Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 71

  • Translator: amenym
  • Editor: Anonymous_Neko
  • Proofreader: Rinkage

Chapter 71 Patron Smells of Mexico

Patron… To say ‘patron’ in this circumstance… In other words, a love contract? For a 21-year-old virgin like me, that’s tough, in various ways…

“Why, did you suddenly say that…? It’s better to ask this of your own customers, isn’t it?” [Jirou]

That is the opinion of this very decent me. But a question mark seemed to float over Elepipi’s head, and it looked as if she might just ask ‘What’re you talking about?’.

“… Customers?” [Elepipi]

“No… Well, like, a regular customer or something?” [Jirou]

“Eh…? Ah… I see.” [Elepipi]

As if to say ‘Ohh. I see.’, Elepipi lightly tapped her fist on her palm.

What was that? Is she just slow?

“I’m not a prostitute. I was there only because the guidance said to.” [Elepipi]

And here comes a problematic statement.

Is… is that so…?

It’s true that, amongst the crowd of prostitutes at that time, this girl was the only one who seemed easy to talk to and in fact, it was easy to speak to her… I see. The guidance had already started by then.

I’m so sorry that I thought you were a prostitute and got you to cooperate…

I’m so sorry that I thought your vocation was ‘Prostitute’…!

“So, why a patron?” [Jirou]

“…I’m an actress. I was acting for this as well. But I’m barely scraping by.” [Elepipi]

Barely scraping by… I see. To be that good at acting and to require a patron, I can understand that that’s because she’s an actress… I think?

At times like these… Talk it over with Rebecca-san. Yep.

Eh? Uhnn. I see… If we consider how good she was, she might actually be an actress.… And there’s also a theatre in Erishe. But stage actresses shouldn’t be living such a tough life, right?

“It seems so, how is it, Elepipi?” [Jirou]

“I’ve only ever gotten small parts… The pay is low, and my family isn’t well to do.” [Elepipi]

Even though she had real abilities, reality was tough. She was still so young. Theatrical companies (?) in this society were probably seniority-based? Or was it because the higher-ups didn’t know how to appreciate her talents. Of course, there was always the possibility that others were better or prettier than her. Whatever is it, to say that she was living in poverty…

“I see… Even if it’s your vocation, it doesn’t mean you have your way.” [Jirou]

Life was tough. There were parts where it was easier here compared with Earth, since there were blessings (like ‘Get 3 million yen for getting spirit stones!’). But it didn’t mean that you could get by as long as you have a vocation. Even with 5 times growth rate, it was the same for everyone with the same vocation, so it might not actually be an advantage. But Elepipi’s answer was far from what I’d imagined.

“My vocation… It’s not ‘Actor’. I don’t think there anyone in Erishe with the ‘Actor’ vocation… It’s a rare vocation.” [Elepipi]

“Is that so…” [Jirou]

The topic of vocations was quite a delicate issue and I supposed I wasn’t being thoughtful. Basically, the people in this world took their vocation as their profession, and I was under the assumption that this was the norm. Whatever it is, since the ‘Swindler’ vocation exists (i.e. me), I thought that there could be all sorts of terrible vocation, and you couldn’t deny that Elepipi might just belong to such a vocation…

Somehow the atmosphere’s turned bad, and Elepipi probably noticed it, but she grabbed my arm, pushed her body close and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry… It’s not a bad vocation. But it’s just a little unfortunate… I’ll tell you, Young Master… My vocation is…” [Elepipi]

Yep. Erotic. If she’d doing this on purpose, we’ll leave it at that. But if she was not aware of what she was doing, that would very troublesome. Was this what they called devilishness?

It was difficult to determine how trustworthy a self-declaration was, but I had decided to believe in Elepipi. No. Her vocation.

“…If I become your patron, what do I get in return?” [Jirou]

It felt a little obscene to be the patron of a prostitute, but it would be different if it were to be a patron of an actress. Purely supporting for the sake supporting, or to get publicity when she becomes famous, those were likely the options, I guessed. Whichever it is, I don’t know many people anyway. She was a little odd, but definitely a beauty. And depending on how much it would cost, I didn’t mind being a patron anyway. After all, she was a friend I got to know through a guidance.

But Elepipi looked at me bashfully with upturned eyes, played with her tied-up hair, and couldn’t answer my question for some reason.

What’s this? Is she practicing how to stir up a man’s heart? This virgin’ll get his heart stirred up without delay, so stop it please.

“In return… without saying… with my body…” [Elepipi]

“Wha-?” [Jirou]

Those upturned pleading eyes.

“No?” [Elepipi]

She pleaded adorably.

Wahhh! Women are terrifying! It’s totally okay! That’s why it’s terrifying! I might just have given in if Rebecca-san were not around.

“It’s a very tempting proposal, but your acting sucks, so no. Well, if you’re really having such a hard time, we could hire you. I’ll pay you too.” [Jirou]

While I had said no, I really wanted to catch hold of this one. That’s the certifiably indecent me. Well, to be frank, if I could be lewd with her, I would, of course! Why am I living such a celibate life even though I’m always surrounded by Diana and Marina! ‘If this lucky encounter sets the meal right before me, I’ll take it!’ Or at least that’s what I’d like to think.

“Sales? But my vocation is that, you know…” [Elepipi]

“You don’t really need your vocation.” [Jirou]

To be fair, you don’t need any vocation to do sales. Though, if that vocation does exist, that person would be a super salesman and sales would become number one among all the branches. We’re still a one-of-a-kind shop, and a street stall to boot. You’d laugh through your nose if I said a vocation is needed…

Ah. That’s right. I was in a young master mode, and she might think that the shop is a proper shop. She might instead be disappointed if she saw the shop.

“Wait, Jirou… Is it okay to hire her just like that? She’s not a disciple, so you’ll have to pay her a proper salary, you know?” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san’s concern is en pointe. If she was a disciple, I’d be forgiven if I paid her peanuts, but there was little merit in not going through the guild to hire someone.

“No. I don’t mean a formal employment. I mean part-time. Recently, I’ve been leaving the shop to Etowa alone and it might be good to have more people on hand. More than anything, it’s best to secure someone with a talent, and more than anything… she’s a beauty.” [Jirou]

Yes. There’s quite a bit of merit in this case.

If it’s a beauty, secure here even if you have to pay twice the salary, or so the chairman of a black company said.

Not to mention, having a beauty who can act is quite valuable on the sales floor … It’s quite sad that in this world, whether this is necessary or not is another issue. Well, it would be very helpful if she can go along whenever I need to do business negotiations.… Ah. But in that sense, we’ve got that high-level cheat of a High Elf-sama for that. It’s as if although I only control one kingdom in the Three Kingdoms game, I’ve already got Zhuge Liang, and I’m also leading another strategist (with military strength). What’s with this metaphor?

“Also… I don’t really want to say it like this, but can she be trusted?” [Rebecca]

“Of course. And I do have a valid reason for saying so.” [Jirou]

“Is that so? If Jirou says it’s all good, then I don’t mind, but you weren’t lured by that girl’s charm, were you?” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san’s concern was once again en pointe. It was true that I might seem to have been lured by Elepipi’s charms.

“No. It’s her vocation.” [Jirou]

“Vocation? You asked?” [Rebecca]

“Yeah. That vocation is the most trustworthy to me. I only have that as a reason. You could say that I have no basis, and it might not be too much to say that I believe her because I want to.” [Jirou]

Rebecca-san shrugged her shoulders at my reply. It seems that she had accepted it even though I gave such an explanation. Well, it was not like I trusted her 100%. There was no chance of that. If I needed to, I wouldn’t hesitate to arrest the issue.

I explained the job scope to Elepipi who still wasn’t entirely convinced. The salary would be paid by the hour. (She didn’t have the concept of hourly pay, so I explained that too.) It was okay to take leave if she has practice or performances. If she absolutely needed money, it would be okay to request for advance payment…

“But it this really okay, Young Master?” [Elepipi]

“I told you I’m not a young master… It’s fine, since you’ll be working.” [Jirou]

Rather, I’d like to ask, “Is this really okay? Gehehheh. I’ll really do it, you know?” to the one who initially said she’d pay with her body.

“If you’re got time later, why not come around to take a look? If you don’t feel comfortable, you always can reject the job.” [Jirou]

“Uhn…” [Elepipi]


The three of us went back to the shop. Rather than a shop, it should be a street stall, or maybe a booth… I thought I’d see Elepipi’s ‘That’s it?!’ face, but she was totally expressionless. Damn, her acting’s good.

Marina was waiting in the shop. Diana didn’t seem to have returned.

“Ah. my liege, commander-sir! Welcome back! What happened? Did you find any lace?” [Marina]

“We’re back. We did find the lace.” [Jirou]

“Thank you very much, my liege. With this, Marina can give Aurica a present. Ah, but, that… Would my liege sell it to Marina?” [Marina]

“Of course. We looked for it with that intention.” [Jirou]

“Marina is stupendously delighted!” [Marina]

“That’s an odd way of saying it.” [Jirou]

“Young Master… Who is this?” [Elepipi]

Oh yeah. I should introduce them. Diana’s not here, but this is something like a final interview, I guess. If she’s got an aversion towards the Turk tribe, I can’t hire her.

“Oh. This is Marina. She’s my slave bodyguard. That one over that is Etowa. She’s my disciple. This is Elepipi who’ll be working here part-time from time to time. Take care of each other, okay?” [Jirou]

Following my simple introduction, before Marina or Etowa could open their mouths to speak, Elepipi stepped forth.

“Ni-Nice to meet you! I’m Elepipi, 17 years old. I’ll be in your care… Your armour is magnificent!” [Elepipi]

Huh…? Why is she in such high tension? I was surprised that she was 17 years old, but more than that, she praised Marina’s armour so suddenly.

“Ohh. You understand how amazing this armour is? Marina is my liege’s slave! And the knight who will protect my liege and Princess. My liege bought Marina this armour. It is Marina’s treasure. Marina also has weapons. This is Marina’s hatchet. My liege also bought this for Marina. It is Marina’s treasure. Even though Marina is a slave, my liege let Marina ride on horses. It is Marina’s treasure. And this hair ornament――”

Stop iittt! I’m not embarrassed, okay! Buying things for one’s own slave is a matter of course for the master.…

“――Knight.” [Elepipi]

Elepipi gazed at Marina with adoration and passion. This is…

“Young Master, she’s… a Knight?” [Elepipi]

“A Knight.” [Jirou]

“A knight’s squad!” [Marina]

“Eh?” [Jirou]

“Knight’s squad…?” [Elepipi]

“A knight’s squad with just commander-sir and Marina!” [Marina]

“Ehh?!” [Jirou]

Wahhh. When did they form a knight’s squad without my knowledge! But Rebecca-san was very commander-like. It was probably not as bad as it sounds if I asked her directly. It wasn’t like Marina was running wild… Well, it was true that both their vocations were ‘Knight’, so there shouldn’t be a problem… But…

Elepipi’s eyes sparkled even more when Marina mentioned the knight’s squad. Then, she blurted out, seemingly overcome with emotions, “M-me too! I want to join too! No. Please let me join the knight’s squad, senior!”


Author’s note: A female knight’s squad, that’s a delicious idea, no?

Translator’s note: Patron is the name of a Mexican tequila.

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