Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 C4 part 2

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith & Ranock Pliskin (The potatic Draturtle)
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here

Volume 3 Chapter 4: I tried to find out the secret of the date (2/2)


“At that time, I would’ve probably instigated them to leave the orphanage somehow.” [Duke]

“You, no matter what, that might be a little too much.” [Youki]

“I was just kidding.” [Duke]

I could hear laughter coming from the helmet.

Was there something funny? I couldn’t comprehend Duke’s sense of humour. Or was he trying to gloss over it by laughing? Considering Duke, it was possible. More importantly, what Duke had done was terrifying. I had never expected that he had our date in the palm of his hand.

“But, Duke. That was a terrible thing you’ve done to Irene-san, wasn’t it? You brought her to places like the drugstore and dojo just so you could lead us to our date spots, right?” [Youki]

Even though he was doing it for my sake, it wouldn’t do to take advantage of someone. Irene-san must have been looking forward to her date with Duke as well. She must have places that she’d like to go, too.

“…What are you talking about, Captain? Did you think I’ll take Irene to places that are not suitable for date for your sake? I wouldn’t do something like that!” [Duke]

“T-Then why did you bring her to places that aren’t ideal date spots? Didn’t you bring her to random shops just so you could accommodate Cecilia and me?” [Youki]

Duke was fired up today, unlike usual. Even when I refuted his words, he didn’t back down. Could it be after looking at my current state? Or was it because of the rebuttal?

He ended up heaving a sigh.

“Irene’s an elf, so she’s knowledgeable about medicine. She’s compounding medicine as her hobby. And, since I’ve acquired some knowledge about medicine from Sheik as well, I was seeking her advice about the efficiency of medicine and such.” [Duke]

“It’s similar to how I was asking Cecilia about flowers in the flower shop, I guess…” [Youki]

It should be the same in that aspect since we were both listening to our partner talking about their hobbies. Probably, the difference was that one was about medicine and the other was about flowers.

“There was a joint match with the other dojos at the Albert’s Swordsmanship Dojo, so we went there to watch the match.” [Duke]

“I see…” [Youki]

It should be similar to watching a sports game in my previous life. As a date spot, it wasn’t not wrong.

“Lastly, we went to the Horseback Archery Field to compete against each other.” [Duke]

“…It’s like a game.” [Youki]

If I were to put Duke’s itinerary together based on how a date would be in my past life, it would be like going to a shop that sells something relating to your partner’s hobby, watching a sports game with her, then stopping by a game center before returning home… That would normally be considered a date, right?

“I could tell from your face that you’re convinced.” [Duke]

“…Well, I guess.” [Youki]

It was frustrating that I couldn’t refute his words, but it couldn’t be helped since those were unmistakably date spots.

“Then it’s good. Well then, there’s something I’d like to tell you this time.” [Duke]

“Something that you’d like to tell me?” [Youki]

“Yes. I’d like to give you a piece of advice so you won’t encounter the same problem in your future dates.” [Duke]

“True. It would be bad to depend on Duke again.” [Youki]

I shouldn’t be completely reliant on Duke forever. More importantly, even if I were to achieve my ambition by adhering to everything Duke says, I wouldn’t be happy. I’d like to make Cecilia reciprocate my feelings with my own abilities as much as possible.

“So you understand my point. As expected of Captain. …What I’d like to tell you is that, you should try to get to know Cecilia-san more.” [Duke]

“About Cecilia? I AM trying to understand more about Cecilia, so you didn’t need to tell me that.” [Youki]

After falling in love with her at first sight and reuniting with her in Minerva, I had gone out on a date and took on a guild mission with her, and I had even gone to Cecilia’s house.

“You’re naive. Captain, you probably think that as long you bring a girl to places that girls normally like to go, you could figure out what to do from there. Isn’t that, right? That wouldn’t do.” [Duke]

“Ugh… W-Why’s that?” [Youki]

There was a tremble in my voice since he had hit the mark.

However, I couldn’t comprehend what Duke had said.

Just bring a girl to places that people normally go on dates first, then figure out what to do next from there. Isn’t that how it works?

“You should bring Cecilia-san to places that she would like, not places that girls would normally like.” [Duke]

“…Ahh!” [Youki]

“That was why I made you tail my date with Irene. I thought it would be better for you to see it with your own eyes rather than just explaining it with words. In your opinion, did Irene look bored?” [Duke]

“No, she looked like she was having fun…” [Youki]

Even when I tried to probe deep into my mind to recall yesterday’s event when I was tailing Duke, the impression that remained was the smile on Irene-san’s face each time Duke led her to a different place. It was a true smile, with no sign of falsehood at all.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that my date was perfect since what I said earlier was just my personal opinion. But, I don’t think that I’m wrong when I said that you should get to know more about Cecilia-san.” [Duke]

“About Cecilia…” [Youki]

I could probably try gathering as much information about her as possible, to a moderate degree, so I wouldn’t end up appearing as a stalker. That information might be useful for me the next time we go out on a date.

“Well then, that’s the end of our talk. You’ll have to do your best yourself from hereon, Captain. My break’s over so I’ll have to get back to work.” [Duke]

“Yeah, I understand. Thank you, Duke. You’ve helped me. I’ll see you again.” [Youki]

I bade Duke goodbye and went back to the inn. Upon reaching my room, I dived into my bed, ignoring Gai’s gaze.

“I need to pull myself together.” [Youki]

My date went well because of Duke. There will be no tailing someone or another no-plan date again the next time. I must plan my date. To achieve that, I’ll need to put in a lot more effort. It should be a good thing that I had learnt more about love, though, it would seem that I am still no match for Duke for the time being.

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  2. Strange how short this chapter was after the monster that was the last one.

    I love how anime makes unattractive characters. Like Youki here with his supposedly ‘boring’ face, yet he seems like a pretty good looking guy, rofl.

    Oh Youki, this type of stuff should be obvious, y’know. Tailor things to a person’s interests!’

    Thanks for the chapter.


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