Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 C3 part 2

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the Light Novel

Chapter 03: I encountered the hero (part 2)

“So what I wanted to say was that I’m really sorry for what happened just now. I ended up causing trouble because I was jumping to conclusions.” [Yuuga]

“Nah, I don’t mind it at all, so it’s fine.” [Youki]

I had initially assumed that we would be surrounded by an awkward atmosphere the entire time, before our drinks were served, so I did not expect Yuuga to apologize in a monotone manner for some reason.

Was this truly an apology?

“As a hero, I couldn’t believe that I had attacked an innocent civilian. I’m sorry.” [Yuuga]

Probably because he felt really bad about it, he lowered his head as he apologized.

I heard it from Raven, but Yuuga was in the midst of rescuing that lady when he encountered me. The guy who was forcibly making advances on the girl had taken her to the alley, so it seemed that Yuuga had misunderstood me as that guy’s accomplice. There was the matter regarding the wallet, too, so he wound up attacking me.

What I had done was for myself, but Yuuga was doing it to help a lady.

Despite possessing a cheat ability, this was the regrettable difference between me and the ikemen hero, I suppose. It feels melancholy.
Well, strength-wise, I am stronger, and since this incident has ended without any injuries, I guess it was fine.

“I’m not injured anyway so it’s really alright. The misunderstanding seemed to be resolved too.” [Youki]

“Is that so? I’m relieved. And, sorry for changing the subject, but what’s your relationship with Cecilia!?” [Yuuga]

He leaned forward over the table and threw the question at me.
Is that what someone who was apologizing just a while ago should ask?
Apologizing to me might have been the lesser concern to him. Rather, could this actually be the main subject?

“We’re just friends.” [Youki]

I told him as it was in a serious tone.
However, it seemed to be a huge shock to Yuuga even though I said we are just friends.

“That’s not possible. How could it be possible for Cecilia to have a male friend?!” [Yuuga]

He lamented as he held his head.
It was just a male friend. Why did he need to have such a reaction?

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s the shop’s recommended drink. Please, take your time.” [employee]

The employee served the drinks when Yuuga was sinking into depression.
Nice timing, employee-san! I guzzled the served drink.
It was a refreshing beverage with a citrus flavour. Yuuga gave me a questioning gaze as I was drinking.

“…What is it?” [Youki]

“Are you really just friends with Cecilia?” [Yuuga]

“If you’re so sceptical about it, try asking Raven. Since he’s a friend.” [Youki]

After all, he wouldn’t be convinced anyway regardless of what I have said. I threw this issue to Raven since I thought that he would believe it if he were to hear it from a third party instead.

“Are you friends with Raven too!? Come to think of it, when I was scolded by Raven a while ago, he did mention the name ‘Youki’ several times. Is that your name?” [Yuuga]

“That’s right.” [Youki]

“I see. Then I’ll ask Raven the next time.” [Yuuga]

“Please do so. You should be able to trust that person, right?” [Youki]

If you were to include this issue, I have owed a great debt to Raven.
I wouldn’t be able to keep our friendship on an equal footing if I don’t return the favour.

“Yeah, I’ll do so.” [Yuuga]

“Then there’s nothing else, right? I’ll take my leave….” [Youki]

I gulped down my drink and stood up, attempting to pay the bill and leave the shop.

“W-Wait!” [Yuuga]

But, for some reason, Yuuga stopped me. I had a bad feeling about it, but I’ll just listen to what he wants for now.

“Is there anything else that you still need?” [Youki]

“A-Actually, I need your advice on something.” [Yuuga]

An advice? Yuuga wanted an advice from someone whom he has essentially met for the ‘first time’ and also someone who could possibly be his love rival? No, it was really strange, wasn’t it?

“Why me?” [Youki]

“Uu… a-actually.” [Yuuga]

“Actually?” [Youki]

“I don’t have any friends whom I can consult this topic with.” [Yuuga]

I came to understand the ikemen hero’s sad circumstances. It nearly made me cry a little.

“I’ll lend an ear for the time being. What kind of advice are you looking for?” [Youki]

“How to improve my relationship with Cecilia…” [Yuuga]

I had thought of listening to his request out of sympathy, seeing that he doesn’t have any friends. However, it was stupid of me to have even asked that question with that kind of thought in mind. What the heck was this guy asking?

Just how thick headed is he? He’s already a fool. A person wouldn’t usually consult his possible love rival about his love trouble, would they?(1)
If he had really believed what I said earlier, that Cecilia and I are just friends, then it would really be bewildering.
Although I did just say that we are only friends, I hadn’t recalled saying that I wasn’t interested in her. He should at least understand that.
The fact that he wanted me to advise him on how to improve his relationship with Cecilia was actually laughable. After all, he has been acquainted with Cecilia far longer than I have.

“Um… you two are in the same party, right? Sorry, but I actually met Cecilia not too long ago. Hero-sama should be the one who has known her for a longer time, so you should know it better than me, right?” [Youki]

“The last time I saw you two together, you seemed to be getting along with her better than I did.” [Yuuga]

Even so, don’t ask my advice about this! Honestly, I don’t want to counsel my own love rival. Can I throw this problem to Raven too?

I was conflicted for several seconds. The result was, Raven, I’m sorry.

“Hey, if that’s the case then wouldn’t it be better for you to consult your other party members?” [Youki]

“…I’ve caused inconvenience to Raven just a while ago. It was the first time, you know, for Raven to have scolded me using such long written notes.” [Yuuga]

I had a feeling that long written notes wouldn’t really be forceful enough.
Nevertheless, judging by Yuuga’s state, it was likely that he had received quite a lecture.

Although, if Raven won’t do it, there is still Mikana.
He probably wouldn’t consult Mikana about it, though.
“What?!” It seems that Mikana would likely refuse it after that loud exclamation.

“Mikana, no I can’t ask her. Mikana doesn’t seem to like Cecilia.” [Yuuga]

While I was envisioning the scene of when Mikana declines his request, Yuuga suddenly blurted out something unexpected.
I have not heard it from Mikana that she dislikes Cecilia.

“Hey, did the person herself say that?” [Youki]

“….Are you also friends with Mikana?” [Yuuga]

“No, she’s an acquaintance.” [Youki]

“I see. You see, Mikana is my childhood friend. We’ve always been together in the past and she has always supported me. But she tried to abandon Cecilia. I couldn’t forgive that. Just because she hates Cecilia, she suggested to forsake her…” [Yuuga]

“Just shut up for a while.” [Youki]

The moment I heard those words, my irritation reached its climax.
Seriously, both Mirror and Yuuga… why do all the individuals who bear the title “hero” make me feel that annoyed? It is often said that ignorance is a crime.
It might be nosy of me, but this is something that Yuuga should know.
Otherwise, Yuuga would just do as he believed, and Mikana, who was suffering from the feelings of guilt, would be the one to be tormented by it.
When it comes right down to it, this happened due to the seeds I sowed.
For the sake of creating a happier tomorrow, I should make the distinction here.

“C-Calm down. Did I happen to say anything that could have rubbed you the wrong way?” [Yuuga]

Upon sensing the change in my mood, Yuuga tried soothing me in a hurry. He didn’t seem to understand why there was a sudden switch to my state of mind.

“…You don’t get it?” [Youki]

“E-Erm. Are you possibly still angry that I had attacked you all of the sudden?” [Yuuga]

I heaved a huge sigh and scratched my head irritably.
I have already understood it, but he is indeed a considerable nincompoop.
It was hateful when the person himself wasn’t even aware of how his conduct and speech had aggravated someone.

I guess he didn’t think that there was anything wrong in what he said… No, that wasn’t it.
This guy thinks that Mikana was the one in the wrong.
Therefore he was convinced that he had not done anything wrong.
He is dumber than a box of rocks.

“That’s not it! ….The reason why I was angry, was because what you had just spouted was way too self-centered!” [Youki]

“What do you mean by self-centered?” [Yuuga]

Yuuga asked me with a look of puzzlement on his face.

“Could you put in a little effort and be more observant of your surroundings?! Just reflect back on what you have said a while ago, compare it to recent changes around you and you should understand it.” [Youki]

“Even if you tell me to observe the changes around me, I don’t get it. After our journey ended, I’m still as busy every day…” [Yuuga]

Yuuga answered, looking confused.
It appears that if I don’t call a spade a spade, he wouldn’t understand it.
It’s not like he’s still a child. I want him to understand it a little.
It seemed that this guy has been brought up as quite a pampered kid.
There was no other way than to explain it.

“The other day, I came here with Raven and Mikana.” [Youki]

“Eh, is that so? But you looked as if you were here for the first time just now…” [Yuuga]

“I have heard of what happened in the Demon Lord’s castle. You guys had a really tough fight against a demon whom you have no information of at all. That you then accepted the demon’s request and left Cecilia behind.” [Youki]

There was a strained look on Yuuga’s face.

He must have recalled the memory of when he lost to me.
It seemed to be a humiliating memory to both Mikana and Raven too.
I felt really bad about that.

“Why did the two of them tell you…. Mikana was the one who said to keep it a secret between the four of us.” [Yuuga]

Mikana probably couldn’t endure it anymore.
The distance between her and the person she loves grew further apart, and she wasn’t able to apologize to Cecilia.
Her sense of guilt was the only thing that was gradually accumulating and it eventually exploded.
When we met Mikana, we were initially discussing about Raven’s love problem… However, due to my disruption, the conversation went off track and she ended up telling me that story.

“No idea, but Mikana was in tears when she recounted the story.” [Youki]

“Eh?…” [Yuuga]

I didn’t want to say it to protect Mikana’s honour, but it would be better if Yuuga knows about it.
It was necessary to let him understand his own wrongdoing.
I was the one who had indirectly made him commit this mistake. That was why, I must solve this misunderstanding between these two people.

“She was feeling really guilty about what she had done to Cecilia. She wanted to apologize but she wasn’t able to do it due to the awkwardness.” [Youki]

“That’s a lie! That’s because Mikana had….” [Yuuga]

“Deserted Cecilia? That might be so, but was Mikana the only one who was responsible for it?” [Youki]

She is his childhood friend whom he has been together with for a long time, so there should be a reason to why he kept doubting her until now.
It might be possible that he has an unshakable conviction…but that shouldn’t be all.

“But, Mikana was the first one to have suggested to accept the demon’s proposal. That’s why…. Anyway Mikana was the one who’s at fault!” [Yuuga]

“Quit your bullshit! Raven has said it himself. He was also guilty of it for not stopping her. So, he has asked me not to put the blame only on Mikana. He was covering for Mikana!” [Youki]

Raven wasn’t shielding Mikana because he was sympathizing her. He was also responsible for it… It could be said it in that way.
This fellow persisted in saying that Mikana was the one deserving the blame, but he didn’t try to see his own faults.

“Why? Mikana was the one who encouraged us to accept it, wasn’t it? So why did Raven…” [Yuuga]

“How about you? Are you not going to stick up for your childhood friend? For your comrade? Was she really the only one who was at fault?” [Youki]

“I…Mikana…” [Yuuga]

I think he actually understands it. That he was to be blamed for it too. He tried to say something but no words came out.
Then I will say it for him.

“You’re also at fault. It’s as simple as that. You have finally accepted it. But you didn’t want to admit it, so you decided to put all the blame on Mikana. That was why you didn’t stick up for Mikana. You’re just saving your own skin!” [Youki]

“That’s wrong! I wouldn’t do something like that.” [Yuuga]

Yuuga began losing his composure as he held his head. Despite knowing the fact, what the heck was this guy saying?

“Face reality yourself. If you can’t do that then…that would be pretty lame of you.” [Youki]

The fact that he couldn’t protect the person he likes was blamed only on his childhood friend, and he didn’t want admit his own faults. Those were not things that a hero should do.

Could my words be affecting him? He regained his composure and cast his head down.
His shoulders were trembling… Was he crying?
For me to have caused a hero to cry was…dangerous. It was dangerous in many ways.
I hastily leaned forward.
When I looked at his face, I could see tears streaming from his eyes. I had made him cry.

“I am…the worst. I’ve placed all the blame on Mikana… I ran away from my responsibilities even though it was also my fault that we deserted Cecilia… It’s because, I couldn’t defeat that fellow.” [Yuuga]

I couldn’t bear pouring more salt on the wound of someone who was crying…but I will do it. Saying it would be for his own good too.

“Hey, was that your first setback? Or rather, wasn’t that your first defeat? That is why…it’s that, you know. You don’t really know how to take responsibility for it, so to make things easier, you just forced everything on Mikana. Isn’t that right?” [Youki]

Tears were still streaming down his cheeks as he listened to my words. I’m the worst. This is how people would see me from an outsider’s perspective.
I had a feeling that I would make an enemy of over half of Clariness Kingdom citizens for making the hero cry.
I restrained myself from saying anything further and watched him with a complicated look on my face as he continued to shed tears for several minutes.

“…Hey. Can you lend me an ear for a while?” [Yuuga]

Yuuga who has stopped crying asked in a small voice.
I couldn’t decline him since this conversation came at a time like this. If he has indeed regretted it, even just a little, then it might be a story that is worth listening to.

“I don’t mind it.” [Youki]

“Thank you. Then I’ll start…” [Yuuga]

The story that Yuuga began to narrate, little by little, was concerning Mikana and his childhoods.
How they have been together since they were kids, what kind of games they played, and where they went…they were basically childish reminiscences.

“You know, when Mikana knew that I was chosen as a hero, she instantly said that she would go along with me… She began working hard in studying magic. Her effort paid off in the end and she was chosen as one of the party members.” [Yuuga]

You should have realized it already at that point that she is in love with you, you damn slow-witted asshole. I have the strong urge to punch him. I restrained my trembling right hand with my other hand and continued to listen to his story.(2)

The story went on about how he was scolded when he did stupid things, and how he was chided if he was being too picky.
Judging from the story up until now, it seemed that he has always been reprimanded since his childhood.
To sum it up, the whole story essentially sounded like how an older sister was taking care of her younger brother. Even if you were to listen to it over again, the narrative of their childhood since a while ago was on how Mikana has been suffering due to Yuuga.

“…Hey, in the end, what did you actually want to say?” [Youki]

He had asked me to lend him an ear for only a while, but I ended up listening to his recollections for roughly ten minutes. I wish he could get to the main point soon. I would like him to tell me his plans.

“….I guess, I wanted to know what I should do. I have done nothing but caused trouble for her since our childhood…and I did a horrible thing to her… I was wondering, what I should do for Mikana.” [Yuuga]

Did he start cherishing Mikana a little after being immersed in his memories? I wasn’t sure why he was asking me that, but in short, he had no idea on what he should do. Could that be it?

“You know, I think when a person who scolds someone, she or he is doing it because they care for the other party.” [Youki]

“Eh?” [Yuuga]

“So, I think it’s fine if you go apologize…and have her scold you again as usual. If by chance, she does not reprimand you….then, well, we’ll think of another way again.” [Youki]

“I understand. I will go apologize to Mikana…and I will make sure to receive a scolding from her.” [Yuuga](3)

If anyone else who knew nothing about it heard what he said, they might be wondering what he was talking about. However, I think this was the best way to mend the relationship between Yuuga and Mikana.
I wouldn’t say that this plan would definitely succeed, though.

“Ou, do your bes…” [Youki]

“But doing it alone makes me worried. Sorry, but come along with me!” [Yuuga]

“Come again?” [Youki]

At that moment, Yuuga’s reaction was extremely fast.
He placed the money for both drinks on the table, grabbed my right arm, and dashed out of the shop.
We ran through the town at the same speed as when I used the strengthening magic on my feet, and we reached an isolated house before I realized it. It was neither a noble’s mansion nor a tattered house in the alley, but a two-storey house.

“Haa, haa… don’t go grabbing my arm and run all of the sudden!” [Youki]

“No, but I couldn’t gather up my courage if I came alone. All you need to do is wait outside.” [Yuuga]

“Who do you think you are?”, I really wanted to shoot that remark at him. However, if he were to say “I’m your friend”, it would be detestable, so I held myself back.

Well, I was the one who put a crack in their relationship and also the one who mended it. So I guess it would be fine to just wait for him.

“Got it. But I will be staying here. I will not go inside and will go back once you enter the house.” [Youki]

“That alone is good enough. Thank you …Ah, that’s right! I’ll introduce myself once again. I’m Yuuga. Pleased to meet you!” [Yuuga]

He turned around and said that right before he entered the house. I wasn’t that ‘pleased to meet him’, but if it would give him the courage, then I guess I might as well give him a reply.

“…Youki. Best regards.” [Youki]

“I see. Then Youki-kun, thank you. I was able to realize my own mistake thanks to you. I will return the gratitude the next time.” [Yuuga]

He flashed me an ikemen smile… Wait, that sounded like a line that comes from a rival character who’s just turned over a new leaf, right?! Oi!

After thanking me, Yuuga turned around and stood in front of the door.

However, I had forgotten about something at that time.
I had forgotten that Yuuga is a hero, and a protagonist…so he has the ‘lucky lewd’ ability.
Thus, what greeted his sight when Yuuga opened the door without knocking and marched inside, was the scene of Mikana changing her clothes.(4)

He’s done it now.
I, who had instantly grasped the situation, hid myself before Mikana noticed me. I peeked inside to observe the circumstances.

“Kyaaaa—….eh Yuuga!? Why did you suddenly enter before knockin….” [Mikana]

“Mikana, sorry!” [Yuuga]

Yuuga grasped both her shoulders firmly and apologized as he looked straight at her in the eyes.
Mikana was in a half-naked state, you know? If you messed up, you might get arrested by the knights.
…It was a complete out.

“No, like I said…” [Mikana]

“Don’t say anything. Just listen to me!” [Yuuga]

Let me just tell you this.
Yuuga is an absolute retard. Was that fellow really planning to reconcile with her?

“I have realized it. I have done a horrible thing to Mikana. To be more precise, someone made me realized it.” [Yuuga]

What the current you were doing to her was the worst, though.
Rather, could you take notice of Mikana’s state?!
You were holding your half-naked childhood friend down and interrupted her when she tried to say something.

“Even though Mikana has been supporting me for a long time, I have…I’m really sorry. I think what I have done is not something that is easily pardonable just by apologizing. But, if you were to forgive me….” [Yuuga]

It seemed like Mikana was blushing after Yuuga made his apology.
Eh, the mood looked good, didn’t it?
If he were to move on at this pace, she might forgive him.

“I want you to scold me!” [Yuuga]

Ah, Mikana’s expression reverted to normal. Rather, it was becoming worse….It was a complete failure, wasn’t it?!

At that moment, I deeply regretted it from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t advise you to do something like that!

“Fufufufu… so you want to be scolded, don’t you? You barged in all of the sudden while I was changing, and grasped onto my shoulders. Just when I thought that you were planning to apologize… What? Have you awakened to masochistic desire now?” [Mikana]

“Wai-, Mikana!? That’s not it! I want to apologize to…” [Yuuga]

Mikana laughed eerily as she held onto her staff.

“I’ll give you one even without you telling me so, you pervert Yuuga!” [Mikana]

An explosion resounded from the house. I ran away.
*Bam* *Bam*
The sounds of the explosions reverberated through the surroundings. This wasn’t my fault, right?
Well, once Mikana’s anger dissipated, they would probably be able to reconcile.
Since her half-naked state was seen by someone she likes, she shouldn’t be that angry about it. Um. Yeah, it should be alright.
I ignored Yuuga’s screams and pleas for help behind and ran off.
Read the chapters at rinkagetranslation.com. The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.
After escaping, I returned to the inn.
When I tried entering the room, I heard voices coming from the inside so I opened the door a little and peeked through the gap.

“Guardian Deity-sama… your appearance is so dignified.” [Tiel]

“Oi, girlie. You’re sticking too close to me. And don’t rub against my cheek.” [Gai]

Tiel-chan was flirting with Gai.
That reminds me, she did drop by my place. I have totally forgotten about it due to the string of bad luck and the encounter with Yuuga.
It seemed amusing, so I decided to observe it a little longer.

“Aah! Please excuse me, Guardian Deity-sama. I’m sorry to have done such a rude thing to you. Please hold on a moment. I’ll wipe all the parts that I have touched.” [Tiel]

“You don’t need to do that. …Don’t move your body too much. The injuries you sustained when you protected me haven’t fully recovered, right?” [Gai]

“But…cough, cough.” [Tiel]

Didn’t her condition improve after taking Sheik’s medicine?
She shouldn’t have carried such heavy baggage if she hasn’t fully recovered.

“Girly. Your body is initially weak already so just be obedient.” [Gai]

“…Yes.” [Tiel]

Seeming depressed, Tiel-chan started reading the book she brought with her.

Probably because Gai couldn’t bear to see Tiel-chan looking so dejected, he said, “You can come closer if you don’t touch and cling onto me.”

Upon hearing that, a smile bloomed across her face. She kept the book inside the furoshiki and began to move.
Then she sat down next to Gai and said, “Thank you very much, Guardian Deity-sama.” before resuming her reading.

What kind of lovey-dovey atmosphere is this?! I’ll definitely be the third wheel if I entered now, wouldn’t I?
I couldn’t even enter the room which I have rented. Realizing that I had fallen into such a mysterious situation, I ended up wandering around the town until Tiel-chan went back.
If you are reading this on any other place than rinkagetranslation.com, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.

Editor & Translator’s note

(1) ED: This is like Ichika levels of obliviousness
(2) ED: The power contained in my right hand…     |      TL: ∑d(°∀°d)
(3) ED: Masochist?     |     TL: Yup ( ̄∀ ̄;)
(4) ED: My sides right now. They hurt


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