Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 C1

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Chapter 01: I tried to consult someone
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“Where…. Where is this place?”

I found myself in an empty white space.

Come to think of it, who am I? Where am I from?……..I don’t know.


I turned around after I heard a voice behind me. There stood a woman who was looking at me with a gentle smile on her face.

Is Youki my name?

“Erm….is that my name? Do you know me?”

“What are you saying? Youki-san is Youki-san, isn’t it?”

“Youki……That’s right! I’m Youki. Now I remember it.”

I was reincarnated as the Demon Lord’s underling or rather, a half-assed underling. I was originally a human in my past life, but currently I’m a demon. That was the reason why I have qualms about attacking humans and ended up shutting myself off.

“Youki-san is being strange. You’re not possibly going to say that you don’t know me, are you?”

The woman in front of me asked as she tilted her head.

I recalled my own name. If that’s the case, then I should remember the name of the woman standing before me.

How did I get acquainted with this woman even though I have been secluding myself from the outside world?

I had been waiting in the room located in the middle of the Demon Lord’s castle for a long time, but there had been no sign of any heroes showing up at all.

To begin with, it would be hard for me to get to know anyone actually.

“…….You’ve forgotten, haven’t you? That’s mean.”

“G-Give me a second. I will definitely, absolutely recall it.” [Youki]

Upon seeing that I was not able to answer her readily, the woman pouted.

Since I wasn’t really accustomed to woman, I became flustered at that sight. I tried racking my brain in desperation.

“You even confessed to me.”

“Ah……!?” [Youki]

All my memories came back to me at that single sentence from the woman.

The hero’s party that was led by Yuuga, the hero, got badly bashed-up by me in the Demon Lord’s castle room.

At that time, I fell in love at first sight with Cecilia, who is the cleric in that party. I wound up ignoring the defence of the room that I was supposed to be guarding and confessed to her. The end result was that I suffered an honourable defeat.

“Cecilia! It’s Cecilia!” [Youki]

“It felt like you just remembered, didn’t it? It gave me a somewhat complicated feeling about it.” [Cecilia]

“Aa, erm, I’m sorry. I got this weird kind of feeling. It’s like, my mind was completely blank.” [Youki]

I made an excuse as I scratched my head, trying to hide my embarrassment.

I’m the lowest. It was unforgivable for me to have forgotten about the girl whom I am still in love with.

“By the looks of it, you seemed to have forgotten about everything else apart from me.” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Everything else apart from Cecilia?” [Youki]

“Here. Let’s go, Youki-san. Then try to recall them.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia and I held hands, and then began walking through the white space.

As we ambled along, the memories of what had happened after I left the Demon Lord’s castle started coming back to me.

The memories of how I made my first friend, Raven, in this world.

About the incident whereby I was set up by Celia-san, Cecilia’s mother.

Then I was reunited with my subordinates, Duke, Happiness and Sheik.

After that, when we got thrown into a commotion after we bumped into Yuuga and Mikana, even though Cecilia and I were supposed to be on date together.

How I found out that Happiness was the other party when Raven approached me for love consultation, and then Duke ended up getting involved as well.

When we went to Dagaz Village under a request, we met Gai the gargoyle, and Tiel-chan who is infatuated with Gai.

I wonder how far I should go on before I could remember everything.

Even though I became immersed in the memories swirling in my brain, the fact that I was holding hands with woman I like made me also lose my sense of time.

“……I remembered everything.” [Youki]

Cecilia halted her steps when she heard what I said.

Our walk seemed to have come to an end, possibly because I have recalled everything.

She turned towards me, while our hands remained connected.

“It appears that you have recalled them. Then, shall we go?” [Cecilia]

“Go where?” [Youki]

The moment I raised that question, Cecilia could no longer be seen beside me.

My vision narrowed, and then went black. When I regained consciousness, I found myself standing on a grassland that stretched out as far as the eye can see. The evening sky above me was a crimson red colour.

“Cecilia….?” [Youki]

I uttered her name spontaneously.

I started looking for Cecilia, who disappeared when the scenery around me had suddenly changed.

I managed to locate her immediately after enhancing my senses to the fullest.

When I ran towards her, she appeared to be standing there as if she has been waiting for me.

“Cecilia……..” [Youki]

I looked at her and threw my arms around her, as though I had given into my desire.

As I felt the warmth of her body against mine, I slid my hand into my jacket pocket and fumbled around. Once I separated from her, I took a small square box out and opened the lid.

“This….will you accept this….?” [Youki]

Inside the box was a diamond ring with a simple design.

“Youki-san….this is…..!?” [Cecilia]

There was a mixture of shock and joy on her face. I expressed my desire in a trembling voice.

“I-I would like you to marry me.” [Youki]

Although I couldn’t seem to get the words out easily, I managed get myself to propose.
The moment I said that, she clung to me by wrapping her arms tightly around me.

“…….Yes.” [Cecilia]

The reply whispered into my ear was the evidence that my proposal was a success. I thought my heart would burst with happiness, possibly because I have finally achieved my goal.

I was too ecstatic in getting that favourable response that when I realized it, Cecilia’s face was right in front of me.

“…..Do you, want to kiss?”

Cecilia blushed as she looked away bashfully. My brain seemed to have cease functioning for an instant.
As I stood rooted to the spot, she closed her eyes and raised her face.


I was momentarily confused since I have never kissed anyone before, even in my previous life. However, I instantly came to my senses, having understood what had just happened.

I wrapped my arms around Cecilia’s back and embraced her lightly as I brought my lips close to hers.

I had never imagined that I would be able to kiss the person I like. It was truly like a dream.
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When I opened my eyes, Cecilia was no longer there. I was greeted by a familiar looking ceiling instead.

I found myself lying on my back, facing upwards. The fluffiness of the bed below me was fully transmitted to my body.
Upon examining the place around, I realized that I was surrounded by a common everyday sight as well.

The luggage and even chair were placed on the table in a disorderly manner.

In the corner of the room, sat Gai the gargoyle in the shape of Venus de Milo.

……..After further analysis of all that were mentioned above, I have reached the conclusion that what I had experienced a while ago,

“Was just a dreaaaammmm!?” [Youki]

This was the deepest despair I have ever felt ever since I was reincarnated. I tumbled off the bed because of the shock.
And, due the momentum from when I fell off the bed, I received a blow to my head.

I tried recalling yesterday’s incident while enduring the agonizing pain.

When Cecilia, Sheik and I were summoned to the castle, the King had wanted to grant us an award for repelling Gallis Empire’s heinous hero, Mirror. Nonetheless, probably because I had lost my mind at that time, I made a stupid and absurd request concerning Cecilia and ended up receiving a long sermon from her. In addition to that, I’ve been given a task by Celia-san to adopt a firm attitude the next time we meet, and I am also forbidden from seeing Cecilia for half month.

There was no way the things in the dream can happen when we couldn’t even see each other. In the first place, how did the proposal scene suddenly come in when we are not even dating!? Hasn’t it suddenly taken a huge leap!?

“It was supposed to be such a happy dream yet, why did I have to experience it at a time like this……? It ended up becoming an unpleasant dream now.” [Youki]

This is just the first day I am sitting through the punishment, so it was not possible for a dream like this to manifest itself conveniently at a time like this.

I tried to give it a thought even though I have yet to compose myself.

Then, an answer came to me.

“Gaiiii!!!” [Youki]

I grasped Gai’s body, the suspect in my mind and shook him. I would not be fooled even if you pretended to be asleep.

“Mu, what is it, brat? You’re being noisy. Could you be a little quiet….what happened?” [Gai]

“What the heck do you mean by noissyyyy!! You have used 《Nightmare Sleep》 on me, haven’t you!?” [Youki]

Gai had a puzzled look on his face but he must be playing dumb there. I’m sure of it.
There is no doubt that he must have shown me that dream in jest.

“Eei, calm down! Explain to me what the hell has happe-” [Gai]

“Don’t feign ignorance! It’s impossible for me to be experiencing that kind of dream at a time like this! You’re definitely showing me that dream to harass me. You have used your magic, rigghtt!?” [Youki]

“What are you talking about? I have not done anythi….” [Gai]

“Damn it, damn it! Harassing me like this! I will change your appearance to something strange in returnnnn!!!” [Youki]

“Would you quit ittttttt!!!” [Gai]

I altered Gai’s form using my usual earth magic. This time I will change him into something appropriate that will make ten out of ten people criticizing it as trash.

Ten minutes later.

I calmed down and listened to Gai’s explanation. For the time being I repented on what I had done.

“……..Do you have something that you need to say?” [Gai]

“Something really sad happened yesterday. So, I became suspicious unintentionally. I am reflecting on what I’ve done for now. So, please forgive me!” [Youki]

I made my sincere apology to Gai by lowering my head.

It was my fault for jumping into conclusion. I can’t afford to make enemies in my present situation.

“Why am I being doubted due to brat’s selfish reason? Even to the degree of changing my appearance.” [Gai]

Gai shook his head as if he was saying “Good grief”. Taking everything into consideration after I have calmed down, I shouldn’t have lash out at Gai.

“It’s my bad. Yesterday I have done something that made Cecilia angry. Even though she has temporarily forgiven me, various things had happened after.” [Youki]

Celia-san has prohibited me from seeing Cecilia for half month and I don’t understand what she meant by a firm attitude even now.

“I am not interested in human’s love affair so I can’t give you any advice on this.” [Gai]

“……despite being a lolicon.” [Youki]

“Oi, what did you just say, brat? Did you call me a rorikon again?” [Gai]

Despite having a scary demonic looking face, he ‘brainwashed’ a young girl like Tiel-chan.
Tiel-chan is usually an intelligent literary girl, but her image instantly crumbles as soon as Gai became involved in it. There’s no doubt about it. I even believed that he might lay his hands on Tiel-chan eventually.

“How many times do I have to say it, brat! I am not a rorikon. I am indebted to that girl so…..” [Gai]

“Aaa I got it. I got it. I’m going back to the subject since the conversation was derailed.” [Youki]

Our conversation veered off in a strange direction because of that unnecessary remark I made so I tried rectifying it.

The only thing that I wanted to know now is what I should do.

“Hmph. Well whatever. But like I’ve said earlier, I wouldn’t know anything about it even if you asked me.” [Gai]

Certainly, I guess it was useless to consult Gai about love when all he had been doing was sleeping in the ruins in the village’s small shrine all this time.

Then what should I do now? At this point I should seek advice from a successful man.
I went to guild to look for one of my acquaintances there who is currently married.
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“An? At that time, it’s that. Just be quiet as you are hit and kicked. If you could endure it, a lap pillow and lots of heavenly things will await you.” [Clayman]

“I was an idiot for even coming to get Clayman’s advice.” [Youki]

I had thought that I might be able to receive a possibly useful advice from Clayman who is in a lovey-dovey marriage relationship, but I have totally forgotten about it.
Clayman and Sophia-san are not an average every day couple.

“You were the one who came troubling me for a love advice during work………seriously. What’s so bad about that?” [Clayman]

“I can’t use it as reference! That lovey-dovey method only applies to Clayman and Sophia-san!” [Youki]

Aaa, why are there only weirdos around me. It’s hard since Cecilia, the sole person who possesses common sense, is not around.
Although, even if she is around I can’t consult her about it. It’s unimaginable to consult the very person whom I am in love with about my love problem.

“I don’t know what happened but, there’s nothing else you need right? It’s fine even if you don’t have any business in particular actually. Not having to work makes me feel at ease.” [Clayman]

“Please be more moderate even in your self-indulgence. But, what should I do now. The other person whom I can depend on is..” [Youki]

Just as I was pondering if there was anyone else whom I could rely on, I felt someone tapping my shoulder from the back. Wondering who it was, I turned behind to find a disguised Raven standing there.

“Isn’t it Raven? Are you having your day off today?” [Youki]

“……..Aa. So I thought of going shopping today.” [Raven]

Come to think of it, we did make a promise the other day. He possesses such a strong sense of obligation. It was unexpected for him to have come all the way to the guild just to faithfully fulfil his promise.

Seeing that it’s Raven, I might be able to consult him about it.

“I actually have something that I would like to consult you about. Would it be alright?” [Youki]

“Youki has helped me previously before. I’m not sure if I can be of any help but I don’t mind it.” [Raven]

Raven is also someone with common sense around here. Even though he doesn’t have experience in love as well previously, he is currently experiencing a one-sided love.

He might be able to give me a relatively good pointer. Otherwise it would be of help even if he could just listen to my problem.

“Then shall we change location? How about the inn that I am staying at now?” [Youki]

“…..Got it.” [Raven]

Hence I brought Raven, who seemed convinced, back to the inn.

As soon as we entered the room, our eyes fell on Gai’s newly ‘improved’ form.
Since I had not put in serious effort as I had previously done, he may comment that it looks weird again.

As I was thinking of that, I made myself comfortable on my bed while Raven sat himself on the chair.

“Nn? You have a new statue again?” [Raven]

Raven stared at Gai. I braced myself for the usual incoming negative comments.

“……Heh, that looks good.” [Raven]

“Eh? Are you serious? I just did that haphazardly in a short amount of time though.” [Youki]

The positive remark received has betrayed my expectation.
It was supposed to be something that was made indiscriminately so this absurd revelation couldn’t have been possible.

“……I think it’s the best one among the others so far.” [Raven]

…….I don’t really get this world. Am I the weird one?
That shouldn’t be the case though……probably.

“……..Was it something that I said?” [Raven]

Raven had misunderstood, thinking he had said something wrong when he saw me brooding over something. It was no big deal. We’re not here today to discuss Gai, so let’s put it aside.

“No, it’s not something that you need to worry about, Raven. Besides, what I really wanted to consult you about is not related to this statue.” [Youki]

“I see.” [Raven]

*Fuu* Raven breathed out in relief.
Even though this was a trivial matter, he was so concerned about it. I really did have a great friend.

The thought of me ordering Duke and the rest to throw him to a village after beating him to a pulp last time made me feel terrible. I wanted to sock my past demon self.

In order to consult a dependable friend like Raven, I finally spoke out.

“Actually, I would like you to give me some love advice.” [Youki]

“……From me?” [Raven]

“From Raven.” [Youki]

He displayed a somewhat complicated expression before placing his hand under his chin as if he was thinking about something hard. His facial expression gradually became serious.

Come to think of it, it was just a while ago when he asked me for love consultation.
I wasn’t sure if Raven and Happiness had met again ever since then but, would he be able gain experience about it within a short frame of time?

“……I was under your care the previous time. To be honest, I don’t have confidence if I can be of assistance but, would you like to try discussing it with me?” [Raven]

It became a picturesque scenario when an ikemen declared such an ikemen sounding line, with an anime-like voice though.
……….Wait, what kind of rude things am I thinking of now!
I slapped my cheeks with both hands so I could get a hold of myself.

Considering that he has already agreed on it, I should try explaining it to him.

“In truth, I have done something without considering the place and have angered the person I like. In the end, I was able to make up with her thanks to her mother, but her mother has prohibited me from seeing her for half month.” [Youki]

“…….that must be hard.” [Raven]

Seeing that we are both in love with someone right now, what I am experiencing was apparently transmitted to him. However, the problem would be after this.

“The mother of this person then asked me to adopt a firm attitude the next time we meet. So, what do you think I should do?” [Youki]

“…….This is a difficult. I’ve not encountered such situation myself before.” [Raven]

“As expected…….What should I do then?” [Youki]

I guess the two of us are still beginners in matters related to love. No good idea comes to mind. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to see Cecilia in my present state without any preparation.

In addition to that, I don’t even understand the meaning behind Celia-san’s words. All these just made me feel pathetic.

“What about preparing a gift as a form of apology?” [Raven]

The beginner in love, Raven managed to squeeze an idea out after much thought.

Speaking of which, my previous date with Cecilia the was ruined because of Yuuga. I found a nice necklace in that accessory shop, but, due to the commotion, I didn’t manage to purchase it.

“Raven, that might be a great idea. During my last date with her, I did find something nice that I thought would be good to gift her as a present. I didn’t get to purchase it due to a certain reason at that time but…..eh what’s wrong?” [Youki]

Raven gradually grew depress as he listened to my story.

Did I say something wrong?

“……I see. Youki has already reached the stage whereby you have gone out on a date with the person you like. As for me, far from having a date with her, I don’t even know when is the next time I can see her.” [Raven]

Apparently, his relationship with Happiness has been stagnant ever since then. If only there was an opportunity for them to meet each other, at least.

“That’s right! Shall we go buy a gift together now?” [Youki]

“Buy a gift….me too?” [Raven]

“Aa. Raven should get something for Happiness too and then just give it her.” [Youki]

Doing so will give him the opportunity to meet Happiness.

“……….without any reason?” [Raven]

Certainly there was no reason for Raven to be giving Happiness a present but, it could also serve as a medium to deepen their friendship.

“It’ll be alright. Based on Happiness’s personality, she would accept it, as long as it’s not something strange. You wouldn’t be able to tell it from her expression but, she’ll treasure the things she likes. I could feel that she’s happy with them.” [Youki]

“……Really?” [Raven]

His solemn look brightened up slightly. Alright. Just another push.

“Really. There’s no doubt in it since I’ve been acquainted with Happiness for some time now.” [Youki]

“……Present, is it? Maybe I should buy one.” [Raven]

“Alright! Now that it’s been decided, let’s go!!” [Youki]

Grabbing Raven’s arm, I opened the door quickly and pulled him along.
The place we’re aiming for is that accessory shop that I had previously visited with Cecilia. As we ran towards the shop, I was silently praying and hoping that the necklace was still there.
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“Uwaa….” [Youki]

The moment we entered the shop, the sight that greeted us made our faces twitch.
For some reason the shop was crowded with mainly couples, leaving us as the only pair of male inside.
When we looked around, all we could see were couples who were flirting as they shopped.

“……Youki, sorry. We just got here but, I feel like going back now.” [Raven]

“I know how you feel though…..” [Youki]

Since Raven whispered it in a low voice, I replied him back under my breath.
Even I don’t want this situation to go on.
Being the only pair of male in a shop crowded with couples would make me feel really out of place.
But, seeing that we’re already here, we should get a gift before going back.

“Since we’re already here, we should just endure it. I’ve already decided on the item that I want so I’ll help Raven pick up something.” [Youki]

“Umm…..I understand.” [Raven]

“Then let’s look around.” [Youki]

Raven accepted my suggestion in a seemingly reluctant way.
We then went around the shop, deciding to choose something quickly so we could leave this place as soon as we could.

Raven began picking up accessories that interest him and examined them carefully in his hand.
Could you not turn into an ikemen who selects women’s accessories so intently?!
I watched over Raven for around ten minutes as I thought of such things.

“May I know what kind of products are you looking for?”

A female shop assistant who couldn’t remain indifferent after looking at Raven who was at a loss, called out.

“……..” [Raven]

“Aa….erm, sir?” [female shop assistant]

He used his hand to signal her, asking her to wait for a moment while he pulled out a pen and paper to write upon.

Raven has a complex about his voice so the only people whom he speaks to are Duke and me.
A written communication is an important means of communication to Raven.

Raven showed her a memo with the words 『Hair ornament』 written on it.

“So you’re looking for hair ornaments?” [shop assistant]

When the shop assistant repeated the request for confirmation, Raven responded by nodding his head.

“I understand. I’ll first guide you to the counter.” [shop assistant]

She led us to the place where hair ornaments are displayed and recommended two to three different ornaments to him.

He firmly placed his finger on his chin as if engaged in deep thought before pointing at one of the hair ornaments in silence.

What Raven had chosen was a hair ornament with a feather motif.
I wasn’t sure if it was a sheer coincidence but, the design he selected matched Happiness perfectly. Yuuga might have no sense of taste at all when it comes to selecting accessories, but Raven didn’t seem to have any problem in that area.

As I was putting my thoughts into such unrelated things, Raven returned after making a quick purchase.
His expression has become slightly brighter, possibly because he had made a good purchase.

“I was able to buy a great gift because of Youki. Thank you.” [Raven]

“No no. I haven’t done anything at all.” [Youki]

The one who had guided him to the hair ornaments section and recommended the selections to him was the shop assistant while Raven was the one who made the final decision. The only thing that I had done was bringing him to this shop.

“…..It’s Youki’s turn next. If I’m not mistaken, you have already decided on something, haven’t you?” [Raven]

“Aa, I’m good.” [Youki]

I started searching for the necklace that I came across the other time.
Thinking that it was probably still at the same place, I looked around there and found it in the end.
Thank goodness it was still here.

“Whew, I’m glad it’s not sold yet.” [Youki]

I picked it up immediately and paid for it.
Upon returning to where Raven was waiting, I found him checking out a ring for some reason.
Just as I was wondering if he was interested in it, I was suddenly reminded of the dream I had this morning.
The dream of when I handed a ring to Cecilia to propose to her.
It made me wonder when that scene would become a reality. It would be good if it wasn’t in the too distant future.

“……You’re planning to buy a ring too?” [Youki]

Raven shook his head in response.

“……Just looking.” [Raven]

Raven murmured.
That might be so but, he was interested in it, wasn’t he? Even though I was rooting for him, the other party whom he is going after is Happiness. It might be a good idea for him to adopt a more aggressive approach, but there wasn’t much opportunity for them to see each other at all.
Hopefully, with this gift, it might reduce the distance between the two of them.

Although, I’m not in a position to be worrying about others. Even though it was the consequence of my own actions, it would be bad if I don’t take up a firm attitude and hand the present to Cecilia after half month.

“We’re done here, so shall we go back? No, actually I’m hungry so let’s have lunch somewhere.” [Youki]

“……Aa, we finished just in time for lunch. I managed to get a good purchase today. Thank you.” [Raven]

“I’m glad that I consulted Raven. I’m definitely going to make sure to reconcile with her without any problem.” [Youki]

The two of us left the shop while expressing our gratitude to each other.
We should’ve gone home after going to a nearby bar or restaurant for lunch. That was supposed to be how it was planned but….
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“…..Eh, Swordsman? If I’m not wrong, the person with the boring look beside you was the one with cleric previously….”

Raven and I turned around simultaneously when someone called out behind us.
The one standing behind us was one of the members from the Hero’s party who was involved in the turmoil caused by Yuuga the other time; the girl mage, Mikana.

“What were two guys doing, entering a shop like this together?…..Swordsman aside, weren’t you going after the cleric?” [Mikana]

Mikana gave us a suspicious look when she caught the two of us leaving the accessory shop together.
There seemed to be a grave misunderstanding. Regardless of how many times I had been dumped by girls in my previous life, I had never recalled myself awakening to homosexuality.
Not to mention, Raven is in love with Happiness so he wouldn’t be interested in something like that too.

“Oi, please don’t get any strange ideas. We’re just helping each other in choosing our presents.” [Youki]

“Present……for whom?” [Mikana]

“For the person we like of course.” [Youki]

Crap. The moment those words escaped my mouth, I realized that it was already too late. Mikana who was standing before us started examining us alternately with a huge grin stretched across her face.

“Hmm~ In any case, I have already known that you’re interested in that cleric but I didn’t know that Swordsman has someone he likes too~” [Mikana]

“Why did you tell her that?” Raven looked at me as if he was conveying those complaints to me indirectly.

There was nothing else that I could do even if you were to look at me in that manner. What’s done cannot be undone. What we should do now is to figure out a way to escape Mikana’s probing.

“During the time when we were still travelling together in a party, unlike that idiot Yuuga who can never refuse a woman’s advance out of goodwill and ended up creating a harem unconsciously, Swordsman is someone who has prioritized sword training to women. Rather, Swordsman is usually someone who avoids people, so it’s unthinkable for him to have someone he likes.” [Mikana]

“………….” [Raven]

“As usual, you don’t speak up. Well, it’s my fault for laughing at you when we first met.” [Mikana]

Mikana withdrew her gaze with an apologetic look.
It seemed that this person had ended up laughing when she first heard Raven’s voice. Although, she appeared to be considerably remorseful now for what she had done.

“Raven, are you still angry at Mikana?” [Youki]

I asked him softly so as not to be heard by Mikana.

“I’m not angry. It’s just that….” [Raven]

“It’s just that?” [Youki]

“She might make fun of my voice, or laugh at me, or be surprise again.” [Raven]

“I see. So it has become something like a trauma.” [Youki]

Even though I knew that Raven was concerned about his voice, I did not realize that it was so severe.
I hoped that he would be able to overcome it somehow but, we should first do something about our current situation.

“At any rate, how was it possible for someone ordinary with a boring look like you to be acquainted with both cleric and swordsman?” [Mikana]

“Haa!? What the heck are you talking about all of the sudden!?” [Youki]

“I mean, it’s rare to find a plain commoner who is acquainted with two members belonging to a party that has defeated the Demon Lord, you know? As I’ve said earlier, Swordsman is someone who tends to avoid people as much as possible, and it was the same for Cleric too. She has been courted by countless men during journey, but I believe that she has always declined them gently.” [Mikana]

“Eh!? Cecilia has been courted by countless man during that journey!? This is my first time hearing it.” [Youki]

“Is that what you want to retort about? Rather, what is the relationship between Youki and Cecilia?” [Raven]

Probably because he became curious about our conversation, Raven asked me quietly.

Even though I would like to give him an answer, it might not be appropriate to be having this kind of discussion in front of the accessory shop.
Not to mention, we might cause another commotion if Mikana and Raven’s identities were exposed.

“I’ll explain to you about my relationship with Cecilia later. It might be better for us to leave this place now. It would indeed be too conspicuous if we were to continue our discussion in front of the shop.” [Youki]

“True. We wouldn’t want to make the same mistake as Yuuga and her.” [Raven]

“Then it’s decided. As we’ve planned earlier, let’s go to a restaurant. I’m starving.” [Youki]

“Aa.” [Raven]

Well now, since we have already decided on what to do, let’s hurry up and leave this place.

“Hold it, why are you guys ignoring me while having a private conversation there?!” [Mikana]

Mikana looked sulky, possibly because she was dissatisfied that Raven and I were whispering among ourselves.
The main problem is, what should we do with Mikana? To be honest, I don’t want to be hanging around her any more than I have to.
I’m bad with this type of woman so I have a feeling that I might end up blurting out things that I shouldn’t, creating unnecessary problems instead.

At this point, we should take our leave naturally without making her feel any sense of discomfort.

“Well, Raven and I will be going off to have our lunch now. So that’s all.” [Youki]

I spun around and waved my hand while Raven gave a light bow before coming along with me.
With this, I’ll be able to grab my lunch and get away from Mikana at the same time.

“Haa!? Hold it right there!” [Mikana]

Nevertheless, there are times when things in this world don’t seem to go the way you want them to.

Our shoulders were grasped hard when we were in the midst of heading towards the restaurant.

“What is it?” [Youki]

“What do you mean by ‘What is it?’. We’re not done yet. Despite that, why are you guys talking about going to a restaurant all of the sudden!?” [Mikana]

“That’s because we had already decided to go get lunch together, even before we bumped into you….right?” [Youki]

When I prompted Raven beside me for acknowledgement, he nodded his head in silence.

“Uu, but we’re not done talking ye….” [Mikana]

“Have you forgotten about the turmoil that happened the other time? Are you planning to cause the same disturbance to the shop again?” [Youki]

I said with a sigh. It took 3 hours to quell the commotion the previous time.
During that time, the throng of people that crowded the entrance of the accessory shop seemed to have interrupted the business of the shop.
The female shop assistants were not able to concentrate at all on their work, as they were just ogling at Yuuga.

“Uu….” [Mikana]

“Even if we don’t intend for it end up that way, we would stand out even if we don’t want to if we were to continue having our discussion in front of the shop like this. I don’t want to go through that again.” [Youki]

The conversation came to a stop and silence reigned. She should have understood what I wanted to say by now.

However, at that very moment the sound of a stomach rumbling broke the silence. It was a quite loud, growling noise.

“Who’s the one?” [Youki]

By the way, it wasn’t me. When I looked at Raven, he shook his head as well. In other words…..

We directed our gaze to Mikana. Her face turned bright red as she cast her eyes downwards.
Probably because she realized that the two of us were looking at her, she raised her head and scowled at us.


“What!? Even I can feel hungry, alright! Is there a problem with that!?” [Mikana]

For some reason, she misdirected her anger at us instead.
Raven and I hadn’t said anything in particular though.

“Come to think of it, you guys are going to a restaurant, right? Then I’ll come along with you. We’ll be able to continue our conversation there and you’ll be able to get your meal too so it’ll be killing two birds with one stone.” [Mikana]

“Oioi, don’t just decide it for us.” [Youki]

“Since we’re all in agreement, let’s go quickly. I know of a good restaurant in this area.” [Mikana]

“Oi, wa-,wait a minut-” [Youki]

“Just give it up, Youki. No one can stop Mikana once she goes into that state.” [Raven]

Mikana advanced ahead, disregarding my protest completely. When I tried stopping her, Raven tapped my shoulder and slowly shook his head.
Even though I’m not Clayman, my current plight made me wonder how I got thrown into such a troublesome predicament. I don’t get it.

“Hurry up or I’m going to leave you behind!” [Mikana]

Mikana turned around and beckoned us with a furious look on her face.

“It’ll be fine even if you leave behind us actually.” [Youki]

“…..There’s no other choice than to go along with her.” [Raven]

Raven and I felt our shoulders droop with disappointment as we went after Mikana.

“Rest assured. I’m a regular patronage of the restaurant that we’re going to. The food’s tasty and the atmosphere’s really good. You’ll definitely like it too.” [Mikana]

“Aa, I got it. I’ll be looking forward to it.” [Youki]

Rather than looking forward to the meal, I was cursing her deep down in my heart as I desperately tried to think of a plan so that we could escape from her.
She seemed like a blabbermouth so she’s not someone whom we would like to consult with about our love life. If we were to blurt anything important out by accident, there is a possibility that she might make use of that blunder to ‘break our minds’.

“……Youki.” [Raven]

Raven who was walking next to me murmured. Did he manage to come up with a good plan?

“What is it?” [Youki]

“……What is Youki’s relationship with Cecilia? [Raven]

“You’re asking that now!?” [Youki]

“Aa.” [Raven]

I could understand that he was curious about it but, I have a feeling that now’s not the right time for this. Raven might unexpectedly be someone who does things at his own pace.
Well, seeing that I knew who Raven likes, I guess it would be fair for me to explain it to him.

“She’s someone whom I desire, but we’re just friends now.” [Youki]

“So the one whom Youki likes is Cecilia? That means, the person whom you have angered this time was…..” [Raven]

“It’s Cecilia.” [Youki]

“I see. Were you alright?” [Raven]

“What do you mean by that?” [Youki]

“No, Cecilia is usually kind to everyone, but when she’s angry……no, it’s nothing.” [Raven]

Did he recall something? He suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and shook his head.
……..I wonder if something happened when they were in the party.
It didn’t seem likely for Raven to be the one to have done something wrong. The two other members might be the ones who were guilty of it, or rather, it was highly possible that Yuuga was the one who had done something in the past.

“Raven, I have angered Cecilia many times now. Once she cools down, she’ll usually just direct a cold gaze at me. So I’m fine.” [Youki]

“…….Then, are you alright in your love aspect?” [Raven]

Am I…..alright?
I became anxious the instant I gave it a deep thought.
I have a feeling that I have been behaving like a fool most of the time in front of Cecilia.
If I were to go on this way, she wouldn’t grow tired of me, would she?
This is bad. My mind became flooded by all the negative thoughts the more I contemplated it, making me feel depressed more and more.


The moment I went silent with a look of unease on my face, someone uttered my name into my ear. That voice broke into my negative thoughts and brought my consciousness back instantly.

“…..I’m sorry for causing you unnecessary worry.” [Raven]

“It’s fine. I was just lost in my thoughts.” [Youki]

“I see. I’m really sorry. It’s because I had said something strange earlier.” [Raven]

“Hahaha.” [Youki]

I attempted to gloss over it with a bitter smile.
No one else, aside from Cecilia herself, would know how she really felt about me, so there is no use thinking about it. I tried to talk myself out of it.

Although, the atmosphere became gloomy for some reason after that. I tried to ease the tension by switching to my chuuni mode which hasn’t been triggered in a long while.

“Raven, I’m fine now so rest assured.” [Youki]

I whispered bac….no, I replied him in my normal tone as I struck a pose.

“……..I have a feeling that you’re not really alright though, in a different sense now.” [Raven]

“…..What is it?” [Youki]

Have I done something? I don’t remember it.
I’m not feeling down anymore, but the tension in the air became palpable.
I’m not really in a state which he would need to be worried about.

“It’s nothing. At least Youki is back to being lively.” [Raven]

“Is that so? Then let’s not worry about it and go back to our main subject.” [Youki]

Raven tilted his head. In the first place, I wasn’t planning to discuss about my relationship with Cecilia with him. There is something much more important that I need to consult him right now.

“Don’t you get it? Then I’ll tell you! The question is, how do we get away from Mikana’s probing right now!” [Youki]

“….Indeed.” [Raven]

Raven held his head down, looking dejected.
He finally realized the situation in which he is in now.

“Most of my things about Cecilia had already been exposed to her, so I don’t really mind it. But, Raven’s different, right? What are you planning to do if she were to start barraging you with questions? Or give you unneeded advice? Furthermore, what if she were to find out that Happiness is the person whom you like?” [Youki]

Raven’s complexion turned pale. Compared to me, he should have a better grasp of Mikana’s personality. There was no doubt that he understood how troublesome it would be if his secret was revealed to her.

“…..Wouldn’t it be fine so long as Youki kept quiet?” [Raven]

“That’s naive of you. She’s the type of person who would be extremely persistent once her curiosity is aroused. I can easily imagine her ‘preying’ on you next if I were to keep quiet.” [Youki]

“…….To be honest, I don’t have confidence that I would be able to remain silent if Mikana were to press on.” [Raven]

“That’s why we need a plan but……that’s right! Hmph. Raven, rejoice. I came up with a good plan now thanks to this intense atmosphere.” [Youki]

A seemingly unfitting smile spread across my face. As expected, being in my chuuni state is the best. I am able to keep my head clear when I’m in this condition. The only downside to this is that I tend to make even more unnecessary body gestures. I ended up striking a supposedly cool pose.

“…..Really?” [Raven]

“Leave it to me! Then let’s immediately get to the point on what we should do……” [Youki]

I explained the strategy in mind to Raven.
After that, we tried to catch up with Mikana when she complained that we were too slow.
After several minutes of walk, we finally arrived at the place recommended by her.
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“We’re here. Not only does it have an amicable and stylish atmosphere, the employees are kind, and the cuisine’s unrivalled. Come on, let’s go in.” [Mikana]

Upon entering the establishment, I realized that the place is indeed as described. The interior looks stylish, and a tantalizing scent permeated the air the moment we stepped inside. Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem to be a place where two men would come together. The ambience of the store resembles more of a place where couples come for a date.
It doesn’t look at all like a place where people would come in just for a simple meal!

As I thought, she must have introduced this place to us so she could probe into our, or rather, Raven’s love story in particular.

“Welcome, it’ll be for three people, right? Please take your seat here.”

I gave Raven a knowing wink when we were guided by the employee to our seats. He nodded in response when he noticed that gesture.

Mikana, I will not let you to have your way.

We began our strategy as planned.

“Well now, there are a lot of things that I would like to know from you guys.” [Mikana]

“Excuse me. I would like to make an order please.” [Youki]

“Right now!? Wait, listen to me….” [Mikana]

I paid no heed to Mikana’s complaints and selected ten dishes from the menu that was brought over by the employee in a hurry. Following that, Raven also chose eight different dishes by pointing at the items in the menu with his finger.

“Wait, hold on!! How much are you guys planning to eat!?” [Mikana]

“I’m famished. That much is fine since we’re men. Right, Raven?” [Youki]

Raven nodded.
I don’t usually eat that much food though. I retorted back to myself in my mind. This is just a part of our strategy.

“Hmmm. Well it’s fine. Ah, I would like….” [Mikana]

All Mikana ordered was a drink. I guess she didn’t plan to ‘binge-eat’ like us.
Wasn’t she hungry?
Our plan would backfire if she had decided not to order any food just so she could concentrate on interrogating us.

Several minutes later, Raven and I were chewing our food thoroughly, eating as slowly as possible. There wasn’t even an interval in between for us to say anything.

“……You guys, I have a feeling that you’re not planning to tell me anything at all.” [Mikana]

Mikana looked at us in amazement.
I dug into my food heartily while Raven ate in a well-mannered way. Nevertheless, we did not stop what we were doing, taking as much time as we could over each bite.

That is the plan that I came up with. Since we were not able to speak while we ate, we could remain silent the entire time.
This strategy was perfect – if I do say so myself.
By using this method, we would be taking up all the time Mikana had, making it impossible for her to question us at all and then we could go our separate ways.

“Hmmmm, is that so? Just when I thought I’ll let you in on an interesting story about Cecilia.” [Mikana]1

My hand stopped in that instant, even though I hadn’t planned to let what she said stop me.
A story about Cecilia?
A story about Cecilia that I didn’t know of? I wanted to hear it…..
Once that thought crossed my mind, there was no stopping me.
I had originally planned to savour the ten dishes I’d ordered as slowly as I could but I wound up finishing them in less than 20 minutes.
In the end I couldn’t win against my desire. So, as a result, the strategy failed.

“…….Thanks for the food.” [Youki]

I felt stabbing pains in my abdomen due to overeating after finishing all the ten dishes ordered.
Raven wore a stunned look on his face on looking at my state.
I understand what you’re trying to say but, I think it was natural for me to have wanted to know more about the person I like.
…….Although, that might just be an excuse for my own failure in the strategy.

“Well, since Swordsman is still in middle of eating, I guess I’ll have you tell me what I wanted to know first.” [Mikana]

There was a triumphant look on Mikana’s face. Even if you could make me spill the beans about myself, I would definitely not disclose the matter about Raven.
Raven, on the other hand, was desperately eating his meal as he looked alternately between the two of us.


“So, I wonder if there has been any progress at all with the cleric after that turmoil? That’s the first thing that I would like to know.” [Mikana]

Mikana asked as she sipped her drink.
So she was postponing the matter with regard to Raven? If that’s the case, then I should start blathering about all of my unfortunate stories, so as to turn this atmosphere into being unsuitable for any love talk.
I call it, ‘A complicated conversation that would make one excuse themselves upon listening strategy’.

“Ah, there is actually no progress at all. Our so-called date the last time was been ruined by your childhood friend too.” [Youki]

“Haa!? You’ve not done anything at all?! Are you a freaking idiot!? For that cleric to have gone on a date with you would only mean that you should have made a significantly favourable impression on her.” [Mikana]

There was a mixture of amazement and shock on her face. She drew a big sigh.
Her brutal frankness hurts, but I should answer her in one go.

“Moreover, I have done something stupid recently and made Cecilia angry. Her mother has forbidden me from seeing her for half month.” [Youki]

“Uwa, you’re amazing in a way. For you to have angered that cleric.” [Mikana]

Mikana’s face looked slightly pale upon hearing that.
Apparently, she seemed to have recalled the time when Cecilia was furious.
That reaction of hers made me curious though. I should try enquiring the full story.
Besides, I might be able to derail the conversation so we would not go into love topics.

“Hey, I had actually angered Cecilia many times before now, so I don’t really understand the reason behind your and Raven’s reaction.” [Youki]

“In other words, doesn’t that mean that you have not incurred the cleric’s true wrath yet?” [Mikana]

“No, she should be seriously angry the previous time. That’s the proof of just how stupid the blunder that I made was.” [Youki]

There was no doubt that Cecilia was extremely furious at that time.
Certainly, the impression given by Cecilia’s fury appeared different than normal; however, it wasn’t a cold gaze that would make one’s face turn pale upon remembrance.

“That’s strange. The way the cleric was angry when Yuuga had done something wrong was supposed to be utterly ghastly.” [Mikana]

Raven was nodding his head the entire time he was eating, agreeing with what she said.
As I thought, the one who messed up was Yuuga.
He must have done considerably stupid things.
I’m not in the position to be saying this about someone else, but I’m concerned about what he has done.

“What has Yuuga done to make Cecilia angry?” [Youki]

I have a feeling that it wasn’t something that I should listen to, but a human – or rather a demon – like me, could not win against the curiosity.
Besides, I might need it as reference so I can avoid making Cecilia angry.

Upon hearing my query, Raven held his head while Mikana’s face turned bright red.

“Yuuga was an idiot. He entered cleric’s room by mistake when she was in the middle of changing, mistook the time for the open-air hot spring and barged in on cleric when she was still inside……incidents like those happened over and over again during the journey.” [Mikana]


“Hey, do you know where Hero is today? I’m gonna half kill him……no I’ll just fucking kill him.” [Youki]

The moment I stood up, Raven who was supposed to be in the midst of eating instantly held me down.
He pressed a written memo against my face, asking me to calm down but, how the heck could I compose myself after listening to all that?!
Apparently that guy seemed to possess a ‘Lucky Lewd’ ability.
As expected of a protagonist bastard who was bestowed the title, ‘Hero’.

He had not only seen Cecilia changing her clothes, but also peeped at her when she was taking a bath. There was no way I could remain silent after knowing all that.

I shook off Raven’s restraint and stood up.
My face might resemble the Hannya mask currently. 2

“Wa-Wait a minute. Calm down! There is no way a commoner like you could kill Yuuga, right?! Besides, I’m not done talking yet, so just shut up and listen to me.” [Mikana]

“….Tch, fine.” [Youki]

I clicked my tongue and sat myself once again.
Raven was probably relieved after looking at my state so he resumed eating.

I am presently a ‘human’ known as Youki.
As such, it has become quite problematic since it is technically impossible for a normal adventurer to defeat a hero who has overthrown the Demon Lord.
If it was the demon Youki, then he could easily beat that harem hero to a pulp.

“I can still sense an ominous aura emanating from you though……Well, it’s not the first time for Yuuga to become the object of intense animosity from men anyway. I’ll go on with the story.” [Mikana]

“So Cecilia was enraged then?” [Youki]

“Yes. But it was just the normal level of anger.” [Mikana]

“Ha?” [Youki]

“I think it was just 10 minutes of preaching……The cleric’s sermon fundamentally comes in different patterns.” [Mikana]

“Speaking of which, my encounter with her the last time also started with a sermon……eh? If that’s the case then there’s no need to be so fearful of her, isn’t it?” [Youki]

When I looked back over the past incidents, it was undeniable that there were times when her sermon scared me, but I have yet to experience one that would make my face turn pale if I were to recall it.

“Cleric will usually forgive Yuuga after a lecture. It’s mortifying but, I have not expected that it was possible for a human to reprimand someone without shouting. That was the reason why, when Yuuga made a grave blunder, it was seriously dreadful.” [Mikana]

Raven who has successfully cleared most of the dishes, leaving only three plates on the table, also nodded beside me.

“What on earth did he do?” [Youki]

“Yuuga has been capturing the hearts of all those girls unconsciously every time we stopped by any town or village during our journey…….Although, I am also one of them, who fell for him.” [Mikana]

“There isn’t any problem with that, is there?” [Youki]

It is a common setting in my previous life for a hero to have a harem of girls.
Considering that he’s such an ikemen, strong and has great prestige, it was not surprising for him to have ‘raised the flags’ wherever he goes.
In addition to that, there’s also the ‘childhood friend flag’.

“It’s a huge problem! Since he befriended all the girls wherever we went, we were able stay in each and every village or town for only a maximum of three days. Above all, whenever we stayed in the inn, all the girls who have their eyes on Yuuga would barged into the place!” [Mikana]

“No no no. I mean all of those were that hero’s fault. So I don’t think there should be any problem if he were to take full responsibilities for it.” [Youki]

“We were troubled precisely because that Yuuga was such an idiot!” [Mikana]

“What do you mean by that?” [Youki]

“Unlike cleric, Yuuga is unnecessarily kind at the wrong time. He wasn’t able to decline a girl’s invitation.” [Mikana]

“I see. In other words, if you stayed over in a place for too long, he would end up promising dates with numerous girls, hindering your journey’s schedule.” [Youki]

Mikana nodded in response.
Even though he’s a hero, he was holding his party back.
It’s laughable. Rather than demons, the hero of a party had instead become the obstacle in the journey. What kind of hero is he?

“Regardless of how many times I have already warned him, the same thing would repeat itself whenever we reached a new town in just less than one day. When we realized it, he has already got along with a large number of girls in the town.” [Mikana]

“…….Could that, be the reason?” [Youki]

Was Cecilia angry because Yuuga was being friendly with innumerous girls?
If she was enraged at Yuuga because she was feeling jealous then…..

“Judging by your expression, are you possibly misunderstanding something? Certainly that was the reason but it wasn’t really because Yuuga was getting along with all the girls.” [Mikana]

“Ah….is that so?” [Youki]

“To begin with, if that cleric really is interested in Yuuga, the two of them would’ve dated already long time ago.” [Mikana]

“That is…..certainly true.” [Youki]

“……Good grief. I’ll go on with my story then, alright? So, thanks to Yuuga, we weren’t able to have a smooth journey or even get sufficient rest whenever we stopped by the villages and towns. All these continued on until one particular day. A group of girls finally caught up with Yuuga, causing a huge delay in our journey’s schedule.” [Mikana]

I have a feeling that Cecilia wasn’t the only one who was angry at that time. Mikana and Raven might be pretty pissed at him too.
Rather, that should be how it was. I guess Raven must have not been able to voice his thoughts out even if he was angry.

“Cleric was furious because he was being irresponsible in his relationships with women. Even though it was just a normal lecture in the beginning, it gradually worsened when Yuuga started spouting something unnecessary several times.” [Mikana]

A stony expression was affixed to Cecilia’s face during the entire two-hour sermon she gave Yuuga.
Mikana and Raven were stunned as they observed the scene at that time.

“That’s why if you don’t restrain yourself more, and wound up incurring the cleric’s real wrath……it would be really dreadful.” [Mikana]

“I-I got it.” [Youki]

Come to think of it, was I saved by Celia-san the other day?
There was a possibility that I might get the same treatment as Yuuga if Celia-san hadn’t stepped into the room.
Although, even if I did end up in the same situation as Yuuga, it was rightfully so. That incident was entirely my fault so I’ll accept all the repercussion and face her wrath head on.

“Well, it’s time for me to listen to Raven’s story now.” [Mikana]

However, the sound of a stomach rumbling could be heard once again at that moment.
I had just finished up 10 plates of dishes and Raven was still in the middle of his meal so there was no way that sound could’ve come from either of us.

“……..That’s because all you had was just a drink. Your stomach has already let out a loud growl a while ago.” [Youki]

“You’re being noisy. I’m on diet. I’m currently on a diet, alright! Do you have a problem with that!?” [Mikana]

Mikana misdirected her anger at me instead as she blushed.
Getting our secrets out must have been the only thing she was thinking of, so her own hunger might have slipped her mind.
Nevertheless, this couldn’t have happened at a better time.
Her stomach growled at such perfect moment that I had to stifle a laugh by covering my mouth with my hand. If Mikana were to catch me laughing, she would definitely cause even more annoyance.

Just when she was desperately looking for an excuse, Raven pushed the two remaining plates of dishes which he has yet to eat towards her.

『I can’t take it anymore』 was what written in the memo – in other words, Raven has reached his limit.
Apparently while Mikana and I were having our conversation, Raven was waging a war against the eight plates of dishes on the table by himself.
It was supposed to be a perfect plan so I had not expected it to lead to such……a result.

“……Please eat them.”

“Uu…then I’ll eat them without reservation.” [Mikana]

Mikana devoured the food at an amazing speed. I guess that’s just how hungry she was.

“Raven, are you okay?” [Youki]

Raven brought his hand to his mouth as he held his full belly, looking quite unwell due to overeating.
I wonder if there are any medicines for indigestion in this world. If there are, I would buy them immediately.

“……I’m alright. I’ll be fine after a short break, probably.” [Raven]

“You have a surprisingly small appetite despite being a knight.” [Youki]

“No, that amount of food are usually nothing to me. But, the instant I realized that the matter about Happiness would be exposed to her, I lost all my appetite.” [Raven]

“You must have a really weak mental fortitude. Did you hate revealing it to her that much?” [Youki]

“……Once Mikana found out about it, there is high possibility that it might be exposed to Yuuga too. If that happened, Yuuga would definitely be taking some kind of action.” [Raven]

“I see. It would surely become troublesome.” [Youki]

That hero is also known as a ‘flag maker’. Not only a ‘love flag maker’ but also a ‘trouble flag maker’. Raven must have not wanted to involve Happiness in it.

“Besides…..it was simply, embarrassing. To be talking about the person I like.” [Raven]

Raven explained, his face blushed as he scratched his cheek.

Raven….your heart’s too pure.

I was suddenly driven by an overwhelming urge to support Raven’s love life with all I’ve got as well.

“Youki, why are you being silent there?” [Raven]

“Raven…..give it all you’ve got to achieve your happiness.” [Youki]

“I’m happy that you’re cheering for me but….what’s up all of the sudden?” [Raven]

“There’s no hidden meaning behind my words actually. All I wanted to tell you was that I’ll be rooting for you.” [Youki]

I brought our conversation to an end, disregarding Raven, who appeared puzzled at my words.
In the meanwhile, Mikana finally finished her meal when Raven and I were having a quiet discussion.
She seemed to be waiting for us to finish our talk.

“So….in the end, what’s Swordsman’s love story about?” [Mikana]

“There’s none.” [Youki]

“Haa!? Why is that!?” [Mikana]

I will definitely not reveal Raven’s secret.

“I will protect the purity of Raven’s love!” [Youki]

I made my declaration, loud enough only for Mikana to hear.
Before I knew it, my chuuni switch was already flipped.

“………Why did I suddenly become such a villain-like character in your mind!?” [Mikana]

“Am I wrong?” [Youki]

“You’re wrong! Even I would like to lend Swordsman a hand……besides.” [Mikana]

“Besides?” [Youki]

“T-Things haven’t gone well recently between me and Yuuga so, I’m also feeling troubled on what I should do. I had thought that you might……be able to give me some advice about it.” [Mikana]

“”…………………..”” [Youki & Raven]

Her voice became softer with each word, until it was barely audible.
Oioi, are you really consulting us about love?
Raven and I were dumbfounded by the sudden development.
*******If you are reading this on a place other than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.*******


1. Mikana referred Cecilia as ‘cleric’ in all the earlier Web Novel chapters but it appears as ‘Cecilia’ in this line in the Light Novel.
2. Hannya

17 thoughts on “Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 C1

  1. dorkfall

    it has been a while since the upload. your work has been much appreciated 😀
    thank you 🙂

    but then again… they’re afraid of cleric? because of cermon?
    i was imagining cleric to be angry in a level of biblical proportions of a wrath of God-like view or something close to the feel of raining fire and brimstone?

    hmm strange


  2. David Schlicht

    Thanks for the chapter. Yuuga is probably the worse the so called Hero who is attracting girls in fantasy world. I am pretty much compare him to Koukoi from Arifureta series.


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  4. ……

    When Mikana interrupted and started being her annoying self. I got so pissed, cause like cmonnnnn. Bromance! Bromance! I love Youki and Raven, its so entertaining to read them together!!! But oh my god she came in. But I guess the stroy of Cecilia and Youki getting super omega angry was worth it at the baka hero. And to be honest, I feel for Mikana.
    I don’t understand how she can love such an idiot. Such an idiot.
    But, love is love you know, can’t help it. But he’s such an idiot. Such an idiot.
    I pray for you Mikana.
    And deat god, if i was in that hero’s party. During the journey to kill the Demon King.
    After the cossistent and annoying stops causr of the hero’s abilities to not say no to a girl, and not understand his priorities. I would rip out his f***ing balls and put his sp*rm into flasks and just give them to woman.
    1. The girls would be satisfies~
    2. No more woman for the rest of your life, Stupid Hero.


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