Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 61

Translator: Mana
Editor: Anonymous_Neko
Proofreader: Rinkage

Character page: here

Chapter 61 – The smell of casual threads is lust

[Serious] The Mirror in My House is Connected to Another World #8 [Talk]

5: Anonymous Fairy
It always takes so long for 1 to upload his images ._.

6: Anonymous Fairy
He’s making a CG of that level in a week y’know
If anything he’s too fast

7: Anonymous Fairy
You still think it’s CG?
A pro creator denied it in the last thread

8: Anonymous Fairy
Pro creator lol

9: Anonymous Fairy
I’m a pro creator too
That was definitely CG.

10: Anonymous Fairy
1 is waifu
CG debate forbidden

12: Anonymous Fairy
Ever since the web portal was made
The number of guests increased

13: Anonymous Fairy
Antis and trolls increased too
Prob better for 1 to wait till everything calms down

13: Anonymous Fairy
There’s people stealing the content for their blogs too ._.
This always happens when something gets famous

14: Anonymous Fairy
Well 1 barely comes here to begin with
It’ll calm down eventually

15: Fata Morgana
I came from the web portal
This is the main thread?

16: Anonymous Fairy
Speak of the devil and an annoying blockhead will appear
Please lurk for half a year
Stop with the nickname too

17: Anonymous Fairy
1 could die in that other world at any time
and never come back here again!
Mind your manners!

Could say the same to you for attacking them

18: Anonymous Fairy
So if 1 stops coming it would mean 1 is really dead…

19: Anonymous Fairy
I’d love to die buried deep in Elf-chan’s chest

20: Anonymous Fairy
Elf slave: “And with this… I’m free…!”

21: Anonymous Fairy
But 1’s face would be at peace…
Only the figure of a man who accomplished his greatest desire would remain…

22: Anonymous Fairy
I want to be killed by an elf’s indigenous magic too.

23: Anonymous Fairy
Don’t call it indigenous magic

24: Anonymous Fairy
You guys are still going with this shitty thread?

25: Fata Morgana
I’m very curious about how 1 made a High Elf his slave
What kind of circumstance would end in that lol

26: Anonymous Fairy
Didn’t he buy her with the money he got from selling black pepper (trembles)

27: Anonymous Fairy
With shitty nicknamed users start rampaging about
This place is over

28: Anonymous Fairy
The only two options with an elf is bride or slave
Don’t underestimate Japanese otaku

29: Anonymous Fairy
We’re just living our lives with the internet as our only enjoyment
While 1 gets to flirt with Elf-chan and the others
He must be having fun in the other world…

30: Anonymous Fairy
Not only an elf!
A maid too! Horses as well!
The only thing us thread residents can do is curse him

31: Anonymous Fairy
Ah, I have other enjoyments too so
Could you refrain from grouping me with the likes of you?

32: Anonymous Fairy
Anime, manga, eroge and light novels, right?

33: Anonymous Fairy
Stop spouting bullshit
There’s figurines too!

34: Anonymous Fairy
Make a model of the Black Elf-chan

35: Anonymous Fairy
I’d want to do it if 1 gives his permission!
But first we need a lot more material!
Details! If possible, materials for molds and casts!

36: Anonymous Fairy
You’re smart.

37: Anonymous Fairy
Right. We need a lot more materials.
Only then can we make progress.

38: Anonymous Fairy
1: “Try being the one making the CG”

39: Anonymous Fairy
Then the materials for the unpopular White Elf-chan
Can be monopolised by me, right…

40: Anonymous Fairy
It can’t be helped.
I can regretfully endure with just the Maid-chan…

41: Anonymous Fairy
The topic is going around in circles! Stop it already!

42: Anonymous Fairy
Elf-chan kawaii!!
There’s a limit to keeping the conversation going in the thread with just that…

43: Anonymous Fairy
You don’t have to force yourself to reply

44: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
I’m not dead yet
I was almost killed, but I’m not dead yet

45: Anonymous Fairy
He’s here

46: Anonymous Fairy
It’s 1!! 1’s appeared!

47: Anonymous Fairy

48: Anonymous Fairy
Shortage flag?
I lost my arm so this is the end of the images
Don’t say anything like that

49: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
I was attacked by bandits…
But I’m alright, I fought back

50: Anonymous Fairy
1-san who’s SO strong against bandits
Nice one!

51: Anonymous Fairy
Explain what happened in more detail!
Did Elf-chan’s magic explode?

52: Anonymous Fairy
Just thinking about it normally there’s no way a commoner like 1 can fight
White Elf-chan’s white magic and
Black Elf-chan’s black magic probably rounded them up

53: Anonymous Fairy
But it seemed like he bought a sword
There’s a minute possibility that 1 took the initiative to fight

54: Anonymous Fairy
1: “A man has to fight at times like this”
E: [Blushes]

Like this?! I don’t know!

55: Anonymous Fairy
I support you.

56: Anonymous Fairy
More importantly, images!
Hurry with the pics!

57: Anonymous Fairy
It’s one thing if there’s story-like flavour to it
But if there’s no images then even if you say you were attacked by bandits…

58: Anonymous Fairy
He might not have fought with a sword
Maybe he used tear gas or a fire extinguisher or a crossbow
There’s lots of options

59: Anonymous Fairy
1-san who mercilessly shoots a crossbow into a human opponent
Nice one

60: Anonymous Fairy
First you get the pre-emptive strike with the tear gas
Then push them back with the fire extinguisher
Once they can’t move you stab them with a sword

61: Anonymous Fairy
Isn’t that murder? No thanks

62: Anonymous Fairy
I don’t know how the law maintenance works in a fantasy world
But it’s basically like there’s no law
One person’s life isn’t even worth a piece of bread

63: Anonymous Fairy
There’s no need to actually kill them!
1-san is terrible!
Arrest 1-san and protect Elf-chan!

64: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
Even I couldn’t kill anyone
We caught them with elf magic and handed them to the police
There was a little monetary reward

65: Anonymous Fairy

66: Anonymous Fairy
What’s elf magic like?
The type where magic circles float in the air?
Please take a video!

67: Anonymous Fairy
Hurry and let us hear the voice of Elf-chan reciting chuuni spells!

68: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
Unfortunately there was no magic circle
She was mumbling something
I think that was the spell

Also… I got another servant!
The long-awaited wereperson
I was a little shocked at first, seeing the real thing
But once I got used to it she was super cute
<Image address>

69: Anonymous Fairy

70: Anonymous Fairy
This purposefully CG-like taste!

71: Anonymous Fairy
This feels way too fake

72: Anonymous Fairy
No mosaic for the Neko-chan huh

73: Anonymous Fairy
This is just 1’s pet cat
There’s no mistaking it

74: Anonymous Fairy
Then what do you think the uniform part is…?

75: Anonymous Fairy
Part of 1’s collection, duh
Don’t make me say it it’s embarrassing

76: Anonymous Fairy
Analysis squad!
Check if the uniform is from an existing school quick!

77: Anonymous Fairy
In other words he took a uniform to the other world
And made a wereperson wear it
1 is a hopeless pervert
Keep at it

78: Anonymous Fairy
I can’t take this…
It’s gross

It’s gross, but I saved the pic anyway…
What’s happening to me

79: Anonymous Fairy
I understand how you feel, comrade…
This elated feeling in my chest…
I wonder if I have a furry aptitude…

80: Anonymous Fairy
I want to rub all that fluff!!!!

81: Anonymous Fairy
You like this! Don’t you!
Is what I’d like to say while shoving her under a kotatsu.

82: Anonymous Fairy
Looking into her innocent eyes
Leaves me no choice but to pop a boner

83: Anonymous Fairy
I want to sink into a bath while hugging a struggling cat girl

84: Anonymous Fairy
I want to tell a wet cat girl with a clear body line
So you’re the slender-when-dressed type and get clawed for it

85: Anonymous Fairy
I want to dry the body of a kitten scared of the sound of the hairdryer
After finally drying her I want to ask her if she’s still scared to see her frown

86: Anonymous Fairy
Someone stop these guys!
They’re way more perverted than 1!

87: Anonymous Fairy
Werepeople don’t count
Hugging them naked is in the clear

88: Anonymous Fairy
Catgirl-chan KAWAII!!

89: Anonymous Fairy

90: Anonymous Fairy
But wait
1 never said she was female
Cat genders can’t be determined by appearance

91: Anonymous Fairy
Is there a problem?

92: Anonymous Fairy
Shota kitten…
Haa… haa… ugh!

93: Anonymous Fairy
The more innocent the more I want to defile her
This is the natural instinct of a resident

94: Single Me ◆ 4noig329de
Black and white elves, a maid, and now a sailor cat girl!
1 is unparalleled!
I don’t have a preference, so I’m not jealous of the cat girl at all!
Looking forward to new elf pictures!

95: Anonymous Fairy
This guy’s tone is creepy

96: Anonymous Fairy
That’s why I said don’t touch

97: Anonymous Fairy
So that’s why the already dirtied White Elf-chan
isn’t as popular…

98: Anonymous Fairy
The black one is more popular despite being darker…
No, this place was full of residents that demanded
Dark Elves more to begin with

99: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
I also bought equipment for Black Elf-chan
I think I took this photo really well, if I do say so myself
The mosaic was unpopular so I tried covering the eyes
<Image address>

100: Anonymous Fairy
A god!
Finally a god!!

101: Anonymous Fairy

102: Anonymous Fairy
Ho, Blackie…

103: Anonymous Fairy
K… Knight armour…
So Black Elf-chan is that type!
Uwaaaah this is so much progress it’s scary!

104: Anonymous Fairy
Isn’t she perfect?
1 sure does good work

105: Anonymous Fairy
(Meanwhile gloomy White Elf-chan is neglected)

106: Anonymous Fairy
Even though her table manners were so messy
To think she was actually a noble Knight-sama!
…Huh? Wasn’t she a slave?
Female dark elf with giant tits slave-sama…?

107: Anonymous Fairy
As expected of 1!
Shamelessly pushing forth his preferences in our face!

108: Anonymous Fairy
N… Night-time master-servant relationships…

109: Anonymous Fairy
I want to protect that smile
But I also want to rip her from 1 and make her frown

110: Anonymous Fairy
This is a woman’s face

111: Anonymous Fairy
Is this weapon called a polearm?
She can hold something this heavy looking?
So Dark Elf-chan isn’t a magic user

112: Anonymous Fairy
There are people who choose to buff INT instead of STR
I’ve played a certain MMORPG before so I can tell

113: Anonymous Fairy
The armour looks super expensive
The weapon too
How much did it cost?

114: Anonymous Fairy
CG rendering time – priceless

115: Anonymous Fairy
I made it my wallpaper…

116: Anonymous Fairy
I-I like the white one more though…
Is it because of the tattoo? Are tattoos the reason she’s unpopular?

117: Anonymous Fairy
>I also made this CG of Black Elf-chan’s equipment
>I think I made this CG really well, if I do say so myself

118: Anonymous Fairy
We get it already

119: Anonymous Fairy
Tbh I just can’t get into that, really
Why did 1 have to have such an unneeded preference…

120: Anonymous Fairy
That’s what makes 1 abnormal…

121: Anonymous Fairy
I want to throw coal tar at Black Elf-chan’s armour
Then I’d leave her with the parting words ‘black suits you better after all’
And watch her frown

122: Anonymous Fairy
I want to pin her armoured figure down to the bed
Then say ‘I only have expectations from these abilities of yours’
And hug Black Elf-chan as she despairs

123: Anonymous Fairy
Contents aside it’s a good photo
From now on, every time a dark elf thread is started
It’ll probably be reposted there
Definitely, for sure

124: Anonymous Fairy
The pictures up to now have been good too
This time the image size is simply bigger
And the armour is cool so
If the eyes weren’t covered it’d be better

125: Anonymous Fairy
Even though he uploaded the Cat-chan as is!

126: Anonymous Fairy
Guess it means there’s a model after all
If it was a real other world then we wouldn’t be able to go anyway
So there’s no need to fuss over personal information

127: Anonymous Fairy
There’s still a chance
1 might let us use the mirror once he gets bored…
Don’t say we’ll never go to the other world… that’s so sad…

128: Anonymous Fairy
As if there are knights with such big tits!

129: Anonymous Fairy
Black Elf-chan who cares about her huge boobs so much she desperately wraps them up, cute!

130: Anonymous Fairy
If it’s a CG then 1 should say it’s a CG clearly
This is irritating! Damn it!

131: Anonymous Fairy
Like the irritating stick (1)
I understand

132: Anonymous Fairy
I want to slam this irritation into Black Elf-chan!

133: Anonymous Fairy
Aah, a ‘polearm’ is like…

134: Anonymous Fairy
You guys are actual idiots lol

135: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
Cat-chan is a female, apparently
I haven’t actually checked though
But according to her at least

About 1,500,000 yen over here

136: Anonymous Fairy
You could pay for Gavan’s(2) royalties with that

137: Anonymous Fairy
I’m honestly curious about how 1’s getting his resources in the other world
If it were me I’d be completely lost
I have confidence that I’d be punched to death by a goblin

138: Anonymous Fairy
I get the feeling 1’s other world adventure journal will eventually be published!
Which means this thread is actually a large scale stealth marketing scheme!

139: Anonymous Fairy
It isn’t large scale at all
There’s no need to do it at a dead board like this…

140: Anonymous Fairy
At the end 1 dies and his mother finds his journal right

141: Anonymous Fairy
Wouldn’t that just be a NEET with a black history… lol

142: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
I still have other pictures, but I’ll leave it for another time.
I was attacked by bandits after all,
so I’ll go practice my swordplay!


Apparently, the number of residents had increased due to web portals and otaku-type blogs introducing new users. But even so, it couldn’t really be compared to certain popular boards, and its relaxed atmosphere was reflective of a depopulated board.

After being attacked by the bandits the other day (though the outcome was alright), my mental state was in a bit of turmoil but surprisingly, I found it healing to read the bulletin board in my daze. I spent half a day like that, proving that at the end of the day, I was a still hikikomori after all. But it was important to forget the other world and relax like this once in a while. The other world is fun, but it was a little eccentric at times.

Now, let’s work hard again tomorrow!



(1) Irritating Stick is a game, where the player has to to maneuver a metal rod through a metal maze without touching the sides. Here’s the wiki
(2) I haven’t watched it before so I had to google it as well and found that Gavan is a TV series in Japan. Here‘s more about it

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