Netooku Otoko (LN) V1 Prologue

First of all, this is the prologue from the light novel. Just thought of translating both at the same time (although will be focusing on the WN first since the LN is super long). The title might be confusing though so do you think it would be a good idea for me to add (WN) or (LN) to the title of the chapters starting from now?


Nikon Digital SLR Camera.

A plastic model by Kotobukiya that has been well-known for its high difficulty in assembling it.
Aside from that, the kit was completed with a set of compressor and airbrush used for the application of paint.

Limited edition figurine.

A Playstation 3 software that I have jumped at immediately seeing that it was only available through special advance order.

A Borsalino hat made in Italy, that I have bought anyway despite being tempted using unfitting sweet word describing it as first-class item.

An evergreen rod that I was satisfied with at the time of purchase.

A white semi-dress boots that I had no choice but to import it in due personal interest, under the pretext that the value of yen has appreciated.

A Gibson electric guitar that was purchased on impulse, thinking that it would enhance my image even though I don’t even play one.
A multi-function Roland guitar amplifier that was ordered at the same time from the net.

A rice bread cooker, the latest rage that has attracted me because of the rice bread baking function.

A beautiful Celeste Bianchi road bike.

Isaia brand suit that I have purchased at the spur of the moment when I was still working at the black company.

Grand Seiko, a watch that I forcibly bought on loan basis.

Also, the number of my knife collection has increased again recently.

It appears that I, Ayase Jirou is the type who has strong desire for materialistic pursuits.
A huge load of items purchased were just thoughtlessly left piling up in my room, most are either slightly used items or goods that are still in their mint sealed condition.

According to one theory, a greedy type like me who will be 「contented so long as I managed to buy the things that I want」, usually desires for high-end products to compensate for my lack of confidence.
Or, having the feeling of wanting high-end products could also mean that I have 「good judgement」…….that was also another possible case.

Certainly I couldn’t deny that. But there was also a huge problem.
I understood it well myself that it was unheard of for a penniless high school graduate NEET to be too materialistic.

Casting a sidelong glance at those items, I turned on my computer.

Due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t got the time to follow up on the items that I have placed for sale on auction but, they should be ending soon.

I wonder how much money I have made from the items auctioned this time——that was a very important aspect.
And, that was when I realized there were moments when the eyes of a greedy person like me were being tested, making me feel doubtful of what I was seeing.

Auction . Antique . Doll
【Antique Doll of a Girl】
[51cm][Details Unknown][Rare][Shipping Included]

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 44100 yen
Total of bids : 72

Auction . Vintage . Dress
【European Old Clothing : Antique Linen Dress 】
[Shipping Included]

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 7500 yen
Total of bids : 21

Auction . Vintage . Linen
【Antique Linen Bedsheet】
[Gold Thread Embroidery][Rare][Shipping Included]

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 12600 yen
Total of bids : 32

Auction . Antique . Cutlery . Silver
【Antique Silver Cutlery set – 2 pairs】
[Rare][Shipping Included]

Congratulations!! There was a successful bid on your item.
The highest bid : 11320 yen
Total of bids : 28


Aren’t my forces overwhelming…..!
All the items auctioned this time were successfully sold off.
…..No. It might have been better to say, 「were sold off once and for all」.
Regardless of how suspicious the items might be, you would still be able to sell them easily through auction. All the more if you were to describe the item as an ‘antique’.
However, all the goods auctioned off this time were not really what I would call ‘antique’.

That was because……all these were items that were purchased from the other world.


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    1. Plot wise is similar but the execution of the story seems different for the LN. (probably because he needs to go through the editor for the LN). And several events that happen in the story are also different.

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