Din no Monshou April Fool Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – At the Imperial City


The Imperial City.
We finally arrived at our destination after an immensely agonizing time riding in the carriage.
It was especially so for me.
If I were given a choice, I would definitely not ride in any carriages again.

We left the central street and entered a street with many nobles around.
Upon entering, a stately mansion could be seen up ahead for the purpose of welcoming the visitors.
That seems to be the place that we’ll be lodging at.

「Will this seriously be the place that we will be staying it? 」
「Aa. The nobles who will be performing in the duel will be using this place as a temporary lodging. 」
「Isn’t it kind of extravagant just as temporary lodging? 」
「It’s actually considered as the lowest valued residence in the Imperial City though. Many other nobles’ residences here are actually more ‘extravagant’ than this. 」

What will Din’s property be categorized as then? (TL: a shack)
The nobles here apparently do not know how to live in moderation.

「What will father be doing now? 」
「I’m just going to get our things inside. If you want to look around the city, you can go ahead. 」
「What about Walkins? 」

I shot the question at Walkins but for some reason she was staring off into space.
Come to think of it she hasn’t been saying much at all in the entire trip.
She has been keeping watch outside the carriage the whole time so I guess she must probably be tired.

「Walkins? 」
「Ah yes. I’m sorry. What was it that you just said, Regis-sama? 」
「……it’s nothing. You looked tired. Are you alright? 」

She looked anxious for a second but a smile instantly spread across her face.

「I’m fine, Regis-sama. I might just be a little exhausted. 」

Was it just my feeling that she was just trying to camouflage it?
Shadiverga might have sense it too since I could see the look of unease on his face.

「You don’t need to worry about the duel. Since I’m the one entering, our victory is guaranteed. 」
「No, I think it might be precisely because father is the one entering that Walkins’ worried. 」
「What were you trying to say?! 」
「Fufufu. I’m seriously fine. So what was Regis-sama saying earlier? 」

I guess she might just be overwhelmed with fatigue.
Shadiverga was still bickering there noisily but for the time being let’s just ignore him.
When my eyes met Walkins, she smiled.
As expected she’s cute.

I told her of my plan to explore the city which she offered to come along after.
However, I declined the offer and asked her to take a rest in the mansion instead.
Both Walkins and Shadiverga have always been working really hard so I wanted them to take a rest once in a while.
I’ll just go shopping in the meantime.

Since I’ve come all the way to the Imperial City, there should be magic books here that weren’t sold in the province.
Should I try searching in the magic shop and purchase a few back?

As I was thinking of it, I wandered around the central city for a while.
However, I wasn’t able to locate any magic shops around even after some time.
Majority of the shops here are mostly armor shops and general stores.

Next to the armor shop here are another two more general stores.
For some reason, the smells emanating from these stores were tingling my nose.
My stomach suddenly growled in protest probably because I hadn’t eaten a thing since just now.

「I should probably go back soon I guess. They might be worried if I stay out too long. 」

After making up my mind, I turned into a somewhat desolated alley.
Compared to the busy street I was able to make my way through easily since I wouldn’t end up bumping onto unexpected people or snobbish nobbles probably.

*ta ta ta ta*
A sudden sound of footsteps could be heard reverberating through the alley.
I glanced around but the sound stopped instantly and only the silence greeted me back.
I couldn’t see anyone around either but for some reason I could feel a presence nearby.

Just as I started walking, I could hear the footsteps behind again.
If it were someone ‘friendly’, then they wouldn’t need to hide themselves.
The only other possible reason is that they were following me for malicious motives.
A thief possibly?
I couldn’t refute that possibility.
This might be the Imperial City but cases like kidnapping or burglary must not be rare here.

Although, it might be possible that Durufu has sent someone to keep an eye on all of us too.
A wave of anxiety suddenly washed over me.
If it were just a few normal bandits or lackeys, I might still be able to handle them.
However, if they were highly skilled assassins that were sent by Durufu, it might pose some problem.
Moreover, I am worried if Durufu has sent someone after Shadiverga too.

Walkins and Shadiverga are both in the mansion now so it should be alright.
Especially if Walkins is with him.

For the time being the presence following me didn’t seem to be making any movement.
I quickened my pace and made my way back while keeping alert of my surrounding.






「What’s the rush there Regis? You don’t look too well. 」

A wave of relief washed over me when I saw Shadiverga.
He seemed to be sitting on the couch leisurely while sipping his tea.
Walkins doesn’t seem to be around.

Nothing seemed to occur on my way back after that suspicious footsteps and presence.
It might just be the workings of my overly imaginative mind but I was seriously relief for some reason.
Shadiverga cocked his head to one side on seeing my dubious behavior.

「No it’s nothing. Where’s Walkins? 」
「Ah she went out just now after saying “I’m going to look for Regis-sama”. Didn’t you see her? She was out for quite some time now.」
「……No I haven’t」

There were probably too many people in the central street earlier so the chances of us meeting each other was slim to begin with.
That said, that means Walkins hasn’t come back for some time now.
She should be able to handle any number of skilled assassins by herself but it was still worrisome.

「You sure you’re fine there? Here, have something to drink. 」

Shadiverga stood up as he carried a cup over to me.








In that instant, I felt a really strong killing intent coming from somewhere in this room.
Before I realized it, red liquid splattered all over my face and body.
I gazed up at Shadiverga, his face twisted in agony in front of me.

「Ufufufu. That’s one down」

The silky luxurious silver hair.
Her fluttering black lace maid clothing.
It couldn’t be possible.

「Welcome back, Regis-sama. I’ve been waiting for you.」


A bewitching smile unlike the smile she usually has on floated over her countenance as she dropped the blood soaked knife onto the floor.



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