Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 C9 part 3

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here

Chapter 09: I tried to save the mermaid (part 3)

It seemed that during the time when we were away for a short while, they had already exchanged information with one another. As such, when I requested to know more about the incident, Happiness came forward and recounted Misaki-chan’s sequence of events on the latter’s behalf. Based on the explanation, Misaki-chan was thrown into a cage in a cave, and tied up to restrict her movement. She wasn’t given any water at all, and was merely fed with food. However, as the knights have started patrolling this area recently, the bandits were preparing to make their escape. Thus, Misaki-chan, who was previously locked up, ended up being thrown into the box instead so she could be transported away.

“But these guys are stuuupid. They are not aware that I can transform, so I undid the restraints and tried to escape by kicking that box.”  [Misaki]

Misaki-chan started laughing. We were stunned by her revelation. So the reason why the box was rattling hard was because she was kicking it from the inside.

“I’m amaze you have the guts to do that.”  [Youki]

“If I were to remain silent instead, I might end up getting sold off somewhere to some kind of pervert, so this should be a better option, right? At least there is a small possibility that I could escape.”  [Misaki]

Misaki-chan smirked after making that statement. I have a feeling that even if we had not come to help, she could’ve escape on her own, too.

“By the way, earlier on, Happiness was telling us not to come clos– ouch!”  [Youki]

Happiness punched me in my ribs. I guess that question was a no go. Despite having just met Misaki-chan, she didn’t seem to have any problem talking, or coming up with a startling remark.

“…Move.”  [Happiness]

“There is certainly no reason to stay here any longer, but what should we do about the stolen items and these guys?”  [Youki]

The moment I said so, Raven tapped me on my shoulder and showed me a memo in his hand: ‘Leave it to me. I’ll summon the knights and get them to handle everything here.’

“Leave everything to you, including the explanation? Is that okay?”  [Youki]

Raven nodded in response. Shike-chan might be worried about Misaki-chan as well, so it might not be a bad idea to leave this to him.

“Hey, I was wondering about this since a while ago, but why aren’t you speaking up? I heard it when I was trapped inside that box. You were talking with no issues, right? It was quite a high-pitch voice, so I assumed there were two women and a man, but that should be your voice, ain’t it?”  [Misaki]

Overwhelmed by curiosity, she started shooting questions since Raven, who should have been able to speak earlier, was using written notes as a means of communication now. Although, any question concerning his voice was no doubt a sore spot for him. After thinking for a moment, the person in question wrote something on a piece of paper before showing it to Misaki-chan. “Now, how is he going to gloss over this?” I thought as I took a look at the memo as well.

What was written was ‘…’

“You don’t have to express that on a sheet of paper!”  [Youki]

“…Yeah, that’s true.”  [Raven]

Raven crumpled the note and kept the pen along with papers into his bag.

“…Not necessary?”  [Happiness]

“…I could speak to the other mermaid normally, so I don’t see any harm speaking to her the same way as well, for now.”  [Raven]

“Hey, what do you mean by ‘for now’?!”  [Misaki]

Misaki-chan started voicing her complaints, but Raven disregarded her and continued explaining to us.

“It’s time for me to grow up as well…”  [Raven]

I could feel the determination from his words, but it made me wonder what the future holds for him. In any event, to avoid losing more precious time, we left the bandits to Raven and made our way to the cave where Shike-chan was waiting.


“Heeey Shike, I know you’re heree. Come out right now! If you don’t, I’m gonna stuff seaweeds into that seashells of yours that you’re using to conceal your breast!”  [Youki]

“What kind of threat is that?!”  [Shike]

The moment we reached the cove, I looked around and grasped the first opportunity I have. Shike-chan would probably show up since Misaki-chan was with us, but the instant I shouted that line, voila!

“Waaaaaa, Misaki! I was worried about you!”  [Shike]

The instant she came out of the water, Shike-chan hugged Misaki-chan and wailed.

“There, there. There ain’t no way I’m kicking the bucket that easily just because I was captured by those sickos.”  [Misaki]

“B-But, I don’t know what I should do if something really did happen to you!”  [Shike]

“If something really did, I mean, you should know me very well. I always have the devil’s luck, and I’m strong, too. It did get a little dangerous this time, but all’s well that ends well. So, come on, take a deep breath.”  [Misaki]

Misaki-chan soothed Shike-chan while stroking her head. Her tears have stopped probably because she was calmer now.

“Pheeew… ah, I-I’m sorry. Umm, thank you for saving Misaki-chan.”  [Shike]

It seemed that she finally remembered us after her touching reunion. Guilt-ridden, she apologised and thanked us repeatedly, bowing her head over and over again.

“We made a promise. And, you can thank the other person after he is done tidying up some loose ends.”  [Youki]

“Yes, of course. Not only that knight, but you two… it’s no exaggeration to say that you are our life saviours.”  [Shike]

“…Overstatement.”  [Happiness]

Happiness retorted coolly. There was no telling what would happen to them if we had not come. Even so, it was indeed an exaggeration to call us their life saviours.

“Leaving that aside, I’m also grateful to you all. So, I’ll sing a song specially for you all before we go back.”  [Misaki]

“Hold on, what are you planning to do with us?”  [Youki]

I’ve already experienced Shike-chan’s song, so I’d rather not be put to sleep in that manner again.

“Huh, what do you mean by what…”  [Misaki]

“Misaki, when I first fought these guys, I…”  [Shike]

“Fight? Ah, that’s right. That lady there did mention something like this.”  [Misaki]

Misaki-chan nodded as though she was convinced. I had my doubt that Happiness was able to relay everything to her in that short amount of time when we were away, but on seeing how Happiness was nodding her head as well, it seemed to be true.

“That’s why, any idea concerning our songs has probably given them all a bad impression now.”  [Shike]

“…I see. Hey, you. When you’re fighting, Shike’s song has made you feel strangely sleepy, ain’t it?”  [Misaki]

“Yeah. Even when I had my ears plugged, it still felt wrong, like the song’s still penetrating right into my brain.”  [Youki]

That was really how I felt at that time. If Happiness hadn’t offset it with her voice, the situation would’ve gotten ugly.

“Don’t worry. Us, mermaids, have different types of song. I’ll let you understand our best song once that memo swordsman comes.”  [Misaki]

Since the mermaid herself looked quite confident about it, we could perhaps look forward to it. That said, memo swordsman, huh? She was literally calling it as she saw it.

“Hmm, but I don’t think he’ll be able to finish all within today. He has to handle those stolen goods, and those bandits. Not to mention reporting to the Guild Master… Hey, wait second, we’re thrown almost everything to Raven. It’s going to be tough for him to do everything by himself.”  [Youki]

“…Pass everything to one person, no good.”  [Happiness]

“Hmm, then Shike and I will wait here. You guys can come tomorrow, right?” [Misaki]

“…Is that okay? You two might want to go back as soon as possible. It might be dangerous to stay here for too long as well.”  [Youki]

There might still be other bandits in the vicinity. On top of that, I had a feeling that she has trusted us way too easily, too.

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