Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN) V2 Afterword


It’s been a long time, or maybe, it’s nice meeting you for the first time. I’m Suisei.

Thanks to all the readers and all the involved parties, I was able to release the second volume of my work, “Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita.” this time. I really appreciate all of your help in this. Thank you very much.

However, the same as what I had written before in the previous volume, I wasn’t sure how I should go about writing this. It would seem that there was no improvement in me since the last time. I’m sorry. But, since I’ve received the opportunity to write my thoughts out here, I’ll do my best.

Well then, let’s do an author’s confession at the end of the title “Yuusha Party”. There was a suspicion going around for a certain period of time, that the author dislikes women. Lol. I guess it could be that I appeared much closer to my male friends, or that I did not have much contact with females. Nevertheless, I actually love romantic fantasy, so I’m not sure how that rumours came about. I suppose you’re not interested to know about something like this. I’m sorry.

That’s all about my personal story. The summary about the second volume is going to be just a short one.

Since I’m strictly prohibited to write spoilers here, I’ll just write a rough / simple one.

It ended with Youki’s struggle, Cecilia’s waiting, Raven unsettled feelings, Yuuga’s growth, and Mikana’s problem solved. Of course, Duke and the rest played an active role, too. There is a full extra chapter this time as well, similar to the previous volume. Was that summary too rough / simple? *sweats*

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the people who have helped me out with this little work of mine:

First, my editor, whom I had caused inconvenience to in various ways. I’m really sorry, and thank you very much for your help.

Next is the illustrator, La-na, who had drawn all the illustrations since the previous volume. Thank you once again for such wonderful illustrations this time. Youki and the rest are also pleased with them. “Fuahahaha” He was laughing loudly like this, as he conveyed his gratitude to you cockily. Lol.

And, I’d like to thank my family who had been supporting someone like me all the time, and S and T, who helped me with various aspects like the ideas for the story. I’m really grateful for their help since the ideas are usually hidden in everyday life.

And, last but far from least, to the readers who had purchased my work. I would be really glad if you have enjoyed reading my work.

…My apologies for the long-winded afterword in the previous volume. If there is a chance for us to meet again the next time, I’ll make sure to write a well thought out afterword.

Author: Suisei

I live in Hokkaido. After being an avid reader for 5 years, I began writing a year ago. As a result of my love for fantasy and romance stories, I finally completed my first work. (April 2015)

Illustrator: La-na

I’m an illustrator from Gunma Prefecture who currently resides in Tokyo. (April 2015)