LN Illustrations Poll – Which ones do you guys prefer

The LN volume 7 for Netooku was apparently delayed so it will be released only by the end of next month on the 25th.
So as promised, I will be purchasing the LN of one of the novels that I am currently translating/have translated so I can share the illustrations with you all. (One of my way to help support the author so please help purchase the actual copy from the respective author too if you can).

Special thanks to kss who has been helping me in this. Feel free to drop by his ebay page and check out what he’s selling. He mainly deals with Weiss Schwarz & Chaos TCG cards so you can get almost any rare signed and PR cards from him.

The poll will be open for a week.


4 thoughts on “LN Illustrations Poll – Which ones do you guys prefer

  1. BakaGrappler

    Hmmmm….Very tough choice… I’m afraid I have to go with Tanaka. I’ve always had a soft spot (laugh at) for guys who naturally have a ton of bad luck, so Tanaka barely wins out over the others.


    1. I know ^^;;
      I only have enough to get one first. Will basically get all three soon but wanted to gauge the popularity. I will be buying the one with highest vote first, followed by the second one then the third once I get enough funds from word ads.


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