Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 49

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: Anonymous_Neko

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Chapter 49 – The smell of Green Gables from the village girls

“Rebecca-san, we still haven’t greeted the villagers yet after moving into the mansion. Also, I was wondering if I could hire available villagers who can help clean the mansion, cook and such.” [Jirou]

“Greetings? Ah, that’s right. Actually most of the information about Jirou has already become well known through rumours, but I guess it would be polite for you to go greet them.” [Rebecca]

Those were words that I couldn’t possibly ignore.

“R-Rumours…?” [Jirou]

“If you were to head towards the forest from the village, you would only come across my house, right? It’s been really lively there recently, so that’s why.” [Rebecca]

Indeed. That was true. Not only were there construction workers being seen heading towards the forest to transport materials, but also Hetty-san’s eye-catching carriage that was travelling back and forth every day… All that commotions would definitely arouse the villagers’ curiosity, I suppose…

But well, at least we won’t have much trouble explaining to them. All’s well that ends well!

“Then let’s just tell the villagers that the residence is ‘built’ in the forest since no one could identify that mansion. As Diana had said before, that place is ‘protected by a barrier’, so it would be troublesome to explain.” [Jirou]

“Hmm…true… Certainly, that might be a better idea. But, if that’s the case then, probably…” [Rebecca]

“Probably?” [Jirou]

“Nn, well it’ll probably be alright. Let’s go greet the village chief.” [Rebecca]

Somehow Rebecca-san seemed irresolute, but well, since she said it would be alright, it should be alright.

It would not have been a problem if I was extending my greeting to the village chief, but it seemed that the news was spread across the whole village instantly.
I have heard of it before, that news usually travels at an abnormally fast speed in a village like this, but that was further proof of how amazing the power of the word-of-mouth can be. It was a relief since it would, indeed, be a pain to assemble all the villagers just to greet them.

“I want to choose someone from this village to be a maid!”

This was the contradiction that had been mingling in my mind. Even so, the purpose of hiring a long-term maid is not just for fun. Therefore, it was only to be expected that I would like to select from as many choices as possible.
“It doesn’t matter what vocation she has, so long as she’s a cute girl.” The thought had once never crossed my mind at all. Truly.

“By the way, for umm a maid, what would be the rate to hire one? On a monthly basis…, Well, I think I can afford to pay to some extent, though. If the approximate price is…” [Jirou]

I don’t know the general concept of the ‘day off’ in this world, but for a general weekly day off job (1 day off per week), they will need to work from morning until evening. Seeing that lunch is provided, and a uniform is loaned to them, the amount needed for them to support themselves is quite low.
If we were to estimate 800 yen as the minimum hourly wage, 8 hours of work would be 6400 yen. There will be no transportation fees incurred as they will be travelling by foot. Considering that they will be working for 5 days a week, and there are 5 weeks in a month, the total amount after calculation would be 25 days x 6400 Yen = 160,000 yen. (1)

If I were to convert it to the amount here then…

“About one gold coin, then…” [Jirou]

When I presented the amount of money, Rebecca-san and Hetty-san exchanged looks.
Damn! They have seen through the fact that I am actually a miser!!

“Erm… it’s just a joke. I was just kidding that I was only offering one gold coin. H-Haha. As I thought, it should be around 2 gold coins…” [Jirou]

”That’s not it, Jirou… One gold coin is too much. That would be reasonable if you’re hiring a professional steward, but you’re just looking for someone to do housework and take care of the horses, right? If that’s the job scope, then it is not related to vocation at all. Anyone in the village would be able to do it. So, wouldn’t it cost only 3 to 5 silver coins?” [Rebecca]

“As expected of Erishe. If this were the Imperial Capital, for live-in maids, you’d get lots of applicants pouring in even for 1 silver coin.” [Hetty]

“Ah, it still seems to be that way there.” [Rebecca]

“Still, it has become much preferable than a contracted one.” [Hetty]

Rebecca-san and Hetty-san were discussing about the differences between Erishe and the Imperial Capital. Could the labour cost be higher because Erishe is more prosperous than the other towns? Even so, it would seem that one gold coin might still be too high.
By the way, 3 silver coins is just 45000 yen, isn’t it? Would anyone apply for such a small salary? It would be fine for me though, since the pay is cheap… But, I would be offering at, at least, 5 silver coins.
If you are reading this on any other place than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
The front of a huge house came into our view as Rebecca-san guided us. Despite its size, it looks similar to other one-storey houses made of stone. This must be the village chief-sama’s house that we were looking for. When Rebecca-san called out the village chief’s name, the door opened and a white bearded old man poked his head out. Having looked at him, the only impression I get was that, “Yup, this person is definitely the village chief.”

“….Oh, so that’s the reason. I had never expected an influential merchant like Jirou-sama would set up a mansion in such a remote place. We, the Yazd Village, would absolutely love to extend our friendship to you.” [village chief]

When Rebecca-san briefly introduced me and I gave him a simple greeting, the village chief replied with such exaggerated words. Since when did I give people the impression of an influential merchant?

“That’s because you said you ‘built’ your mansion. It’s the norm that only wealthy merchants would build a mansion in the outskirts for fun without taking efficiency into account.” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san explained in a whisper. I-I see…. He thought it was something like a villa, I supposed…
True, it would be easier for me if the villagers were to think that I’m some kind of wealthy merchant… I guess it’s fine.

My greeting was carried out smoothly. After that, I brought up the matter of hiring a maid to the village chief. At first, I had thought of leaving it to the reliable Rebecca-san to break the ice about it, but since they had misunderstood it and thought that I was an influential merchant, it would be okay for me to do it too.

“Oh, if that’s the case then…” [village chief]

The village chief suddenly began gathering people after listening to my story. Before I had realized it, it had already developed into a situation in which there were nearly 50 villagers assembled together.
Upon hearing that the monthly salary would be 5 silver coins, the applicants that gathered consisted of not only young girls, but also married ladies, aunties, and old grandmothers.
I should have swallowed my embarrassment and said that this job was restricted to only teens!
Each of them seemed to have jobs already, but the 5 silver coins must have been quite tempting to them. At least, it was alluring enough for them to give up on their current jobs. As such, being in such an atmosphere made it impossible for me to say that I don’t mind live-in.
Based on what Hetty-san said, a live-in job in which the job scope includes only housework and horse care, that pays not only 5 silver coins, but also provides meals, would easily attract at least 1000 applicants in the Imperial Capital.

First of all, I would naturally pass on the second sons, third sons, fourth sons, and young farmers who couldn’t inherit the farm. Why the heck did these guys come when I was looking to hire a maid?!
I wouldn’t be able to work old grandmas too hard, so I’ll pass on that, too. It is no doubt that they are capable of working, but what we are talking about is horse care and heavy labour.
As for the aunties or young wives, there shouldn’t be any problem in terms of their working capabilities. (Since it might be too blatant if I were to dismiss on all applicants except for the young girls.)

The number of young girls that came was more than I thought.
It was great, as each of them does give the ‘country girl’ impression.
Although, even if I did say that they are country girls, they are naturally not Japanese, but western country girls. They have darkish red hair with braids, and straw hats perched on top of their heads. They reminded me of a certain character from a book that I read a long time ago. There were some of them who appeared to have oriental looks too, but I wasn’t sure which race they were from.

“…Well, Rebecca-san, the number of applicants gathered was more than what I had initially thought. I would like to interview them one by one before I decide. What do you think?” [Jirou]

“Sure, why not? I’m acquainted with most of them, so I think I can give some advice to a certain extent.” [Rebecca]

Thus, I ended up borrowing the village chief’s house to give them individual interviews.
If you are reading this on any other place than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
If you are reading this on any other place than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
“I have cook as my vocation! My speciality is Baked Lielieila Herbs!”

“My father has commended that I am good at giving massages!”

“My vocation’s a nursemaid, so I thought you could leave the child-rearing jobs to me.”

“My vocation’s a farmer, but I can carry out household chores well too! Pleased to meet you!”

“I can ride horses!”

“I can count money!”

“Gardener. I can handle gardening jobs.”

“I’m a member of the village’s Vigilance Committee, so I can fight against monsters. My vocation’s a spearman!”

“You can leave the job of smoking meat or fish to me!”

“I’m a stable girl so hiring me will definitely be worth the money. Here.”

“Merchant-sama, is it true that I can get five silver coins?”

“I’m a seamstress. I can mend clothing and make clothes too if I have cloth.”

“You can leave pickling job to me!”

…and so on. There were a variety of talents, indeed. Each of them have something that they are specialized in. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the ‘magic’ of the 5 silver coins, but they were bursting with motivation.

That said, I used a relatively simple way to select this time so I could narrow down my choices considerably. I wouldn’t say that it was a really good method, though.

“Erm, first of all, these two are my slaves, so you will be working with the both of them. There will be no problem, right? More or less, they’ll be your seniors, I guess.” [Jirou]

After saying so, I introduced Diana and Marina. However, the result I received from the simple-minded villagers was a dramatic one.
—-It was quite different from what I imagined, though.

The only instruction I had given to the two of them was to put on a dignified appearance for the time being. Hence, while the interview was going on, I kept them on standby beside me.
Marina looked carefree as usual; Diana, on the other hand, appeared divine, or rather, it was as if there was an air of intimidation emanating from her which made her presence overwhelming.
She does come off as aloof at times, but for some reason, the aura she gave off this time was especially strong. The youngsters who couldn’t endure Diana’s cold-eyed gaze pulled out rapidly, under personal reasons.
I did recall telling her to put on a dignified appearance, but she didn’t have to act like a royalty… I guess I should have just told her to behave herself…

To be frank, I thought of having the two of them present so I could select someone who wouldn’t mind having Marina, someone from the Turk tribe as her colleague (since there was that matter concerning that chubby merchant too). But, how did this happen…

“I-It’s impossible to work with such stern-looking elf-sama!”

“I-It was said that if you were rude to the elves, you’ll be turned into a pig…”

“The Turk tribe child seems kind.”

Such remarks could be overheard coming from the girls who went outside. Although, they did not make fun of Diana’s tattoo. Was it because they came from well-bred families?
Anyhow, the reason the young girls pulled out was probably because they didn’t have the courage to work together with the ‘stern-looking elf-sama’, or because of some other unknown reasons. The aunties and young wives did not pull out, though… Something’s fishy…

“Umm… Diana, did you use some kind of magic? Somehow, it seems that the young applicants started withdrawing rapidly because they could no longer endure the heavy pressure of your gaze.” [Jirou]

“It’s a false accusation. I have not done anything at all.” [Diana]

The person in question replied nonchalantly.
Umm… So, you were only doing as you were told since I instructed you to appear dignified? The reason those girls ran off was because they felt overwhelmed, and it had nothing to do with you at all? Was that it?

“But, you know, it seems that the only ones who pulled out are the young ones. They were frightened by Diana for some reason.” [Jirou]

“If they are the type of people who would drop out from just that, then it would be better not to employ such people, Goshujin-sama.” [Diana]

’From just that.’ You did do something, didn’t you?!
Are you serious!?

“Besides… Goshujin-sama would not be able to make a firm decision between them since they are young girls.” [Diana]

Moreover, she spouted an unfounded harsh remark!
Well, it would certainly be a lie if I were to say that I am totally uninterested in innocent-looking country girls without makeup.

“Oh… this child is truly a diamond in the rough… I would definitely like to polish this talent.”

I don’t seem to have recalled saying something like that, I guess.
Though, there was no helping it, was there? I was in somewhat high spirits.
If you are reading this on any other place than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
If you are reading this on any other place than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
Following that, I gave a strict warning to Diana, telling her to behave herself, so the interview went on smoothly for the time being.
While I was in the midst of making my decision, the door swung open and a seemingly strong-minded oba-san who looks like she’s in her 40s entered with a smile fixed on her face.

“U-Um… Merchant-sama, could you interview my daughter as well?” [???]

Although she wanted me to interview her daughter, the aforementioned daughter was tugging at her mother’s sleeve, looking frightened.

“I-I-I-It’s impossible, okaasan. See, they look stunned.” [daughter]

“You just keep quiet there.” [???]

It was an ash-coloured haired girl who has an appearance that would make an impression on anyone. She has an unevenly-cut, short bob hairstyle with long bangs that conceal her eyes.

“Yes. It’s still alright.” [Jirou]

Upon my consent, the mother came in as she rubbed her hands together. The daughter, on the other hand, was cowering at the entrance.

“My daughter has the capability, but she’s just really reserved. Even though I kept asking her to come today, she still refused to budge. It’s really embarrassing that I, as her mother have to bring her here instead.” [???]

The mother then started talking, without paying heed to her daughter. The smile fixed on this person’s face struck a chill into me. Rather, she didn’t have a cheerful look in her eyes… I had seen this before on the television. The mothers who tried their best to make their children celebrities had the same look.

“It might be better not to get involved in this…” I thought, as the mother continued promoting her daughter.

“My daughter’s the only one in this village who has ‘secretary’ as her vocation, you know. Needless to say, her reading and writing skill is perfect. The neighbourhood people have praised that her handwriting is beautiful, too. Besides, she could naturally handle household chores and take care of horses as well. Even her cooking, I, as her mother…” [???]

The mother cast sidelong glance at her daughter behind as she enumerated her daughter’s qualities, but she halted her words all of a sudden, as if she had just noticed something.

“Eh…? Why is Rebecca-san…” [???]

“I was here from the beginning, Belca-san.” [Rebecca]

Rebecca-san smiled and answered laughingly. It seemed that this Belca-san had not noticed that Rebecca-san was around.
Um? I wonder if Rebecca-san’s being here was a problem for her. Well, I should just ask Rebecca-san about it later.

Considering that the mother’s machine-gun talk was interrupted, I decided to have her leave the place so I could have a talk with her daughter. Belca-san then went out with great reluctance, not forgetting to urge her daughter with what sounded like a half-threat in the process.

Although, I guess there are this type of people in this world, too. If there are schools here, she would probably be the monster parent type… (2)

Well, at any rate, what I should do next was to ask the girl, who was still cowering at the entrance one to two questions, and select my maid quickly!


(1) In case you are confused, there are 6 days in a week in this world, and around 5 weeks in a month.
(2) “Monster Parent” is a term used to describe a group of super-aggressive parents who repeatedly make unreasonable demands to their children’s school and prevent it from functioning normally.


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