Chapter 2 – The Dead and the Dead

Chapter 2

The desire for blood overwhelmed me and I started emitting the aura of a predator to the surrounding, causing the monsters around the area that sensed the danger to flee.

They must have understood the principal of a predator. Animals might be classified as a smart class.

Thus when the atmosphere was reversed, the bandits understood that a fight is imminent. The bandit who was holding the girl hostage was aware of it so he released the girl and directed his knife at me instead. The other two bandits unsheathed their sword and took a battle stance as well.

“Heh-heh, I can sense quite a power coming from you……but we can use magic here.

The distance between us can be shortened within just a blink of an eye.”  [Bandit A]

Was he just trying to bluff his way out since he had no chance of winning? ……No he might have really been planning to strike with magic. The bandit held out a cane and started chanting something, ergo something strange begin to gather around the area.

“Scorching flame from the hell with the power of destruction, destroy the enemy. Fire Burn!”  [Bandit A]

A fireball emerged from the tip of the cane and began to increase in size…….I have a bad feeling from this. The size of the fireball was initially similar to the size of a ball on a palm but it gradually grew to a size huge enough to envelope my entire body.

“Run away! That person was previously a C-rank magician! If any human is burnt by that fire they will definitely die!”  [Girl]

The girl that was taken hostage earlier looked stiffed when she perceived danger.

Even though my body was usually able to evade it naturally, it was impossible to avoid it from that distance. If I were to receive the hit directly, I don’t think I will escape unscathed however I would like to give it a try. I am interested to know if I will die when I am burnt or how much pain will I feel so it is inevitable. I am still not familiar with my own body structure currently so it will be good to test it out.

Thus I was hit by the flying fireball. Un! It hurts. It was quite painful but not to the extent of dying.

“Hyahyahya! It’s a direct hit! He must have been burnt to a cinder. He’ll definitely die.”  [Bandit B]

“True….it is unlikely he will still be alive.”  [Bandit A]

“You, for you to use a C-rank magic all of a sudden……as expected you are strong.”  [Bandit C]

The girl was on the verge of breaking out in tears.  It was really hard for her to see someone who had come to rescue her ended up getting killed cruelly right in front of her. She cursed herself as she was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt.

“Oioi…..please don’t write me off as dead as you like. There’s no way I will die. Has your turn ended? Then the next is my turn.”

I shook my body as if shaking off sparks and the column of fire gradually vanished. My clothes were burnt of course. My lower body was not hit so it was still fine but my upper body was completely naked.

I am slightly embarrassed.

The group of bandits stared at me. Even when they had released such a powerful attack, there didn’t seem to be a single scratch on my skin. Our situation was reversed in an instant. The bandit who sounded almighty a while ago started retreating a few steps back in panic.


Were they that afraid? The girl had a mix expression of joy, shock and also disbelief on her face.

I “appeared” in front of the bandit leader (Bandit A) instantly. By using my agility, I had created an illusion as if I had somehow teleported or appeared in front of him in an instant. At that moment, I managed to catch him off guard and gave him a blow to the body, strong enough to shake the air.

The bandit leader was silenced immediately while showing a disbelief look as he was completely unaware of the attack at all. As swift as lightning, I gave a roundhouse kick to another bandit nearby, causing him to be blown off a few meters away, leaving long trail on the ground.

After becoming a zombie, I felt that it was difficult to control my strength.

“Then the other person…..”

The Magician who was the farthest away acting rear guard was trembling in fright. However the atmosphere surrounding him changed as he started chanting.

“Holy light, destroy the person who has become the tools of devil……”  [Bandit/Magician C]

“You’re slow…..Disappear!”

I performed a right cut straight to his face. The sound of something breaking could be heard as fresh blood scattered through the sky. For some reason the magician’s pants seemed to be wet even though the liquid dripping out isn’t blood… expected I didn’t want to elaborate it.

At that very moment, I realized that it was really easy to just kill someone in this world.

I do understand that we will not be able to avoid killing if we are living with monsters or bandits however the opponents that I am facing now are still humans.


I faced the bandits’ corpse. Perhaps I shouldn’t have killed them……


As I was feeling slightly remorseful, a small pair of arms could be felt wrapped around my neck from behind….

“Thank you for saving me……Also, please don’t be so sad about it.”

It was the girl. The hands felt really warm. It calmed my heart. Aa..…I did save a life too.

“My name is Erie. Nice meeting you………erm……”  [Erie]

“Me? I’m Satou Ryuuta. Just call me Ryuuta.”  [Ryuuta] (TN: I finally know his name!!)

“Eto, Ryuuta. Ryuuta right?”  [Erie]  (TN: It is the same but the first was in hiragana and the second time she pronounce it in katagana)

I was slightly hesitant but I don’t feel like correcting it so it was fine either way.

“And the merchant there is my mother, Ayane.”  [Erie]

“Nice meeting you, Ryuuta-san.”  [Ayane]

Once the situation has settled down, I received the bandits’ clothes.

Since the carriage has been completely damaged and no longer usable, we went to a nearby village by foot after a short chat.

As I do not know anything about this new world, I travelled together with Erie and her mother. Based on Erie’s explanation, this world consists of five different worlds.

First of all was the Human World. It’s the place where the humans and all are coexisting and living now.

The next is Heaven. It’s the world where Angels reside.

After that is the God’s World. It’s where Gods live.

In contrast to Heaven and God’s World, there are also two final places called Hell and Underworld.

Hell is a place where Demons’ are staying and Underworld is a place governed by Satan. The Underworld is also where humans go to when they die.

In addition, all five worlds are closely linked with a monster as their respective representative.

During the Great War the last time, the Hell has crashed into the Human’s World. At that time the dark matter from the Hell that had went through mutation in the Human’s World turned into monsters. However, Demon and monsters are two totally different existences as Demons are really strong to the extent that they are both incomparable.

A guild was then started not long after that in the Human’s World when they deemed monsters’ existences to be dangerous. The guild then expanded throughout the years and there are now over 10 different types of guild. A few of the examples would be the Fighter’s Guild and Magician’s Guild.

Erie is also working as a cleric in one of the guilds. She is able to use magic but her main forte is healing and detoxification magic.

The guild in the Human World currently has grown really powerful that they werealready established at various different places in the Human’s World, providing facilities and quests for adventurers to take on.

It was just a general explanation so I think I will explain the remaining details only in future.

Even though we had walked a considerable distance ever since the incident earlier due to the broken carriage, it still appeared to be quite a long way to the village so we will need to camp out for the night. Erie and her mother were merchants so it seemed like they already had plenty of experience camping out.

Not knowing what I can do to help, I just stood there watching them. Should I help in something? Although it appears that they will be fine even without my help. There was nothing else I could do so I went to forage for food in the vicinity.

Although the area in the vicinity was still quite bright, we will need to finish pitching the tents and other preparations else when the night falls, the nocturnal monsters might be a hindrance.

While wandering around in the area, I managed to kill the rabbits and birds like creature and secured them as ingredients. Then as I went further, I found a river nearby. The amount of fishes I caught is so huge that it was similar to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Just as I finished securing the ingredients, the sun has set and the sky became dark. Thus I went back to the tent proudly with all the secured food as instructed by Erie. A smile floated over Erie’s face upon my return while Erie’s mother watched over us warmly from the side.

“Delicious!…..This is a taste that I can only get from grilled meat.”  [Ryuuta]

On hearing what I said, Erie thought it was weird so she looked at me. Shit! Although, I started thinking that it should be fine if it’s Erie. So I confided to her…..that I am a corpse and I came from another world.

She found my first half unbelievable but she somehow understood my second half part.

“Errm….if it is possible would you be able to show me the ability? Ah you might dislike it. Since if you show your ability, the other person might find out your weakness.”  [Erie]

Well I don’t think that is a problem to me. Erie took a paper out from her bag. Then she recited a chant and casted onto the paper.

“Please reveal his states in this paper.”  [Erie]

Then paper that was blank a while ago is now filled in with characters. The information is then recorded inside.


Name:  Ryuuta Satou

Occupation: Corpse

Race: Former Human

Style: Fighting.

Stats: HP: 37000  MP: 5000

Offensive Power: ?????<- (for some reason the characters are garbled)

Magic Power: 200


On seeing the stats, Erie was shocked. First of all, I was explained that the “occupation” will change once I register with the guild. As for the “race”, they will usually be classified as either elf, dwarf, human or etc….

For the style, the information stated would usually be the combat style that fits the person the most. This will usually change depending on the occupation and the race.

However the part that Erie was most surprised at was at the stats.

Usually, a person’s stamina will gradually increases as a person ages but once they have pass a certain age, the stamina will start to decrease. However Ryuuta’s stamina is bottomless.

The health points for teenagers usually range between 3000-5000 but Ryuuta’s health points have already reached 37000. Even for the most abnormal cases, the highest health points an adult can reach is also only 20000.

In addition the offensive power is unexplainable. For some reason the numerical value is all garbled.

I will explain about the part on corpse. The moment when someone dies, if a necromancer casts dark arts on the person and summons them back as familiar, the person is then able to live on as a corpse in this world. However the moment the necromancer dies, the corpse will ended up being dead again.

The corpse can literally live like a normal human under the influence of the necromancer’s dart arts. It is something that is not uncommon in this world.

Erie checks out my body from head to toes but when her eyes met mine, she turned away with a flushed face. She is quite cute. She has taught me various things as we eat and the dinner eventually ended.




The fun time talking with Erie has finally passed and Erie is dozing off peacefully now.

Despite only knowing me, speaking to me and having meals with me for only one day, she became emotionally attached to me. She rested her head on my shoulder while grinning and even though I was reluctant and initially intended to shake her head off, it was still quite interesting.

I gently lay Erie on the side as she sleeps. Then Erie’s mother called me.

“What is it?”  [Ryuuta]

The evening wind felt really comfortable.The moon is beautiful and the stars across the sky are shining brilliantly. After displaying such a worrisome behaviour to Erie’s mother, I was bracing myself for the long talk with her.

“I’m just thinking out loud……..that child, she used to be bullied last time. After that, it might be due to her heart still not being able to forgive it, she hardly spoke to anyone despite that some were her acquaintance. In that village, blonde hair is regarded as creepy so a lot had happened between her and the boys there…..That child has been keeping it to herself and never told us anything.”  [Ayane]

She looked quite solemn as she recalled the story.

“Perhaps she might have not wanted to make her parents worried. It finally escalated when that item was broken. That item has always been her emotional support. It was a brooch received from her only friend after parting with her……..She became broken after that.Her heart is closed after that and she never speak out anymore. We became merchants after that incident. Once we became merchants, she can just follow us around and she didn’t need to speak with anyone or be bullied anymore……And that is when we arrived at that place…….Please, could you help that child, Erie? She probably trusted you considerable…..”  [Ayane]

Her last words were pleading me…..I wanted to believe that I can save Erie too.

She has not abandoned me when I came to this world only for the first day.

I finally made my decision.

I will do it with Erie together.

“I understand. I will definitely save Erie. I will be with her until her wounds are all healed up…..”  [Ryuuta]




Without Ryuuta and Ayane knowing it, Erie was actually listening into their conversation.

Erie started crying…..she tried to subdue her voice as she cried.

Her mother has cherished her so much and she didn’t expect Ryuuta to go that far for her sake……..She understood that Ryuuga is different from the other guys.


Special Notes:

Erie’s feature: An average body and height of a middle schooler and long blonde hair.