Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) Side Story ③ part 2

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here

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This is the last chapter of volume 3. I’ll find time to compile this into PDF / epub once I translate the afterword. Clicking on the link ‘next chapter’ will direct you to the web novel translation after this.


Side Story ③: I had a meal with the girl I like (part 2)

After polishing off my food, I felt bloated. Cecilia, on the other hand, was having a cup of tea after her meal.

“By the way, the cake and cookies I got on Valentine’s Day were delicious.”  [Youki]

“Really? Thank you very much.”  [Cecilia]

The chocolate cake was given only to me. I was so happy that I could strike a triumphant pose. But was there any special meaning behind the cake? Despite my curiosity, I never had the chance to find out, and if I were to send Cecilia back home today, the day would just end like that. Is that what I wanted? Wasn’t this an opportunity for me? Yes, but if I were to make the wrong choice, it would have been awkward. I decided to ask her in a roundabout way.

“Did you make those cookies and cake by yourself?”  [Youki]

I devised a plan to beat around the bush before slowly working my way to the main point.

“I made those cookies with Sophia-san since she was also preparing Clayman’s Valentine’s Day gifts.”  [Cecilia]

“Ah, I see.”  [Youki]

So Cecilia was with Sophia-san as well when the latter prepared that mountain of candies for Clayman.

“Making confectioneries was harder than I thought. I failed several times.”  [Cecilia]

“Ah, the same thing happened to me.”  [Youki]

Did she waste a lot of cookies in the process? In my case, all my failed work went into my stomach.

“Since the cookies were successful, Sophia-san suggested that I make something else. So, I made chocolate cake instead. But only one turned up okay.”  [Cecilia]

“Hmm, so you have tried many times?”  [Youki]

Was she planning to give the cake to everyone as well?

“Yes, all the cakes did not turn up well except the one I gave you.”  [Cecilia]

“Ah, I see.”  [Youki]

So I wasn’t the special one. But, that chocolate cake tasted good, so that was good enough. Yeah, that was it.

“This time I’ll make sure that I won’t fail.”  [Cecilia]

“If it’s you, you’ll definitely be able to do it.”  [Youki]

If all your attempts succeed, I won’t be the special one anymore.

“Thank you very much.”  [Cecilia]

Is merely looking at this smile of hers good enough for me? A line that I could never say out loud came to my mind, making me smile bitterly.


After that, I sent Cecilia back home as usual, and unsurprisingly, I still couldn’t bring myself to hold her hand. The mood was perfect, but I suppose I was a wimp. In no time at all, we were finally at the gate of her mansion.

“Thank you for walking me home. It was fun today.”  [Cecilia]

“Me too. Have a good rest.”  [Youki]

I bade her goodbye and waved at her until she entered her mansion. However, she turned around just as she opened her door as if she had just remembered something.

“Would you… invite me out again?”  [Cecilia]

The sight of her tilting her head knocked me over completely.

“…Of course. Leave it to me! I’ll definitely make sure you really enjoy yourself the next time.”  [Youki]

I got too excited that I flipped my switch.

“Fufu, I look forward to it.”  [Cecilia]

Cecilia gave me a light wave and entered the mansion.

“I guess I should go home.”  [Youki]

After we parted, I sprinted all the way to the inn due to my excitement, and the moment I entered my room, I yelled out loud and jumped into my bed.

“Fuaaaah!”  [Youki]

“What’s wrong? Something happened?”  [Gai]

“Hiyaaafuu!”  [Youki]

“I see. So it’s just you having a few screws loose.”  [Gai]

Probably thinking that it would be a hassle to get himself involved, Gai called out to me only once. He then went back to sleep while I was at it for several minutes before falling asleep myself.


The next day, I went to the guild so I could work on guild quest.

“Youki-sama, good morning.”  [Sophia]

“Oh, Sophia-san. It’s rare seeing you here.”  [Youki]

“What? You got a problem with my WIFE being here?”  [Clayman]

“I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth.”  [Youki]

The fact was that I just hardly see her here. Rather, WIFE, huh? It was no doubt the truth, but why did he have to emphasize on that?

“Since I’m done with my errand, I’ll take my leave now. Dear, please do your best at work.”  [Sophia]

“You betcha. I won’t say a word about how ‘troublesome’ something is even once today.”  [Clayman]

“Please do so today.”  [Sophia]

Sophia-san’s retort was sharp, as always. As she was leaving, I noticed something when I looked at her from behind. She looks really dignified.

“So you’re going to do your best today?”  [Youki]

“Yeah, I’m gonna work.”  [Clayman]

Clayman compiled the documents as he said so, looking highly motivated. Although, if one were to take a closer look, you would notice that his shikigami were helping him.

“Hey, that…”  [Youki]

Shikigami‘s also part of my strength.”  [Clayman]

Well, I suppose it was fine since the one who conjured them wasn’t idle, and the other staffs didn’t seem to mind it, too.

“Whatever. I’m here for a guild quest. I’m highly elated now, so give me a quest that could scream out, ‘Yahoooo’.”  [Youki]

“What kind of quest is that? Ah, something good happened with the young lady?”  [Clayman]

“You’re sharp, aren’t you?”  [Youki]

“Don’t underestimate a married man.”  [Clayman]

Clayman smirked. Even though he was working, he still seemed to have some spare time. However, that’s Clayman for you. He ranked second as the most lovey-dovey relationship couple that I knew of. Incidentally, rank one went to Gai.

“Well, that might be true.”  [Youki]

“It’ll be easy. Just be truthful, like me.”  [Clayman]

“I think it’s different, in your case.”  [Youki]

Rather than ‘truthful’, the word ‘happy-go-lucky’ might suit him better.

“I’m a truthful guy! I can even say this… I love Sophia.”  [Clayman]

“Pfft-!!”  [Youki]

I almost burst out laughing. I had not expected him to say such words so candidly.

“Well, this is how an adult maintains their composure, kiddo.”  [Clayman]

“…I have a question for this ‘adult’ then. Can I?”  [Youki]

“As long as it’s not something troublesome and only a question, shoot.”  [Clayman]

Didn’t you just swear off the word ‘troublesome’ today?

“Is it bad to probe into a gift received from a girl?”  [Youki]

I was concerned if it was the right thing to do when I mentioned about the cake.

“Oh, that? Depends on the person.”  [Clayman]

“That’s your answer?!”  [Youki]

I was hoping that he could provide me an answer with much deeper meanings.

“You should understand the true meaning behind that gift if you know that girl really well. But, if you had to resort to asking her, then nothing can be done about that.”  [Clayman]

“Uhh, but…”  [Youki]

“Well, you might have said something absurd, but that’s how it goes in the beginning. Go ahead and fret about it. That’s how it should be.”  [Clayman]

“Hmm…”  [Youki]

As Clayman sat down, the corner of his mouth turned up in a small smile when he saw me looking so perturbed.

“I might not be able to do it now, but the next time…”  [Youki]

“Well, do your best. Here’s your quest today. This one should be fine, right?”  [Clayman]

The date we had yesterday was very enjoyable, and Cecilia seemed to be satisfied, too. So, I could only do what I can do. To begin with, I should accomplish more missions so that I can be an A-rank adventurer.

“Alright. I’m going to tackle this quest.”  [Youki]

“Go for it. Just don’t get too hyped up or you’re going to increase my workload.”  [Clayman]

I then left the guild as Clayman saw me off in his usual manner.

Volume 3 END

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