Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 C3 part 1

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

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Rinkage: Here‘s the PDF for volume 2 as promised.

Volume 3 Chapter 3: I went to the cake shop  (part 1)


“Captain, why in the world did you call me out here on my day off? I have an appointment in the afternoon…” [Duke]

“Relax. I also have an appointment with someone in the afternoon as well, but I had the urge to see Duke since it’s been some time since we last met.” [Youki] (ED: Youki stop cheating on Cecilia)

“What the heck? That’s gross.” [Duke]

What he said was mean, but it was certainly well-deserved since I phrased it that way.

A few days after the horrid Magic Knight of Black Lightning’s incident, I came to the cake shop with Duke, who was on his day off. Since I had messed up on plenty of things lately, I wanted to talk with him about various things. There was no one else that I could think of who I could discuss these things with besides him.

“Calm down, I have also considered it…” [Youki]

“I mean, this is not even a place where two guys would meet. All the customers in this shop are females. We’re standing out.” [Duke]

Even though we were seated in the corner of the shop, we were the only two males here. The remaining female customers were engaged in ‘girl-talk’ while enjoying the pastries. It was undoubtable that we stuck out like a sore thumb.

“Well, pay it no mind. If all guys are so sensitive about something like this, they wouldn’t be able to go to any cake shop anymore. Besides, the pastry chef here is a guy.” [Youki]

“Eh? Is that so? But isn’t the shop assistant a cute girl?” [Duke]

Duke appeared astonished as he ate the cake. By the way, if one were to wonder how Duke could eat with a helmet over his head, he had actually freed only the area around his mouth, so he could bring the food to his mouth through there. That said, since he didn’t want to move the helmet much, I noticed that his jaw was moving only a little as he chewed.

“No, this place is managed by the two siblings. The older brother should be the one who made these cakes.” [Youki]

“Heh… I see. That’s amazing. I wouldn’t be able to make cakes as tasty as these.” [Duke]

That brother of hers was indeed amazing, though in a different way. I thought so as I looked at Duke, who appeared pleased with the taste of the cakes. I wondered if that brother would come out of the kitchen today. It was a frightening thought, as his appearance would probably scare away all the female customers. His younger sister, who was serving the customers, was also constantly glancing at the entrance leading to the kitchen because she was trying to keep an eye on him.

“That just shows how much training he has gone through.” [Youki]

“True… I guess it’s the result of that guy tempering himself.” [Duke]

I wished Duke hadn’t phrased it that way as it sounded as though he was complimenting his other qualities. However, Duke probably wouldn’t understand it even if I were to tell him. I wondered if that guy actually preferred muscle training to cake making. The image of him flashing his shiny white teeth as he gave me a thumbs-up flashed through my mind all of a sudden, giving me the shivers. That was dangerous. If he had really left the kitchen and made his appearance before me in that frilly white apron, I would’ve lost my appetite.

“Hahaha… well, let’s just leave it at that.” [Youki]

“What’s with that wry smile on your face? I hadn’t meant to say anything strange, though.” [Duke]

A question mark floated above Duke’s head. Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes, there were things that were better off left not known at all in this world.

“Don’t worry about it. More importantly, thanks for bringing me to my senses the other day.” [Youki]

I lowered my head towards Duke. The situation would have become unmanageable if Duke hadn’t been there to stop me when I was running amok as the Magic Knight of Black Lightning. Words couldn’t express how grateful I was for what he had said to me at the time.

“Ah, that? It’s no big deal. I didn’t have any proof it was you, but I did find it unusual for someone to disappear from our sight all of a sudden. Besides, I felt that you were the only person who could’ve blurted out all those words and put on such clothing. So, when I heard a scream not long after, I thought, ‘What an idiot.'” [Duke]

“That last comment was pushing it!” [Youki]

I snapped at Duke, who was laughing. Good grief… he somehow resembled Sheik, didn’t he? He was making fun of me, though, it was true that I had done something foolish. I really regretted it and had already repented for my actions since I had suffered losses(4) from the incident.

“But isn’t that the truth?” [Duke]

“Shouldn’t you refrain yourself from saying whatever that comes to your mind?” [Youki]

“Isn’t that fine? That’s what made me who I am, and I’m not planning to change myself either.” [Duke]

“Forget it… I’m well aware of that personality of yours by now since I’ve known you for a long time.” [Youki]

Duke was actually the one whom I had known the longest in this world. That was probably why I found myself relying on him in times of need.

“By the way, could we get to the main subject soon? We don’t have much time left.” [Duke]

“Ah, that’s right. Then, first… is Raven alright?” [Youki]

This was what I wanted to know most. I had eavesdropped on Duke and Raven’s conversation that other time, but Raven seemed not just merely dispirited; he appeared to be in a terrible state of mind.

“Ah, come to think of it, you heard what we were talking about then, right?” [Duke]

“I heard it loud and clear… about the handbell and stuff. He should make more effort to try speaking soon… it would really bad if he comes across a situation where he absolutely has to speak with someone.” [Youki]

I was aware of the circumstances concerning Raven’s trauma, but it would be bad for things to go on like this. The reason why he used a handbell as another form of communication was because there was a limit to using written words to convey his thoughts. It might also be too meddlesome of me if I were to keep sticking my nose into his problems as well, as he would probably think that I was in no position to get myself involved in this.

“I’m not sure if it’s his lack of confidence, or because of his trauma. I don’t think there’s anyone among the knights who would laugh at Raven, but we have a long way to go. There doesn’t seem to be any progress at all with his this, either.” [Duke]

Duke muttered as he stuck out his pinky finger. (1) There wasn’t any progress at all after he gave Happiness the present? That should have pleased Happiness and moved their relationship to the next level. However, it was probably difficult since they hadn’t had many opportunities to meet in person.

“Alright, I’ll try to do something about it. First of all, we’ll have to create a chance for them to meet up, since I’m sure they haven’t seen each other since then.” [Youki]

“…Will it be alright? I have a feeling that Captain’s involvement is only a recipe for disaster.” [Duke]

“What do you mean by that?! Even I can get things done when needed. Though, it might seem too meddlesome of me.” [Youki]

I wondered if it is improper for me to poke my nose into someone else’s love life… Nevertheless, I felt that Raven needed a little nudge forward with this matter. Since everything was peaceful at the moment, it seemed he should take the opportunity to do what he wanted to, otherwise, he might regret it later.

“…In the first place, are you even in the position to say this about someone else, Captain?” [Duke](5)

“Ugh…” [Youki]

I winced as his words had hit me where it hurts. Seeing my reaction, a look of dismay crossed Duke’s face as he heaved a sigh. …I had been putting forth a lot of effort on my side, too.

“Have you gone on a date or done anything with Cecilia lately?” [Duke]

“Hmph… you’re underestimating me, Duke. I’ve got a date with Cecilia here later in the afternoon.” [Youki]

I shot back cockily. I invited Cecilia to this shop today because when we’d been chatting over a cup of tea at her mansion, she offhandedly mentioned that she’d enjoyed the cakes (that were from this shop) I had brought to her as an apology for my last blunder. I was feeling very pleased with myself, especially since I thought I’d grown a bit since last time, but Duke’s words had shattered my confidence.

“Heh… then?” [Duke]

“Then? What do you mean?” [Youki]

It wasn’t as though there was an interesting punchline to my story, so it was hard for me to react to him when he replied. It didn’t seem like Duke was expecting something like that from me either.

“Don’t tell me that you’re ending your date here after finishing your cakes? Well, it would be a separate story if Cecilia has a prior engagement after that.” [Duke]

“…” [Youki]

I was at a loss for words. Cecilia didn’t say anything about having another appointment after our scheduled meeting, so she should be available. I was initially planning to have a leisurely conversation with her as we enjoyed the cakes for the rest of our date, but it seemed to be a bad idea judging from Duke’s response. Was that bad? I couldn’t ask him that nor could I tell him that I hadn’t made any other plans other than this.

“Silence implies affirmation. Captain, that won’t do. Perhaps it is a good idea to come here for a date but maybe you should be going to other places with her too.” [Duke]

“Ugh… But I wouldn’t know if Cecilia would enjoy going out to different places, right?” [Youki]

Even though I knew he was right because he had pointed out my flaws, I replied with irritation.

“You have a point there… But, anyone would feel bored if they were to just spend the entire time chatting.” [Duke]

“…In other words, what should I do?” [Youki]

I knew this was an issue that I should solve by myself, but I really had no idea on what I should do. What kind of places do girls like to go? I was troubled precisely because I couldn’t figure that out. The safest bet would be places like accessory shops or boutique, but I wasn’t sure if Cecilia would be fine with them.

“No well, you should figure that out yourself, at least. You should enquire what she likes beforehand, or grasp it from your conversation with her…” [Duke]

“I don’t have the time to ask her that now. Duke, what should I do?!” [Youki]

“If you get agitated from just that then it would be impossible for you to keep any conversation going. Ah, whatever. I don’t care anymore. Just do what you want. I’ve got a date with Irene later on, so I’ll be going off to prepare. Do your best, Captain.” [Duke]

“Eh, you serious?! Wait a moment! Oi, Duke! Don’t abandon me!” [Youki]

Duke ignored my cries and left the shop after he finished his cake. Did he run out of patience with me because I was so horrible at planning my date? Since I was forsaken by him, I decided to proceed as originally planned which was, in reality, with no plan in mind at all.
If you are reading this on any other place than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.


If you are reading this on any other place than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
“Youki-san, you’re early. Have I kept you waiting?” [Cecilia]

“Not at all. I just got here.” [Youki]

“Is that so?” [Cecilia]

Cecilia appeared relieved upon hearing my reply as she took a seat. Despite what I had just told her, I had actually been sitting in this shop since this morning. After Duke left, my feelings were a tangled mess of anguish and distress about what I should do, so I had never left the place. Naturally, that wasn’t something that I should tell my date.

Since I was a regular of this shop, I was familiar with the female shop assistant. When I asked her if I could remain here for a little longer, she readily gave me her consent. Not only did she give me the cakes as apology the other day, she even helped me out today. She was a capable sister, truly different from her brother… Wait, who the heck do I think I am!?

“Are the cakes that you brought the other time from this shop? There are so many delicious-looking cakes displayed that I couldn’t decide on which I should choose.” [Cecilia]

“Hahaha… I was the same when I first came here. Well, in my case, I couldn’t decide between those cakes because all of them made me feel nostalgic.” [Youki]

There were no cakes in the Demon Lord’s castle. After I was reincarnated in this world, I had almost forgotten how cakes tasted like, so I was deeply moved when I came upon this shop. There were other cake shops in Minerva, but I preferred this shop out of them. I wasn’t what one would call a gourmet, but I decided to be a regular of this shop because I liked the confectioneries made here.

“Nostalgic? Was it because of your past life?” [Cecilia]

“Yup. The world in my past life has cakes… wait, let’s make our order first. It wouldn’t be too good to be sitting here without ordering anything.” [Youki]

“Ah, that’s true.” [Cecilia]

After browsing through the cakes lined up in the display case, Cecilia and I chose a raspberry cake and a chocolate cake, respectively. We then ordered two cups of tea and returned to our table. As I partook of my second cake of the day, I mulled over today’s programme.

What other choices do I have, aside from spending our date chatting here for the rest of the day? Should I take her to another eatery? Or should we go to an accessory shop? This won’t do… These were the only options I could think of. How could I make this the perfect date?

“Youki-san, is there something wrong?” [Cecilia]

“Uwaa-!” [Youki]

I jerked backward in surprise upon suddenly noticing Cecilia’s face in front of me. I didn’t notice her because I was too engrossed in my own thoughts.

“I’m sorry for startling you. You seemed to be in a daze while holding the spoon, so I thought you weren’t feeling well.” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Ah, is that so? Sorry, I was just lost in thought for a moment.” [Youki]

I should really reflect on myself. Setting aside the fact that I hadn’t made any plans for our date, I shouldn’t have made my date feel uneasy. However, even as our conversation went on, I still couldn’t decide on where we should go after this.

As we passed our time chatting with each other, we suddenly heard the cheering of the customers, which prompted me to turn towards where the they were looking at.

“Umm, that person…” [Cecilia]

“Uwa! He came out?!” [Youki]

My eyes landed on a macho-looking guy clad in a frilly apron. His younger sister, the shop assistant, could be seen trying to shove him back into the kitchen. Did he leave the kitchen because there was something he needed outside? The customers cheered as soon as he stepped out, but I couldn’t comprehend why.

“Youki-san, could that person possibly be the one who…” [Cecilia]

“Makes the cakes here? Yeah, I also just found out recently.” [Youki]

The customers seemed pleased as the macho man flexed his muscles while his sister desperately tried to chase him back into the kitchen. No one could tell what they were talking about, but after the man spoke to his sister, she seemed convinced, albeit reluctantly, to leave her brother to his own devices. The man then began distributing cakes to all the customers, and approached our table.

“This is my new masterpiece. Please try it. This one’s on the house…” [Macho man]

“T-Thank you very much.” [Cecilia]

Seeing as Cecilia lowered her head in puzzlement as she thanked him, I followed suit. The macho pâtissier who had finished distributing his masterpiece, then flashed his pearly white teeth before returning to the kitchen.

“…What the heck was that?” [Youki]

“It seems that he wanted us to try his new recipe. Ah, this cake tastes really good.” [Cecilia]

The other customers seemed to enjoy the taste of the cake as well. I also gave the cake a try, but felt skeptical about it, despite all of the reactions around me.

“Damn, it tastes good…” [Youki]

“Why do you look so frustrated about it?” [Cecilia]

A question mark floated above Cecilia’s head when she looked at how I was eating my cake in exasperation. There was no rule stating that a macho man shouldn’t bake cakes, nor did I have a prejudice about it. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to swallow that fact. I couldn’t help but wonder what all those muscles were for. I had heard that pâtissier is a profession which requires plenty of strength. Such a thought itself was probably irrelevant, though.

Delicious food would naturally bring a smile to one’s face usually. However, while I was tilting my head to one side as I was immersed in deep thoughts, Cecilia was watching me curiously with another question mark floating above her head. After I finished my cake, I took a sip of the tea to cleanse my palate. Distracted by that macho pâtissier, I still couldn’t think of a plan for my date. For the time being, I decided to buy time by sipping my tea slowly.

“Youki-san, you’re good at selecting the right shop, aren’t you? This place is clean, has pretty decorations, and the cakes are good, too. I was a little surprised by the pâtissier a while ago, though.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia expressed her opinion as she sipped her tea. I supposed I was relieved seeing as she was satisfied with this place. It made me feel grateful for that macho pâtissier now.

“I have been a regular here ever since I found this store. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s thriving even more as word gets out.” [Youki]

That was my honest opinion. It wasn’t that the shop wasn’t getting any customers, but I thought it would be even more popular, that it wouldn’t even be strange if there was a long line to get in.

“My brother and I are happy to hear that.” [???]

“You’re that shop assistant…” [Youki]

Before we knew it, the shop assistant had approached our table while holding a pot in her hands.

“My name’s Ami. My apologies… It seems that my brother had given you two a fright earlier.” [Ami]

“No, it’s fine. Rather, we should be thanking him for giving us the opportunity to try his new masterpiece.” [Youki]

“My brother will be happy to hear that. Would you like a second helping of tea?” [Ami]

Cecilia and I nodded, accepting Ami’s offer. As she refilled our cups, I introduced myself to her as well.

“Let’s see… I’m Youki. I patronize this shop regularly, and I’ll continue to do so from now on; so please take care of me.” [Youki]

“So you’re Youki-sama. Thank you very much for your constant support. My brother and I are grateful to hear such kind words from you, even after what happened that time. Please take care of us, too.” [Ami]

It seemed that she still remembered me.(2) When you think about it, it was natural considering the amount of cakes she had given me as apology the other time.

Leaving that aside, what was Cecilia planning to do? Since she’s like a celebrity here, I guessed she would be using a pseudonym.

That was what I thought, but what Cecilia said after that went against my expectation.

“My name is… Cecilia. I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance, Ami-san.” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Cecilia? Are you, by any chance, the same Cecilia from the hero’s party?” [Ami]

“Wait a min-! Cecilia?!” [Youki]

I hadn’t expected Cecilia to use her real name. Ami-san was visibly shocked; her mouth hanging agape.

“My apologies for startling you, but I love the cakes from this shop as well. So, I thought it would impolite of me if I were to give a pseudonym to the people who had baked them… Could help you keep my identity a secret when I come here please?” [Cecilia]

“Y-Yes! It is my honour to be able to do Cecilia-sama this favour…” [Ami]

Upon seeing Ami, who was being so respectful, Cecilia asked to be treated as any other customer. Even though Ami was highly agitated, she gradually regained her composure, as Cecilia explained it to her.

“Umm… I apologize for displaying such a behaviour before our customers.” [Ami]

“What’s the point of it if you’re apologizing right after you’ve calmed down…” [Youki]

“Eh… Ah! I mean…” [Ami]

I blurted the words out unintentionally. Despite her attempts to calm down a while ago, I was ruining her effort.

“There’s no need to be nervous. Just relax and take a deep breath. Take a deep breath.” [Youki]

At this rate, if things continue as they were headed, I would appear the bad guy. Seeing as Cecilia was smiling gently, I didn’t believe Ami-san needed to be all that anxious, but that didn’t seem to be possible.

“Have you calmed down yet?” [Youki]

“Y-Yes. Somehow. It’s a fortunate thing that all the other customers had left.” [Ami]

This might have indeed caused an uproar if the other customers were still here. No, that wouldn’t have happened. Considering Cecilia’s careful nature, she must’ve revealed her real name only after confirming that there were no customers around.

“Let me ask this, just in case. Did you use your real name only because you’ve confirmed that no one else’s around?” [Youki]

“Yes. I wouldn’t want to create unnecessary trouble for this shop, and I don’t like causing commotions as well.” [Cecilia]

“Ah, true.” [Youki]

Come to think of it, when she was still travelling with the hero’s party, Yuuga was the one who was often preached at for causing the commotion. On the other hand, Cecilia was the type who would get drawn into his problem. Well, there was hardly anyone who likes causing trouble, I supposed.

“…Youki-san seems to love causing commotion, don’t you?” [Cecilia]

“No, there’s no such… that might be possible.” [Youki]

It was a different story once my chuuni switch was flipped. The moment I entered that mode, I loved doing things that stand out. From this world’s point of view, I might have rebellious speech and behaviour. …Crap. It would be bad if I didn’t restrain myself.

“Excuse me for asking but, may I know what’s the relationship between you two?” [Ami]

“Youki-san’s a friend.” [Cecilia] (ED: Ouch. He got friendzoned)

Cecilia’s immediate reply pierced my heart a little. Even though what she said was true, I wished she had hesitated a little before answering.

“Ah, is that so? I’m sorry for prying into your personal matter.” [Ami]

“No, it’s not something that you need to be worried about, so it’s fine. Youki-san doesn’t mind it as well, right?” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Yeah. I don’t mind it, so it’s alright.” [Youki]

If I was so mindful of such a trivial matter, I would be thoroughly criticized by Happiness for being narrow-minded. That person hardly speaks most of the time, but when she does, she can be pretty blunt.

“Both of you are really kind. …If only brother’s as mature as Youki-san.” [Ami]

Ami-san looked towards the kitchen disappointedly. I wouldn’t call myself mature, but that brother of hers was just too irrepressible.(3) She must have been through a lot since young.

“You have it rough.” [Youki]

“I know that brother is doing his best… but more often than not, his motivation is directed towards things that are insignificant.” [Ami]

Was that apron a symbol of his motivation? As long as the cakes tasted good, did it matter? This was probably an attitude that he should not have taken.

“What’s that cheering about?” [Youki]

“My brother aside, the cakes he makes are the real deal. Sometimes he creates something new on a whim to treat the customers just like a while ago, and that seems to be popular with them.” [Ami]

So, he won the customer’s heart through their stomachs. Is that right? If I were to put it that way, could I do the same with Cecilia as well? …More importantly, what we were doing at the moment was the same as usual, wasn’t it? It was fun chatting with Ami-san and Cecilia but today was supposed to be special. However, I had not decided yet on where to go after this.

I looked outside as I mulled over possible ideas for our date. That’s when my gaze abruptly rested on Duke and Irene-san, who were walking side by side in the crowd.

“This might be the chance…” [Youki]

I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence, but I was grateful for it. While I was feeling elated that I had found Duke, who was in the middle of his date, Cecilia and Ami-san were enjoying their conversation together.


(1) In Japan, when you hold up a pinky finger, you are referring to a girlfriend, mistress or female love interest. When you hold up a thumb (thumbs-up), you are referring to a boyfriend, lover or male love interest.
(2) A quick recap: The macho man and the shop assistant have made two very brief appearances (similar to the nameless wolf beastman) in V2 C3 (It was mentioned that Youki went to his favourite cake shop to have something sweet), and V2 C4 when Youki was wandering before going to Cecilia’s house after the half month penalty. The shop assistant then gave him the cakes which he had brought to Cecilia’s house.
(3) ED Note: Irrepressible means ‘uncontrollable’ or ‘unrestrainable’ basically. (Irrepressible is an uncommonly used word [I’ve seen it once before] so I’m adding the note for the sake of clarity)
(4) TL Note: Like his dignity
(5) ED Note: Pot calling the kettle black


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