Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta – Episode 1

The First Story

“Seriously. You’re so ugly to the point of laughable, hey.”  [Fujimura]

I muttered at my own face reflected in the mirror above the washbasin.

The world is unreasonable. Just being ugly has so many demerits. The reaction that I received from the people around me since I was young was cold.

As long as they are good looking, they will be pardoned even when they caused a huge mistake. On the contrary they might even be cheered up or consoled. On the other hand, even when the mistake that I have committed is really small, someone as ugly as me will only be severely abused.

Even though I take baths every day and brushes my teeth three times a day, I was still criticized as dirty and stinky, causing me to cry.

In this world, looks are everything in the end.

“Ugly, huh?” [Fujimura]

I tilted my head to one side as I stared at my reflection while murmuring to myself.

I am unmistakably ugly. It was not a wrong impression. I have been living with this look for a long time now so I am well aware of my own ugliness. It was supposed to be natural already but……

“For me to receive a love letter. It’s impossible.”  [Fujimura]

When I arrived at school this morning, I found a love letter in my shoe box.

Of course I couldn’t believe that it was a love letter initially so I went to my classroom and opened the letter only once I reached my seat. Upon seeing the content I laughed out loud.

The reason was because the content of the letter are whisperings of love to me.

Thinking that the love letter was definitely a prank, I stuffed the letter inside my bag and ignored it. The other person must have enjoyed teasing me. I will only be making the person pleased if I reacted to the letter.

I might also possibly anger the other person if I ignored them and will end up getting bullied. However there is a possibility that they will get tired of their prank if there was no reaction. This is based on the experience that I have accumulated over the years, in order to live strongly in this world as an ugly guy.

An ugly person shouldn’t act unnecessary and just remain silent at one corner.

“Although I do think that they are playing a prank there, I felt dissatisfied. Something felt strange…”  [Fujimura]

Despite that the love letter might be a prank, I felt that the reactions from my surrounding were different than usual. On my way to school, the female students who were using the same route seemed to be looking at me with twinkling eyes.

—-That person is impossibly ugly? Kyaa.

It must be something like that. Well it was the usual reaction so I shouldn’t mind it. That was what I was thinking at that time.

However from the moment I arrived at school and received the love letter till after school, I kept sensing the gazes from the girls on me. It wasn’t the situation where I was looked at with feelings of hatred or disgust. If anything, it felt more like gazes of goodwill.

That is just stupid. I rejected my own thoughts as I think about it on my way back. Halfway through, I came across a mother and daughter walking hand by hand. The little girl was pointing her finger at me.

“That oniichan looks super super cool. I want to be his bride.”  [Little Girl]


Upon hearing that, the lady who looked like her mum looked at me. Her face ended up blushing before she glanced off in a hurry. However she was still stealing glances at me with twinkling eyes.

Strange. The reaction was strange. It was as if she was feeling bashful after looking at a hot looking guy. It was not possible for something this stupid to happen.

Thinking about it made me laughed through my nose. It was full of a sense of incongruity.

“Well it should just be my imagination.”  [Fujimura]

After staring at my own ugly reflection in the mirror of my toilet sink, I convinced myself of so. Thus I thought of heading to the second floor back to my room to masturbate or something before going to sleep.

After entering my room, I took out the ero manga that I have hidden under my bed.

Two dimensional is the best. Despite how ugly I am, those high grade females will still expose themselves silly to me. Although I felt slightly regrettable that the other party inside wasn’t really me.

“Hm?”  [Fujimura]

This supreme ero manga that was purchased 6 months ago from the store King of King’s; 【義妹とぬっぽり、ぬぽぬぽずっぽん ~マイは鬼畜調教がだーいすき♡】.  (TN: the title of the ero manga confused me)

When I held onto the book and looked at the cover, I was attached by a sense of discomfort.

“E-Eh? Did I get the wrong one?”  [Fujimura]

The title of the book is indeed correct. In addition, to make it easier for me to use it daily, I have hidden it in a place that I can easily reach. That is why it was impossible for me to have pull out the wrong book.

On the cover, there was supposed to be an image of Mai the adorable sister-in-law, freely exposing her nipple, pussy and anal. It was no longer an excitement only on the cover. However, a strangely unpleasant girl is now depicted on the cover.

“W-what is this disgusting image. I don’t remember buying such ero manga.”  [Fujimura]

I don’t remember buying this book but I did buy one with the title 【義妹とぬっぽり、ぬぽぬぽずっぽん ~マイは鬼畜調教がだーいすき♡】. I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of eeriness the more I think about it. I threw that ero manga away and pulled out another different ero manga from under my bed.

“Uaa!?”  [Fujimura]

Upon seeing the cover of the ero manga, I backed away unintentionally.

“Wh-what is this? What on earth is going on here…..”  [Fujimura]

The title is familiar to me but the cover is different. It was supposed to be an illustration of a girl with a look of a bishoujo.

Did mum do something to my stash of collection in order to prevent me from using them for masturbation? No, I don’t think mum will do such tasteless thing. Anyhow I was the only one cleaning my own room so it was unthinkable for mum to even enter here. Besides, the fact that both of the book has the same title was worrying me.

After that, I suddenly came to an outrageous conclusion.

“It’s stupid….How can something stupid be….”  [Fujimura]

I turned on my computer to check on it and what greeted my sight made my head turned blank.

“It’s a lie right? It should be a lie right? Am I dreaming now?”  [Fujimura]

Even after I did various search after search, what reflected on the screen were still mostly ugly images. I can dismiss the idea on two dimensional. Despite how many times I searched up on the sites, the initial images of two dimensional girls who are as indescribable beautiful as bishoujo were all replaced across the board.

As I was wondering if the same theory applies to the three dimensional girls, I did a search on the national idol group. At the end of the search, what depicted on the screen were huge girls with laughable beauty.

Even when I tried typing ‘beautiful actress’ in the search engine, I was then again hit by hilarious images. When I thought about it, I tried searching for ‘foreign movie star’ but what came up were even worse.

“I-I must be tired…definitely.”  [Fujimura]

I was getting more afraid of what might pop up if I continued searching so I turned off the computer and laid on my bed. I shut my eyes. Even though I tried to calm myself down, I couldn’t suppress my heartbeat that was thumping at an indescribable strange speed. I could feel myself sweating excessively causing my body to be soaked in unpleasant dampness.

I have a feeling that it has became something really outrageous. I felt like I was in a completely different world that I knew previously. I kept reaffirming myself that I was too tired so I must just be dreaming but I slowly came to understand that this is a reality.




The very next day, I who was not able to get even a wink of sleep went to school with my usual ugly mug.

“Ne, ne, look there for a moment. Doesn’t that person look super cool?”

“Hm? Ah it’s Fujimura-kun isn’t it?”

“Do you know him?”

“No it would be even more weird if you don’t. If you are referring to the Fujimura-kun from Kaidzuka High School, he is really famous to the point of being a celebrity.”

“I-is that so? I wonder if he has a girlfriend.”

“You should just give up. No matter how you look at it, the level is way too high. Do you know the meaning when I say that he is beyond your reach?”

“Wh-What? I understand it alright.”

On my way to school, there were numerous girls clad in school uniform who could be seen looking at me as they talked. Anyway wasn’t my last name clearly mentioned there. In addition they were casting a gaze of admiration at me. It wasn’t just my imagination.

I increased my walking pace as I suddenly felt the chills. I was already accustomed to the public’s look of disgust and detest at me so I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable when everyone is suddenly looking at me with admiration.

Until I arrived at school, the attention that I have received from the people around was abnormally high that I was driven with huge impulse to just return home and shut myself up in the room instead.

As I reached the entrance and opened my shoebox, I stopped thinking about it.

“It’s a lie…right?”  [Fujimura]

A western looking envelope came to sight upon opening the hatch of my shoebox. Moreover there were three of them. That is impossible. There is no way that this is possible. I quickly stuffed the envelopes inside my bag as I took out my shoes with trembling hands and changed.

“Ah it’s Fujimura-kun!”

“Yaan~ He looks as cool as ever today~”

“How do I put it. Doesn’t Fujimura-kun look slightly erotic?”

“I understand it. I understand it. Is it something like the scent of a hot guy? He’s so beautiful to the point of loveliness but I feel the manliness of a beast somewhere in him too.”

“I understand it too. Ah~ I wish I can be hugged by him even once.”

“It will be impossible for you.”

Shrill voices could be heard from behind me. When I peeked behind, the group of girls who were watching me backed away slightly while blushing.

“Oh my god! Our gaze met each other!”

“L-Let’s go! If we make a pass at Fujimura-kun, we will not be able to stay in school.”

“Aaa, but his look is so seductive….”

“Stop saying something stupid and let’s go! If the senpai(s) caught us we will be in deep trouble!”

The group of girls who met my eyes ended up raising their voice with “kya~kya” as they fled.

Is this a reality or just a dream? Or could it be that there was just something wrong with my head?

As I walked in the corridor, the students gave way immediately.

Envy, worship, prejudice, and jealousy. Such a wide variety line-of-sights were directed to me. All of them were clearly transmitted. They seemed different than the look of disgust that I received last time.

There were female students who were watching me with moist eyes as their faces turned crimson while some were uttering out “Kya~kya” upon seeing me. Furthermore there were even a few people who were snapping my photos with their digital cameras.

Up till this point, I don’t have anymore doubts. I don’t understand how it had came to this but apparently I appeared to be extremely good looking to them. The images of the front cover of my ero manga have changed to unpleasant looking characters. The girls reflected on my computer screen after my search results were also with laughable beauty.

I might only be suspecting it but could it be that the sense of beauty and ugliness in this world has been reversed?

Upon entering the classroom, I was even more appalled.

“Oioi, no matter what isn’t this…..”  [Fujimura]

There were flowers on top of my desk.

As expected, this was the first time I have received such a blatant harassment so far even for me. No, they could be presents as token of admiration to me but I wish they would quit leaving the flowers on my table. Seriously.

“It’s Fujimura-kun.”

“Aan~ he’s already looking so sexy in the morning.”

“As soon as Fujimura-kun enters the classroom, don’t you think that the classroom’s atmosphere has suddenly became erotic for some reason?”

“I agree. Such beautiful sharp eyes. I would gladly pay 5000 yen just to watch them closely.”

“After becoming a second year student here, I am so glad to still be able to be in the same class with him….”

The girls who were already in the classroom had started making a racket with noises of “kya~kya~” when they saw me.

Unable to cope with the situation around, I was attacked with a feeling of nausea and dizziness. I went to my seat and heaved a huge sigh. The lovely bouquet of flowers were sitting right in front of me on the desk. The fragrance from the flowers increased my feelings of nausea and I could feel greasy sweat coming out from my body. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and undid two of my uniform buttons as I couldn’t endure the oppressive feeling.

“Kyaa~ Fujimura-kun just unbuttoned his clothes!”

“Could it be a fan service? Could he be offering a service!?”

“T-The stimulus is too strong. The stimulus is far too strong……”

“Crap. I might seriously get a nosebleed.”

“I-I had suddenly imagined the scene where Fujimura-kun enters the bath….”

“Stop it! Don’t taint Fujimura-kun with those eyes!”

“What is up with that! Fujimura-kun is not your belonging right!?”

“He doesn’t belong to you too!”

“Now now, please calm down. Let’s get along together.”

Cheers of joy reverberated throughout the classroom when I just undid the buttons of my uniform. M-my head. There seemed to be something wrong with my head now. My case of dizziness worsened. I felt as if my body was engulfed by a weird layer of liquid as I was thrown in between reality and fantasy.

I have received the request to meet up with someone after school twice. It was a love confession from a strange girl. Although I did received the request to meet her again today after school, I ignored it as I didn’t want to waste a single second here so I could go back as soon as I can.

I did have a wish to be popular many times before. However being popular for unknown reasons like this just made me uncomfortable instead.


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    1. Sorry I usually work by myself for all my translations but thank you for the offer ^^
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  2. Hello,
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    1st point:
    世の中 = is better translated as the (world)’s society, or more precisely, the state and the dynamics that are happening in a specified society or a group of people, or “the world at times”
    However, 世界 corresponds directly to the word “the world” or the world in philosophical context,.

    2nd point:
    In this world, appearance is everything.
    After all, how the society (in this world) works is…, (I can say with confidence that) it’s all about look(s) – (physical appearance).

    I prefer to translate it as “looks” rather than “appearance”. When I read the original novel, what popped up in my mind image would be ‘look’ rather than an appearance (outward or visible aspect of a person or thing). It’s emphasized by the first paragraph below the subheading/title which denotes:

    I muttered at my own face reflected in the mirror above the sink.
    洗面台 = actually is a washbasin placed on a recess with all the decoration attached (usually a cupboard or cabinet for storage space) , or a basin, is used to wash oneself/yourself, while sink refers to only the plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe.
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      Looks or appearance (possibly physical appearance) work for me since it signifies outward look too but if it might sound better if I change it to ‘look’, I don’t mind it.

      And yeah I call it a ‘sink’ usually xD
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      If you find anything else, feel free to let me know through comments, email or discord. ^^


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