Chapter 3 – The Sky Champion and…..

Chapter 3
Note: I seriously don’t know whether the author is telling the story from the first person point of view or third person point of view. It kept changing throughout the story so I had a hard time understanding it. So I think it would be the best for me to stick to first person point of view like the first chapter.

I woke up early this morning. The main reason was because of the figure sleeping next to me. Erie’s chest and thighs are too conspicuous and her face is closed to me, breathing gently as she sleeps. As a guy, this scene is too unbearable for me.

Erie’s sleeping face looks similar to an angel. She is sooo~ cute! I drooled slightly and felt like hugging her right now. I would really like to see her expression as she turned red but I should hold myself back. We just knew each other for one day so if I were to do that, Idon’t think that she will forgive me easily.

As I was worrying endlessly about it, Erie woke up. She looked down immediately while blushing since our faces were too close. She is dangerously cute.

“Morning Erie.”  [Ryuuta]

“Er…erm…good morning…Ryuuta-san.”  [Erie]

When I greeted her, she returned the greeting with a smile. This is not a smile worth 100 yen. It’s definitely a smile worth more than 250 yen. [TN: The heck…so cheap!!]

“Na, Erie…How much more do we have to walk today to reach the village?”  [Ryuuta]

When I asked her that, she answered me without any worries. She is definitely a child of a merchant.

“Let’s see…I think if we take off from here it will be around the evening when we reach the village. However the area around the village has been recently issued as a danger zone. It seems like Garuda has flew down from the mountain to the vicinity of that area to search for food.”  [Erie]

I came to a realization. I can eat that! Garuda is a strong bird type monster so the meat must be tasty as well. Erie seemed to have figured out something from my look.

“You shouldn’t do it, alright? Challenging a Garuda alone. Garuda is a huge monster categorized under Arank. They usually need at least 10 knights to defeat one.”  [Erie]

She puffed up a cheek a little in anger. Oh right she did mention to me yesterday regarding B rank or A rank Garuda. The rank is usually determined by the monsters’ strength in this world. F rank is the lowest while S+ is the highest rank. The higher the rank is, the stronger the monster is.

God and Angels appears only in the mythology. The Demon King is above S+ rank while the other deities are between A to S rank.

However there is a difference between an A rank human and A rank monster. First of all is the size of the monster. For example, for a huge monster like Garuda, a large number of humans are required to subdue it. This is because there is a difference in the physical strength.

At the same time I will explain the differences in the monsters’ class below.


F ——> Quite a weak type. They can be hunted by a child alone

E ——>Quite strong. Well a single adult is able to handle them. The boar and rabbit monster that I have defeated are in this rank.

D ——> An adult with no combat experience will have difficulty with them. Overall a single adult is still able to handle them.

C ——> It will be quite impossible for a single adult to defeat them. At least three adults are required to subdue them.

B ——>They are quite strong from here on. It is advisable to have around five adults with high combat experience to go against monster with this rank.

A ——>Similar rank to a Garuda. At least 10 adults with high combat experience are required to subdue it.

S ——> Even if 20-30 people go against one, it will ended up in a pile of dead bodies.

S+——> A level similar to Carbuncle, Siren and Spirit. They are strong to the extent that the whole country will turn to a ruin.


Rank A to S…….are usually beings from another world.There are stories that they travelled to this world by distorting the time and space to obliterate the continent.

Rank SSS……all the God and deities are at this level. When the God appears in this world based on the myth, causing a time compression. When the zero dimension appears, the entire world will be destroyed.

I don’t think I will be fighting against God rank. However if it’s a Garuda…….If possible I would like to be its opponent just to see which among us is stronger. Erie drew a big sigh while being amazed.

“It seems like no matter what I have said to Ryuuta-san, it’s of no use. That is why, please try not to force yourself.”  [Erie]

I was hit by a pang of guilt when I see the unease look on her face. While we ended our conversation with that, Erie’s mother woke up and started making preparations to continue the journey.

For some reason she was giving me a meaningful look and smiled. Shit, I have a feeling that somehow I was seen through by that mother.

When the sun rises, it’s the time when the other monsters and animals also began to be active. We also started to move out around then. Even though we were going at a slow pace, it was still fun.

Erie and her mother had fun teasing me and in reverse too. This felt similar to a field trip so it was quite exciting to me. All of a sudden, I was feeling another kind excitement when I detected a reaction of a living organism similar to a Garuda flying here from the mountains. The Garuda seemed to have sensed us as well and was slowly descending here. This fight seems inevitable. While I was in deep thoughts, Erie and her mother mightnoticed that something was wrong when there was a heavy aura surrounding me. They slowly realized it after.

“Ryuuta? Have you possibly noticed it already from the start? That a Garuda is around this area?”  [Erie]

“There is no such thing though. It’s not that I kept it a secret because I wanted to fight it.”  [Ryuuta]

As I was jokingly answering her……the Garuda entered the territory while fixing its gaze at us. Damn…it’s really strong. My motivation suddenly burst out. I should just do it!

“Erie and Ayane-san, please move back……..that guy is only aiming for me.”  [Ryuuta]

I have been feeling its blood thirst since a while ago. ‘A ‘rank might be seriously dangerous. The Garuda cried out in intimidation. The huge body could be seen flying roughly 5 meters above in the sky…….this could be troublesome.

“Alright I shall do some warm up then!”  [Ryuuta]

I focussed my energy to my entire body, preparing myself to ambush on the enemy like a beast stalking its prey. As I thought it feels great…..I could feel every single nerves and cells as if every single one of them belongs to me.

I kicked the ground and jumped up. It was the similar stunt that I used on the bandits yesterday so I could get close to it…..not. I had completely lost the sight of the Garuda. Could I be experiencing an ‘A’ rank monster crisis now.

This guy is fun! The Garuda suddenly launched its claw at me from above, trying to rip off the top of my head. I evaded it by a hair’s breadth, rolled to its back and released my drop kick. I managed to get a hit on it this time, but it wasreally hard! Its muscle must have absorbed the shock.

Without giving up, I went to its right and gave another roundhouse kick to its body but I was unsure if its back was too solid or if it evaded in time, my attack didn’t seem to connect at all! All of the sudden!

The Garuda turned its body to face me and released a pale blue electric from its mouth.

Shit! I was not able to evade or defend against it due to the sudden attack. I was hit directly by the electric attack that knocked me straight to the ground. I felt like all the air in my lungs has been knocked out as well.

“Ku-!!……cough cough…..strong. There were no signs of it earlier too.”  [Ryuuta]

I stood up with a slight wobble.However I was bleeding all over my body. I might be thankful to it actually for not giving chase.

Once again I concentrated all my power in my body and jumped up towards the Garuda to engage in an aerial combat. If its back is too hard, what about the abdomen?The abdomen is not covered with hair so it should be easier compared to earlier! I twisted my body forcibly and slid under its abdomen.

“Uuuuaaaa!!!”  [Ryuuta]

A loud thud resounded and the Garuda staggered slightly. It worked! As I have expected the abdomen is fragile.

I landed on the ground to prepare for the next attack but as I was too reckless earlier, every part of my body was screaming in pain. I adjusted my breathing while keeping my eyes on the Garuda.

At that very moment, I was hit by a heavy impact causing my body arched. No, it felt like something similar to wind was drilling out from the ground. Not even a second after I grasped the information, Garuda started to prepare for a second attack. However I should not give it the opportunity to cast the magic a second time.

I didn’t think that it was possible but could it be that a chant is not necessary to cast a magic?……..It’s hard to do. It is likely that there will not be enough time for me to close in the gap to attack before it uses the next magic.

It couldn’t be help…..I’ll just give it a try. I concentrated and released my zombie impulse from deep inside my body.

“Ugaaaaaaaaaa~!!!”  [Ryuuta]

All the pain in the muscle and bone penetrated my body. Unlike the time when I fought earlier I maintained my composure. If I released my impulse like a beast again, my body might not be able to withstand it.