Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 35

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Chapter 35:  The smell of a one-of-a-kind item from the Jet-Black Magic Sword

“Rebecca-san, what do you think of this sword?” [Jirou]

“Eh? It’s quite rusty, isn’t it? Rather than this sword, the one here is much better….” [Rebecca]

Saying so, Rebecca-san showed me another strange, smaller sized sword in her hand. She didn’t seem to like the magic sword.
In my opinion after the appraisal, it didn’t seem to be magic sword just because it was cursed. There might be an issue on the price but I don’t think it would be that expensive seeing that it was chucked aside on the table.
There wasn’t any name listed as its owner so, in a way, there wasn’t any proof that this sword belonged to this shop in the first place.

In the end, I brought the sword recommended by Rebecca-san (It might be good to use this for training. It’s heavy so I could practice swinging it like a bat……..) , as well as the Rusty Sword -2, Mithril Gauntlet +2, Ruined Purple Halberd and the Heart of Blood Magic Sword over to the shopkeeper.
Now the main problem is, how much will this be in total…… If there are any extra money after buying all these, there were actually more things that I still wanted to buy………. Come to think of it, I should set aside some expenses to repair the ones with rust……
Well in truth, judging from just the ones with price attached, it was actually over budget already.

“These will be 2000 El all together. I was a little lost since you have bought quite a lot of items here. But, you have quite a strange taste, don’t you? Purchasing such rusty swords.” [shopkeeper]

It came! The total rough estimate!
The weapons that were priced were the Halberd, Two-handed sword and Mithril Gauntlet. Each was respectively 1250 El, 300 El and 450 El.

In other words, the Rusty Sword -2 and the Magic Sword were essentially free!
Ufufu! Free! Right now (substantially) I’m shopping for free.

“What is this sword? It looks a little different than a long sword. How much is the price for this one?” [Jirou]

I pointed at the Magic Sword as I asked. Since I have the appraisal ability, I knew the name and the abilities of the sword but, people normally wouldn’t be able to see it. Hence I was a little curious on what they think of the sword and how much would it cost to sell it.

“Aa….that sword was left behind by my family a long time ago. The rust couldn’t be removed and it was strangely heavy too so I couldn’t sell it off at all. Even if it was sold before, it was immediately returned again for some reason. If oniisan is buying it then I thought of just giving it to you for free. So please don’t return it again if it’s possible.” [shopkeeper]

“So that means, this is not just a normal long sword….right?” [Jirou]

“I think that long sword is just a long sword but, it’s just that, the sword itself is heavy and the rust couldn’t be removed. It might not be made of an ordinary metal…..Well, after all the very first person who have wanted to buy it in my generation was oniisan. If you were to return it in future, please tell me the reason in detail.” [shopkeeper]

So he immediately assumed that it would be returned?……..
Or rather, isn’t it going to be problematic if I can’t remove the rust? As expected I wouldn’t be able to put it to practical use if it was rusty. I would definitely return it too if I couldn’t remove the rust…..
And why did he keep saying that this sword was heavy over and over again? This sword wasn’t really heavy to begin with. I wonder how heavy is an ordinary long sword.
I should ask Rebecca-san to give it a try.

“Uun? It is certainly strangely heavy isn’t it? Even if this sword made usable again, it might end up being something peculiar, Jirou. Wouldn’t it be better to give up on this one?” [Rebecca]

The weight was just something really light to the degree of me being able to lift it up with one hand but, Rebecca-san who was supposed to be stronger than me was holding it with two hands…..It’s strange. Was it honestly that heavy?
As I was thinking so, I received the Magic Sword back. As I thought it wasn’t really heavy at all. Seeing that this is a magic sword, I wonder if there was something different about it.

Well, there’s no use in thinking about it.
2000 El. That would be two gold coins of expenditure. (It will be close to 300,000 yen if I were to convert it!) The price might not be bad in the case of these items. I should buy them quickly.
I was thinking of buying things like armours eventually too but, I should do that the next time. I don’t have any more money!

“Thanks for your purchase~” [shopkeeper]

Upon exiting the shop, Diana spoke out.

“Goshujin-sama, will you be equipping yourself with that sword?” [Diana]

‘That sword’ might be referring to the Magic Sword in my hand. I was carrying it myself since it was heavy for Rebecca-san. The other items were equally divided and carried by everyone.

“Equip? I mean, I do plan to give this sword a try. I have bought it after all.” [Jirou]

“So you plan on equipping it then?” [Diana]

“Aa, oo. I will be equiping it (……..).” [Jirou]

*PON* As soon as I said that, a similar looking fairy that popped out every time a guidance was achieved appeared. Although, the attire looks plain compared to the time during the guidance. Wasn’t it the same guy?

“Magic Sword no. 4, 『Heart of Blood』 the unique weapon has acknowledged the player 『Jirou Ayase』. The camouflage is released.”


It wasn’t the same rude guy! Or rather, player? Unique weapon? Camouflage?
When the fairy disappeared, a strange black light begun enveloping the wrapped up magic sword at the same time. Out of surprised, I let go off the sword.

“Wh-what’s wrong? You dropped your sword.” [Rebecca]

“Ah no it’s nothing…….tte, o,oo….it became really pretty.” [Jirou]

“Ee? Eh? What is it? Eh, is this the sword earlier? What happened?” [Rebecca]

It looks like a completely different sword now unlike its rusty appearance earlier. No, the shape didn’t change though…..


A blade with a tint of blue on its glossy black surface. I see. So that was the reason why the colour was ‘jet-black’. The blade was originally black but, I guess that wasn’t due to the black rust. The fairy did say that ‘The camouflage is released’ so that might have been a disguise to make it look that way.
Even though the form was the same, the vermillion colour on the hilt that reminded me of blood was so vivid that it really sucked me in. The guard and pommel were inlaid with red stones that look similar to corals.

No way… looks cool……
Despite its rusty appearance earlier, the surface mysteriously underwent a complete change, becoming glossy after the camouflage was released.

It’s no wonder Rebecca-san was surprised after seeing it. I was shocked too but, I had a feeling that I became quite accustomed to it, after taking into account that this is a fantasy world.

I picked up the Magic Sword and used the Mirror of Truth on it once again.
The name stated under ‘owner’ was ‘none’ earlier but, my name should be listed inside now.

Melee Weapon

Jet-Black Heart of Blood Magic Sword

A magic sword that has absorbed the blood of a thousand demon beasts.

A sword that can be equipped by those with melee combat profession.
An increase to evasion rate has been added by the blessings of the magic colour 『Jet-Black』.
Additional curse, 『Absorption』 will be added to the attack once it hits the target.
A high critical rate against demon beasts.

【Magic Properties】
Evasion rate increase B
Absorption C
Anti-Demon Beasts A

【Spirit Blessings】

Jirou Ayase


Oo…the [-1] has disappeared. I thought it might be useless if I didn’t polish it but, this is really a huge gain……..
In addition, it was non-transferable……
The fairy did say that this was a unique weapon. In other words, could it be unique because it is 「※Non-transferable」?
Although, even if I were to equip myself with this kind of weapon, I don’t think that I would be parting with it in particular too….Well, it’s useless to think too deeply into it if I don’t understand it…….I don’t have any intention to give it to another person anyway.

But, the more I look at this magic sword, the more it fascinated me. Since I bought the sword as it is, I should make a sheath with a matching design and colour for it. After seeing Rebecca-san and the rest during the festival, I did think that it would be nice for me to carry a sword too. However, for me to be able to achieve this dream that soon further proved that this is certainly a fantasy world.

In addition to that, I received two more new guidance too. I was thankful for them since I haven’t received any guidance lately. I only have two spirit stones in my possession now so I would be glad if I could get more of them…… Although, it might be possible to buy more of them once I become wealthy after running my business. Right now, I have yet to reach the level whereby I can do that. I wasn’t really clear on the usage depending on the different types of spirit stones at the same time too.

Even though Rebecca-san was looking at the transformed sword curiously, she did not try pursuing the reason in particular. Marina was staring at it with a pair perfectly rounded eyes in the shape of two ‘O’s while Diana was narrowing her eyes with an indescribable expression on her face.

“Diana, did you happen to know something about this?” [Jirou]

“No…..I don’t know anything about it. But, the part on equipping the sword,….most of them were uttered out unconsciously……” [Diana]

Diana herself seems to be puzzled about it herself after saying so.
You should not think too much about it at times like this. Let’s just conclude that this was the will of the great spirits.
I was gradually getting used to being a part of this world now.




In the evening, Hetty-san and the group of maintenance team returned.
Diana’s spirit magic has shortened the estimated time taken in maintaining the road and garden significantly. Considering that almost all of their tasks have been reduced and there weren’t much places in the mansion that needed repairs, the whole project should be completed in less than a week if everything goes well.
This was a happy miscalculation. At this rate, I might be able to spend my New Year in this mansion.

After that, we went to the shop recommended by Hetty-san to have a drink as promised.
We went back to the inn once to drop off our things so we could lighten our load before going out again.

Hetty-san’s recommended shop was a Western-style bar located among the residences earlier, taking us about 20 minutes of walk after exiting the main street from the inn.
The sight of the different shades of red and orange light emitted by the lamp was impressive. It was a fashionable shop. Fundamentally it should be built in a similar way to the rest of the buildings that were built of stones. Wooden pillars were then allocated to each pivot points and the shop’s interior was applied with stucco, giving off a clean image. It’s a bar on the main street! That was exactly how I strongly envisioned a bar to be. Since that was how I was expecting the shop to look like, my expectation was somehow betrayed in a good way.

Sitting at a not so wide table, we ordered our drinks individually. After leaving the task of ordering the shop’s recommended food to Hetty-san, our other world’s drinking party begun.
Rather, this should be a women’s only meeting since I am the only man here.

“Iya, this is quite a good shop with a nice atmosphere. The beer tastes good too.” [Jirou]

“True. It was a little surprising for Hetty to have known a shop like this.” [Rebecca]

“I’m glad that it’s to your liking. Though I am curious as to what impression Becky has of me.” [Hetty]

Saying so Hetty-san took a sip of the wine. Rebecca-san was gulping down the wine at a frightfully fast pace too.
Diana, Marina and I have ordered a full glass of beer. Even though Diana appears to be someone who was able to hold her liquor, Marina seems to be the opposite. Well, I’m not really that good at holding my liquor too actually.

Rebecca-san and Hetty-san were originally acquaintance. As I thought there should be a lot of things to catch up with between the two of them so the drinking party started off with their conversation.

“That’s cause……regardless of how I tried envisioning it, the impression of meal that Hetty has left me was living off the field.” [Rebecca]

“That couldn’t be helped since that was a battlefield!” [Hetty]

“Even if it might be a battlefield, I don’t think there are any other women in existence except Hetty who can eat a live beast worm directly.” [Rebecca]

“C-Could you stop that. You’re ruining the image!” [Hetty]

As I thought they seem to get along just fine. It appears that Hetty-san who usually behaves like an elegant maid also has times when she frolicked around. Her real nature might have surfaced when she started talking to Rebecca-san, looking fairly like an affable person now.
Even so, a battlefield….. Should I try asking more about that?

“Were both of you from the same group of mercenaries?” [Jirou]

“Well true, I guess you can say that we’re from the same group of mercenaries……” [Rebecca]

“You can say that it’s a different group of mercenaries too. No…..strictly speaking it’s a completely different group of mercenaries. In a way, the two of us were mutual enemies. Becky, does Jirou-sama know about your vocation?” [Hetty]

“No. I have not mentioned it…….Well, I didn’t really intend to hide it in particular……Jirou, do you want to know what my vocation is?” [Rebecca]

“Yes. I’d like to know. To be honest I was curious about it for some time now.” [Jirou]

I was actually really interested in it. Although Rebecca-san is a strong person that has given me the impression of someone who is capable of doing anything thrown at her, she should have a profession…..or rather vocation. Even if it wasn’t anything related to magician, seeing that she used to be a mercenary, I guess it should be something that has to do with combat related vocations…….

“Jirou-sama. If you wanted to know Becky’s vocation just out of pure curiosity, please stop while you’re ahead……That girl’s vocation is, a little unique.” [Hetty]

“Is it an impolite conduct to enquire one’s vocation? Certainly it would be hard for me to answer as well if someone were to ask me about my vocation…….Rebecca-san, I’m sorry. I wasn’t being considerate enough.” [Jirou]

“Unn. I’m fine with it. I believe in Jirou.” [Rebecca]

She laughed lightly after saying so. Rebecca-san seems to have entered a cute mode after getting a little drunk.

“Arara. Becky, could it that kind of thing?” [Hetty]

“It’s a secret.” [Rebecca]

What could that kind of thing be referring to? Their conversation became secretive all of the sudden so there were times when I don’t get what they were talking about.

However, a ‘slightly unique vocation’ is it…..If it was something like my vocation, ‘swindler’, it might be hard for someone to say it out…. I should demonstrate my trust too if she were to tell me about it.

“I believe in Rebecca-san too. So for me to blab about it after hearing it out of curiosity is something that is impossible.” [Jirou]

“You hear that, Becky? Good for you.” [Hetty]

“Ufufu. Then I guess I’ll say it~…………..though they aren’t any important or unusual vocation alright? At most it’ll just be at the level whereby I’ll be greatly embarrassed if this was spread around as rumours……My vocation is—-” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san said it in one breath.

“—-Knight and Scout. I encountered Hetty when I was spying on her mercenary group.” [Rebecca]


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