Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 42

Translated by: Rinkage
Edited by: The Blacksmith & Ranock “Dimitri” Pliskin (The Fabulous Intelligent Not Angry Potatic Draturtle)

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Chapter 42 – The smell of my home from the other world’s base

On our way to the mansion, I decided to open up my vocation board to check it out. I don’t usually take a look at my vocation board, or rather, I never give it a look at all (in reality, there is almost no change in any way), so I wouldn’t notice it even if there was any new guidance.
I had confirmed that I received two new guidance when I purchased the magic sword the previous time, so if there were no new ones, then the total number of uncompleted guidance should be 6.

Strange as it may sound, I have forgotten what my own vocations are recently. Therefore, it was of great importance to confirm all the data before I start my new life in the mansion.
Considering that I had made rapid progress in my swordsmanship, if everything turns out well for the other vocations, I might be able to improve myself fast depending on the different training that I’ll be putting myself through.

【 Name 】
Jirou Ayase

【 Age 】
21 years old

【 Gender 】

【 Race 】

【 Vocation 】
-Magician (Wizard)
-Swindler (Trickster)
-Merchant (Trader)
-Jewellery Scholar (Gemologist)

【 Inherent Job 】
-Wise man of another world (The Library)
Trip to another world (The Journey)
Principle of universe (The Principle)
The mirror of truth (The Judgement)

【 Guidance of Baraka 】
・ The Fate of the Giant Swing 9/10
・ Make a transaction with the Imperial trader 2/3
・ Try going to the Mining Town 0/3
・ Try going to the Lakeside Town 0/3
・ Try defeating a monster 0/1
・ Obtain your own home 0/1

Oo, it felt like it has been a long time since I last saw you for some reason, vocation board. Since there wasn’t any progress with the guidance in particular…
Although, it seemed that I do have a lot of vocations…
Ah, that’s right. These were the two guidance that I received when I purchased the magic sword the previous time; 「Try defeating a monster」 and 「Obtain your own home」.

For the time being, I don’t have the intention to achieve the guidance concerning the monster yet, since I thought I should train a little more before attempting it under Shello-san’s supervision. Strictly speaking, I have already obtained my own home, but it has yet to be achieved based on what was stated here. I wonder if it wouldn’t work unless I actually lived there myself…
The Fate of the Giant Swing is the same as before, and the transaction with the imperial trader has been put on hold for now (I have to think of something that I could sell to Jephthah at a high price.) I will take a trip to the Mining Town and Lakeside Town only after I’ve got my business on track… 1

However, probably because I haven’t seen these in a while, I have forgotten that I have blacksmith, craftsman and cook as my vocations as well. It would be a waste not to make use of those skills considering that I already have them. I should give them a try when I have the time.
Blacksmithing, in particular, was not something that could be easily done in Japan. Therefore, being in this world would give me the opportunity to explore it even more. Not to mention, Rukuraera is the home for blacksmiths. It was enjoyable making knives as a hobby the last time, but the blade itself was just made by cutting and sharpening the steel material, and not by forging it. That is why, forging is something that I have been yearning to do.

In regard to craftsmanship training… it might be a good idea to have the mayor’s husband, Bill, guide me through it. Even if it is not possible, I have a metal engraving job for him to do too.

As for the cooking skill, well, once I began my life in the mansion, I’ll have the chance to try making a wide selection of food and improve as I do so. I wonder if it might be too optimistic of me.
Well, even without that particular vocation, I would like to have a go at cooking anyway since we have a big oven in the mansion.
Besides, I wasn’t sure how good Marina is in cooking, but I have a premonition that I shouldn’t expect anything from her. On the other hand, if I were to leave it to Diana, I have a feeling that she might end up serving worm dishes instead… 2

Speaking of which….., there is one thing that I have not thought of before. I am curious if inherent jobs also fall under the category of vocation. If that’s the case then, those skills might level up too depending on the training…
Nonetheless I don’t have the faintest idea on what the ‘Wise man of the other world’ does. Aside from the skill, ‘The mirror of truth’, I have yet to comprehend the two other skills. In a way, it couldn’t be helped even if I couldn’t develop them. Or should I just concentrate in using just ‘The mirror of truth’? To be honest, no idea comes to mind.

Aah, as expected I really want an instruction manual.
Read the chapters at The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.
Read the chapters at The chapters for this series will NOT be posted anywhere else other than on that site itself. If you are reading this from somewhere else then this is chapter has been stolen.
“Ooooo! Amazing! The place has become pretty. There’re even flower beds now.” [Jirou]

“Thanks to Diana-sama’s spirit magic in removing the trees, we can revamp not only the mansion, but the garden too. Of course, the condition of the mansion is perfect as well.” [Hetty]

“I only have helped out a little. Besides, this was also due to goshujin-sama. He was the one who had managed to find a place that overflows with spirits like this. If it were any normal places, I might have a hard time using even that level of spirit magic.” [Diana]

“As I thought, could it be that it is easier to use spirit magic in a place overflowing with spirits? Let me know what else you can do the next time.” [Jirou]

“But, as expected of Hetty. That’s some pretty fast work. Is spearheading actually your forte?” [Rebecca]

“C-could you not make fun of me.” [Hetty]

“There is even a separate place for the servants!” [Marina]

“Marina, that’s a stable.” [Jirou]

We entered the residence grounds. The transformation was indeed worthy of admiration.

The garden of the mansion had been beautifully leveled, and flower beds were arranged in sections that were exposed to the sun. The surrounding trees were also pruned, making it well-ventilated and improving the air flow. The well and stable were restored to their pristine condition. It was hard to believe that the once thick, dreary place had been transformed into a clean, bright, and warm haven.

The stable is a semi-indoor type that could accommodate around four horses. Stones were used as the foundation of the stable, making it look quite solid. There are no horses inside yet, but it appears that they would be arranging for some within several days, when they go to the city.
It feels luxurious once I started thinking of my own future horse…… That’s because I would become a horse owner! A horse owner, got it!?

That said, as I thought, it would be difficult to take care of three horses. It might possibly be a good idea to hire a housekeeper dedicated exclusively to the care of the horses. Not to mention, the place is huge too… I wonder if I could hire young girls from the village at a cheap price to come here…
… I guess I could consider that option a little too… I should probably test the waters by going to there to greet them as someone who just moved here… Let’s do so.

I had previously seen the water well, but it appears to be modified with a simple roof built on top and a bucket attached to a rope now. When I tried drawing water from the well, I found that it was harder than I thought it would be. However, the well water was cold and clean, making the whole experience quite refreshing for me. Although it would be far easier to operate if I were to install a hand pump, and that equipment should be less expensive, the hand pump lacks the charm.
All in all, since it is to be a medieval European-style mansion at a glance, if I were to install a hand pump, it would look totally out of place, making only that portion look like Showa era. Also, it might actually be inconvenient if I were to try using it…

The appearance of the mansion was the same as before, but the overgrown weeds on the roof, and the cobwebs I found on the first day I came here, had since been thoroughly removed. The wall is also coated with a new layer of paint, the surface now appearing so white that it practically reflects off light. I wasn’t sure if they were originally there, but there were dainty pink flowers blossoming from the shrubs.
Regardless of how you look at it, this is already such a splendid looking European mansion that you wouldn’t have believed that this place used to be deserted several days ago.

After that, I took a look around the inside of the mansion. The walls inside have been painted and any broken floorboards had been replaced with new ones as well. Above all, the entire interior appeared so beautifully polished that it was literally beyond recognition.
Firewood and fire starter tools have been prepared at the fireplace. The vases were decorated with bouquets of lavender flowers, and the ceramic tableware and jugs were lined up in the cupboard. Firewood and simple cooking utensils seemed to be prepared at the place where the stone oven is as well. In addition, they had readied the bed in the bedroom, and the bathroom was also cleaned. When I took a peek into the attic, I realized that there wasn’t even a speck of dust inside.

I have never expected them to prepare things like bed and tableware for me, so it was a happy miscalculation. Similar to when you rent an apartment in Japan, household items that tenant would need wouldn’t be prepared, so the tenant has to ready the items themselves. I had always believed and never doubt that this should be the case……

What pleases me in particular was the fact that they had prepared the bed for me. However, the fly in the ointment was that they only prepared a single king size bed. 2 I wonder if they had wanted me to prepare Diana and Marina’s share myself. But, purchasing the entire set might be unexpectedly expensive. I would need to get the bed frame, mattress along with bed sheets, futon and blanket too if necessary. Should I make another selfish request so they could buy them for me? But, they had left them out despite knowing it…..this is a pain.

……Just kidding.
Well, no matter how you slice it, this was what they wanted to convey based on the current situation; 「Just sleep together. They’re your slaves anyway」.
Since the time when I had made the mistake previously, I didn’t feel like forcing Marina into it and Diana wanted a pledge of everlasting love. So, to be honest, this is difficult.
Sooner or later, that opportunity would come by naturally if all of us were to get along as is. I guess there is nothing much that I could do but restrain myself until then.

After a brief exploration, I thanked Hetty-san once again.

“Hetty-san, thank you very much. I had not expected you to make this place so beautiful. I’m really touched……. Diana said that this would be of great help, so she should achieve her guidance soon as well.” [Jirou]

“I didn’t say that…… But, I’m really grateful for what you’ve done concerning the mansion, Hetty.” [Diana]

Diana couldn’t pick up the flow of the conversation even after I had gone out of my way to bring that subject up. Since you need a place to stay, this mansion is important for you to maintain your body. Thus I would be troubled if you couldn’t take the hint here! Please take a hint!

“It’s fine. After all, I’m only doing this as a representative of the house of Solo, so there is no need to thank me. If you really want to convey your gratitude, please express it to young master when you come to Erishe.” [Hetty] 4

“Ah that’s right. Come to think of it, Hetty-san is a servant belonging to the house of Solo….or rather, a maid? I wonder why. The impression of you being a former mercenary leader was stronger, so I’ve forgotten about it.” [Jirou]

“It can’t be………This should be a perfect maid look……. Do I look that stern?” [Hetty]

Hetty-san returned the question as she stared at me.
Uun. Well, to be blunt, you don’t look delicate. But, it’s not really that look, but rather—-

“Erm, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant….., I wonder how I should put it. You possess a sense of majesty or rather, your aura is different, isn’t it? To be honest, you have a more dignified appearance than Jepththah-san.” [Jirou]

“Well, Hetty being a male-surpasser is not something new now.” [Rebecca] 4

“Becky, you’re mean. I’m actually….that’s right, this what you call dignity! This is an overflowing sense of dignity!” [Hetty]

“Aa, certainly Hetty-san is very dignified, isn’t she? When I first met Hetty-san in the inn, I thought she was a young lady from a certain rich family.” [Jirou]

“As expected, Jirou-sama has a good judgement! …….Cough. Since the renovation of the mansion has been completed, will you be having the completion ceremony tomorrow? I will be managing that for you too, so rest assured and just leave it to me.” [Hetty]

“Eh? Ah yes. Thank you.” [Jirou]

A completion ceremony. Was there something like that?
Considering that this was a renovation, or rather, a clean-up of the mansion, we have yet to treat those workers to any alcohol to thank them for their work. Hence I guess it should be something similar to a party held for that, in addition to announcing the completion of the mansion.
Well, personally I don’t mind those simple ‘get-acquainted’ party at all.
Ah, I must absolutely remember to invite Toby from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry though….. That fellow would definitely open his eyes wide in shock……


In the afternoon of the next day, the completion ceremony was held in the garden of the mansion.

Even if they called it a ‘completion ceremony’, it was simply a drinking party in the end.
Hetty-san was the one to have prepared the tables and tableware for the outdoor party. Naturally food and beverages were included among the preparation too, so I’m glad that we didn’t need to do anything.
The guests of the party were Shello-san, Rebecca-san, Priestess-chan and Toby-shi from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The others who attended as well were Diana, Marina, Hetty-san’s group of workers, and me. In terms of number of people attending, it was actually quite a big party. Food and drinks were also decreasing at an amazing speed.
Since this party was a rare occasion, I snuck back to Japan in the morning to buy simple pastries, alcohol, and other such items to be served in the party. However, the potato chips and chocolate cakes were somehow received easily. They were especially popular among young workers and the elves. Even though Japanese sake appeared to be well-received by Shello-san and the elderly workers, it didn’t seem to suit the taste of the younger generation.

I did attempt to dish out the food occasionally when I invited the guests. Thus when I tried marketing them, I found out that it might actually be fun.
Well, honestly I hadn’t considered forcing myself into a food business though since the profit margin seemed to be low.

Toby-shi was still pretty sceptical about the existence of the mansion before I invited him over. Hence when he came over and confirmed the truth with his own eyes, I noticed that his eyes did pop out in shock. Well, from the beginning it appeared that he didn’t believe it himself that a mansion really existed here.

“This only happened because you always thought that there was a hidden meaning behind someone’s words, Toby-kun.” When Rebecca-san said that to Toby-shi, it made me feel bad.

Priestess-chan on the other hand was surprised at the density of the spirit’s power here. “Would it be alright if I were to drop by here once in awhile?” She asked Diana.

If it was possible, I wanted to be one to hear that from you! Though the answer would still be an OK regardless!

Well, there must be quite a lot of things concerning that when it comes to elves that day

In the end, rather than a ‘ceremony’, it ended up becoming normal drinking party on that day, with everyone eating and drinking as they had a pleasant chat until evening. This was probably how the ‘ceremony’ was held in this world. No, I’m sure of it.

“We’ll come again~” Hetty-san and her group of workers as well as Priestess-chan said before they went back, leaving only me, Diana, Marina, Shello-san, and Rebecca-san here.

Now then… finally I’ll be starting my life in this mansion today

But before that, leaving aside Shello-san who was dead drunk as usual, I should disclose my secret about the mirror to the three of them as planned.
I would be using this mansion as my base to start my trading business from now on, so it would be hard to carry it out if I were to continue hiding this from them.


1. “Mining Town” refers to “Rukuraera” while “Lakeside town” refers to “Heripa Lake”
2. A recap in case you forget but Diana likes eating hornworms. Refer to chapter 23.
3. 玉にキズ = fly in the ointment
4. Young master = Jephthah
5. 男勝り (otoko masari) = Male-Surpasser. Otoko Masari is someone who excels over man in some way (either in brain, muscle or just plain spirit), but Japanese women certainly don’t aspire to be described as one since it also implies lack of femininity.

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