Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 C5 part 2

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Volume 2 Chapter 5: I listened to the Guardian Deity’s wish (part 2)

I didn’t expect Tiel-chan to be the next one after Gai. Do the two of them share the same fate?
No, that is irrelevant now. I should first confirm Tiel-chan’s condition, then consult Cecilia about Gai.

On our way to Aquarain’s mansion, I received the gist of the story from Cecilia.

It seemed that Happiness couldn’t find Tiel-chan’s whereabouts while she was working. Feeling that something was strange about it, Happiness went inside the mansion to search for her, and that was when she found Tiel-chan collapsed on the floor with a broom beside her. She tried shaking her body, but regardless of how many times she did so and called her name, Tiel-chan did not get up. She knew that something must be wrong with Tiel-chan, so she informed Cecilia and Sophia-san about it in a hurry. They then carried Tiel-chan to her room.

“I wasn’t capable of curing Tiel-chan.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia hung her head in disappointment. If even Cecilia, the one chosen as one of the members of the hero’s party, couldn’t cure her, then…

“Did Tiel-chan collapse because of her chronic illness?” [Youki]

“I think so. The wounds received due to Mirror should’ve been healed by Sheik-kun, Youki-san and me already.” [Cecilia]

“I don’t think that working as a maid in Aquarain’s house would have led to any injury, and even so, any injury incurred wouldn’t have been so serious that she would collapse from it.” [Youki]

“Yes. That’s why the only possibility left is that her illness has become worse. I asked Sheik-kun, who was playing around in the garden, to look after her.” [Cecilia]

“Then, wouldn’t it be fine to just leave her to Sheik’s care?” [Youki]

Any advanced healing magic would be useless against human conditions like illness or disease. Even my magic. Thus, only Sheik’s medicine might have the effect on her, but… for some reason Sheik needed me to be there.

“Sheik-kun asked me to call Youki-san over in any case. By the way, did something happen on your end, Youki-san?” [Cecilia]

“Something similar happened on my side too. Gai… that gargoyle is in a terrible condition.” [Youki]

“Terrible condition… Is it the same situation as Tiel-chan?” [Cecilia]

She could guess it from the way I spoke.
Well, it was to be expected since I had said it in a way that was easy to understand.

“Yeah, he probably has only five days left.” [Youki]

“Five days?! There isn’t much time left at all!” [Cecilia]

The fact that there wasn’t much time left came as a bombshell. Even though Cecilia would usually remain calm, it had her completely taken aback that she couldn’t hide her discomposure…. I was pretty shocked as well, when Gai told me about it himself, so it was not surprising.

“No, but I’ve asked Duke about method to cure Gai already. It seems that as long as I can find the magic ore, or something, then he can be saved.” [Youki]

“I’m glad… So you’ve already found the method to cure him.” [Cecilia]

She patted her chest in relief. There was also a time when Cecilia suspected that Gai was a bad demon. However, after observing Gai’s interaction with Tiel-chan, she might have realized that Gai is not a dangerous demon …He might be ‘dangerous’ in a different way, though.

“Yeah. So once we get our hands on the magic ores, Gai will be fine. Tiel-chan’s the problem now.” [Youki]

“True. It would be good if her condition improves…” [Cecilia]

At that point, the atmosphere became heavy, making it impossible for me to grasp the timing of the conversation.

When I looked outside through the window, I could see the mansion gradually coming into view.

“Cecilia Ojou-sama, Guest-sama, we’ve arrived.”

A voice could be heard from outside when the carriage pulled to a stop. Cecilia and I then alighted from the carriage and entered the mansion.

… It might not really matter, but I wished that coachman could at least try remembering my name. We have met many times by now, but all he kept calling me was ‘Guest-sama’.

“Youki-san, is there something wrong? It looks like you’re not satisfied with something.” [Cecilia]

“Ah, no. It’s nothing.” [Youki]

In attempt to gloss over it, I laughed.
It wasn’t really the coachman’s fault, and it wasn’t as bad as how the two guardsmen treated me when I first came here as well.

“Is that so… Then let me guide you to the room where Tiel-chan is resting now.” [Cecilia]

“Yes, please.” [Youki]

Following Cecilia, we walked along the long corridor, passing by several servants on our way.
Upon encountering us, all of them lowered their heads towards us, but their movements were awkward and they appeared fidgety. And…they looked dispirited for some reason.

“Hey, Cecilia. The servants look dispirited, don’t they? Also, it might be rude to say this but, their movements are kinda awkward, or strange.” [Youki]

“…It’s possible that the news about Tiel-chan collapsing has spread. Since all of them knew that Tiel-chan had a weak body.” [Cecilia]

“Eh? Really?” [Youki]

“Yes. They’ve praised her, saying that she’s a hard worker even though she has a weak body. Of course, Sophia-san’s also one of them.” [Cecilia]

…Tiel-chan must have been a really diligent worker to have that Sophia-san praised her.
Could it be that she had forced herself to do so because she had witnessed the moment when Happiness was preached?

I should stop thinking about such dangerous thoughts. It would be dangerous since Sophia-san could use mind reading technique. I would end up getting a sermon.

“We need to help Tiel-chan get well again for the sake of the servants as well.” [Cecilia]

“Yeah, you’re right.” [Youki]

While we were having such conversations, we finally arrived at the room where Tiel-chan was resting.
After knocking on the door, we entered the room to find Tiel-chan sleeping in the bed and Sheik with a complicated look on his face. It was rare to see that expression on him.

“Ah, Captain. You’re finally here.” [Sheik]

His tone sounded different than usual as well.

“Sorry for being late. I’ve got things to handle on my side too… I’ve heard about it from Cecilia. How’s Tiel-chan’s condition?” [Youki]

“I’ve taken the emergency measures. The medicinal herbs in hand now are not enough for her to make a complete recovery. There are not enough medicinal herbs to compound the medicine for her.” [Sheik]

Sheik said with a troubled look.
At this point, I realized why he had called me over.

“I see. So you want me to help gather the insufficient medicinal herbs?” [Youki]

“As expected of Captain!” [Sheik]

“Not a problem. Sheik can’t leave Tiel-chan’s side now too.” [Youki]

“Un. The medicine I’ve used is only a temporary measure so I can’t leave her side for now.” [Sheik]

“Sheik-kun got along well with Tiel-chan… so you’re worried, aren’t you?” [Cecilia]

“…Un. I guess.” [Sheik]

Sheik nodded at Cecilia’s words.
He must have conversed often with Tiel-chan since they’re close in age. The conversation should be mainly about Gai, though.
Anyway, the one who was most anxious when Tiel-chan collapsed was probably Sheik. It was possible that he wanted to gather the medicinal herbs personally.

“Sheik, leave it to me. I will collect all the necessary herbs on your behalf!” [Youki]

I would like to show my cool side not only to Tiel-chan, but Sheik too. I gave him a thumbs-up.

“No, Youki-san. I will be the one to collect the herbs.” [Cecilia]

“Eh?” [Youki]

“Cecilia-ane will?” [Sheik]

I had not expected Cecilia to cut in. Sheik seemed to be surprised too. Would there be a problem if I were to be the one to collect them?

“Youki-san, have you forgotten about Gargoyle-san?” [Cecilia]

“I’ve not forgotten about him. But, as long as we can get magic ores, Gai will…” [Youki]

Recover….Yes, he should recover.
However, I didn’t know if magic ores would be easily obtainable.
Where can I find one? Are they sold somewhere? Will it be expensive? I didn’t have any information about it at all.

“Hey, Sheik. How much herbs do you still need?” [Youki]

“Umm, I’ve created a list before Captain came… Here.” [Sheik]

Having said that, he handed me the list, which contained the names of medicinal herbs that I had not heard of before.
There were only about ten different kinds listed, but I wasn’t sure if I could gather them all in just two or three days.

“Damn… It might be hard for me to do it alone.” [Youki]

“Hey, you mentioned something about gargoyle… What’s that about?” [Sheik]

“I guess I haven’t told Sheik about it yet. Actually, Gai’s in a terrible condition. I have to obtain magic ores within five days.” [Youki]

“…Is what you said, true?”

Suddenly, a faint voice could be heard from the bed, causing everyone to turn towards it.
It seemed that Tiel-chan had woken up due to our conversation. Moreover, she had overheard the things that we didn’t want her to know most.

“W-What are you doing, Tiel-chan. You should be sleeping now.” [Sheik]

He had reverted to his usual tone, probably so he could set Tiel-chan’s mind at ease.

“Sheik-kun, I’m sorry to have made you worry. Youki-san, is what you said earlier, true?” [Tiel]

I felt hesitant about telling her the truth, but it would be cruel to lie to Tiel-chan when I look at her current condition. It might be better to be honest than to mess up if I were to be untruthful.

“Yeah, but…” [Youki]

“Is that’s the case then, don’t mind me. I will be fine. Please… Please save Guardian Deity-sama!” [Tiel]

She pleaded me, as tears flowed down her cheeks.

For Tiel-chan, her own condition was of least importance. Gai seemed to be the most important thing to her.
Nevertheless, that was something that I couldn’t do. I was planning to tell her that I would try to do something about Tiel-chan’s issue too, but…

“It will be fine, Tiel-chan. Youki-san will definitely do something about Gargoyle-san.” [Cecilia]

I was silenced by Cecilia.

“Is that, true? I’m… glad.” [Tiel]

“Yes. But you shouldn’t tell a lie, saying that you’ll be fine, alright? Sheik-kun and I will handle Tiel-chan’s matter. So, be assured and get some rest.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia caressed the top of Tiel-chan’s head as she said so.
Shortly after that, she shut her eyes and fell asleep again. Could it be due to Sheik’s medicine, or was it because her mind was finally set at ease?

Cecilia, who was originally gazing at such spectacle with a blank look, suddenly turned around.

“Youki-san, I did not say those words earlier just to reassure Tiel-chan.” [Cecilia]

“Eh, you were serious?” [Youki]

“Yes. Besides, healing and treatment are my job. Leave that to me.” [Cecilia]

I couldn’t insist on it anymore after she went that far. It might sound pathetic, but it would be almost impossible if I were to do it alone.

“Then, I’ll leave the medicinal herbs seeking task to you, Cecilia. Do you best too, Sheik. I’m sorry I couldn’t lend a hand.” [Youki]

“Leave the matter about Tiel-chan to us. We’ll leave Gargoyle-san to you.” [Cecilia]

“Leave it to me. I’ll do my best to help Tiel-chan.” [Sheik]

“Then I’ll go search for that magic ore thingy.” [Youki]

After making the proclamation, I left Aquarain’s mansion.

I have to find the magic ores in five days.
For the time being, I should try the Merchant Guild or the Blacksmith Guild.

The moment I left the mansion, I immediately regretted that I had not asked Cecilia about the magic ore. However, it would be uncool if I were to go back, so I ended up not returning.
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“Oo…” [Youki]

I was at a loss for words when I reached the Merchant Guild.
Unlike the guild that I usually go, the interior was huge and there were many luxurious decorations.
In addition, the employees consisted of not only humans, but also demi-humans.

“May I know if you’re looking for something?”

Someone called out to me from behind, when they saw me standing there with a vacant look. When I turned around, I noticed a man, possibly the guild merchant, standing behind me. He must’ve had plenty of good food, considering his plump body.

“Yeah, I guess.” [Youki]

“What kind of item are you looking for? This is the Tarevoke Merchant Guild. We’re not trying to brag about it, but we have a wide variety of goods available here. So, I thought we might have something that you need.” [merchant]

The merchant smiled as he rubbed his hands together.

To be honest, his conduct aroused my suspicion. It gave me the impression that he was trying to rake in more cash by exploiting the name of the guild. Nonetheless, since my friend’s life was on the line, some extra expenditures would be unavoidable.

“Then, do you have magic ores?” [Youki]

The moment I said that, his smile quickly faded. It was a look that a merchant shouldn’t be showing to a customer.

“…Excuse me, but may I know if you’re from the Blacksmith Guild?” [merchant]

“No, I’m not.” [Youki]

“My apologies, customer! There’s still a shortage of magic ore, so it will be impossible for us to sell it to general customers.” [merchant]

“What?!” [Youki]

“Deeply apologies about it…” [merchant]

The merchant apologized as he lowered his head, but I couldn’t accept it.

“No, no, no. What happened to that vigour of yours a while ago? Couldn’t you procure it from somewhere if there’re not enough in stock?” [Youki]

“Well, urm…the possibility of procuring them at the moment is slim.” [merchant]

He broke out in cold sweat. It seemed that he was trying to evade my question.

What should I do? It didn’t seem as if I could get one from here. Should I try my luck at the Blacksmith Guild?

“…You, what are you doing in a place like this?” [???]

When I turned around, I found the usual, unenthusiastic looking Clayman standing there. I was too preoccupied with negotiating with the merchant that I didn’t notice him.

“Um? Ah, Clayman. I’m trying to purchase something here. Can’t you tell?” [Youki]

“You seem to be in disagreement… Are you trying to haggle down the price of an item or something? You’re quite a miser even though you’re earning a lot.” [Clayman]

He assumed that I was bargaining when he noticed the troubled look on the merchant’s face. It was certainly undeniable that I did haggle over prices at stores before in my previous life, but I had not done any extreme negotiation that would’ve caused a store clerk to break out in cold sweat like this. What Clayman said was true: I was indeed earning quite a bit so there was no need for me to negotiate that much.

“How much of a miser do you think I am? I’m just trying to purchase something!” [Youki]

“Hmm… Well, in any case, it has nothing to do with me. So, Merchant-san, has the request form been submitted to the guild?” [Clayman]

“Yes, yes. I have been waiting for you, Clayman-sama. The document is completed too. I will bring it to you now.” [merchant]

It seemed that Clayman was executing a task for the guild. He began speaking to the earlier merchant.
The merchant’s panicky behaviour was a huge contrast to Clayman’s usual laid-back attitude. He lowered his head numerous times towards Clayman, who was yawning as he scratched his head. Other customers and merchants could be seen stealing glances at Clayman as they gave a cry of surprise.
Even though he looked lackadaisical, his title as the assistant guildmaster didn’t seem to be just for show.

On seeing such a spectacle, I came to a strong realization that Clayman is actually a considerably well-known figure.

“My apologies to keep you waiting, Clayman-sama. Here’s the request form.” [merchant]

“Ou.” [Clayman]

Clayman gave a curt reply and received the document when the merchant handed it to him in a hurry.
Was the content not agreeable to him? He was reading it with a sombre expression.
“This is such a pain.” Those words seemed to be written all over his face.

“Oioi. The contents of the request are more troublesome than when I came the last time.” [Clayman]

“Yes… but, we’ve added rewards for that as well. This is the consensus of the Tarevoke Merchant Guild.” [merchant]

Somehow, it didn’t sound like a really good request.
It appeared that the merchant tried to elaborate, but all Clayman did was click his tongue in response. There were times when he yawned as well.

Is it acceptable for an assistant guildmaster to behave like that?

No. Come to think of it, this guild seemed to be fine with it.

When I looked around, there were a few among the people here whose eyes seemed to sparkle when they gazed at the languid looking Clayman.

How could they direct such a gaze at him after looking at that apathetic behaviour?

Rather, Clayman, could you hurry up and put an end to your conversation?

While I was having such thoughts in mind, Clayman suddenly directed his gaze to me and grinned. He then beckoned me over.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

“Oi, Youki. You’ll help with the request.” [Clayman]

“I refuse.” [Youki]

I had to look for magic ores for Gai, so I didn’t have the leisure to take up any request.
Besides, the smile Clayman had on his face earlier was too suspicious. It was certain that he had hatched some kind of scheme in mind.

“Ah…then, that. Well, lend me your ear.” [Clayman]

“Hah!? Didn’t I just tell you that I can’t do it…” [Youki]

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” [Clayman]

He grasped my shoulder and forcibly pulled me towards him.

“I said I’m busy now.” [Youki]

“Well, just listen. Look, you said you wanted to be promoted to A rank this morning, right? I’ll be able to do something about it with my authority.” [Clayman]

“That sounds too suspicious. It’s impossible for Clayman, who’s so lazy to do such a thing for me… Besides, I need to look for magic ores.” [Youki]

I shouldn’t waste my time on this. I should go search for it at another store if I couldn’t find it here.
If I still couldn’t find one, then I will find a way to get it directly as the last resort.

“Magic ore? Then, this is just right, isn’t it? I don’t know why you’re looking for magic ore, but this request is related to magic ore. I don’t mind sharing some of them with you if you come along with me.” [Clayman]

“Are you serious?! …Even so.” [Youki]

I couldn’t really trust Clayman. I wasn’t sure if this request would take a long time too.

“…Come on, just help me out. If you’re in a hurry, we can depart tomorrow.” [Clayman]

“Tomorrow, is it?” [Youki]

If I were to believe in Clayman’s words, then rather than trying my luck at another merchant’s guild, it would be better for me to help out with this request, since I would definitely be getting one from this. I shouldn’t delay this any further considering the time limit I had as well.

“I got it. In exchange, once the request is completed, you must give me a share of the magic ore.” [Youki]

“Alright. So the deal is on. Rest assured. Once the request is completed, I will definitely present you the magic ores.” [Clayman]

The conversation was over, so Clayman took his hand off my shoulder.

“Umm, so, in the end, will you be accepting the request?” [merchant]

Since we were having private conversation between ourselves, I had completely forgotten about the merchant. He called out to Clayman anxiously.
It seemed that he had still not stopped perspiring. He pulled a handkerchief out of somewhere and began wiping his sweat.

“Ah, I’ll accept it. I guess I’ll do my best to meet your expectations.” [Clayman]

Clayman received the request form while giving the merchant a half-hearted response that he did not mean.
The words: ‘I’ll do my best’ just don’t exist in Clayman’s dictionary.

“Thank you very much, Clayman-sama.” [merchant]

“Then, once the request is completed, someone from the guild will come report it. So look forward to it.” [Clayman]

“Ah, wait a minute, Clayman.” [Youki]

I waved my hands around as I went after Clayman who left the Merchant Guild.

“…Nn, do you have anything you still need?” [Clayman]

“Don’t give me that! I have no choice but to accept the request that you have selfishly pushed to me. However, I still don’t know the details about it.” [Youki]

“To put it simply, the request is to collect magic ores. As we’ve discussed earlier, due to your situation, we’ll be departing tomorrow. We’ll meet up in front of the guild early in the morning then. That’s all.” [Clayman]

Having said his piece, Clayman left.

To put it simply, I was deceived by him.

But, Clayman wasn’t really a bad guy. He probably wouldn’t set me up.
Either way, Gai’s life was on the line, so I didn’t have much of a choice.

“Cecilia and Sheik are doing their best for Tiel-chan, so I guess I should give my all too.” [Youki]

For the time being, since I had found the prospect of acquiring the magic ores, I returned to the inn. While still feeling distress about Gai’s welfare, I went to bed to prepare myself for the next day.
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The next day, after the preparation, I left the inn and headed towards the guild so I could arrive there by the appointed time.

Along the way, I had a strange notion that lazy-ass Clayman might be late, but it seemed to be a needless worry.
When the guild came into sight, I could see a carriage parked in front of the place. Someone was waving their hand at me from afar, hence I waved back as well…

“Clayman’s not the type of person who would wave his hand at me, isn’t he?” [Youki]

Due to the sense of discomfort swirling inside me, I ended up blurting out what was on my mind.

When I drew closer, I noticed that the silhouette I saw from afar was not Clayman, but Cecilia. Upon a closer look, the carriage seemed to be the Aquarain carriage that I usually rode in as well.

“Good morning, Youki-san.” [Cecilia]

“Morning… Wait, why are you here, Cecilia?” [Youki]

“I’m not the only one.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia pointed at the carriage, prompting me to look there.

There sat Sophia-san, drinking tea elegantly, and Clayman, who appeared half-dead inside the carriage.

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