Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 44

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith & Ranock “Dimitri” Pliskin (The Fabulous Intelligent Not Angry Potatic Draturtle)

Here’s another chapter today.

Chapter 44 – The smell of the bullshit thread on New Year’s Eve

I went through the mirror and returned to my room.
My mother was in the middle of boiling some toshikoshi soba while my father was watching television while enjoying his beer downstairs.

It seems that neither my older brother, nor my sister, will return home this year. It was to be expected since they did say that the recession this year was really bad so they couldn’t afford it, financially. Well, considering that the mirror I have now might pose some problems if they were to find out, it was great news to me personally. It wasn’t as if they would be giving me any ‘otoshidama’ anyway. 1 The only thing my brother would do is pester me on my job-hunting.

Anyway, my New Year’s Eve is usually a common one. After finishing the toshikoshi soba made by my mother, I’ll laze around doing nothing but watching the television specials which air annually during this time. That was how I intended to spend my day too, but since my siblings weren’t coming back, we had plenty of leftover soba. I wondered how I could sneak the two portions of food back to my room. I had thought about bringing the soba back to Diana and Marina but no matter how I thought about it, it would end up being too suspicious.

For the time being, I’ll just put that matter aside. After finishing my own portion of soba, I returned to my room to switch on my PC.

This might be a good time for me to put the items up for auction. Since the post office is not open on New Year’s Eve, I have to put off shipping all the goods for now. However, considering that it is currently winter vacation, the post office will certainly be overloaded.

After taking pictures of the products purchased from the flea market a few days ago, I put the items up for bid one by one. The last time I listed the items up for an opening bid of 1 yen, I earned quite an amount of profit so I decided to use the same pattern again. Even though I could set the prices of each products by rough estimation, there were still some areas that I wasn’t that familiar with as yet.

Once I was done with that, I took out my digital camera and started processing the images so I could upload them to the thread. The main ones that I had taken were photographs of the mansion, but snapshots of the party held today and of both my slaves in UNIQLO clothing were also included among them.

After uploading several pieces of images, I opened up the board. Having not checked it for several days, it seemed to have advanced to the fourth page. It was supposed to be at the third one the last time I started writing, so it seemed to have progressed quite a bit. Anyway, that was what I thought, but it suddenly hit me that it was winter break, so I guess it couldn’t be helped.

【Serious】 My mirror is connected to another world 【Proof】 9

66: Anonymous Fairy
The summary up until now.
1 appeared and insisted that his mirror is connected to another world.
He uploaded an image of a spider-like creature with many legs that is supposedly a creature from the other world.
He uploaded the images of the other world’s townscape.
1 bought two slaves from the other world.
He made a remark that he would be sharing the night with the slaves but failed to do so.
He conquered the black elf’s boobs.
He defeated a monster using a magic weapon.
Ba-dump! He participated in a women’s only drinking party.
The mansion will be completed soon!……that was the announcement that he made but we never heard from him again.
1 died in the other world far far away ← Here now

67: Anonymous Fairy
There’s no telling anymore if 1 will be coming.

68: Anonymous Fairy
Isn’t the particular about the bar ready yet?

69: Anonymous Fairy
I thought it would resemble a shop in my neighbourhood. I guess it was possibly just my imagination.

70: Anonymous Fairy
Someone with experience even said that those were CG.

71: Anonymous Fairy
「An enjoyable drinking party with the girls at the bar」
……Wouldn’t it be too vain to produce a CG like that?

72: Anonymous Fairy
Images of weapons aside, the ones of the elves-chan should all be residents, I think.

73: Anonymous Fairy
That was interesting itself so I like it though.
Especially his sense in choosing the armours….
Why not an ordinary shield or armour? Why a gauntlet?

74: Anonymous Fairy
I just joined recently but are all those CG in the end?

75: Anonymous Fairy
Make it ROM for 6 months2
That was what I wanted to say but….
After 1 uploaded the images, he’d go missing for several days….

76: Anonymous Fairy
Just compose yourself.
If those are not CG, then what do you think they are?
Real ones? A real magic sword?

77: Anonymous Fairy
The ‘inhabitants’ here are basically pure.
They’ll just swallow everything fed to them.

78 :1◆Xc544iUoWE   [Jirou]
Long time no see guys.
My sword training and mansion were completed already since then.
Since I have some time now, I’ll answer any questions tossed at me.
As for the images, please wait a moment.

79: Anonymous Fairy
Uooooo! Are you for real?

80: Anonymous Fairy
Sword training lol
What the heck were you doing lol

81: Anonymous Fairy
Eros! Post more eros!
I don’t mind even if they’re not good enough–!!

82: Anonymous Fairy
I’ve been waiting!
Call the elves-chan and let’s go for an offline party!

83: Anonymous Fairy
Let me know the software that you used
I would like to create such images myself too.

84: Anonymous Fairy
You’re still doing this fucked up thing?

85: Anonymous Fairy
1-san, I only have one thing to ask from you.
Could you upload the images without mosaic?

86 :1◆Xc544iUoWE  [Jirou]
Here are a few images for the time being.

Appearance of the Mansion
-image url-

Water Well
-image url-

-image url-

Mansion 1
-image url-

Mansion 2
-image url-

Mansion 3
-image url-

I’ll see what I can do.

87: Anonymous Fairy
Even if you put on smug look after uploading those images to a foreign site like this…..

88: Anonymous Fairy
It looks way different than the typical other world.
Isn’t that just a Western-style house?

89: Anonymous Fairy
It doesn’t seem as if the stable is in use.
Are you planning to keep a horse as well?
Wouldn’t it be impossible for an amateur to handle a horse?

90: Anonymous Fairy
No I don’t care about those. Just give me the images of those elves-chan.

91: Anonymous Fairy
I wasn’t being impatient. I was just trying to irritate 1.

92: Anonymous Fairy
The moment I heard that 1 came, I took off my pants.

93: Anonymous Fairy
It’s a horse from a fantasy world so there shouldn’t be any problem.
They don’t need to take a shit and they can also fly.
They can even speak human languages.

94: Anonymous Fairy
Horse, “If you put me in that stable……”

95: Anonymous Fairy
You’ll need a housekeeper for such a big mansion, won’t you?
Ah, you have slaves so I guess it wouldn’t be a problem.

96: Anonymous Fairy
Could that possibly be…..a maid then?

97: Anonymous Fairy
Alright! You must absolutely employ one!
Hire a klutzy, loli elf maid!

98: Anonymous Fairy
1, “I’ll need to find a new source for my modelling again….”

99: Anonymous Fairy
No one is interested in the mansion at all lol.

100: Anonymous Fairy
That’s because the elves will always end up being the main topic.

101: Anonymous Fairy
The setting of the world inside the mirror and so on is something like ‘sashimi garnish’.
As long as the ‘sashimi’ elves are present, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. 3

102: Anonymous Fairy
1, you did say that you could pass through the mirror to the parallel world, didn’t you?
So when you travel there, does the mass of ‘you’ in this world suddenly disappear?
Do you know how the law of conservation of mass works?

103: Anonymous Fairy
1-san is an electronic fairy so he doesn’t have mass.

104: Anonymous Fairy
There wouldn’t be any issue if it’s not actually connected to the parallel world, but to another place like the ‘Anywhere Door’ instead, right? 4

105: Anonymous Fairy
So where’s the place that it’s connected to?

106: Anonymous Fairy
What happens if someone disappear all of the sudden?
Would a black hole appear? Or would the Big Bang occur?

107: Anonymous Fairy
The surface of the mirror is an event horizon.
In other words, the mirror itself is a stabilized black hole.
Don’t make me say it. It’s embarrassing.

108: Anonymous Fairy
The mirror’s scarryy~

109: Anonymous Fairy
If you were to pass through a black hole, you could travel through time.
It was stated in the anime that I watched the other day.

110: Anonymous Fairy
That is to say, the place that 1 had travelled to is Earth in future…..

111: Anonymous Fairy
The same pattern as the Planet of the Apes?

112: Anonymous Fairy
If that is Earth in the future, then the story wouldn’t match.

113: Anonymous Fairy
It doesn’t match rofl.
The story’s not consistent lol.

114: Anonymous Fairy
That’s enough. It’s annoying.

115: Anonymous Fairy
Does 1 intend to live in this mansion?
Isn’t it impossible for modern people?
There’re no electricity, gas or water-service, right?

116: Anonymous Fairy
Couldn’t he treat it as if he’s staying in a villa…..?

117: Anonymous Fairy
As long as you bring a propane there for gas, it would be OK.
There’s a water well for water supply so he would be able to make do with it.
As for the last one, he could generate his own electricity.

118: Anonymous Fairy
Why would he need “self-generated electricity” when he has already bought two slaves…. 5

119: Anonymous Fairy
Not in that way lol

….No wait, do you mean “that”?

120 :1◆Xc544iUoWE  [Jirou]
I’m planning to get three horses.
I’ll be employing someone to care for the horses

I’ll be looking for someone who could also care for the horses too from the nearby villages.
I’m thinking of hiring one
And of course, I’ll have her put on maid’s clothing gufufu

On the contrary, I have brought back many items from that world to this world…..

There are two moons here though….

The mirror is placed in one of the rooms in the mansion so I could return here anytime I want.
I think that’s really what gave it the feeling of a villa.
It might actually not be bad living a life without modern conveniences.

121 :1◆Xc544iUoWE  [Jirou]
Also, something important to tell you all
The people from the other world are not able to come to this world through the mirror
It was a pity since I had thought of having an offline meeting.

Dark Elf-chan in the middle of horseback riding
-image url-

The elves-chan in UNIQLO clothing
-image url-

My instructors in sword training (despite their looks, they’re father and daughter)
-image url-

The state of the completion party after the renovation of the mansion was completed
-image url-

122: Anonymous Fairy
There are two moons you say…..

The same pattern as the Planet of the Apes?

123: Anonymous Fairy
You should’ve bought something better lol.

124: Anonymous Fairy
New images came!!!
What a huge horse!

125: Anonymous Fairy
Making a village girl a maid…is it…

126: Anonymous Fairy
Why did you dress the White Elf like this?

127: Anonymous Fairy
It felt totally new for the White one to be sloppy.

128: Anonymous Fairy
If it so happens that there will be two moons in future, I wonder what kind of change it would bring.

129: Anonymous Fairy
Hiyaaaaaaaa!!!!! Dark Elf-chan’s cute!!! 1!

130: Anonymous Fairy
Why didn’t you remove the mosaic?
Isn’t it fine? Please?

131: Anonymous Fairy
Did you rub the boobs of this black one?
I will never forgive 1 for this! Never!!!

132: Anonymous Fairy
Is that so? That feeling of envy is kinda outrageous.

133: Anonymous Fairy
Is your instructor in swordsmanship (the guy), a human?
He can swing a sword that huge?

134: Anonymous Fairy
That female instructor has a nice ass
Moreover redhead is also a plus
1 sure has good taste

135: Anonymous Fairy
No one has brought it up yet but…
No matter how you look at it, this doesn’t look like a CG anymore, does it?

136: Anonymous Fairy
The pint-sized ossan in the party’s photograph made me curious though.
Isn’t that a dwarf?

137: Anonymous Fairy
That ossan is one of the few without any mosaic on him.

138: Anonymous Fairy
“I don’t care about the privacy of an ossan.” That is how it is to 1.

139: Isolated Self ◆ 4noig329de
In the end, were you able to build an ‘intimate’ relationship with the elves?
It seemed that you have already acquired a love nest.
You’re carrying all our dreams and hopes. Do your best!

140: Anonymous Fairy
That’s seriously creepy
‘Intimate’. That word is so obsolete now. 6

141: Anonymous Fairy
Don’t make a comment that’ll ruin the flow of the conversation.

142: Anonymous Fairy
I can say it out at this rate!
Take photos that emphasize more on their boobs the next time.

143: Anonymous Fairy
Then just compromise it yourself and it’ll be fine.

144: Anonymous Fairy
Then I’ll be fine with just a village chick.
Naturally the one you’ll be hiring is a loli, right?

145: Anonymous Fairy
A post with your real intent.

146: Anonymous Fairy
Images are fine but I’d like to watch videos too.
Just upload everything.
I want to see non-stationary elves-chan.

147: Anonymous Fairy
Since there are two moons, wouldn’t the increase or decrease of the moons’ gravity affect the Earth’s rotation period?
If that’s the case, then would the length of the day be longer or shorter?

148: Anonymous Fairy
Enough with the analysis.
I’ve said it many times before but those who can’t enjoy a joke as a joke can just leave.
In the first place, why did you guys relate them in Earth sense lol

149: Anonymous Fairy
I know you guys are just ignoring that fact, but aren’t you curious about how 1 obtain the house?
Are peppers that profitable?

150: Anonymous Fairy
Let’s just call it a Gaban Palace….. 7

151: Anonymous Fairy
There’s a possibility that it’ll turn out to be a shota too.8
Rather, 1-san would do it.

152: Anonymous Fairy
It’s hateful that 1’s a riajuu.
The mirror should just explode.

153 :1◆Xc544iUoWE  [Jirou]
Is everyone enjoying it?
I’ll be sending Toshikoshi soba to the elves now.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year~

I ended up taking too much time in this. I wasn’t sure if those people were just too free on New Year’s Eve or if there were any other reasons. However, I had not expected the depopulated board to be so active today. The contents of the discussion were mainly about shitty things though.
It didn’t seem as if it had become a strange topic on the net yet, but for the sake of getting more CG collections (that’s what they’re called now), I should try getting better photos. Buying a compact digital camera now might not be helpful anymore. I guess I should get an SLR camera instead.
If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
If you are reading this on a place other than, this chapter has been stolen and is neither the most recent or complete chapter.
“I felt awfully hungry for some reason. I’ll be taking this soba.” [Jirou]

After saying so to my parents, I made Diana and Marina’s portion and secretly brought them back to the mansion to enjoy my second bowl of soba with the two of them.
Diana and Marina seemed to like the soba, as they commented that it tasted delicious. Well, there are noodles that resemble udon, as well as seasonings that are similar to soy sauce in this world, too, so it wasn’t too surprising that they didn’t hate it. There isn’t much difference in terms of taste, and chopsticks are also commonly used there as well.

Ah, that’s right. I’ll need to explain our livelihood and the objective of our activities to them from now on.


1. Otoshidama (お年玉) = New Year’s Gift. One of the Japanese traditions where the adults in the family give money to the children.

2. ROM = Read Only Member

3. Sashimi Garnish (Sashimi no tsuma) = “Tsuma” is the name of a garnish made of daikon, a big white radish, shredded and arranged on a sashimi platter. Most people don’t eat it or even pay attention to it. Meaning, something that is of no significance and can easily be done without.

4. Anywhere Door = Dokodemo Door (どこでもドア) = he’s referring to the gadget from Doraemon series.

5. 自家発電 is used in both lines but they carry different meanings. It literally means ‘self-generated electricity’ but it could also mean ‘masturbation’ colloquially.

6. ネンゴロ is the raw used here. It’s an archaic word in Japanese but I couldn’t find the right English word to rephrase that so I used ‘intimate’ here instead.

7. Sorry, it took me so long to find out that GABAN here actually refers to the pepper brand in Japan >.> . I’ll be retranslating that line in chapter 25 and 39.

8. Shota = Young boys

9. Editor Note: There were a lot of thing that we could have edited within the blog post section. We chose not to. It’s the internet. If there weren’t blatantly obvious grammatical errors, it wouldn’t have felt right. Some were changed for flow, but we left the quality stuff in for you. I mean, who could be bothered to edit stuff on the internet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

10. Potato Note: I was so confused when when i saw some lines in that post section, but then i remember that we’re in the internet… this place is magical.

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