Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 Side Story ① (part 1/2)

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith
A huge thanks to: James.L for sponsoring this chapter
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here

Rinkage: Late, but as you’ll have noticed, I’ve changed the theme. Not sure if this works better, but let me know if you prefer the old one.

Side Story ① : I received a chocolate (part 1/2) (1)


“Hm? This is unusual. Isn’t that Sophia-san?” [Youki]

I came to the guild today inorder to accept guild missions, but when I entered, I noticed Sophia-san standing in front of Clayman’s desk for some reason. Could she have come here for guild missions, too? Curiosity got the better of me, so I drew closer to them.

“Dear, here you go.” [Sophia]

“Ou. Sorry for the trouble.” [Clayman]

“Then, I shall take my leave now. I still have work to finish.” [Sophia]

As soon as Sophia-san handed a paper bag to Clayman, she briskly left the guild. Did Clayman forget his lunch?

“That was Sophia-san earlier, am I right? Did something happen?” [Youki]

“Hm? Ah, that’s because today’s Valentine’s Day.” [Clayman]

“Valentine’s Day?” [Youki]

Why is there Valentine’s Day in this world, too? Isn’t this a different world? Could this culture have spread because there was another person who was reincarnated besides me? …I don’t really understand this world well. It might have been just a coincidence, so there is no use ruminating about it.

“Hmm. So Sophia-san came here to hand it to Clayman? The way she did it seemed cold, don’t you think?” [Youki]

Though she might have unfinished work back at the mansion, it still seemed that she had left quite abruptly. Could Clayman have angered her?

Sigh, and here I am wondering what you were trying to say. You seriously don’t understand Sophia.” [Clayman]

“What are… eh, uoh-?!” [Youki]

Clayman showed me the contents inside the paper bag. Inside was a nicely wrapped box fully packed with an array of candies.

“By the way, these are all handmade by Sophia. It has always been like this every year. The quantity isn’t the important thing. I think each and every one of these candies are proof of Sophia’s love for me.” [Clayman]

After Clayman spouted such sappy words in a nonchalant manner, he proceeded to open the package and stuff himself with the chocolates.

“…” [Youki]

“What? You want some? Too bad, because I’m not giving you any!” [Clayman]

“I don’t want them, damn it!” [Youki]

I dashed out of the guild, while wishing that Clayman would explode. I firmly swore that I would recite that curse in front of the mirror the next time. With ugly feelings of envy of Clayman bubbling up inside me, I found myself enveloped by a dark aura. Despite this feeling, I decided to look for Duke.
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Upon reaching the knights’ dwelling, I had initially planned to ask permission to go to Duke’s room, but…

“Eh, Captain? What happened? There’s such a dark demonic aura emitting from you now. If you’re not careful, someone’s going to find out.” [Duke]

It wasn’t as if anyone could actually see the aura, so there was no way they would figure out that I am a demon. I didn’t have any horns or wings sprouting from my body at that moment either.

“…There’s nothing wrong with me now, so why would that arouse anyone’s suspicion?” [Youki]

“No, you seriously look awful at the moment. You didn’t realize that?” [Duke]

“Is that so? Then I’ll force a smile…” [Youki]

“That’s even scarier. What exactly happened?” [Duke]

“You’ll hear me out? Thanks, Duke. Actually…” [Youki]


However, before I could even begin, someone interrupted me, causing me to look around only to find the elven knight, Irene-san, standing there.

“Ah, Irene? Do you need anything from me?” [Duke]

“Yes, but… am I interrupting you now? Um, I’ll come back later then. Please excuse me.” [Irene]

Irene-san gave a slight bow and tried to leave. Judging from her reaction, I could tell what she had wanted to do, so I signalled to Duke with my chin.

“Ah, wait a moment. I’ll get to Captain’s business later… So, what’s up?” [Duke]

“Um, Duke-san. This…” [Irene]

“Ah, is this chocolate? Thanks. But why are you giving this to me?” [Duke]

Even though Irene-san, who was blushing furiously had summoned her courage to give Duke the chocolate, the latter seemed pretty nonchalant about it.

Hey, are you fine with that? Besides, why are you even asking her such a question? …Is that something that someone would normally ask?

“Ah, um… Duke-san has always been looking after me at work, so I’m grateful to you… I admire you, too…” [Irene]

She replied falteringly, in a bashful manner. That reaction of hers was just as I had anticipated. I wondered if Duke find teasing someone enjoyable.

“Ah, I see. Sorry for the trouble. I’ll definitely return the favour, but please try not to expect too much.” [Duke]

“Ah, yes! Thank you very much. Then, I’ll take my leave. I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation.” [Irene]

“Since Captain’s fine with it, you don’t need to pay it any mind, too. …Ah, if you need me to come along with you again when you run an errand, just let me know. I’ll be available anytime.” [Duke]

Irene-san nodded before she left.

“Sigh… Sorry for the wait. So, about what you–” [Duke]

“You should go explode yourself tooooo!!!” [Youki]

My envy was directed at Duke as well, so I yelled at the top of my lungs at him. Instantly, Duke covered my mouth with his hand and dragged me off to his room for further questioning. Since I was the one in the wrong, I wound up admitting everything to him in the end, that all of this had begun when ugly feelings of envy had sprouted within the heart of an unpopular guy.

“…I see. I understand what Captain says. It was… how do I put it… something pointless again.” [Duke]

“Don’t you feel that it’s mean of you to put it that way?! More importantly, what’s with your attitude earlier?” [Youki]

“Did I do something? I was just speaking my mind…” [Duke]

This guy was way too blunt. Although, that personality of his had put him in a blessed situation instead.

“No, it’s nothing. In any event, there are sure a lot of popular guys around me. It just makes me go mad with envy.” [Youki]

“What are you saying? There is actually someone who’s unluckier than Captain, in a way. Come with me.” [Duke]

“…I don’t think I know anyone who’s like that.” [Youki]

It appeared that the place where Duke pulled me to was Raven’s room. Though, Raven wasn’t what I would call an unfortunate person. As the commander of the knights, the country entrusted him with various tasks, and he was also well-known as one of the members of the hero’s party. He must have received a lot of chocolates, so it was unmistakable that he was a popular guy.

“Just take a peek inside. It’ll be safe to do so now.” [Duke]

Even though I didn’t really understand the last part, I cracked the door open just enough to peek inside.

What greeted me was the sight of Raven, sitting on the bed, facing Happiness on the chair. Happiness was clutching a bag tightly, as if it were something important to her.

“They’ve been in that state for an hour now.” [Duke]

“Haa?!” [Youki]

“You’re too loud!” [Duke]

“!… My bad.” [Youki]

I whispered an apology when Duke chided me. However, what he said just now certainly confounded me.

“You would think that Raven would be happy when Happiness dropped by, right?” [Duke]

It seemed that Duke had guided Happiness all the way to Raven’s room. Nevertheless, whenever Raven and Happiness tried to hold a conversation, it died soon after. The same scenario repeated itself numerous times, but in the end, they still couldn’t find the opportunity to bring up the most crucial subject. If only either of them had taken the first step. Happiness could’ve just delivered the bag in her hand to Raven, or Raven could’ve just asked Happiness about the bag, but the two of them were only waiting for the other party to bring up the topic, which put them in a stalemate. It aggravated me when I looked at their situation as it would only worsen the already awkward mood between them if they were to prolong this silence.

“The relationship between the two of them is so baffling. There won’t be any change to their situation if Happiness does not give him that thing in her hand.” [Youki]

“I’ll just watch over them for the time being. It would be bad if Happiness returns without giving it to him, so I’ll step in and do something once that happens.” [Duke]

“…It’s tough on you, too.” [Youki]

I was envious of Duke earlier, but I changed my mind. Considering the hardship Duke had to go through, he should be rewarded a little, in some way. Rather, it was probably still not enough to compensate all his trouble.

“Captain, please don’t look at me that way.” [Duke]

I cast Duke a sympathetic gaze before I left the knights’ dwelling to wander around Minerva for a change of pace.


“Damn, it smells sweet…” [Youki]

The sweet-smelling fragrance from inside the shops was one thing, but I felt frustrated that I could smell it even outside. I had initially wanted to dismiss it as a figment of my imagination, but when I saw a guy being given a chocolate right in the middle of the street, I knew that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand another sweet thing, I was greeted by an even more annoying sight. There was such a long queue of women in the plaza at that moment, that I could’ve believed a well-known idol was visiting, but, seeing that they were all carrying beautifully wrapped boxes in their hands, it was probably related to Valentine’s Day.

“Oh, aren’t you that Commoner? It’s been a long time. What a coincidence!”

“Gek-!” [Youki]

When my eyes were still fixated on the queue, a troublesome fellow stumbled upon me.


(1) Alternate (joke) title by ED : Riajuu needs to explode

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  1. “Oh, aren’t you that Commoner? It’s been a long time. What a coincidence!”

    “Gek-!” [Youki]

    When my eyes were still fixated on the queue, a troubles
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    About the theme i think old one is better…


  2. Thanks for the chapter. And… the character sheet. Seriously, I didn’t know what Clayman looked like until now. Even after seeing the back of his head, I always imagined him as some bald guy with a beard.

    As for this chapter… I know how Youki feels. Also… I bet it’s the hero.


    1. I’ve also imagined him to be a bearded midle aged man as well. Though, he has long hair in my head, not a baldie. I mean, he’s always been portrayed as some lazy genius so I can’t help but picture him as a man that’s too lazy to shave.

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  4. Dang Riajuu >:O Even in the fantasy world the pains of social neglect still stand strong. Yuuki is getting upset prematurely, though, I don’t think Cecilia would let him down.

    I just love how cute of a couple the Clayman/Sophia adventurers turned domestic pairing is. Seems like you rarely see this kind of thing in stories, or at the very least I haven’t.

    Just explode, Duke!

    The hopeless couple to be, Raven and Happiness. The level of awkward in that room has gotta be off the charts.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


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