Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V3 C6 part 2

Author: Suisei
Translated by: Rinkage
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Character page: here

Chapter 06: I carried out an investigation with a friend and former subordinate (part 2)

I wonder how Raven and Happiness are doing?

Considering how they had a hard time even asking for directions to the inn, it might be difficult. Even though I was the one who had urged them to do so, I had a feeling that I might have landed them in a bad situation. Raven should have been used to doing legworks, so I thought it would be all right, but it might have been an error on my part in thinking so.

While hoping that my worries were unfounded, I soon arrived at the port.

I have seen ships before in my past life, so the sight of them wouldn’t amaze me. What my eyes were instantly drawn to was an even more interesting scene. Robust-looking crew members could be seen carrying out their duties, loading and unloading the packages, and in the midst of them, were two familiar-looking people who appeared to be inquiring about something. My curiosity was piqued. How are they carrying it out? If I were to appear before them there and then, they might end up relying on me instead; so I snuck over to the storehouse nearby and hid behind it.

“…Information.”  [Happiness]

It seemed that Happiness was trying to speak with a crew member.

“Hmm? Young lady, what it be? Anythin’ you need from me?”   [crew member]

“…Mission.”  [Happiness]

“Mission…?”  [crew member]

Happiness, who could only speak a few words at a time, couldn’t convey her message, just as I thought.

Should I go help her before the situation worsens?

At that moment, Happiness held her hand out and pointed towards a certain direction – it was towards what seemed to be a written board in Raven’s hand.

“Let’s see… I’m currently gathering information for a guild mission. Could you tell me what happened on the ship?”  [crew member]

“…Understand?”  [Happiness]

Happiness tilted her head to the side.

I see. So that’s how they do it. I’m not sure who came up with it, but they seemed to think it through. I suppose it was to cover their lack of communication skill?

“So young lady’s mission is to… Sheesh! Just what the heck was our guildmaster thinking…”  [crew member]

The moment the crew member spoke out, Raven pulled out his sword a little.

Was Raven intending to do this from the start? Or was it because that person was making fun of Happiness?

Raven was in a disguise at the moment, so his identity was hidden. Anyone who took a look at him would only see him as an ordinary swordsman.

“…I suddenly feel th’ shivers. That bro over there. Who are you? As a man of the sea, I don’t think I’ve felt such feeling before in a long time. Such chills crawling down my skin.”   [crew member]

Apparently, Raven was emitting a murderous intent.

Seeing as it was Raven, he must have controlled his aura a little. Although, this wasn’t something that he should be doing to common people, so I hoped this was a part of his plan.

“…Convinced?”  [Happiness]

“Yeah, by the look of that bro there, I can tell that you’re not just an ordinary young lady as well… Sorry for looking down on you, lady. Please accept my sincerest apologies, as a man of the sea.”   [crew member]

“…No need.”  [Happiness]

“No can do! As a man of the sea, I have to take responsibility for my own mistake.”   [crew member]

“…Information.”  [Happiness]

“Let me convey my apology before that!”  [crew member]

I thought it was going well, but it appeared that these men of the sea were quite difficult people to handle.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting scene to watch; an expressionless Happiness with an overzealous crew member. The personalities of these two were a world apart.

Raven seemed to have wanted to back her up but couldn’t bring himself to do so verbally as he has a complex about his voice. In an attempt to help, he wrote ‘PLEASE CALM DOWN’ in huge letters on a piece of paper and waved it in front of the crew member in an agitated manner.

Hey Raven, you might be the one who needs to calm down first. You look nothing like the person who had released the murderous intent a while ago.

“Young lady, a man of the sea has to follow his customary code when he’s at the port!”  [crew member]

“…port, first time.”  [Happiness]

“What!? Is that so? In that case, I’ll teach you what you should know about the port!”  [crew member]

“…Troublesome.”  [Happiness]

I desperately tried not to laugh when I saw what was going on. Although the difference in their personalities was entertaining, what was even more amusing to me was Raven’s action. He was trying to jump into their conversation with written messages and was now waving a piece of paper with the word ‘Mission’ on it and trying to get Happiness to read it instead.

Seriously, he should just speak up if he’s that desperate.

Even though it would be nice to keep watching over them like this, I would like to get this mission done with soon so they could go on dates, and so, I decided to butt into their ‘fun time’.

“It’s really entertaining watching you guys, but isn’t it time to go back to the main subject?”  [Youki]

“…Captain.”  [Happiness]

“…Uoh!? So it’s a kid. Are you this young lady’s companion?”  [crew member]

Was he that shocked because I called out to them all of a sudden? No, it was probably because he was too engrossed in their conversation that he didn’t even notice me approaching. It wasn’t like I was creeping towards them silently.

“Yeah, it looks like my companion’s causing you trouble. I’m Youki. This person here is Happiness, and the guy with a sword there is Raven. Nice meeting you.”  [Youki]

I gave him my name and introduced Raven and Happiness at the same time. Normally, the two of them should be the ones to introduce me since I turned up after them, but there was no need to be concerned about such minor details.

“…Nice meet.”  [Happiness]

Raven wrote ‘Nice to meet you’ in a magnificent handwriting and showed the crew member his masterpiece before giving him a bow.

“O-Ou… The name’s Masa. I’m a man of the sea, and I sail the sea!”  [Masa]

I wished he wouldn’t flex his arms after introducing himself, because it reminded me of a certain someone. One could tell he was muscular even at a glance. That certain someone should’ve been a crew member like this person in front of me instead of a pastry chef. Just looking at this guy made me feel like retorting at the pastry chef. However, since the person in question wasn’t around, there was no point in doing that. (1)

“So, about the mission…”  [Youki]

“You’re not bad, kiddo. You actually managed to ignore my magnificent body.”  [Masa]

“Sorry, but an acquaintance of mine looks similar to you so I’ve had my fill of all that muscles.”  [Youki]

I skilfully ignored him with a calm demeanour. I might end up messing around if Cecilia and Duke were around, but I had to pull myself together this time.

“…feels uneasy.”  [Happiness]

Happiness, who was beside me, seemed to have said something, but I couldn’t hear her. Yep, I couldn’t hear her at all.

Sure, I might be as dull as dishwater at the moment but that was also for the sake of you two. Even if my friends gave me a funny look, I would still take on my mission seriously.

…This makes me look as if I am not serious normally, though.

“I see. So there’s another person in the imperial capital who has a beautifully sculpted body like mine, huh? As a man of the sea, I can’t lose.”  [Masa]

I had given him a serious reply, but for some reason, he did not respond in kind. If I were to continue my straight man routine, this would just be endless.

“Well, I do know someone like that. Anyway, muscles and all are good, but there’s something that I’d like to ask…”  [Youki]

“Oh! Your muscles are good!? You look more feeble than that swords bro, but then again, you said something nice!”  [Masa]

“…”  [Youki]

I gave Raven a pleading look.

I have had enough of these kind of people who just won’t listen to what people say. Just Yuuga and that macho pastry chef alone was more than enough.


(1) Youki is referring to Andrei, the macho pastry chef, who works at the cake shop.

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  1. Philip

    The combination of Raven and Happiness is probably to blame, as they somehow ended up asking this guy. This sailor would be a great politician, you first ask about the weather, and 2 minutes later end up talking about myths and ships…
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