Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 2

The Second Story

As soon as I reached home, I rushed to my room, jumped to the bed and covered my head with my futon. I did not want to think about anything. I want to just go to sleep with an empty mind. Then once I wake up I will be back in my former world.

Due to the lack of sleep last night and after going through such an abnormal predicament today, I was immediately seized by drowsiness.






“Uu…..n.”  [Fujimura]

I slowly opened my eyes and turned over.
My mind gradually awakens.
I tossed and turned for a few moments and got up shortly after.

“Is it…night time now?”  [Fujimura]

The room was dark and only a faint ray of light entered through the gap in between the curtains. I tried to confirm the time by checking my alarm clock in the dark.  It is three o’clock at night. I reached home about four in the evening earlier and fell asleep almost immediately after so I had fallen asleep for more than nine hours. (TN: I thought it was 11 hours…)

Thanks to the sleep my mood has improved considerably.

“It doesn’t seem possible to go back to sleep now….”  [Fujimura]

I got up from my bed as I muttered. I stretched myself as I suppressed a yawn.
I thought of switching on my computer to surf the net to kill time but the flashbacks of the incident yesterday when I found all those images changed my mind.

That reminds me, my clothes seemed to be soaked in sweat earlier in addition to my perspire when I sleep. It felt really unpleasant now.

“Should I just go take a shower?”  [Fujimura]

I had a good sleep too so I might feel even more refresh if I were to wash away the sweat. Hence I went to the first floor in order to take a shower.

After I was done, I went to the kitchen as I wiped my head with a towel.
I felt terribly thirsty after shower and waking up from a long sleep.
I reached towards the refrigerator but something suddenly crossed my mind and my hand stopped midway.

“I’ll be free till tomorrow morning so I should just go to the convenience store.”  [Fujimura]

I could take a stroll too in the meantime to kill some time. I went back to my room to get my wallet and left the house in my sweatshirt.

At night or should I call it early in the morning is an ambiguous time.

The surrounding is dark with only the streetlights on each side of the road illuminating the area. The neighbourhood is still asleep and the only thing that broke the silence of the night was just the sound of the newspaper guy on motorcycle from a distance.

“It doesn’t feel back to take a stroll in a time like this.”  [Fujimura]

I took in a lungs full of fresh air and exhaled out loud.
There were times when I woke up at night to surf the net but this was the first for me to leave the house for a stroll at night.
It is not a bad change of pace.

Although I tried taking my time as much as possible, I reached the convenience store in roughly ten minutes. I thought of killing some time by browsing the ero manga here but when the image of the ero manga’s cover flashed across my mind, I instantly shook my head. My love for two dimensional characters were immediately shattered. If that is the case, once I saved up enough money I will hire a cartoonist to draw up my favorite ero manga instead. I left the convenience store with that thought after buying a bottle of cold tea.

There was still ample of time left so I decided to go to the park to finish up my drink.

Just as I was aimlessly wandering around, I heard another different footsteps that seemed to belong to someone else. When I stopped walking, the footsteps behind could be heard slowing down and stopping as well. As soon as I started walking, the footsteps behind seemed to be delayed for a few moments before they started moving as well.

Am I being followed? It shouldn’t be it. It is really obvious that I am not rich in this outfit and there is no merit in following me too. As I thought so, I suddenly recalled the incident in school. If the value of beauty and ugliness is reversed in this world, I am apparently a stud now. Since I am indescribably ugly. From the opinion of those female students, I was like an idol to them in the worst case scenario.

Well certainly if you compare the net idols to myself, they might still have a long way to go.  The appearances of the movie stars from the foreign countries might even be considered inadequate in comparison. Doesn’t that mean I have suddenly became the world’s most good looking guy now? In other words, could the person following me be a girl? Or perhaps a stalker?

“Haha. Ridiculous.”  [Fujimura]

I am good looking? It is not even a funny joke. If that was the case then just try assaulting me. I will always welcome it. I was initially heading to the nearby park but I diverted my route. I should try going to a place with less people.

I headed to a hill a distance away from the residential area. As I climbed up the long slope, there was a shrine archway (torii) across the road up the hill. I walked pass the archway and climbed up the long stone steps and eventually reached a Shinto shrine. At the back of the shrine was an animal trail leading to an open space that only few people knew.

When I was bullied last time, I frequently came to this place to cry alone.

As I approached the slope I was convinced of it. The footsteps were not a figment of my imagination. Someone was definitely tailing me. It couldn’t be just a coincidence since they have been following me from the convenience store in the residential area till the slope of the hill.

Since it was just a single road leading to the slope here, I might be able to catch the person’s face if turned around. If the person was a woman, I can still easily escape in my opinion.

However what if it was a man? I could not rule out the possibility of a robbery. Even if I had suddenly turned into a good looking person in this world, it is still possible for me to be attacked by a man.

Well I will try not to think too deeply into it. I will grow accustomed to it as it comes.

I endured the urge to turn back and kept climbing up the hill. As I begun climbing up the steps, I could hear the footsteps getting more distant. Could they be feeling vigilant since I am heading towards a not well-known area? They might have discovered that I was inviting them to a trap but they have yet to escape.

I finished climbing the stone steps and entered the shrine grounds. It was worrying me a little since the footsteps have stopped. Judging from the sound of the footsteps, they were quite a distant away from me earlier. If I enter the back of the shrine in this state and escape through the animal trail there, they might lose sight of me.

Although even if I kept standing here, the person tailing me will not turn up as well.

“Whatever.”  [Fujimura]

I was able to enjoy the feeling of thrill of it in a way and I was able to kill some time too. The sky was still dark. It will soon be dawn in about thirty minutes time.

I sat myself on the bench in the open space. I will be returning once the sun rises later.

As I thought so, I turned around to the back of the shrine.

Once I entered the animal trail, I thought it would be impossible for them to keep following me already. I have came here many times before but it will be hard to go through this place surrounded by trees in the dark.

‘It will be unpleasant if an accident occurs…..”  [Fujimura]

If they forced themselves to go through here just to tail someone and ended up getting lost in the forest, it will leave a bad aftertaste. There is also a cliff at the side so it will be troublesome if they fall off the cliff.

However they were the ones who had selfishly followed me so I bear no responsibility on anything that happens. I kept telling myself that but I still couldn’t wipe off the feeling of unease inside me.

As soon as I exited the animal trail, my visibility was cleared instantly.

“Oh it felt like it has been a long time.”  [Fujimura]

The neighbourhood is still asleep but the area was still dimly illuminated by lights and few cars and motorcycles could be seen driving through. I looked up at the starlit night sky.

I have been here numerous times but this was the first time I am here at this time of night. As I sat myself on the bench I suddenly recall that I was still holding onto the paper bag from the convenience store. I was too preoccupied with the fact that I was being tailed just now that I forgot about my tea. I took the bottle from the paper bag, open the lid and started drinking.
The tea was slightly lukewarm now but it was still unusually delicious possibly due to my thirst. After quenching my thirst I rest myself and looked at the town’s atmosphere as it slowly turns dusk. The open space here overlooks the town. There is a hedge before the cliff and even if I did say that this is an open space, and there is only a bench here.

I wonder how much time has passed. Could it be fifteen minutes or half an hour? Judging from the faintly dawn sky, it could be thirty minutes.

I grinned unconsciously when I heard noises behind.
Apparently they might have not gotten lost but considering how much time has passed, they must have had a pretty hard time going through the forest.

Should I get another tea? As I was thinking of that I almost burst into laughter.
It was strange of me to have minded the stalker but it was really admirable of them to have tailed me this far.  I should extend my appreciation.

Even after waiting for a while, I could only hear the noise ‘gosogoso’ from behind but the figure of the stalker was still not seen.

Well I guess that was given. Even so, that was sure one clumsy stalker. The person themselves tried to erase their presence but the noises they caused broke the silence.

“If you would like a drink, will this unfinished tea work for you?”  [Fujimura]

As I prepared myself for the stalker to escape, I called out to them in hiding. As soon as I said that a loud thud could be heard and the sound instantly vanished. They didn’t seem to be running away. If they had run off I should have heard the sound.

When I tried listening carefully a soft rustling sound and voice could be heard.

“I-I’m sorry…….”

Upon hearing the faint voice, my heart made a skip.

It was unmistakably a girl’s voice. Moreover judging from the voice, she must be cute. Although I wouldn’t know until I see how she looks.

No she should definitely be pretty cute. If she had confidence in herself, she should be able to speak directly to me instead of tailing me like this. Since the sense of aesthetic in this world is in reverse, if that person had confidence in themselves then the possibility that they are ugly to me is high. On contrary, if they had no confidence in themselves that they had to resort to stalking, then the possibility that they are really pretty to me is high. Then I would like to catch her by all means. She could be a stalker or yandere but cute is justice.

“Were you aware that I had found out?”  [Fujimura]

I nervously asked as my heart pounded.


After quite a long interval I heard a faint voice behind.

Even when she realized that I had found out, she still continued tailing me. In other words, she had thought that I was inviting her so she was having some expectations.

Despite that I have called out to her, she has not run away so it might be good.

“A lot had happened so I am quite tired now. It would be of great help if I have someone to talk to.”  [Fujimura]

I said as I looked over towards the town. After a short moment of waiting, the noise ‘gosogoso’ could be heard once again and the sound of footsteps started approaching me.

“T-that unfinished tea…i-is it really alright for me to drink it?”

The lovely voice could be heard behind me. For a moment then I was wondering what she was talking about. Unfinished tea? Suddenly I recalled the plastic bottle in my hand.

Ah yeah that’s right. I was just jokingly asking her if she would like to drink this unfinished tea but I didn’t expect her to take that question seriously. Anyway did you really want it? This? Seriously?

“I-I’m fine with it.”  [Fujimura]

To think that she would like the bottle tea that I have drunk before, she must have bad taste. As I turned back to hand the bottle over to her, my body froze up at the sight of the person behind me.

“Sa-Sakura Shizuki (佐倉紫月)………”  [Fujimura]

T-That is stupid. That is not possible. Sakura was the one who was tailing me?

She has a height lower than average and long glossy black hair that is tied up in twin tails on both sides. In addition to the pair of strong willed huge eyes that seemed to be impertinent, her pink moist lips, sheer white skin and physiques look so delicate as if they will crumble upon touching. On top of that, her huge chest doesn’t match her childish look.

The girl who emerged into the moonlight was well-known as the top three beauty in the school, Shizuki Sakura.

By the way, the school’s top three beauty are categorized into three different groups. The Lolli group, the Queen group and the Young Lady group. And Sakura is the number one among the Lolli group.

“M-m-my name. Did you know my name?”  [Sakura]

Sakura asked as she blushed and looked at me with her moist eyes, breathing faintly.

It would be impossible for me not to know her. There are no existing guys in this school who doesn’t know of Sakura. Her beauty is really well-known to that extent.

“Erm…t-t-the unfinished tea…c-could I really have it?”  [Sakura]

Sakura was breathing faintly as she approached me. I could hear her gulping slightly and her voice was trembling. Her eyes were glued to the plastic bottle that I was holding. She looked as if she had forgotten about herself as the light seemed to have disappeared from her eyes. Oi, she looked like a yandere.

“W-were you thirsty?”  [Fujimura]

I asked her as my heart pounded rapidly. It seemed to have startled Sakura, making her regained her composure. She nodded several times while blushing.

“Sorry it was half drunk but here….”  [Fujimura]

“T-Thank you very much!”  [Sakura]

The bottle content was only about 1/3 now but Sakura snatched it from me as quick as a cat and thanked me with a shrill voice.

“I-I-I-I-I was seriously thirsty. I-I-Itadakimasu!”  [Sakura]

She held onto the plastic bottle with both hands. Her eyes seemed to be abnormally swimming around as she raised her voice. Then she lifted the bottle to her mouth.

I had thought she had wanted to drink it but Sakura seemed to be in an abnormal state now. Instead of drinking it, she lifted the mouth of the bottle where people usually drink to her nose and started smelling it.

“Ah~ah this is, this is the smell of Fujimura-kun’s saliva……”  [Sakura]

The light from her eyes disappeared again. She looked really enraptured while murmuring to herself. Then she stuck out her small red tongue and started licking the mouth of the bottle with the sound ‘pechapecha‘.

I will usually be grossed out if I see someone else doing this but for some reason it made the thing between my crotch grew when I see Sakura doing it. She seemed to be happily licking my saliva eagerly.

Is Sakura crazy about me? Right in front of me, Sakura was ‘devouring’ the mouth of the plastic bottle that I have drunk before. She seemed to have totally forgotten about her surrounding as she entered her yandere state.

While watching this scene, I became abnormally excited.

If it’s the Sakura now, I wonder if she can become mine. I wonder if I can make her solely belong to me.

Such dark emotions enveloped my heart.


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  3. kenchan223

    ‘She looked as if she had forgotten about herself as the light seemed to have disappeared from her eyes. Oi, she looked like a yandere.’

    HOLY SHIT!! yandere alert~

    And the way she’s licking the bottle made me horny LMFAO!!

    Quick question: mc is still ugly but when women look at him, he’s a super bishoujo?


    1. The concept of ugly and good looking is reversed here so he still looks the same as he was. So in this world

      ugly = bishounen/bishoujo

      In short it’s like a world with a totally opposite preference.

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