Atelier Tanaka Chapter 13 (3/3)

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: KawaiiAss

special thanks to KawaiiAss to edited this in time for today

Dragon Extermination 3 (3/3)

The battle started upon our encounter.

I’m glad. Thanks to flight magic, the chances of a one-hit kill and other probabilities have decreased. Nevertheless my defence is still paper-thin, so this will be hard. I’m hoping that I can at the very least survive more than one hit.


The two dragons are approaching, coming towards our direction with frightening speed.

One dragon swung his huge tail at me, but I managed to dodge it by increasing my altitude.


The tail that swung passed my foot slammed into the ground, causing a sound loud enough to shake the very earth.

Without even a moment for me to catch my breath, the other dragon unleashed a wing attack. I managed to avoid the attack by a hair’s breadth owing to my flight magic. The strong gust of wind caused by the wings whipped my hair into a frenzy in the process.

Similar exchange of attacks persisted many times after that.

The two Red Dragons seemed to have marked me as their enemy.


This is dangerous.

I understood it well myself that, I’m not going to be able to keep this up for that much longer.

I narrowly avoided all the attacks; however, this flight magic gave me a considerable sense of vertigo. It felt as if I was riding in a roller coaster. I was happy that I could maneuver myself easily while in the air, but I had an overwhelming urge to puke at the same time.

I now understood the blonde haired loli’s feeling when she got airsick.

I felt nauseous.

I felt sick.

Ester-chan, I’m sorry for forcing you around town the other time. I wouldn’t even hesitate to bow my head to you now.

This made me feel anxious about my future plans.

The noble mage, on the other hand, released his power with ease;

“Eat this! The secret of the black magic that leads mankind, Shining Wizard!” [Fahren]

The magic formation that appeared at his feet looked endlessly cool.

Shining Wizard, awesome~

I wanted to try shouting it out too.

What emerged from him was a glimmer of light.

An extremely thick beam of light subsequently shot out from the centre of the magic circle. The shining white light was then propagated following the rule of Geometrical Optics, and landed right in the middle of the Red Dragon’s chest.

It was a direct hit.

*GYAAAS!* An ear piercing sound reverberated throughout the entire area.

Upon seeing the attack, I moved away to observe from a safe distance.

I wonder what effect that had on the dragon, I opened my status window to find out.


Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 3800/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


John’s not dead yet!

However, the noble mage had shaved off 90% of the dragon’s health. He is amazing. It appeared to be persuasive when he had previously accepted the invitation to join the quest to subjugate the Red Dragon.

Unfortunately, that attack seemed to infuriate the dragon as he started charging towards the ossan. That being the case, it was my duty as the vanguard to stop the attack.

“Uooooooooooo!” [Tanaka]

I stepped between the approaching dragon and the noble mage and landed a dropkick to my opponent’s head. It felt like quite a high-level attack as I had landed the kick while crossing my arms over my chest. Could it be due to all the points invested in this flight skill?

A nice and loud ‘bam’ could be heard the moment my attack connected.

Despite the size of the dragon (which far exceeded my own stature), I had landed a hit to his big head. It was only a single blow, but that kick had unexpectedly sent the huge dragon flying. The scene was like that of a bullied kid who had received a punch right to his cheek and was sent tumbling and somersaulting.

In the end, the dragon tumbled over a considerable distance before crashing into the side of the mountain.

Amazing. My level 55 flight magic had been a great help.


Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 3122/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


Sadly, that kicked has done barely any damage, it seems like I only managed to send him crashing to the mountain.

As I thought, my strength lies solely in my magic.

Even if I were to inflict any physical damage on the dragons, I wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

“Fahren-san! Give him another blow please!” [Tanaka]

“Ku–don’t be absurd…..” [Fahren]


Name: Grimoire Fahren
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 80
Job: Mage
HP: 31850/31850
MP: 0/20850
STR: 1300
VIT: 4958
DEX: 19821
AGI: 1030
INT: 41942
LUC: 3291


I guess it was indeed absurd of me.

When I checked his status, his MP was already zero. That single attack just now was one on which he staked all of his power. There was a possibility that it was a high-damaging single attack that could be used at the expense of all the user’s magic power. That must be the reason why he was dismayed when two enemies appeared.

Nevertheless, it seemed that he couldn’t bring himself to say it. The noble mage’s pride was indeed not just for show.

That was seriously cool of him. It would be my turn next to show my cool side.

“I’ll deal with them for the time being. Fahren-san, please step back so you could replenish your magic power for the next attack.” [Tanaka]

“Hold on! It would be impossible even for you to hold back the two of…..” [Fahren]

“If my magic power happens to run out, it would be your turn next. So please step back” [Tanaka]

“!……” [Fahren]

That moment a seemingly fine smile floated across his face.

He’s seriously a fine figure of a man. A middle-aged ikemen overflowing with charm.

Even if we are two individuals belonging to the same middle-aged ossan group, we’re worlds apart.

“I see. That’s just fine with me! I, Fahren will definitely kill them the next round.” [Fahren]

He is someone whom even someone of the same gender would be attracted to at the last moment. Really cool~

“Thank you very much.” [Tanaka]
If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
During the fight against the wyverns a moment ago, I noticed that we were be able to replenish our MP by drinking a potion. That being the case, we should be able to make use of the same item again to turn the tables on the dragons, too.

I’m depending on you, potion.

“The knight there. Go back him up until I return.” [Fahren]

Before he withdrew, the noble mage issued Mercedes-chan the order.

Rather than Allen, he had chosen the anal incontinence lady knight from among the members. It would seem that his sense of aesthetic is a genuine one.

Considering that her level is higher than Allen, her status is naturally higher than him as well.

“Eh? Aa, y-yes!” [Mercedes]

Even though this situation was between a noble and a commoner, Mercedes-chan who responded reverently looked cute. Her servile attitude is cute. I like that part of her. Girls who are weak to status, money, and power are the best. When I become rich one day, I would utilize that wealth to violate her from the back. (EN: :000000000 That escalated very quickly)

I took off to the sky with the thought that I would be doing it for her sake, too.

Three cheers for flight magic!

Once I put my mind to it, the dragons would be nothing to me.

After the noble mage saw Mercedes-chan’s nod, he instantly drew back, and took out a glass bottle from a bag which he had carried in his robe. Or that was supposed to be how it was, but to his shock, what he pulled out was a partially broken empty bottle. There wasn’t a single drop of contents inside anymore, probably because all the liquid had spilled from the cracks.

It seemed that the bottle was damaged without him realizing it.

“Oi! I’ll go search for spare magic potions in the airship! In the meantime, you should just do what you can accordingly! I’ll definitely come back!” [Fahren]

“I got it.” [Tanaka]

“The waitress there. You’ll be helping me!” [Fahren]

“Y-Yesssssss!!!” [Sophia]

The two of them scurried into the half-damaged airship.


All these signs seemed rather dangerous.

However, the remaining HP of the Red Dragon is less than 10%. There is a possibility that even the group sex team would be able to handle him now.

Just when that thought crossed my mind, I could hear someone’s voice calling out from somewhere on the ground. Could it be that my prayer was answered?

“W-Wait a minute. Can you not ignore me here!?”

I was wondering who it was, but it was apparently the blonde haired loli. That energetic girl with a small build was shouting in an exaggerated manner. A huge magic circle could be seen below her feet.

She looks so much like a magical girl. Lovely~

“I-I can attack t-that dragon too! Just watch!” [Ester]

She yelled at me as I floated in the sky.

At the same time, she fired the magic from her two hands which were outstretched in front of her.

Thin sparkly light in rainbow-like iridescent colours shot out from her hand towards the dragon.

That attack looked totally like a machine gun to me.

Even though the opponent received the attack head-on, he proceeded on, totally disregarding the barrage of magic pelting his red scales that left a trail of sparks behind. Not each magic shot out had engulfed the dragon however, as he continued approaching her with his mouth opened up wide enough to swallow her up whole.

“!…….” [Ester]


Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 2022/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


Unfortunately the blonde haired loli’s attack didn’t seem to damage the dragon much.

His HP had decreased by only a mere one to two points every single time the beam of light hit him. That level of attack would not be able to shave off the dragon’s endurance in time before he reached her. The Red Dragon tried to draw closer to her despite the shower of magic attacks hitting his body repeatedly.

After firing what seemed like a hundred shots, the rainbow coloured light eventually faded away.

The blonde haired loli’s magic stopped completely the moment the opponent came face to face with her.


Name: Elizabeth Fitz Clarence
Sex: Female
Race: Half-Succubus
Level: 38
Job: Mage
HP: 4230/4230
MP: 0/8100
STR: 300
VIT: 562
DEX: 652
AGI: 942
INT: 5190
LUC: 330


Rather, this person ended up using all her MP. (EN: lol how sad)

Couldn’t you consider the consequences of your actions a little more? Didn’t that ossan just say that we don’t have any potions in hand now? That said, the opponent that she was shooting her magic at is a formidable enemy, so it was understandable.

If you were to fire that amount of magic 300 times more, then you might have a chance of beating the Red Dragon. In a way, I guess it would usually be safer to have an army of 300 normal people to go against a dragon. I’m not sure what the population of magicians is in this world, but it should be close to that value.

However, when I put it that way, the noble mage’s abilities became increasingly prominent.

“Uoh!?” [Tanaka]

The other dragon, on the other hand, suddenly swung its tail from right to left at me.

The attempt to divert the attention of the other one had become progressively hard as well.

Tail attack, wing attack, and the occasional breath attack. The dragon had tried assailing me using mainly those methods. It was distressing since it would be an instant death if I were to be hit even a single time. In addition, he was moving around like a sheepdog, seemingly unconcerned about anything else but himself. It was a pain.

It made me feel discouraged.

Rather, I have a feeling that I am about to wet my pants anytime now.

I’m about to wet my pants, you damn bastard!

“Kyaaaaaaaaa” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli screamed the same way as the time when the wyverns attacked.

The dragon was drawing close to her, trying to make a meal of her.

“Ku!…..” [Tanaka]

I must do something or it’ll be bad.

Damn. This is dangerous.

I wanted to fly towards John again to give him another dropkick like earlier. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be able to make it in time since the other dragon was doing his best to keep me occupied here. He was preventing me from reaching her, blocking my path completely. Not to mention, I was also constantly barraged with tail and wings attack.

I had a strong urge to release my fireball to end this all, but if I were to shoot it now, I might wind up hitting an ally. Aside from the rough battle, I had also been flying around in the air for quite a long time, so my head was already spinning. I’m getting dizzy. It would be impossible for anyone to shoot an arrow accurately while they are riding a roller coaster. I didn’t have much confidence in my homing skills.

But if I don’t do something about that dragon, Ester-chan will be in trouble.

“Ester-san! Please get away from that place!” [Tanaka]

“!…..” [Ester]

It was finally the time for me to go all-out and unleash my rain of fireball attacks.

“I will do it!!” [Sophie]

Sophie-chan declared in an unsatisfactory tone as she aimed her wand at the dragon that was approaching Ester-chan.

A familiar looking magic formation appeared at her feet. What she produced at the tip of her wand were seven coloured beams, similar to the magic used by the blonde haired loli just now.

I wonder if this magic is actually popular.

However, the number of beams she fired and the momentum of each beam was much
higher than that of the blonde haired loli. I suppose, when it comes to the skill level, Sophie-chan is probably more advanced, but if you were to compare just the INT, Ester-chan is higher, so I don’t think I was wrong.

*GYAAAS!* When the dragon received most of the beams that had been fired, he let out a roar once again.

This scene made me feel as if I was watching a Godzilla movie.

*Glance* The opponent directed his attention to Sophie-chan.


At that moment, Allen-shi jumped out and retrieved the blonde haired loli. He took her in his arms and carried her like a princess, leaving that spot in helter-skelter. It was a splendid cooperation. This must be the result of the group sex team’s effort in polishing their ‘teamwork’ daily.
(╬ᇂ..ᇂ)o彡° RinkageTranslation wishes all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Uu, I’m cummin! I-I’m cummin too! Ahn, me too!

That must be how it was. How envious.

“Kuu…..still can’t work?!….” [Sophie]


Name: Cyan Bitch
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Level: 35
Job: Mage
HP: 6705/6705
MP: 0/7300
STR: 800
VIT: 662
DEX: 752
AGI: 620
INT: 4190
LUC: 280


And thus, Sophie-chan’s MP became zero too.

As a result, when I tried checking John’s status….


Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 722/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


Oh, it seemed like a good sign.

Although the blonde haired loli had a higher talent in magic, Sophia-chan was more proficient in using her skills. Based on what I had seen so far from the stats, there was a possibility that the two of them might find their stats reversed in future. It was likely that Sophie-chan is the one who is stronger at present.

Ester-chan is the type of person who might be underestimated initially.

As I thought, John had also sensed that his own condition was getting bad. He uttered a growl as he lowered himself to the ground, trying to intimidate his surrounding. Somehow, what he was doing reminded me of a stray cat. I had a feeling that he was similar to a wild animal, becoming alarmed when he sensed someone’s presence, as he sat hunched in a guarded, crouched position.

It seemed likely that he was being vigilant, however, no one had delivered the last shot to finish him off.

Could someone please just shave off his remaining 722 HP?

As I was praying in my heart, the one who had answered it was that person.

The lesbo lady knight made her appearance.

“Haaaaaaaa!!!” [Mercedes]

After giving out a cry (that seemed to carry a certain black history), she wielded her sword and rushed to the front-line.

“No, wait! It would indeed be impossible for you to face him!” I thought.

But just as I had the thought, she managed to aim the tip of her sword perfectly at the dragon’s eyeball.

After taking a big jump, she thrust her sword into the dragon’s face, piercing deep into his eye.


A scream that sounded as such could be heard coming from John’s mouth.

Did she succeed?


Name: John
Sex: Male
Race: Red Dragon
Level: 267
HP: 0/312610
MP: 81700/81705
STR: 27900
VIT: 15962
DEX: 9952
AGI: 21522
INT: 32500
LUC: 10363


Oh, she did it!

A remarkably loud scream reverberated through the place, and the giant fell onto the rocky surface with a huge thud.

“First one down.”

Mercedes-chan murmured under her breath without addressing anyone in particular, as she pulled out her sword.

It had crossed my mind before, when we fought the wyverns; this girl had a great talent for stealing the best part of a fight. Somehow, it was as if she had done her best to put a dragon slayer look on her face, making those who couldn’t see her stats revere her as a hero.

“L-Let’s get the remaining one as well!” [Ester]

The blonde haired loli cried out loud as she glared at the other dragon.

Why are you acting all high and mighty, even though your MP had reached zero?

Nonetheless her undaunted behaviour appeared to be effective this time.

For some reason, when the other dragon confirmed that his companion was killed, he ran away from us.

I had first thought he might suddenly breathe out an especially huge stream of fire from his mouth, scattering flames all around us, but he had instead turned around, and flew off with great momentum by flapping his wings. He flew towards the summit of the mountain at top speed; he was as fast as our airship.

“W-What? I never expect that the dragon would escape….” [Mercedes]

Mercedes-chan muttered, appearing stunned by the rare event happening before her eyes.

The battle ended.

Apparently, it was our victory.

This is quite a great party, isn’t it?

It made me feel a little proud, as the leader.

“……We did it, didn’t we?” [Tanaka]

After breathing out in relief, I descended from the sky to the ground.

The surface of the earth was seriously nostalgic. The was the first thing that came to my mind the moment my feet touched the ground.


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