Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 C4 part 2

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: Rinkage & Ranock Pliskin (The potatic Draturtle)
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

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Volume 2 Chapter 4: I went to the house of the girl I like (part 2)

“That’s… I want to live. I’m enjoying myself now. Most importantly I have a goal.” [Youki]

That goal is for Cecilia to reciprocate my feelings. Cecilia has been my main purpose in life ever since that day.
…It’ll be alright. I will not wind up as a stalker.
After all, I have already received the permission from her parent, Celia-san. Although, I have a feeling that we are still nothing more than just friends.

“A goal… it’s great, isn’t it? If you have a goal, you’ll have the strength to live on. I should learn from Youki-san and set a goal for myself, too.” [Cecilia]

“No well, even if you were to learn from someone like me…” [Youki]

“You don’t need to be so humble, you know?” [Cecilia]

She flashed me a sweet smile that made me feel that she sincerely meant what she had said. That smile had completely knocked me out. I couldn’t even look her directly in the face.

“Erm, that… thank you.” [Youki]

I thanked her for the time being.
… I didn’t want her to see me getting all embarrassed or looking pathetic. I should switch the subject.

“I didn’t say anything that deserves a thanks, though. While we’re at it, would you like to have the cakes? I will prepare some tea.” [Cecilia]

“Aa, I’d like to have some …Wait, Cecilia can prepare tea? Isn’t that a servant’s job?” [Youki]

“Sophia-san taught me how to do it. I felt that, it would not be a disadvantage for a woman to learn something like this.” [Cecilia]

There was a smile on Cecilia’s face as she said that while she prepared the tea.

“I would be blessed if I can have her as my wife.” That was what I thought when I was watching her from behind, but another question arose in my mind.

“Is Cecilia good in cooking?…” [Youki]

“I can cook… but mostly the basic ones. And, I was the one who’s usually in charge of cooking when we camped out during our trip.” [Cecilia]

My desire to have Cecilia as my wife had become seriously stronger.
Judging by flow of the conversation, it seemed that she could probably do almost any kind of housework.
…On the contrary, I wondered if there was anything that she couldn’t do.
I should try probing her.

“Hey, does Cecilia have anything that you can’t do, or that you’re bad at?” [Youki]

“Something that I can’t do? Let’s see… for instance, swordsmanship. I’m not particularly good at martial arts.” [Cecilia]

“I see. Well, Cecilia is a cleric. That’s not something that you need to be concern about, isn’t it?” [Youki]

I had not asked anything about the battle aspect. The short silence that I received in response was unexpected. Anyway, I guess you could say that Cecilia has a lot of ‘girl power’. 1

“….Even though we had already defeated the Demon Lord, there are still many vicious demons out there. Youki-san, if you have the time, could you help train me the next time?” [Cecilia]

“Eh, you mean in martial arts?” [Youki]

“Yes!” [Cecilia]

“I don’t mind it, but do it in moderation, alright?” [Youki]

The image of that macho cake shop employee suddenly invaded my mind. He was raising his thumb up, as if telling me to leave it to him.
…Absolutely not. There was no way it was possible.
I don’t want Cecilia to end up becoming muscular, so I’ll teach her using strengthening magic.
I made a firm vow in my heart.

“Youki-san, the tea is ready.” [Cecilia]

“T-Thank you.” [Youki]

The cakes and tea were prepared on the table.
I sat myself on the chair and took a sip of the tea.

“The tea prepared by Cecilia tastes good.” [Youki]

I don’t usually drink tea, but even I could tell that Cecilia’s tea was delicious.
Just drinking it soothed my mind. The cake and tea seemed to go well together.

“It’s not comparable to the one Sophia-san made yet… but hearing you say so makes me happy.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia who was facing me as she ate her cake looked bashful. It made me think that the gesture of hers looked so cute.
Though I will not say it aloud since it would be embarrassing.

“It feels like it has been a long time since I last spent my holiday with someone so peacefully like this.” [Cecilia]

“Hahaha… I had caused quite a commotion as well recently. This is very calming.” [Youki]

It felt like all my accumulated stress in this past half month would be blown off just by taking my time, having tea time as I slowly chatted with Cecilia.
…By the way, why did I come here for today?
I tried recalling it as I took a sip of tea. Having tea time is fine, however, I couldn’t help but feel that I had forgotten about something important.

There were cakes and kushiyaki on the table.
These shouldn’t have been the only things. I had a feeling that there was something else that I should give to Cecilia.
I dug my hands into my pockets and rustled around.

Ah…I remembered it!
I came here today to give the necklace to Cecilia, as a show of sincerity.
That was dangerous. I was about to go back just like this after enjoying my tea time.
It might be because of the string of trouble that accompanied me lately whenever I had lunch with someone.
It had been a long time since I last spent a comfortable afternoon, so I nearly forgot about my main purpose.

Atmosphere-wise, it shouldn’t be a problem if I give it to her now.
I should hand her the necklace here and wipe off the blunder I made before.
As Celia-san had said, I should adopt a firm attitude.

However, an uncomfortable feeling washed over me all of a sudden.
Cecilia aside, as expected, it was strange that I had not seen any other servants except for Happiness.

…They wouldn’t possibly be peeping or eavesdropping, would they?

Handing a gift to a girl for the first time is a very important event to me.
If it was possible, I would like to gift this to her alone without being seen by anyone else.
Thus, first of all, I should try and find out if someone was eavesdropping on our conversation in this room.
There was no such convenient magic that could detect someone’s position, nor could I search around for people’s presence like some kind of master, too. So, the only thing I could do was to strengthen my five senses using magic.

After enhancing my sense of smell and hearing, I searched around to see if there was anyone nearby. Although, doing something like strengthening my sense of smell in a woman’s room might… there was a dangerously pleasant smell.
While I was having such perverted thoughts running through my head, I explored the surroundings. It didn’t seem as if there was anyone in the vicinity.

However, there were familiar sounding voices coming from the outside.

“Youki-san, is there something wrong?” [Cecilia]

“…I thought of getting some fresh air.” [Youki]

I stood up from my chair and opened the window. When I strengthened my sense of sight and looked towards the surrounding of the gate, I could see Yuuga and Mikana there.

Why the heck did they come to the mansion for?! I enhanced my hearing so I could listen in to their conversation. What were they talking about?

“Mikana, we have arrived at the mansion. Let’s go see Cecilia right away.” [Yuuga]

“Hold on Yuuga! You do remember the reason you’re here, don’t you?” [Mikana]

“Isn’t it obvious! I… I mean we deserted Cecilia even though she is our companion. She might be alive now, but that still doesn’t change the fact. So, we are here… to be scolded by Cecilia, right?!” [Yuuga]

“That’s not it, you idiot!” [Mikana]

Mikana gave a slap to Yuuga’s head when he stuck his chest out proudly. What she did was something that was rather impolite to a hero but…. it might not matter between those two. Even so… what the heck was that fellow, Yuuga saying there?

“What did you do that for, Mikana? It hurts… But, you’re scolding me for my sake, aren’t you? Thank you. As expected of Mikana.” [Yuuga]

That might be the only guy in existence who would thank his companion who had just slapped his head by flashing her an ikeman smile.

“Ahhh for Pete’s sake! Who was the one who had brainwashed Yuuga?! If I were to ever find out who it was, I’ll definitely not let him off easily!” [Mikana]

Mikana appeared to be at her wits end as she looked at Yuuga who was rubbing his head.
This is bad. I was guilty of that.
There were some areas in which Yuuga would have an intense conviction, but I had not expected him to have picked up only that particular part from our conversation yesterday. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising even if he was seen as a masochist.

“Let’s go, Mikana. To Cecilia…” [Yuuga]

“To apologize, alright? It will be up to cleric if she decides to give us a reprimand. Of course, she will also be the one to decide if we would be forgiven.” [Mikana]

The optimistic Yuuga and meek looking Mikana then entered the mansion.
They should be heading towards this room… It will definitely end up being troublesome.

I would like to be alone with Cecilia, even for just a short while. And, I would like to give her the necklace.
My wish would not be fulfilled since they will be coming to this room soon.
Thus, the solution to what I should do was pretty simple.

“Cecilia, I have a request.” [Youki]

I closed the window and turned towards Cecilia.

“What is it? If you’d like a second helping of tea, it is still available.” [Cecilia]

Certainly, that was something that I would like too. I had finished up all of mine since it was too tasty.
But, this is not the time to be having a leisure tea time.

“No, that’s not it. I’m sorry but… please come along with me!” [Youki]

I pulled her from her seat by grabbing her hand, and sprang out of the room with her.
I could tell that she was confused even without looking at her. I understood it well that what I was doing was somewhat pushy, but I will explain it to her later.
Considering the size of this mansion, there should be a place where we could be alone.

As I ran down the long corridor, I heard voices coming from a distance again.

“Haa haa… Youki-san, it surprised me when you suddenly started running like this. Where are you planning to go to? Besides, Sophia-san will be angry if she were to see you running around in the mansion.” [Cecilia]

“I’m really sorry, Cecilia. But, could you wait here for a while?” [Youki]

“Eh? Wait a moment, Youki-san!” [Cecilia]

I ran to the source of the voice, without realizing that Cecilia was calling out to me.

Hiding myself in the corner of the hallway, I peeped at the two individuals there; Raven and Duke. They seemed to be deliberating if they should enter the room (If I am not mistaken, that should be the servant’s break room).

“How long are you going to keep standing here? Just go in and hand it to her quickly.” [Duke]

Duke urged Raven, looking irritated.
…Ah, did he drop by the mansion to hand the present to Happiness? Duke appeared to be accompanying him.

“…but, will it be all right? Wouldn’t she feel that it’s strange if I were to gift her something suddenly?” [Raven]

“You’ve been saying the same thing since a while ago, haven’t you!? You’re really indecisive despite being a man.” [Duke]

“…but, what should I do if she doesn’t like it? I can’t do it. I felt like going back now.” [Raven]

He seemed troubled as he looked at the hair ornament. Seeing that we’ve gone through a great deal of trouble in purchasing that, I personally hoped that he would be able to gift it to her. I will definitely not allow him to leave just like that.

“Haah!? You were the one who wanted me to come along with you after saying that you have something to give her. Do you think I will permit you to go back just like that now?! Didn’t we work our butt off yesterday just so we can have our break on the same day today? Are you planning to let all our hard work go to waste!?” [Duke]

Was he trying to finish off the accumulated pile of documents on his desk yesterday just so he could take a day off today? …It made me feel really bad for increasing his workload.

“…That’s certainly true. Alright, I’m going in!” [Raven]

Did he finally steel himself? Raven reached out for the doorknob, but his hand stopped midway. Upon closer inspection, his hand appeared to be trembling.

“Ahh for God’s sake! At this rate, Happiness’ lunch break will be over!” [Duke]

“…Sorry.” [Raven]

Duke lamented as he shook Raven’s body.
I would have liked to have kept observing the development of this situation; but I had things that needed to be done, too.
I returned to where Cecilia was, without being noticed by either of them.

“Ah, Youki-san. Why did you suddenly ask me to… Wait, where are you going this time-!?” [Cecilia]

“Sorry, this is not the place.” [Youki]

I forcefully grasped Cecilia’s hand and started running off to look for a place where I could be alone with her.
I had initially considered going out to the courtyard, but that place appeared to be occupied already.

“Sheik-kun, please listen to this. I paid Guardian Deity-sama a visit yesterday. Then you know, I was surprised to see Guardian Deity-sama’s appearance. Guardian Deity-sama has taken such a dignified looking form. Of course, his previous form was also very dignified looking, but Guardian Deity-sama’s look yesterday was even more… Sheik-kun, can you hear me!?”


The ones in the courtyard were Tiel-chan, who was earnestly talking about Gai, and Sheik, who was blowing snot bubble as he slept. He was probably worn out after listening to Tiel-chan’s passionate speech about Gai. It had been a long time since I last saw someone blowing a snot bubble.

“Sheik-kun, please wake up.” [Tiel]

Tiel-chan, who seemed to have reverted back to her usual intellectual self, continued shaking Sheik, bringing him back forcibly from his dream world.

“Uuu~, Tiel-chan I’m sleepy…” [Sheik]

“What are you saying? It’s only noon now, you know? It’s still too early to go to sleep.. That’s why, let’s discuss more about Guardian Deity-sama!” [Tiel]

It appeared that her switch was flipped again.
It would seem that Tiel-chan switch was more frightening than my chuuni switch.

“I had enough already~ Tiel-chan needs to go back to work soon too~” [Sheik]

“It’s fine. I still have my lunch break… Then I’ll start, alright? The Guardian Deity-sama yesterday…” [Tiel]

Sheik started nodding off again once Tiel-chan begun her story from the beginning.
This place was no good too.
Far from being alone with Cecilia, we would be forced to listen to Tiel-chan’s story about Gai instead.

“Youki-san, Sheik-kun and Tiel-chan are…..” [Cecilia]

“This is not the place. Next!” [Youki]

“Eh? Shouldn’t we greet them at least… Wait, where are we going again?!” [Cecilia]

Damn it. Where should we go? …The guest room might be empty. No, it must definitely be empty.
I came to my own conclusion and made my way to the guest room.

Upon arriving at the guest room, the place appeared to be occupied as well.
Voices could be heard coming from inside the room.
They were Celia-san and Sophia-san’s voices.
What were they talking about? I cracked open the door to peek in.

“Youki-san, it’s not good to eavesdrop on… Eh, Okaa-sama and Sophia-san?” [Cecilia]

“Shhh. I’m curious about their conversation. I want to know what they are talking about. It’ll only be a while.” [Youki]

I was in a hurry, but it couldn’t be helped since curiosity got the better of me.
Cecilia seemed to be curious about it too, but she didn’t want to listen in to their conversation.
As expected of Cecilia. She’s different from me
Now, what were they talking about?

“Come to think of it, Sophia, is your daughter doing well? I haven’t seen her for a while now so I got slightly worried.” [Celia]

I was hit by a shocking fact all of a sudden.
Clayman and Sophia-san have a child?

“I’m currently educating her so as to make sure she definitely wouldn’t turn out like my husband. So, it’s fine.” [Sophia]

“Ara, is that so? But Sophia-san’s husband is an interesting person, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be fine even if she ends up resembling him?” [Celia]

“It would be really troublesome instead if she were to end up getting all the wrong traits from him.” [Sophia]

Sophia-san was hurling insults at her own husband calmly, without any expression on her face. Well, certainly, I do understand her feelings of not wanting her daughter to inherit Clayman’s laziness.

“…By the way, what are you doing, Youki-sama? You’ve been standing there since just now.” [Sophia]

Sophia-san’s eyes met mine through the door gap. Crap, it seemed that she had already realized that I was here since the beginning.
It totally slipped my mind that she used to be an A rank adventurer.

“Let’s escape. I’ve been found out by Sophia-san.” [Youki]

“That’s why I told you not to peek. I think it would be useless even if we were to esca… Wait, we’re running again?” [Cecilia]

We had nearly encountered someone every time I tried to find a place for us to be alone. This kept happening repeatedly, but we eventually ended up in what looked like a study room.

“Haaa haaa… Damn, I can’t find it.” [Youki]

“Huu huu… Youki-san, are you looking for something in the mansion? I can guide you.” [Cecilia]

“Looking for…” [Youki]

I was looking for a place where I could be alone with Cecilia, but… are we not alone now?
We have pretty much exhausted ourselves after running around the place, and it would be bad to make Cecilia come along with me any longer than this.
It might be a dusty study room, but this place should do it.

“Cecilia, this…” [Youki]

I took out the box containing the necklace from my pocket and handed it to Cecilia.

“This, can I open it?” [Cecilia]

“Aa…” [Youki]

At my response, Cecilia opened it and took out the necklace.

“This necklace, if I’m not mistaken, this is from the accessory shop where we met Hero-sama and Mikana-san…” [Cecilia]

“So you still remember it. Even though I wanted to buy it at that time, I lost the opportunity to do so, thanks to that Hero causing that huge ruckus. It’s a present for Cecilia. This is to make up for the mistake I made the previous time… no, that’s not it. I mean it’s to get my act together, or rather…” [Youki]

“…Fufu.” [Cecilia]

I couldn’t quite put my words together so I wound up saying it in a fluster.
Upon seeing my state, Cecilia laughed lightly.

“Youki-san, thank you. I will cherish this necklace.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia appeared pleased somehow.
I made a small guts pose.
…If I were a protagonist, this should be where I make my confession as well, right?
Right at the moment when that thought crossed my mind, someone opened the door to the study room. There stood Yuuga, Mikana, and Duke. For some reason, all the members were there.
…As expected, I knew it would end up this way.

“Cecilia, I finally found you! Eh? Why are you alone with Youki-kun in a place like this?… Youki-kun, what the heck are you doing with Cecili–” [Yuuga]

“Yuuga, I understand what you wanted to say, but just calm down. Commoner, you’re pretty good, aren’t you? I’ve got a better opinion of you now.” [Mikana]

Mikana smacked Yuuga’s face with her hand, forcibly silencing him as he was kicking up a fuss.
Nice block! I’ve got a better opinion of you now, too!

Raven, who was standing behind, appeared to be depressed while Duke was consoling him by patting his back.
I haven’t even reached that stage yet… That must be what he was feeling depressed about, I guess.
Ah, Happiness approached Raven.

“…Are you not feeling well?” [Happiness]

She seemed to have misunderstood it, thinking that he wasn’t feeling well.
When Raven waved his hand, making a gesture as if telling her that there was nothing wrong, Duke moved away from them silently.
Nice judgement! In other words, he wanted to give the two of them a quality time together.
Raven, however, was giving Duke the puppy dog eyes…

“If you’re going to make a racket, please do so in the courtyard.” [Sophia]
Read the chapters at rinkagetranslation.com. The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.
At Sophia-san’s words, all of us moved to the courtyard.

Since this was a rare opportunity for everyone to get together, I handed out the kushiyaki to everyone.
After distributing them, Yuuga and Mikana went over to Cecilia to have a talk with her.

“Cecilia, I have finally realized my own mistake. So, please scol– …It hurts!” [Yuuga] (Potato note: Seriously… I’m starting to think that Yuuga have some kind of hidden M side)

Mikana hit Yuuga on his head before he was done with his words.
This fellow’s personality was worse than the last time, wasn’t it?

“Whew…He’s seriously an idiot! Now then.” [Mikana]

Mikana faced Cecilia after silencing Yuuga. It seemed that she wanted to put an end to it.

“I’m going to be honest… I’m sorry!” [Mikana]

Mikana lowered her head to Cecilia.
Cecilia didn’t seem to understand it initially, but she might have guessed it based on Mikana’s words in the end.

“Mikana-san, if this is related to what happened the last time, it’s fine.” [Cecilia]

“But you’re our companion, and yet we…” [Mikana]

“There wasn’t much of a choice at that time… Above all, I’m still alive. You don’t need to feel responsible for it anymore.” [Cecilia]

“T-Thank you… erm, Cecilia!” [Mikana]

Mikana usually addressed Cecilia as ‘cleric’, but it was different this time.
Well, Cecilia didn’t seem to mind it, and Mikana’s problem would be resolved with this, too. I’m glad.
While I was feeling relieved, I felt someone tugging on the hem of my shirt.

Wondering who it was, I turned around to find Happiness who was usually expressionless, appearing somewhat perplexed at the moment as she held onto a hair ornament.
It seemed that Raven had successfully handed the gift to her.

“…This.” [Happiness]

“Isn’t this a hair ornament? What’s wrong with it?” [Youki]

I pretended to know nothing about it.
It might be a bad thing, but I would like to know Happiness’ answer.

“…I got it.” [Happiness]

“From whom?” [Youki]

“…” [Happiness]

Happiness blushed as she looked down. I had not intended to make it such a difficult question, though.

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to answer. Since you have received it, why don’t you try putting it on?” [Youki]

“…Un.” [Happiness]

Was she hesitating about whether she should put it on?
No, she was probably feeling embarrassed.
I would feel bad for Raven if she didn’t wear it, but I couldn’t just force her to put it on. What should I do?

“Waaa~ Happiness-ane! You got a hair ornament~” [Sheik]

Sheik, who was stuffing his cheeks with two kushiyaki came over in high spirits.

“I think it would look good on you~ Try putting it on~” [Sheik]

As expected of the spoiled child, Sheik! There was no stopping him anymore once he started behaving like this.
Probably feeling the same way, Happiness looked around before putting on the hair ornament.
…She was possibly trying to confirm if Raven was in the vicinity.

“…How is it?” [Happiness]

“It suits you~ I think it’ll be good even if you wear it all the time~ ” [Sheik]

“You heard him. I think it looks good on you too. You’ve received something really nice there. I’m glad for you.” [Youki]

I joined Sheik, who was clueless about the whole thing and praised her. It did suit her in actual fact, so it wasn’t a lie.

“…Thank him.” [Happiness]

It seemed that Happiness wanted to express her gratitude.
Good for you, Raven.
He was last seen looking dejected as Duke consoled him… but, well I should keep this a secret to avoid ruining the anticipation.


“Eh? Cecilia? Are you done with the talk already?” [Youki]

“Youki-san was the one, wasn’t it? The one who gave the advice to Mikana and Hero-sama.” 2 [Cecilia]

It looked like she had found out about it.
I wasn’t planning to hide it anyway, so it didn’t really matter, though.

“It was my fault that their relationship became awkward. I gave the counselling, preaching and made unnecessary remarks too.” [Youki]

“You’ve helped Mikana out. Although, Hero-sama has become slightly strange… Mikana was complaining about it.” [Cecilia]

It was Yuuga’s fault for getting the terribly wrong impression.
To begin with, I was just preaching him normally, so I did not expect it to turn out this way at all. There was no harm done in particular, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

“Well, isn’t it fine?” [Youki]

“It’s not fine at all… Hero-sama became like that.” [Cecilia]

“If you really want to, then just leave it to me. I’ll think of a good idea.” [Youki]

“If that’s the case, then I don’t mind it… Even so, it feels lively here.” [Cecilia]

Cecilia muttered as she looked around. Is this situation what you call lively?
Everyone was just having idle chat while eating kushiyaki.

“Ever since I met Youki-san, I have been experiencing nothing but fun and interesting things. Please treat me well from now on, Youki-san.” [Cecilia]

“Eh?… Ah, un. Please treat me well, too.” [Youki]

Cecilia’s words sounded like an exchange between two couples who were married for many years.

“Who am I kidding… It would be good if I get accustomed to it.” [Youki]

I muttered to myself as that foolish thought went through my mind.
I came here around noon, but possibly due to all that running around in the mansion, it was already evening when I realized it.
It was almost time for me to go back. The moment that thought came to mind, a tinge of loneliness came over me. However, when I recalled that I was able to come see her, I felt better again.

After I was given a light punishment by Sophia-san for eavesdropping, I received a tentative passing mark from Celia-san.
I could drop by this mansion again to see Cecilia.
While I was thinking of such things, I finished the last bite of the kushiyaki.


1. ‘Joshiryoku’ is the one used here and it is literally translated as ‘girl power’, but the meaning of this word is different than the one used in English. More about it here
2. I didn’t leave the ‘-san’ out. Cecilia stops using honorific when she addresses Mikana starting this point.

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