Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V1 C19

Here’s chapter 19.

Note: This is chapter 38 from the Web Novel.

❊Illustration inside❊

TL: Rinkage
Edited by: tjelliott
Special thanks to: Solistia for contributing the digital copy of the Light Novel

 Chapter 19: I met the King

“Eh!? An audience with His Majesty!? We weren’t informed of that……..” [Cecilia]

What should we do once we reach the castle?

When Cecilia tried confirming it with the soldier at the castle, it was unexpected to be told that the King had wanted an audience with us. Cecilia who became panic-stricken desperately inquired further details from the soldier.
It was my first time seeing Cecilia looking this distraught.
On the other hand, Sheik was looking around restlessly.
It is simply because the situation is similar to when the Aquarain’s house was being compared to the Demon’s castle. Both places are worlds apart. It gave me a little peace of mind now, since we had already forbidden him to speak beforehand.

While Cecilia was arguing with the soldier, I tried recalling back on the stories that I’ve heard concerning the King of Clariness Kingdom.

Darts Horta Clariness is the current King of Clariness Kingdom. Despite being the third Prince, he’s a talented individual who has ascended the throne, after defeating his two older brothers. In the last fight against the Demon’s army that persisted for 10 years, he went to the battlefield at the mere age of 15 and gained numerous military achievements.

Even when I was still in the Demon’s castle, I had heard of the rumours pertaining to a Prince from a certain country somewhere who is excessively strong. In spite of the unexpected assassination attempts by his two brothers, he covered for them and expelled them from the country under the pretense of marrying them into the bride’s family.

By the way, notwithstanding their own incompetency on the battlefield, they vented their anger out on the soldiers who they deemed to be useless and did nothing except messing around day in, and day out. In a way, expelling them from the country was the right thing to do.

Then, three years ago, he finally inherited the throne from his father and also the former King, Darc Malta Clariness.

Half of the story was actually obtained from the rumours while the other half was heard from Raven.

It’s really amazing for someone to be able to succeed the throne at the age of 25. This is something that is impossible for me.

Based on what I heard from the rumour, he has the ability to be a hero himself. Hence if he were not a Prince, he might have replaced Yuuga as a hero at that time. Well, whoever the hero is, they would not stand a chance against me anyhow.

When you get right down to it, I’m still the best among them. That was, what I was thinking of when Cecilia finally returned after her long dispute with the soldier. Judging from her facial expression, it didn’t seem to be a bad news.

“Did you manage to get the story out of him?” [Youki]

“Yes. Apparently King-sama has summoned us because he has something to say to us personally.” [Cecilia]

“Did he want to know about the incident that happened in Dagaz Village in detail?” [Youki]

“Probably……” [Cecilia]

Then it might be bad if we do not get our stories to match here. The truth about Gai or about how I fought after transforming back into a demon must be kept a secret at all costs. It would bad if our stories were to clash since it might end up arousing his suspicions.

“Then, the only thing that is worrying me now is….” [Youki]

Cecilia and I both glanced towards a certain direction at the same time, resting our eyes on a restless looking figure there. Sheik has been looking around the castle anxiously since earlier. This guy is the one worrying me the most at the moment……..

“….I’m feeling uneasy.” [Youki]

“Same here…..” [Cecilia]

Cecilia and I have persuaded Sheik not to say anything unnecessary numerous times already and Sheik has nodded in response, giving us positive affirmations every single time. Possibly due to the desperate look on our faces as we persistently cautioned him, he ended up staying silent the entire time.

“Got it? Absolutely do not say anything unnecessary!” [Youki]

“Sheik-kun, please be careful alright? We’ll not be putting our heads in a noose, am I right?!” 1 [Cecilia]

While we were using all means of persuasion on Sheik, the presence of a soldier approaching us, silenced us instantly.

“Please excuse me. It’s almost time for me to show you the way to the audience room…..May I know if it’s alright?” [soldier]

“Ah, yes…..it’s fine.” [Cecilia]

“Then please come this way……” [solider]

With the soldier in the lead, we entered the castle. Was Cecilia already accustomed to situation like this? She appears to have regain her composure while I’m still feeling rather nervous here. On the other hand, the furniture in the castle seemed to have piqued Sheik’s interest so I couldn’t feel any feelings of anxiety coming from him. Sheik might probably be the most carefree one among us now.

We arrived at the front of a huge door before long. The audience room must be right beyond this door.

I swallowed my saliva with a gulp. I had audience with the Demon Lord numerous times already back when I was still in the demon castle so, I could probably make use of that experience to go through this somehow. Sheik wise……is worrisome. The soldier opened the door.

The style is not much different than when I had an audience with the Demon Lord the last time. A long red carpet was spread across on the floor from the entrance to the end, and the figure of a man could be seen sitting on a throne.

The individual sitting there might be the one who had called for our presence, the current King of Clariness, Darts Horta Clariness.

On his left stood a female knight, possibly standing guard while on his right was a man clad in expensive looking clothes and wearing glasses. He might possibly be a minister or someone in similar position.

For security reasons, there were several dozens of knights standing guard on each side of the room as well.

When prompted by the soldier, we moved ahead and stopped several steps from the throne to kneel and lower our heads before the King.
Fortunately, even though Sheik doesn’t seem to be familiar with this etiquette, he wasn’t oblivious to the situation. He proceeded well in imitating us and somehow got through the predicament.

“My apologies for summoning all of you here without alerting you in advance. I am the King of the Clariness Kingdom, Darts Horta Clariness……..It felt way too stiff. I’m sorry but, could we drop all the formalities and speak in a more casual tone?” [King Darts]

Is that question directed to us? No, it appears that he was speaking to the female knight beside him.

“Your Majesty, I do not agree with that. Cecilia Aquarain aside, the other two people are having the audience with Your Majesty for the first time. If Your Majesty does not portray the majesty, befitting a ruler of a country here…” [Female Knight]

“Don’t be so stiff, Sylvia~” [King Darts]

All of the sudden, he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her close. The female knight’s face became beet red when their faces drew close.
What’s up with these two? Are they both actually in an intimate kind of relationship? A sweet pink aura seemed to be emanating from them.

Even though the knights remained standing upright, the minister could be heard drawing a huge sigh as he said, “Again….”
It doesn’t seem to be Cecilia’s first time encountering this kind of scene too since there wasn’t any expression on her face at all. While Sheik is……why are you sleeping there!?

“Um….so does Your Majesty have anything that you need to speak to us about?” [Youki]

After what it seemed like 5 minutes of watching them confirming their love for each other, I moved on to the main subject.

“Nn…….? Aaa….my apologies. We might have entered our own world unintentionally.” [King Darts]

Unintentionally my ass, this bastard riajuu!…..That was what I wanted to say but since the other party is a King, all I can do is just curse him silently in my heart.
The female knight seemed to resume as always as if nothing had happened. Will this country be alright………

“Then let’s cut to the chase. I have called you all here pertaining to the incident that happened in Dagaz Village. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the report I received from Cecilia Aquarain but…..there is still something that I still can’t quite put together yet.” [King Darts]

Uwaaa….was it just as I thought?

Cecilia and I exchanged look, confirming with each other to match our stories as discussed earlier.

“King Darts, may I know what was it that you are not able to understand?” [Cecilia]

From our previous arrangements, we have decided that Cecilia, being the one who has the highest amity with the King to be the first one to answer the questions.

“Hmm, based on the report, Gallis Empire’s hero, Mirror, does not possess only the great sword techniques, but also excellent movements. In addition to that, there’re also a magic absorbing sword and another artificial demon’s weapon in the shape of a tube that emits a flash in the report.” [King Darts]

“Yes. They are all the truth…..May I know if there is anything wrong in respect to that?” [Cecilia]

“I couldn’t really grasp the part…..about how Mirror fell into the river. It doesn’t sound reasonable even if Cecilia Aquarain is a member from the hero’s party who had defeated the Demon Lord. Among those two over there, we have received hidden reports that a guy by the name of Youki has registered with the guild as a rank C adventurer but, the other young boy wasn’t registered with the guild. Besides……” [King Darts]

When he casted his glance at Sheik…….he’s still sleeping!?

It’s certainly inevitable even if we were suspected now. Cecilia could be seen breaking out in a cold sweat as well.
She was probably figuring out how to worm our way out of this. I did ask him not to say anything unnecessary but I don’t recall giving him the green light to doze off.

“…..Sheik, wake up.” [Youki]

“Nn?” [Sheik]

I nudged Sheik with my elbow, to wake him up.

“Do something. Anything.” [Youki]

Would performing just acrobatic movements be convincing enough for him? However, King Darts appeared to have a different proposal in mind as he observed Sheik.

“I would like to have a better understanding of your ability….How about if you were to be Sylvia’s practice partner here?” [King Darts]

Sylvia should be the female knight beside him.…….It should be alright if it does not reach the degree where injuries occur.

“Sure~” [Sheik]

“……then, here I go.” [Sylvia]

Upon hearing Sheik’s reply, the unexpected expression she had on when she was flirting with the King was gone, replaced by a penetrating glare that was cast at Sheik as she approached him.

Despite the supposedly heavy armour weighing on her body, the female knight’s movement was extremely agile. But, Sheik is not any inferior to her too. They were engaged in close combat for a short moment before the female knight parted and backed away a few steps, returning to her former position.

Sheik had not gone in pursuit as well and did a light stretching instead. It seems to be over.

“Sylvia, how is his ability?” [King Darts]

“Yes. His swift movement is of one unbefitting of his age. I am looking forward to seeing his growth in future.” [Sylvia]

Judging on the contents of the conversation, it looks like they have recognized Sheik’s ability.

“King Darts, then..?” [Cecilia]

“Aa, I’ll believe in your story for the time being.” [King Darts]

“Thank you very much.” [Cecilia]

Seeing Cecilia giving a splendidly done and beautiful bow, I lowered my head before the King too. Casting Cecilia a sidelong glance, I could see her looking relieved. The reason being, she might be the one feeling most anxious about the whole ordeal this time. I’m glad that it is a tremendous weight off her shoulders now.

“Hahaha. Just raise your heads! I would’ve believe in your story even if I had not tested his abilities actually. The testimonies received have already proven that what’s stated in the report is not a lie.” [King Darts]

“…..Eh?” [Cecilia]

What do you mean by that? Cecilia looked totally bewildered by that statement. I looked at King Darts with two huge dots in my eyes too.

“Based on the information acquired from Raven, the villagers have already testified hearing loud battle noises coming from the forests. Raven had gone to the scene himself and confirmed the traces of the fight there as well.” [King Darts]

“But, those alone might not be sufficient as a testimony to our report……..” [Cecilia]

“Hmmm. First of all, there would no reason for Cecilia Aquarain to be giving a false report. It will be sufficient so long as you were to prove that a battle did ensue there.” [King Darts]

Could it be because she’s a member from the hero’s party? The King appears to have considerable trust in her.

“Also pertaining to the results of the fight…..from what I have heard so far about Gallis Empire’s hero, Mirror, well if you had lost then you wouldn’t be standing here right now, would you?” [King Darts]

“I had to undergo medical treatment in the village at that time…in worst cases there is a possibility of me getting killed too.” [Cecilia]

“Hahaha. So it seems.” [King Darts]

In other words, could it be that, King Darts has not doubted us at all from the beginning? Cecilia who was at her wits’ end, trying to think of various excuses since earlier started trembling.

“King Darts!” [Cecilia]

“Hahaha. Don’t be so angry, Cecilia Aquarain. It was just a little prank.” [King Darts]

As expected of Cecilia. Despite the fact that the other party’s a King, she still snapped at him. King Darts laughed in an effort to gloss over Cecilia’s anger. I am seriously worried about the future of this country.

Was everything that I have heard about the King just a rumour? Just as that thought crossed my mind, King Darts who was appeasing Cecilia earlier voiced out.

“Fuu…well then. Without further ado, let’s enter the main topic. You have attained quite numerous achievements this time. Not only have you repelled Gallis Empire’s hero, Mirror, you have also relayed it to us on the enemy’s hidden intelligences gathering agenda on Clariness Kingdom and also gathered other valuable information beneficial to the country. So, I would like to grant each of you an award. What do you want?” [King Darts]

An award…… What a sweet sounding word this is. But, a reward might sound even better. Without knowing it, my mind ended up changing the word ‘award’ into ‘reward’. The word ‘reward’ endlessly repeats itself in my head.
Reward, reward, reward, reward… that’s it!

“I want to go out with Cecilia.” [Youki]

Due to the honest desire swirling in my head, I wound up blurting it out by accident.
I was overcome with remorse the moment those words escaped my mouth.
This isn’t a reward that can be granted by the King, is it!?

Sheik burst out laughing while Cecilia was stunned by my words.
Everyone in the room, including King Darts appeared stupefied by my sudden unexpected request.


Rinkage’s Footnotes

1. 自分の首を絞めることになりかねませんからね = It’s a metaphor for ‘An action that will end up putting oneself into an extremely dangerous situation’. Literally, ‘strangling your own neck’. The English version would be ‘Put one’s head in a noose’.


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