Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN) – Short Story

Author: Suisei
Translator: Rinkage
Editor: Ranock Pliskin (The potatic Draturtle)

This is a short story that the author posted on his page. I translated this little piece since it’s not in the light novel.

The next chapter for Yuusha Party is with the editor, and I’ll be working on the next chapter for Netooku as soon as I can.
The PDF for the second volume of Yuusha Party will be out soon, so I’ll post the link with the next chapter. The link to the first volume can be found in the discord server for now.

Theme: To go to sleep


① Youki & Cecilia

“Don’t you feel that it’s hard getting yourself excited before going to bed?” [Youki]

“I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep if that wasn’t the case.” [Cecilia]

“If you’re sharing a room with several people, you’ll somehow end up staying up late.” [Youki]

“After drinking hot milk or herbal tea, I’ll go to bed after a short while, so…” [Cecilia]

“The next time we go on an outing and stay at an inn, let’s try making a racket in the room. It’s surprisingly fun, you know?” [Youki]

“That’s true… But only a little, okay?” [Cecilia]

② Raven & Happiness

“…Sleepy?” [Happiness]

“…Hm? Ah, sorry. I spent a long time sorting the documents yesterday. I didn’t want to lose my day off today.” [Raven]

“I’ll lend you, my lap.” [Happiness]

“No, it’s fine, Happiness.” [Raven]

“…Shoulder?” [Happiness]

“No, that’s not what I meant.” [Raven]

“…Arm?” [Happiness]

“…Then, I’ll be borrowing your arm.” [Raven]

“…Kay, just link arms.” [Happiness]

“I appreciate your kindness, Happiness. I’ll take a seat on the bench for a moment and relax myself.” [Raven]

“…Agreed.” [Happiness]

③ Sophia & Clayman

“Well then, it’s time for bed. Dear, don’t sleep on the couch. Let’s go to the bedroom.” [Sophia]

“Hm? Did I fell asleep? …Have Quinn and Fiora fallen asleep as well? Those guys probably don’t even need anyone to put them to bed.” [Clayman]

“Quinn’s capable of managing things himself. Fiora, on the other hand, resembles you… She loves sleeping so she can fall asleep instantly.” [Sophia]

“Alright. Let’s head to bed then, …No, wait. Could we go to sleep only after a little while?” [Clayman]

“I don’t mind… Compared to the kids, you’re much more difficult to put to sleep.” [Sophia]

“Even knowing that you still married me, right?” [Clayman]

“…That, is true.” [Sophia]

④ Yuuga & Mikana

“Mikana, let’s go to sleep.” [Yuuga]

“H-Hah!? What are you talking about all of a sudden? G-Go to sl… sleep together?” [Mikana]

“Yup. Don’t you remember? When we were still kids, we threw ourselves on the straw in the stable and laid there before, right? So, when I passed by the stable the other day, it reminded me of it and I felt nostalgic.” [Yuuga]

“A-Ah, t-that’s right. It wasn’t a nostalgic memory. We were just messing around there. …I got too carried away.” [Mikana]

“Then, shall we go?” [Yuuga]

“Yeah, it’s fine with me.” [Mikana]

“Ah, but we’re no longer kids anymore, so Mikana must be feeling embarrassed, right? We could go to an inn instead that has a bed, big enough for both of us to get…” [Yuuga]

“I’m not going, you idiot Yuuga!” [Mikana]

“Wait, why?!” [Yuuga]

Author’s note: That’s all. If you go deeper into the theme, you might find it interesting. It’ll be useful for my future writing.

Potato notes: Ironic… this story is about going to bed and yet I’m here at 2am editing it.


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