Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki Chapter 21

Here is chapter 21~
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Episode 21:  The high-tech smell coming from the magic map

“Master. What are Marina’s experiences as a knight……no, there’s no way she has one. What the heck is that?”  [Ayase]

“Iya~a, it seems like that girl admires knights a lot…… So….that is something like her prolonging interest in imitating a knight.”  [owner]

I see.
…..wait it’s not just “I see”!!
…..What on earth is that girl doing at her current age!

But, well……it’s cute so whatever!

Anyway, I decided to buy Marina. To be more precise, I will have Jephthah-shi buy it for me though.

While Marina was still engaged in the skit with Diana, I signed the document first. The price is……40 gold coins. The tentative conversion of it would be roughly 6 mil Japanese yen. As for the price of a slave, I wasn’t sure how much would it cost for a good one but it should be cheap……
Well, Turk tribe appears to be unpopular and since her vocation is that, I guess it should be cheap. I should check on the prices of other slaves for future reference.

After that, the elf that was originally under the employment of the slave trading house helped in carrying out the contract between me and Marina.

In Marina’s opinion, 「I am the owner of Diana, the princess = a lord who is worthy to be served」 so the equation was somehow settled and the contract was completed normally without a hitch.

I pulled out the vocation board to confirm the agreement.

Good good….  [For clarification, apart from any orders that will endanger her life, Marina is required to obey everything Jirou said.] That remark was somehow included in the contract.

Eh? What does that mean?
That means even erotic orders are permitted! Yes!!
It’s totally a separate matter if a child emperor like me would or would not issue such a command though! Uo—

As for Marina, the slave trading house will be dressing her up as a service to me so I was asked to wait in the room first.

On our way to the room, Diana caught Jephthah midway to request for his agreement to provide as much accommodation as he could so I managed to chimed in to make my request too.

“By the way, Jephthah-san, it’s the matter relating to the mayor. In the end what was the promise that you had with her? It seems like you will be getting something from her if I win so I would like you to tell me.”  [Ayase]

“Aa, it’s a map. The mayor has bet the map on the match.”  [Jephthah]

“Eh? A map? Why a map?”  [Ayase]

“Even though I said it’s a map, it’s actually an ancient magic map. I’m currently collecting these. I heard that the mayor managed to obtain something similar excavated from Rukuraera mountain so I negotiated with her.”  [Jephthah]

Here it is, Jephthah-shi showed it to me.
An ancient looking parchment? It’s an easily drawn map…..Somehow the information on the map resembles a touch panel that I could switch on by touching. I couldn’t read the characters that came out so I got Rebecca-san to read it.

“Let’s see……『A group of goblins has been discovered deep inside the Rukuraera mountain’s mine! Requesting for their subjugation immediately! The clear condition is to subdue the mother goblin in the deepest part of the mine. The reward for clearing this will be 500G magic stone (red)』. What is this?”  [Rebecca]

“It was used by the Hunter’s Guild during the ancient times. Apparently it was an order sheet from their work but I don’t know the in-depth details about it. I have another eight pieces of these with me but the written contents are roughly similar.”  [Jephthah]

…..this is something like a guild request isn’t it? The unit used for money is G too. What is with this other world? So are the olden days a more  RPG oriented world?

“Jephthah-san. When you say ancient, do you know the rough period where this map originated from?”  [Ayase]

“It was said that this came from the era of Spirit civilization. So, it’s roughly……..1000 years ago.”  [Jephthah]


“The Mirror of Truth.”


Quest Order Sheet(Easy mode)

The mine’s goblin mother

The order sheet for monster’s subjugation quest
Difficulty grade D
You’ll fail if you look down on those goblins!
A first year warrior adventurer who tried disposing of the mother goblin was rendered incapacitated due to the attacks!

【Magic Properties】
It will change into reward after the quest is cleared.

【Spirit’s blessing】

Jephthah Solo


It’s way too candid……
If this will change into the reward upon clearance, doesn’t it mean that the quest is still not cleared?
I wonder if the mother goblin in the inner mine has already shrivel up after being kept waiting for 1000 years.

“Then it’s a considerably old thing isn’t it? Is this expensive?”  [Ayase]

“Myself included, the portion will be split among the other collectors, the figure is quite small but,… will be 20 gold coins at the very least.”  [Jephthah]

20 gold coins? Expensiveee.
But well, I would like to obtain one and see if I could clear the quest one day. Although that is if the quest is still available.
I wonder if Jephthah-shi has tried it himself before.

“I see. It’s done quite fairly well, isn’t it. By the way, have you actually tried going into the interior of the mine based on what’s written on this map?”  [Ayase]

“As expected I have not tried going there. Old mines are usually infested with many monsters. But there are mineral gathering quests in the other maps that I have obtained so I tried looking for those. Unfortunately, I did not find anything.”  [Jephthah]

So he did try it before……This guy must have a lot of free time.

“I will be changing the subject Jephthah-san. I have a small request to make actually. I had heard it a while ago from Diana but it appears that it will still take a considerably long time to clear the next part in the guidance.”  [Ayase]

“There is still a lot to come.”  [Jephthah]

“So I have always been by myself up till now. As for my base, I’ve only been freeloading like a burden at Rebecca-san’s place like an inn but I couldn’t afford to do so from now on. I have bought a house already but it’s not really in a state that’s suitable to be live in yet and of course it still requires a lot of maintenance. However, it’s embarrassing to say but I don’t have the required funds to do so. So I was wondering if the Solo house could be a back-up in this considering that Diana will be living in that house from now on.”  [Ayase]

“It’s goshujinsama and my new house isn’t it….. S-so the punishment for the slave will be carried out in the basement then……goshujinsama sure is hasty…..”  [Diana]

Another strange delusion is coming out from her mouth! Please be more prudent since I’m at an important point now!

“Yes I don’t mind it.”  [Jephthah]

It sounds trivial to him! Is there something wrong with this guy’s sense in the value of money! He just bought me a slave easily too!
I wonder what exceptionally good things will he be receiving once Diana achieved her guidance. Let me have a part of it too.

“Thank you very much. Then I will bring this matter up at a later date. Actually…..I have just received a guidance, 『Make a transaction with the Imperial trader』.”  [Ayase]

“Oh that is wonderful. As I thought, we must have been fated to meet under the guidance of the Great Spirit.”  [Jephthah]

Jephthah-shi appeared to be really happy.
Is this guy for real? I could never understand the thinking of a bonbon…..
Despite his intention to trick me, he didn’t seem like a bad person…. No, I have never thought that he is genuinely a bad guy though.

But well, there is the matter with regards to Diana’s back-up too so I would need to associate with this guy for the time being anyway.
However, I need to be more careful so I wouldn’t let myself get caught up in his mischief again.








“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The owner of the slave trading house came in the room with Marina who was clad in a simple white dress made of cotton. She appeared to have been given a light makeup.

Marina seemed to be squirming. Confusion filled her deep purple eyes as she looked around the room restlessly, both her hands moving around hesitantly without confidence.

What is with this cute creature. It feels like a dream to be able to bring her back in reality. Dehhee.
(TL: Just imagine him putting on this face when he was thinking of that ->  (´∀`)  )

My eyes met Marina’s. I wasn’t sure if she would start babbling something strange again but she seemed to have wanted to say something when she looked at me.
As a gooshujinsama, I was overcome with the urge to shout out, “This is my slave!”

“You’re beautiful, Marina. Really beautiful. To the point that I feel like exploring every nook and cranny of you.”  [Ayase]

This is dangerous. I have blurted out something strange now.

On hearing what I said, Marina’s face turned beet red, her eyes were wide opened in surprise.
Diana pinched my left arm.
Rebecca-san twisted my right arm.
It’s going to break!

“To begin with, goshujinsama is impolite. You’re being impolite to me. You haven’t said anything when you see me.”  [Diana]

“You’re right. Jirou might be inconsiderate in many areas isn’t he–”  [Rebecca]

“E-even if my liege says s-something like that, I wouldn’t be h-happy with it either….”  [Marina]
(TL: a tsundere?)

“Iya~ aren’t you a popular one, Jirou-san. Hahaha.”  [Jephthah]

Is this what you call being popular! It’s my first time being popular ever since I was born!
That’s not possible. I will not be fooled by Jephthah again!


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