Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 36

Additional chapter for this week. Wanted to rest a bit before my medical check-up so there will only be Atelier Tanaka next week.

Chapter 36: The smell of wine from the women’s meeting

Based on the story, the relationship between Rebecca-san and Hetty-san started when Rebecca-san came over to join Hetty-san’s mercenary group. Since the leader of the group was a woman and majority of Hetty-san’s mercenary team members consisted of females, Rebecca-san has blended in naturally and no one suspected that she was a spy until the end. “I have never in my wildest dream expected that she would have double jobs as a knight and scout”. Those were Hetty-san’s words.
When I tried enquiring more about that, most of the double jobs or triple jobs obtained are usually closely related to each other. For example, it would be really rare for someone to receive a combat related job and a manufacturing related job at the same time.
Much less, in the case of Rebecca-san, she acquired a combat related job and moreover—-I’m not sure how much of these are applied in this world though—-bravery, generosity, loyalty…..and the word ‘chivalry’ must have somewhat existed in this world. Among the combat related profession, a knight in particular has a ‘pure’ kind of image.
The other vocation, ‘scout’—-in other words a spy, undercover agent or espionage agent, to put it bluntly, is a ‘job that involves secretly sniffing around to obtain information’.
In fact, the vocation, ‘scout’ doesn’t seem to portray a really good image even in this world. In addition to the ‘knight’ vocation that proves to be meaningless to women, I guess it must have been unpleasant to Rebecca-san even though the person herself said, “It’s really nothing much”.
It was the same with my ‘swindler’ vocation too. There are times when the vocations given were either a hit or a miss, so I couldn’t help but think that this vocation thing itself is really questionable.

“Becky joined before the Albacete dispute and left in the middle of the conflict but, the reason given was 『I’m resigning because I’m pregnant』……… Everyone has been well-deceived by her you know, Jirou-sama.” [Hetty]

Hetty-san stirred up the conversation in one breath as she helped herself to the wine. Her pace seems really fast or was it because of her wildness due to her former job as a mercenary?……

“Considering all that, it shouldn’t seem suspicious at all.” [Rebecca]

“Hmm, well yeah. Although, even if that Becky suddenly declared that she’s ‘pregnant’….” [Hetty]

Hetty-san glared at Rebecca-san with half-opened eyes as she poured the wine into Rebecca-san’s cup. By the way, this was already the 3rd one (decanter).

“What’s that supposed to mean?” [Rebecca]

“Fufu, I’ve not talk to everyone in the camp but even among them, you in particular have given off the impression of a maiden in love.” [Hetty]

Oo….there were times like that for Rebecca-san too?…….I wasn’t sure when this incident occurred based on the conversation but, it should probably be around 5 years ago? It must have been an unexpected great love story between her and Shello-san I guess.

The drinking party continued.
Diana and Marina have not participated in the conversation at all and were basically just listening to the story quietly. Well, it strongly appears to be a reunion party between Rebecca-san and Hetty-san this time so it couldn’t be helped. I’m kind of like an extra too………

Rebecca-san was originally from a different mercenary group from Hetty-san……She was a member from a notable group known as ‘Scarlet Wedge’ at that time. They were both enemies during the Albacete dispute but, after the conflict ended they reverted back to normal mercenaries and were no longer adversaries. I wonder if Hetty-san was the only person whom Rebecca-san has revealed to about having spy as her vocation.
Based on Rebecca-san’s story, “Hetty-san’s place was really comfortable to me and I was able to get along well with her too. Rather than prioritizing my vocation I guess my feelings are comparatively unsuitable to be a scout.” Well, a spy who exposed herself as spy was similar to losing their own merit as a spy in a way……….It might probably be a dilemma that was caused by the clashing of the two vocations; ‘Knight’ and ‘Scout’ that have totally different natures.

While we were having our chat, myriads of food were carried over to our table.
Meat! Meat! It’s meat again!
I wasn’t sure if this was Hetty-san’s preference but, the meat rate is high! Oven-baked skewers, boiled meat broth and sashimi (meat too). Meat with meat and doubled with more meat! It’s a steep level!
However, each and all of them tasted really good. The seasonings used were much simpler than the inn’s dining room but, the taste was really intoxicating, probably because of the materials used or the atmosphere around. I was by no means drunk at all.
There were a variety of meat dishes served that includes, rich looking meat, lightly cooked meat, firm chewy meat and meat that literally melts in your mouth. Countless tastes have emerged simultaneously the moment I took a bite of the meat. I wonder if the meat from Japan…..or rather from earth like beef, pork and chicken are something basically really simple. Well since there are an abundance of wild animals, the wildlife food chain is strong.
Although, this sashimi meat in particular was really rare since dishes such as Yukke and sliced beef are no longer served in majority of the shops in Japan. As I thought raw meat is excellent~
However, food poisoning comes to mind when I started thinking of raw meat. If I were to get food poisoning in this other world, it wouldn’t just be troublesome. I might end up dying too………Let’s just hope that the wine here has been sterilized.

While I was being immersed in the taste of raw meat after a long time, Hetty-san’s sudden question broke my reverie.

“By the way Jirou-sama, will Becky be moving in as well once the maintenance of the mansion is completed? There is the matter with regards to the furniture arrangements too but I would like to enquire beforehand.” [Hetty]

“Eeeeeehhh!? How did that topic come about? As expected I don’t think it’s good to stay together with a married woman isn’t it?” [Jirou]

Out of shock I almost spat out the raw meat. Speaking of which, this person might have been wondering about the relationship between me and Rebecca-san. Could it be that, she didn’t know that she’s married?
No, my conjecture might have hit the mark. Married woman? She stared at Rebecca-san suspiciously. Rebecca-san lowered her eyebrows.
We’ve been acquainted for a long time but when did you get married? You’ve been keeping silent all this while about this. Could it be this kind of situation?

“……What’s the meaning of this Becky? Are you married already? ……I was certain that you weren’t yet since you couldn’t forget about Isaac…..” [Hetty]

“Ee, eeeh!? Ahaha. Iya, well I guess.” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san flustered. Was Isaac Rebecca-san’s ex-lover? The deceased leader of the mercenary group that occasionally came up in the conversation previously was apparently Isaac.
Since Shello-san was said to be the vice leader, he might have comforted her after the leader died, thus shortening the distance between the two of them…..Well, that sounds like a common story.

“It smells very much like lies, Becky. Are you perhaps telling a lie to Jirou-sama?” [Hetty]

“I-I have not! I have not say anything at all.” [Rebecca]

“Hmmm. Jirou-sama, is Becky really married? Who’s the other party?” [Hetty]

“Eh? Will it be alright for me to answer this? It’s Shello-san who used to be the mercenary group’s vice leader, isn’t it? He’s a really kind person and has helped me out in various ways before.” [Jirou]

“Aa………….I see. So that’s how it is……………Becky, why didn’t you tell him the truth?” [Hetty]

“Eh, no, I mean……….I had thought that he might notice it immediately so….or rather since he didn’t notice it, it ended up dragging on till now…….I have not affirmed it though…… Although we have intentionally portrayed it that way to the people in the city since it would be really troublesome if they were to know that I’m single.” [Rebecca]

What is up with this flow of conversation? Could someone explain to me what is going on?!

“Shello Roth, the feared 『Monster (Juggernaut)』 was one of the strongest warrior and also the vice leader of 『Scarlet Wedge』. He’s a combat maniac who made use of almost all the spirit stones in hand to preserve his youth…….and also” [Hetty]

While I was having a huge question mark hovering over my head, a mischievous smile floated across Hetty-san’s face as she continued.



“He’s Becky’s biological father.” [Hetty]





In the end, what does that mean?
So Shello-san and Rebecca-san whom I have initially thought to be a pair of husband and wife are actually a parent and child living quietly in a secluded place? No…..there was nothing strange about that though………It appears that the reason he looks fairly young was due to the usage of spirit stone for the ‘restoration of youth’ too…..
Thinking back on the flow of events, I have somewhat understood it now. What Rebecca-san said was true. I think she has never once mentioned that they are a ‘married couple’. I was the one who have misunderstood it myself.
As Rebecca-san has said, it was a fact that they have made the people in the city think that they were a pair of husband and wife though…..Why is that?

“I am honestly surprised. I had always thought that Shello-san and Rebecca-san are both married…. But if I were to think about this carefully, they do look similar, don’t they? This was my blind spot or rather…..I didn’t realize it at all. But Rebecca-san, why did you make the people in the city think that both of you are married? How do I put it, you might have lost the opportunity for any possible encounter.” [Jirou]

“After leader died, I had initially intended to not get involved in love or marriage anymore. I thought that it might be good to live by myself for the rest of my life.” [Rebecca]

After the said leader passed away, rather than mourning his death, I guess she has decided to be a nun, in a term typically used in Japan. That subject kind of piqued my interest a little so let’s try probing more into it. By the way, this was the 7th decanter now. Aren’t they drinking too much?

“Are you curious? About the relationship between me and leader.” [Rebecca]

“This Becky. Behaving all cute like this even though it was only a one-sided love with Isaac. No…….to be more accurate I guess I should say, despite being only a fan.” [Hetty]

“Only a…” [Jirou]

“The leader of Scarlet Wedge, Isaac Maitri. He was not only blessed with two rare vocations, ‘Paladin’ and ‘General’, he’s also a legend among the mercenaries for carrying an undefeated record. Appraised as the Sky-blue of the Daybreak, he has scarlet coloured hair that resembles the colour of the spirit stone and a pair of deep blue eyes. His sweet mask was able to attract not only women but also men…….that was how he was described as like a character out of a story. Although, there were also girls who joined the team in hopes of getting closer to him. Even though Becky seemed to have joined only because her father brought her along, as expected, just like watching a dragon slaying Hero from a drama, she fell in love with him at first sight similar to a maiden in love.” [Hetty]

“Hold it, hold it! Could you not make up stories arbitrary!? Though, the situation does more or less match.” [Rebecca]

“Isn’t it fine if the story matches?” [Hetty]

……I see.
An ikemen who was a holy knight, general and also leader of a group, was it? It’s no wonder she fell in love. I would too if it were me. He might not be around anymore but, I’d like to meet him at least once. A super ikemen from the other world………The dagger that Rebecca-san was keeping in her house was 「an item bestowed to the leader by the Emperor」. As I thought he must be quite an influential mercenary.

…..rather, the description of Shello-san earlier sounded amazing too. 「Monster (Juggernaut)」…… He has given me the image of a caring ojisan and oniisan but, he must be really strong when it comes to fighting. I have casually asked him to teach me how to fight the last time but, somehow I felt nervous now.
Or, if Hetty-san has some spare time, it might be a good idea to have her teach me instead too.

After that, the boisterous conversation between Rebecca-san and Hetty-san reigned on and they ended up arguing with each other until the closing time.
The two of them were outrageously drunk.


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