

He became depressed this time.

He was first anxious, then angry, and now depressed. All these emotions sure kept him busy.

“You just need to understand her better from now on. I mean, you’ll get to learn more things about her through this mission.”  [Youki]

“…Do you think I can do it?”  [Raven]

“Pull yourself together! At a time like this, you should be saying ‘…That’s right’ instead, like how you usually would, right?”  [Youki]

Phew… That’s right.”  [Raven]

Probably because my attempt at mimicking his speaking demeanour to ease the mood had succeeded, Raven finally smiled.

Seeing as Raven was back being himself, it should be fine. I had a hunch that he might freak out even in the carriage, but I decided to back him up if that were to happen.

After we had our talk, we went back to Happiness.


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